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This may sound sarcastic, but it is not intended to be... Who/what is Pantone and why does anyone care what color they pick?

uuuuuuuuuuum….. that’s a really good question, actually.

Looking at what comes up on Google, they’re a company that’s like…. the expert on color? They advise the printing industry and any other industry that uses design and color on exactly which colors to use to get the desired effect.

I enjoy the color of the year madness because it’s just fun to see what comes up.

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(2/2) I mean. When I meet new guys, I never think about having sex with them. If there are sparks or some kind of chemistry upfront, I'm more inclined to think about potentially dating them, not so much doing sexual things. Is that normal? I'm sorry for the questions, I'm just trying to wrap my head around the spectrum and am super confused.

Hey Anon!  I never got (½) for this, but I will answer based off this.

So yes this is perfectly normal!  Wanting to date guys because of sparks/chemistry when you meet, but not do anything sexual is perfectly normal.  This is actually a really good example of the split attraction model.  Basically that your sexuality can be one thing and your romantic orientation can be another.  So for example, you could be asexual and hetero-romantic.

And yes, the spectrum can be very confusing even to people who have been in the community for a while.  I’m fortunate enough to have been followed by a bunch of people who wanted to know answers, which forced me to do a bunch of research, which means that I happen to know a bunch of stuff despite only being in the Ace Community for three and a half years.

The most basic of it all is that you have a sexual orientation and a romantic orientation.  Sometimes these match up, and sometimes they don’t.  All of the prefixes used for sexuality can be used for romantic orientation as well.  The spectrum as a whole is the Asexual Umbrella, but underneath the Ace Umbrella is a bunch of subsets of asexuality.  That’s where most people get confused.  There’s a lot of introspection that needs to happen in order for an individual to discover what sexuality they connect to most.

However that’s what I’m here for!  I’m here to ask questions of and talk to and help guide.

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Do you think drawing lem and toi sex scenes help develop them?

Actually yes. It shows their feelings about each other in a really intimate and raw fashion, it’s like almost easy development because all the feelings are kind of layed out on the table. It’s good for showing their bond and how well they know one another and it explores questions such as how do they handle themselves when placed in an intimate situation together? How much does one care about the other’s comfort? Nervousness, happiness and other feelings can be explored thru this easily as well. Idk i think that in ways it is good for character development, at least in lempeä and toi’s case.

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So this question is probably really personal and feel free not to answer it I'm just asking cause I'm honestly just curious....but how do you have sex with a girl?

i was gonna answer this all sarcastically but i feel like you’re actually curious. i bought a peecock stp a couple years ago and that’s what i use. i think it’s 6 inches? i don’t remember but it works well or maybe i’m just good ;))))))))))))))))

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Sorry if this is off limits to ask, I didn't see anything about it in the rules or FAQ. Bootsie, do your alters sound just like your normal voice in your head or do you hear them as different voices? Also, I think of you as a brilliant artist and person, because your mental illness doesn't define everything about you.

Oh thats a good question!

First I should note that I dont actually “hear” them the same way i would hear an auditory hallucination. That’s important to understand since that’s part of how I figured out what they were in the first place.

Second, to answer your question, it really varies on how well we’re communicating on a given day! Sometimes their voices are very distinctly they’re own and it’s easy to tell them apart, but other times we all sort of have the same voice and it can be very confusing. During those times I can still tell them apart but it takes a bit of focus. I may “hear” one of them say something and it’ll have a distinct masculine feel to it, which will narrow down who said it a little. Phoebe has a specific way of talking, so hers tends to be easier to differentiate. Often it’s just a jumble of extra thoughts and I don’t really bother sifting through them unless one of them is pushing through to be noticed, in which case I’ll take time to figure out who’s talking.

and thank u <3

      SINNER.i’m dying inside because it’s honestly so easy to misinterpret meliodas’
        character, motives, and desires if you don’t look a little deeper into his personality

                  i keep seeing people in the fandom characterize him in really shallow ways.
                  though, tbh, it’s also kinda funny because that’s actually what he wants.
he wants people to think he’s kinda a simple-minded pervert.
                  that he’s just a chill dude that likes booze and boobs.
                             he doesn’t want people to look at him and try to figure him out
                             or question his past and motives. he wants to be seen at face-level.

               so it’s kinda funny how he’s being unintentionally meta. 
               he’s so good at ‘acting’ that people outside of his intended audience was fooled too.

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I just wanted to say thank-you-very-much for all your nice posts in the Actually Autistic tag!! It's always fun to see people answers to your questions, and your non-question posts are always super good! I'm not "out" as autistic on my blog, so I don't feel safe reblogging them now, but I always try and like them, and I hope you keep on making good content!! 💛

Thank you :D Messages like this really make my day! I’ll continue to do my best at making good content, and thank you too for liking the posts I make :)

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Can i ask you something personal? What's your gender? It's ok if you don't want to answer this (I love your art style btw)

I actually had answer this question a couple times before, I don’t really care about what gender people think I am, though I think the way I write it’s just too obvious for anyone to tell what gender I am, so there’s no point to hide the truth. ….hmm but lately I started to reconsider this and not sure if it’s a good idea to talk about gender at all… but oh well, Thank you for like my works!

It’s a shame that we got what is clearly a very watered down version of Summer Falls from what the show has. I mean, the entire book for Summer Falls and Other Stories is half the size of the book Clara has, and the actual story in question is only a third of the real book.

So we get teased with Harry Potter length book that is something Clara recommends out to others and thus is probably really good, and what we get is another in a long line of sub-par Justin Richards short stories (really, why do they keep giving him all the short stories?). Frankly, at that point they just shouldn’t have bothered. 

Astrological Scary Movie: The Characters
  • Aries: The character who is really good at improvising with weaponry and coming up with hiding spots, and usually the one who decides really fast where to go when they're running away
  • Taurus: The one that refuses to believe any of it and is constantly saying things like "there's gotta be an explanation for all of this."
  • Gemini: The 'asks too many questions' character who's always commenting on what's going on, and sometimes, that's helpful. Ex: "Did that door just opened by itself?", "Was this book always here?"
  • Cancer: The character that looks terrified all the time but actually goes to great lengths to survive and/or keep their loved ones safe
  • Leo: The character that always tries to save everyone no matter the situation, the "proud hero" even if it means they end up dying
  • Virgo: The one that keeps track of time, notices every "random" thing and answers Gemini's questions, this character then comes up with the most efficient plan to kill whatever's threatening them
  • Libra: The sexy girl who is expected to be dumb but actually is very resourceful and knows everything about witches, werewolves, zombies and demons
  • Scorpio: The loner of the group who tries to figure everything by themselves but ultimately ends up sharing the info with the others for the greater good
  • Sagittarius: The non believer at first who later becomes a diehard survivalist, 200% passionate about staying alive no matter what
  • Capricorn: The wise character who barely says anything, just observes, and when they do talk, it's only to say something extremely useful and relevant to the plot
  • Aquarius: The first character to be tormented who later explains everything to the others as they're introduced, usually the one who unleashed the demon
  • Pisces: The character who figures the killer's background story and calms them down by talking to them, or connects with the demon and soothes it
  • Aries: Knight in shining armor with questionable motives
  • Taurus: Villain who has been holding a grudge for years
  • Gemini: Pretends to be your friend, double agent as heck
  • Cancer: Overprotective mom but means well
  • Leo: Member of royalty that can actually fight
  • Virgo: Fairy princess that grants wishes n shit
  • Libra: Beautiful prince/princess turned evil
  • Scorpio: Dark sorcerer that turns good at the end
  • Sagittarius: Really happy sidekick that has either really good or bad ideas
  • Capricorn: *Mermaid Man voice* EVIL
  • Aquarius: Really scary and silent and has no emotions but ends up being good
  • Pisces: Pitiful character that has dark ulterior motives

Ashton Irwin: can’t respond to a question with a short answer, the sensitive one in the band
Calum Hood: is a really smiley person but never smiles in fan photos, his sass is so good it actually burns
Luke Hemmings: known for actually being pretty funny but none of his bandmates ever laugh to his jokes
Michael Clifford: gets excited easily, is as kind as a butterfly at heart, known for disappearing in his room for 2 months and coming back looking more attractive than ever

tbh i know the SU crew likes trying to tackle big complicated moral issues, and the idealistic way they tend to handle them (with some exceptions) isnt always bad

but like…… i feel like the question ‘does killing an oppressor make you a bad person’ isnt something that they should have tried covering.

because of course when you put that question through the eyes of your incredibly idealistic, 14 year old protagonist, youre going to come up with the simple answer ‘no, conflicts should be resolved with as little violence and bloodshed as possible’

the most realistic answer is more like ‘sometimes if someone is doing something really bad, good people have to do something that would, under other circumstances, be perceived as wrong to stop them’. 

but that’s a really nuanced and adult issue to try and make an eight year old understand, so instead of any kind of actual conflict resolution, you get steven, presenting the entirely nonviolent argument, and you get bismuth presenting some kind of ‘fight and shatter every homeworld gem’ argument that forces her into a villain role when shes not a villain 

the episode handled everything really clumsily and threw away a really interesting and good character for the sake of dumbing down a complicated issue and forcing a child-friendly moral. 

honestly it was all just a mess



The moon signs as I see them.

Aries moon - very energetic, try to stay pretty active. Doesn’t always finish what they’ve started, takes a lot of naps. A bit childlike and always playing the Xbox.

Taurus moon - very stubborn, likes to pamper themselves. Loves to eat but aren’t overweight. Likes to take pictures of beautiful things, flowers, trees, or themselves.

Gemini moon - very talkative, when you try to dodge their question. They will not stop until you give them an answer. Has two groups of friends. Likes surprises.

Cancer moon - very weird, has a really pretty voice. Enjoys pretty clothing and likes dressing up. Knows a lot of people but only one or two they’ll actually talk to about things.

Leo moon - very proud, knows what they’re good at. Loves posing for pictures or taking selfies. Enjoys nice things, and are very generous with people they care about.

Virgo moon - very down to earth, grows their own vegetables. Likes to go biking, really enjoys traveling. Enjoys spending time with family and close friends.

Libra moon - very careful, loves talking. Once they start, they cannot stop. Won’t offend anyone, enjoys nature. Very good cook and loves to fish.

Scorpio moon - very secretive, doesn’t like it when everyone knows their business. Can control themselves very well, prefers to stay indoors. A bit silly sometimes and likes to have fun.

Sagittarius moon - very fun, likes the outside, doesn’t like being housebound. Needs their freedom, straightforward talkers. Has a lot of friends but only a few are very close.

Capricorn moon - very faithful, believes in higher power, higher education. Loves staying in bed all day but can have a lot of fun if they let themselves to do so.

Aquarius moon - very quirky, loves to be called quirky. Can be frustrating when given advice and does the exact opposite. Will respect your views on something as long as you respect theirs.

Pieces moon - very optimistic, can be a bit unrealistic sometimes. Loves water. Has a delicate voice. Loves animals and plants and has plants all over the place.

The Signs as Teachers

Aries: "the teacher that seems really strict, but will cave if you give them compliments. easy a"

Taurus: “teacher that eats in the classroom while teaching. waits until everyone understands the topic before moving on. class smells like sardines”

Gemini: “encourages students to give them gifts on holidays. gives little information about test, and tests always have multiple questions and are really difficult. pop quizzes!”

Cancer: "cries a lot, tells about their life story. doesn’t actually teach. gives you a detention if you tell a sad animal story” 

Leo: “boasts about all their degrees. all the students highkey thirst over them”

Virgo: “has a very organized classroom, good teachers. class is hard, but very rewarding. obsessed with brit pop and cats. inner fan boy/girl like the rest of us. watches season finales with students”

Libra:“is not confident in their teaching abilities, but is friends with all the students. very hesitant to issue detentions”

Scorpio: “educates everyone about sex twice a week, and informs everyone why they shouldn’t do drugs. very chill teacher, but the tests that were supposed to be “easy” are all covering knowledge that you haven’t even been taught yet”

Sagittarius: “literally the embodiment of evil. tries too hard to be cool with the students, but just overall offensive af. lectures are hell to sit through, and tests are waaaay too difficult”

Capricorn: “meticulous af. will flip out if you bend your paper. tests are vague and difficult. A students are failing in their class. drinks the tears of their students”

Aquarius: “a v good teacher, actually teaches you shit. tolerates rowdy students in the beginning, but after a while, they aint gon take anymore of your bs”

Pisces:“friends with all the students. doesn’t teach as much, but tests are reasonable and material is easy to remember. encourages students and talks about their dreams a lot. students are all aware of how sensitive they are, and not even the bullies have the heart to crush their dreams. also ultra affectionate”

What a good question Hibiki, how do you make curry?

Well really it’s pretty simple. You start with all your ingredients..

Which are, onions, carrors, potatoes, beef, some garlic, a bit of red wine, and of course your spices. Since I’m making a Japanese style curry I’m actually using Port since it’s a bit sweet, and Japanese curry is much sweeter than other curries. 

I might have forgotten to take pictures of the in between steps. I browned the beef, took it out, then sauteed the onions in the pot. Once they were translucent I added the meat back in and poured in some port to deglaze the pot. After you let the alcohol burn off, you throw in the vegetables then add whatever kind of stock you are using. You should let the curry simmer now, and not use a flame thrower to speed up the process :p

One of the most important parts of curry is having a good roux. All a roux is, is some flour that is browned in butter, with the curry spices. Typically you would just buy this at your local asian market, but regrettably I’m intolerant of gluten so I get to make it by hand. 

Once the roux has browned a bit, you add the spices in and stir it into your curry once it is done cooking. You give it a good stir and let the roux thicken up the curry and give it a really nice texture. Now that the curry is pretty much done, it is pretty common to grate in some apple to give it a bit of sweetness. I chose to add apricot preserve here at the end. It basically does the same thing. Doesn’t it look good?

And there is the final product. If you hadn’t figured it out yet, I’m a fan of wine, so of course I paired a wine with my curry. I chose a sweeter Riesling to go with it. I think a lot of people would chose a light to medium red wine, which wouldn’t be wrong, but a very light sweet white wine is actually an excellent pair with a lot of spicy Asian cuisine. The sweetness of the wine cuts into the spiciness of the curry and leaves a very pleasant flavour behind. 

So there you go, that’s how you make curry!

Hetalia Characters as Teachers (part 2)
  • Prussia: The really fun history teacher who does a lot of projects, and works really hard to make it so that his students aren't just reading from the textbook all the time. He's actually a pretty strict grader and doesn't let students get off task but he's so much fun that everyone still loves him.
  • Austria: The music teacher that only kids who are serious about music like. He totally plays favorites with the students who play their instruments the best and will definitely know, and give you a bad grade, if you didn't practice at home like you were supposed to.
  • Spain: The kind Spanish teacher whose class everyone wants to take because it's an easy A. There's a rumor going around that he helps you on quizzes and it's true--he just can't stand saying no when a student has a question.
  • Romano: The art teacher with a bad reputation. He's actually a good artist and only really yells at students when they don't try at all or are behaving badly, but kids take art because they want an easy class so they say he's an asshole.
  • Hungary: The history teacher who seems really nice at first but then turns out to actually be pretty strict. She's a good teacher, though, and her lessons are well organized and easy to understand. When you ask her for help she's really good at answering questions and she has really great study guides for all her tests.
  • Switzerland: The science teacher who tends to yell and discipline his students pretty severely, but who actually teaches really interestingly and doesn't grade that hard. Also, scary though he may act, he's shorter than a lot of his students.
  • Belarus: The super intense drama teacher who's really, well, overdramatic. Kids who like her say she teaches well and that they learn lots from her but she also gets called scary/crazy a lot. Somehow she manages to come off as intense and harsh even when she's giving a compliment.