Everyone knows that Yoongi hangs out with Jimin way too often (henceforth, the ship name YoonMin that fans gush over so much) that even the staff knows. Sometimes, people would speculate that they are dating one another but no one can actually bring it up because what if they are really just good friends? There’s nothing wrong with being fond of your friends.

That of course makes him a bit jealous. A bit. Jin isn’t the jealous type, far from it. Not even possessive, he knows that Yoongi has friends that he likes be around with but it hasn’t reached to the point that ALMOST everyone knew that they hang out.

Jin doesn’t question it and neither do the others but the members noticed that their eldest hyung doesn’t smile as often when he sees Jimin joking around with other members (particularly, Yoongi). They think that Jin is just tired, I mean, practicing for 14 hours a day hurts like hell.

Everyone knows Yoongi write songs. Not just for BTS but sometimes for others as well. Yoongi write songs for Jimin the most in particular. Namjoon doesn’t care anyway because its not his songs nor does Hoseok. If anything, that’s the twos business.

When Jin hears Jimin sings in the dorm with a bunch of paper in hand, the hand writing is obvious, its Yoongi. Doesn’t make his feeling any better but at this point, why does he bother caring? Its just a s o n g.

If the song is for bangtan and Yoongi happens to give more lines to Jimin than anyone then, isn’t it for the best? The ~fan favorite~ and the ~body of the group~ gets the most lines then. Killer combo if you ask Jin.

Everyone knows that Jimin went to Yoongi’s house already. Not just once or twice, multiple times. Maybe even fucked, who knows.

Jin felt like his stomach churned at the thought. He’s acting like a junior high student who has a crush on a stoic senior high student, how sad. He shouldn’t be even sad because its not his friend(relation)ship. It shouldn’t be even bothering him but it does.

When Taehyung and Jungkook were looking around for Jimin in the dorms, they found Jin instead. On the couch and is holding his phone. The two noticed and asked Jin but Jin just shrugged as an answer hoping that the two gets the point. And they did. Taehyung and Jungkook just nods and returns to their video game.

Everyone knows that Yoongi stays up late in the studio if he’s feeling inspired. This night in particular, he is feeling extra inspired. Its already 12 AM and he’s not back yet. Not like Jin is waiting, he just happens to be still awake from reading a comic.

Hoseok woke up and exited the room he’s in and heads to the kitchen till he notices that the two oldest shared still has a light on. Hoseok went inside the room and sees Jin, wide awake.

“Hyung?” Hoseok said and carefully walk towards Jin’s side of the bed. Its rare to see the bed split apart since everyone knew that Yoongi and Jin watch movies together.

“What is it?” Jin smiles at Hoseok and gestures his hand on the bed to let Hoseok know that he should sit down.

“Nothing, just wondering if you’re staying up for Yoongi hyung again.” Hoseok says and yawns.

“I’m not. Just finished what Taehyung recommended me to read.” Jin then ruffles his hair and smiles a bit. Hoseok has always been cute with his messy hair and sleepy eyes.

“Oh, okay. I thought you are becau- Oh, shit.” Hoseok says and covers his mouth right away. His eyes gaped in shock and just stares a Jin for a while.

“You thought?” Jin asks.

“Ah! Nothing, hyung, I swear!” Hoseok says and is obviously lying.

“Jung Hoseok, you better tell me or your are going to be roommates with Namjoon and good luck sleeping with that snoring mess.” Jin says firmly. He rarely uses the eldest pros of changing up the roommates. (only used it when Taehyung was his roommate and he couldn’t get a wink of sleep because that boy is loud as hell)

“Okay! Okay! I thought…you and Yoongi hyung are…in a relationship? I’m sorry that must’ve sounded weird.” Hoseok says and bows his head.

“Huh? I thought you guys knew about him and Jimin?” Jin asks, equally confused as Hoseok’s reaction.

“No, hyung. Jimin is always nice and if he has a lover of some sort, I think it would be Namjoon. They always have those eye fucking moments and I’m glad not so many had noticed it. Well, me and Taehyung notices and even Jungkook at this point.“ Hoseok says and does this thing with his hands when he’s explaining something he thinks that’s obvious.

“Yoongi literally makes a song for Jimin, has pictures of Jimin lying around, and shit, he even makes songs for him. Tell me that they aren’t at all dating and I’d make you anything you want for a year.” Jin says seriously and looks Hoseok in the eye.

“I’m serious, hyung. Yoongi hyung made you a song too, did you forget that? Jungkook has pictures of Yoongi lying around too. Even I have pictures of you. And Jimin picked up something in Yoongi hyungs house and they got into traffic so they didn’t head home ea- Oh, I see. Hyung, I see you.” Hoseok says and smiles like a little devil at Jin.

“No, Hoseok. No.” Jin says (in denial) to Hoseok who’s clearly smiling ever so brightly at him.

“You like him, you like Yoongi hyung!” Hoseok practically shouts inside the room but quickly covered his mouth so he won’t disturb the others.

“I don’t and you don’t have to shout!” Jin says, obviously red.

“…then you l o v e Yoongi hyung!” Hoseok says and this time, he keeps hitting Jin’s leg with excitement.

“Shit…” Jin says and covers his face that is now beat red. Hoseok keeps on squealing and Jin groans in despair. They hear the door unlock and they both sit up straight all of a sudden. A small shadow appeared closer to the room and its Yoongi.

“What are you two doing?” Yoongi asks and its obvious that he is dead tired.

“Nothing, hyung. I’ll go back to my room now. Good luck, Jin hyung and goodnight.” Hoseok says and smiles at Jin. He probably even wriggled his eyebrows but Yoongi didn’t noticed it.

“What’s wrong with him?” Yoongi asks and Jin just shrugs in return. Yoongi sat on his bed and removed his sweatshirt.

“Hyung?” Yoongi asks and Jin is taken a back when he noticed that Yoongi is right in front of him.

“What is it?” Jin asks and looks up to Yoongi.

“You okay? You look put off these days. I’m surprised Namjoon hasn’t said anything.” Yoongi says.

“I’m surprised he hasn’t said anything about you and Jimin as well.” Whoops, that wasn’t to come out but it did.

“Huh? Do you think me and Jimin are actually dating? Not you too.” Yoongi sighs and groans.

“Even Bang PDnim thought so too. I can’t believe this.” Yoongi says and sits next too Jin.

“Everyone thought you liked him and even I did. Geez, its just that you two hang out so much. If you want to clear the speculations up with everyone, just tell them you like someone else.” Jin says and pats Yoongi’s shoulder.

“Everyone doesn’t have to know I like you.” Yoongi says and faces Jin. Yoongi closed his eyes and prays to whatever is listening to him that Jin doesn’t hate him after kissing him. He holds his face and presses his lips onto his.

Yoongi lets go of Jin’s face and just stared at Jin. Pretty, very pretty indeed. “Hyung, I don’t know what shit runs through your mind but just because me and Jimin are friends doesn’t mean we are fucking.” Yoongi says with a stern voice.

Jin just smiles and hugs Yoongi. Burying his face onto his neck and Yoongi putting his arm around Jin’s. They stayed there until morning.

Everyone knows that Jin and Yoongi slept like that. Body against body and Hoseok probably taking way too many pictures.

“I thought Yoongi hyung would never admit his feelings. He was even complaining about it when I went over at his place.” Jimin says and ruffles his hair. Namjoon puts his arm around Jimin and asks him, “His feelings?”

“Yep, he was even afraid of going home early because he’d have to see his muse.” Jimin chuckles.

“No wonder why Jin hyung has been off lately, I thought it was just him being tired. Wonder, who cracked in first.” Namjoon says.

“I knew it first, ha! I can’t believe that it will only take them a bight to realize they want to be more than roommates.” Hoseok says and takes Yoongi’s camera now and takes a picture of the two sleeping. The click sound was enough to wake Jin enough and he posed a peace sign and Hoseok is more than happy to take a picture of his hyung and now, his boyfriend.

diagrapher  asked:

Hi. I'm currently making a MTG fan comic, so I want to ask: what outfit would Urza have worn as Lord Artificer? Did he already have the black-blue-and-purple outfit he wears in the Weatherlight period? Also, any other advice for writing Brothers' War era characters?

Good questions! So, if you haven’t read the novel or much about the period yourself, I wrote a two-parter on the Brothers’ War last year. Here’s Part I and Part II (I’ve got a lot of art of people from the time period).  I would really recommend reading it though, it’s one of the few Magic Novels I unabashedly recommend. Here’s the easiest answer to your question:

Vanguard Urza Art by Mark Tedin

However, while this does depict Urza during the Brothers’ War, the art for Retaliation better captures his actual outfit/combat armor during the climax of the war:

Retaliation by Tom Fleming

And of course, the cover of the novle shows him wearing a brown cloak:

As for advice? Remember that there were more than the Brothers’. Feldon and the Third Path, the fae of Argoth, and the other races (like the Sardian Dwarves Urza commits genocide against) all have valid and interesting viewpoints into the conflict. But otherwise, it was a time when the Third Path was only just discovering Magic, and color theory hadn’t even been worked out yet. The most valuable commodity were excavated powerstones to fuel the war machines of both Brothers’.

scribefindegil  asked:

So Lucretia said that the IPRE crew an elite team of scientists and researchers. What do you think everyone's primary duties were on the ship? What were their backgrounds that led to them getting chosen for this mission?

Oh wow that’s a really good question. 

Well, we’ve got one role out of the way–we know Davenport was the captain. I don’t think there’s too much one say about him though, since I think it’s safe to say we don’t really know his true personality yet.

My first instinct was to suggest Lucretia had some sort of command role too, given how darn good she is at it. But actually, I think maybe not. Maybe she was primarily there as a researcher, collecting and analyzing data on the various planes they traveled. Maybe even an engineer, keeping the mixture of magic and technology that powered the ship running.

She never intended to be a leader. She never thought she’d be in that position. But…well. A lot of things worked out differently than she expected. Every day she questions whether she’s built to handle the responsibilities she’s laid on her own shoulders.

Lucretia and Davenport stayed shipside during away missions. Barry and Lup were usually up there with them. 

Lup was by far best utilized up in the ship, manning the weapons systems, but she often insisted on accompanying her bro to make sure he didn’t get into too much trouble without her. 

Barry used his arcane knowledge of life and death to act as an extremely unconventional medical officer. (He finds the idea of Merle as a healer funnier than anyone, given how many times he had to raise the knucklehead from the dead.) Occasionally he would enter the field, usually when things were going very, very wrong.

The THB were always a trio, though. They were always the away team, the first ones on the ground, exploring strange new worlds, seeking out life and new civilizations. That’s one thing that hasn’t changed.

Of course, in addition to this it’s worth remembering that every single one of them was an expert in their respective field of magic. Buncha nerds, all of them.

studyxox  asked:

hey there! i finally made a studyblr after a year of contemplating it and btw, i absolutely love your design (your icon thooo) and posts! i was wondering how you stay motivated to continually make nice notes and keep up the account. i mean, i love reblogging posts but when it comes to my own notes, i always end up running out of time and giving up all together with them. any tips?

ahh thank you i made it myself :) well i understand that taking pretty notes takes A LONG time and truthfully it’s a lot of work, and if you don’t have the time for it, DON’T DO IT! For me, i don’t take notes UNLESS they’re pretty, so the aesthetic of it actually motivates me to take notes if you know what i mean? another good way to take notes is to ask questions and answer them. your answers = your notes.
and i really love the studyblr community which is why i spend time on tumblr. if you do want to make original posts and don’t have a lot of time, you can always share little tips/ideas, take pictures of your study space, etc. 

So… quick question… 

How often do you other fic writers post things? 

Because I think everyone posts way more frequently than me (I aim to post something three times a week) and then I was thinking that maybe people actually post less frequently than I think and I just think everyone posts really regularly because I read a lot of different fics? So… Seven writers each post something once a week but in my head that equates to one person posting something seven times a week… 


“What Shall I Do, Lemony Snicket?” from one of the special paperback versions of A Series of Unfortunate Events. I think this was from The Bad Beginning, or Orphans! 

I took these back in June of 2015 right after I graduated high school and was going to the campus university bookstore after our orientation and class scheduling. I’m glad I did because the bookstore doesn’t carry it anymore or else I would have totally bought it now. 

I just love these questions and answers, so I wanted to keep them as a means to laugh or smile when I was bored or upset. Now I felt like sharing them with you all. 

There’s this AU I’ve been talking about with a new pal o’ mine @randomsplashes  it’s an AU where literally everything is the same but yuuri is a pork cutlet bowl on skates. no one questions this except yurio, who is angry and confused that viktor slides literal katsudon onto the ice. like why is this allowed? whY is an actual pork cutlet bowl doing really fucking good??? like it doesn’t do anything but fucking fall over onto the ice and the judges are like “AND YUURI BEAT HIS PERSONAL BesT AGAIN” but everyone else is just like “yeah thats yuuri y u trippin”  

We’ve been literally dying over it for like a day now. We also created a Frat AU. 

@ lesbians who used to ID as bi: you’re good and you’re not reinforcing any biphobic ideologies about bi people “finally choosing a side” or “really just being gay”

@ bi girls who use to ID as lesbians: you’re good and you’re not reinforcing any lesbophobic stereotypes about lesbians “being closed-minded” or “actually being attracted to men”

Figuring yourself out is incredibly difficult and learning new things about yourself and your identity are never a bad thing. I’m proud of you for your journey and your self-discoveries, and I want you to know that you are a good person who deserves love, acceptance, and happiness

why danganronpa 1 is a good game
  • theyre trapped in a school so overall its a lot more intense than bein on an island

  • having junko be evil was actually a good plot twist and wasnt overused at that point

  • hangmans gambit was pretty cool

  • sakura oogami? nobody talks about her but she is very good

  • no ouma/komaeda very popular cursed character who has done lots of questionable things with tons of kins and mmds equivalent

  • like. the worst is togami but he hasnt done anything really EDIT I forgot about chapter 2 yeah that was pretty bad tog pls leave chihi alone

  • the least problematic game tbh

  • theyre actually dead and im very sad

  • please appreciate class 78

I find myself questioning the same shit over and over. What is God or the Universe trying to show me? What am I missing? What lessons am I not learning? Why am I constantly having to deal with the same situations from the same people for years now? Like WDF, I’m actually tired. But I know myself, I always have to feel before I learn, so maybe I’m just not paying attention or deep down I know what’s really good but I don’t want to admit it, so instead of facing things head on, I’m just going with the flow and in return I’m constantly taking L’s and getting hurt. Who knows, but 2016 has been so tough. I honestly am praying for lighter, brighter and just happier days. I deserve it.

Astrological Scary Movie: The Characters
  • Aries: The character who is really good at improvising with weaponry and coming up with hiding spots, and usually the one who decides really fast where to go when they're running away
  • Taurus: The one that refuses to believe any of it and is constantly saying things like "there's gotta be an explanation for all of this."
  • Gemini: The 'asks too many questions' character who's always commenting on what's going on, and sometimes, that's helpful. Ex: "Did that door just opened by itself?", "Was this book always here?"
  • Cancer: The character that looks terrified all the time but actually goes to great lengths to survive and/or keep their loved ones safe
  • Leo: The character that always tries to save everyone no matter the situation, the "proud hero" even if it means they end up dying
  • Virgo: The one that keeps track of time, notices every "random" thing and answers Gemini's questions, this character then comes up with the most efficient plan to kill whatever's threatening them
  • Libra: The sexy girl who is expected to be dumb but actually is very resourceful and knows everything about witches, werewolves, zombies and demons
  • Scorpio: The loner of the group who tries to figure everything by themselves but ultimately ends up sharing the info with the others for the greater good
  • Sagittarius: The non believer at first who later becomes a diehard survivalist, 200% passionate about staying alive no matter what
  • Capricorn: The wise character who barely says anything, just observes, and when they do talk, it's only to say something extremely useful and relevant to the plot
  • Aquarius: The first character to be tormented who later explains everything to the others as they're introduced, usually the one who unleashed the demon
  • Pisces: The character who figures the killer's background story and calms them down by talking to them, or connects with the demon and soothes it

sharpington  asked:

when you reblogged that face tutorial you mentioned you rarely see your hairline depicted in art--which hairline is that? I've never thought to pay attention to them before

Hey hey!! I’m so glad you posed this question!!

Hairlines aren’t really extensively talked about in terms of design, and I find that people just tend to use the same old ‘rounded’ or ‘squared-off’ hairlines when designing characters, ignoring the fact that natural hairlines are just as diverse as our other facial features. We lack proper language to describe them, and outside of the black natural hair community, people often don’t give hairlines a thought until they start to go bald. This problem with lack of terminology actually made it hard for me to find good reference for you!!

My hairline actually isn’t that rare in East Asian ethnicities, yet because it’s undesirable and doesn’t conform to beauty standards, no one ever depicts it in art save for a very select few that make it a part of their distinct style. The two artists that immediately come to my mind are illustrators Hayashi Seiichi and He Jiaying. Here is an excerpt from a Hayashi illustration:

And one from He Jiaying:

(He’s illustrations actually helped me come to love my hairline, after years of hiding it and being ashamed of it. Nowdays I don’t stare at my hairline in the mirror, feeling insecure and self-conscious, fervently wishing I could make my baby hairs grow thicker. I now rock a bun nearly daily. Representation matters!!)

My hairline was once described to me as ‘a variation of the classic straight’- though it looks normal when my hair is down, when it’s pulled up, two sharp triangles of baby hair immediately make themselves distinctly visible, too short to get pulled back along with the rest. These two patches right above the temples are thin and fluffy, different in texture to the rest of the scalp.

Here are some examples I yanked from the internet. Pay attention to how the patches of baby hair are visible only when the hair is pulled back:

You can even see it in some of the selfies I’ve posted onto tumblr, lmao!! (#truffs face) My mother, grandmother and both blood related aunts (all entirely Korean) share this hairline with me. It’s entirely genetic, very common and nothing we should be ashamed of.

Now that I’ve embraced my hairline, whenever I draw myself or my characters who share this trait, I tend to deliberately draw in these patches of thinner hair, making sure to pay attention to the directional pull of the strands and visually communicate that it’s less full in these areas. I know my own insecurity made me hyper-aware of hairlines since youth, and normally people don’t pay attention to them at all. But I still objectively feel that they are an important feature of how a head is designed overall, and mine is a distinct physical aspect of myself, and I want people to know that I LOVE my hairline and I know that it’s worth being represented!!

Hey guys, little question

Remember the shitshow “Operation Canada” that I abandoned because I was too busy actually going on adventures to be actually drawing them? Well.. now that I’m back in France and actually have time, would y’all be interested in comics, weekly, about memories of my time there (small comics  this time because tf was I thinking before?? it was so fucking long??) ?
Funny, very gay stuff that actually happened, quiet moments, sad moments, whatever I remember and feel like it’d make a good comic basically. A fun nostalgic little recollection of memories. (but really my life is super gay so it’ll be super gay for sure).

Not only would it make more exclusive (as in, not fanart) content for you guys, but it might also be a way for me to cope with the fact that I’m not there anymore. I don’t promise regularity, because every time I try it it stresses me out too much, but here and there from time to time? It’d be posted on the Operation Canada blog, but I’d reblog each comics here too

It’s just a very very young idea I’m entertaining, so nothing is set in stone yet, but I’d love your input, as always

Tell me if you’re interested, ignore this if you aren’t :) ♥

The moon signs as I see them.

Aries moon - very energetic, try to stay pretty active. Doesn’t always finish what they’ve started, takes a lot of naps. A bit childlike and always playing the Xbox.

Taurus moon - very stubborn, likes to pamper themselves. Loves to eat but aren’t overweight. Likes to take pictures of beautiful things, flowers, trees, or themselves.

Gemini moon - very talkative, when you try to dodge their question. They will not stop until you give them an answer. Has two groups of friends. Likes surprises.

Cancer moon - very weird, has a really pretty voice. Enjoys pretty clothing and likes dressing up. Knows a lot of people but only one or two they’ll actually talk to about things.

Leo moon - very proud, knows what they’re good at. Loves posing for pictures or taking selfies. Enjoys nice things, and are very generous with people they care about.

Virgo moon - very down to earth, grows their own vegetables. Likes to go biking, really enjoys traveling. Enjoys spending time with family and close friends.

Libra moon - very careful, loves talking. Once they start, they cannot stop. Won’t offend anyone, enjoys nature. Very good cook and loves to fish.

Scorpio moon - very secretive, doesn’t like it when everyone knows their business. Can control themselves very well, prefers to stay indoors. A bit silly sometimes and likes to have fun.

Sagittarius moon - very fun, likes the outside, doesn’t like being housebound. Needs their freedom, straightforward talkers. Has a lot of friends but only a few are very close.

Capricorn moon - very faithful, believes in higher power, higher education. Loves staying in bed all day but can have a lot of fun if they let themselves to do so.

Aquarius moon - very quirky, loves to be called quirky. Can be frustrating when given advice and does the exact opposite. Will respect your views on something as long as you respect theirs.

Pieces moon - very optimistic, can be a bit unrealistic sometimes. Loves water. Has a delicate voice. Loves animals and plants and has plants all over the place.


Dan Wilson (Taylor’s co-writer) performing Treacherous at Room 5 in Los Angeles on November 14, 2012.

“Taylor Swift and I wrote a song in the Spring and we recorded it a few weeks later and I added some stuff to it and it was out a few months after that.

It was really, really a very smooth and fast (relatively speaking for me anyways) process and one of the questions that several people asked online was “What is it like writing with Taylor Swift?” and I just want to say, you know when she makes that amazed expression on the TV awards show like she is just astonished that she just won? That’s how she treats a new good idea in a writing session too and it’s incredibly motivating. It actually makes you want to come up with another great idea to make her make that astonished face.

One cool thing is that if she comes up with something really cool, she makes the same face also. I admire that kind of, you know, transparency.

We wrote this song called Treacherous that I’m going to play.”

Someone gave my mom an old photo album. I really wish they hadn’t…

by reddit user sleepyhollow_101

Every once in a while, something very interesting will come into my mom’s library.

We live in a small town, so people often go to the library for answers, knowing that my mother has an extensive background in researching things like history and genealogy. Those are the people we get most often, actually: people with questions about their own family history. Oftentimes they’ll come in with partial records and ask my mother to fill in the gaps. She’s always more than happy to do it. Not only is she good at it, but it also serves as an acceptable reprieve from the relative boredom of small-town life.

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Reasons to watch BBC Class

- Racially diverse teen cast
- Like a significant portion of the main cast is not white
- LGBT representation
- Like an actual gay couple is established in the first episode and its not questioned or even a part of the plot they’re just together and I love it
- It’s like all the best parts of supernatural (monster hunting), doctor who (aliens), and sherlock (cinematography) combined with young avengers (kick ass teen cast)
- the writer/producer of the series is Patrick Ness, an LGBT YA Author
- The plot is actually good
- The theme song is catchy
- It’s a really good show
- Cause I said so

You know what I think?

‪I think Derek actually is the one who had Stiles questioning if he only liked girls.

I feel like at first he just realized “huh, he’s so goodlooking wow.” Then that morphed into like a sexual thing. Like he only really saw Derek’s good looks and the whole cool werewolf thing as his only good qualities at first because ya know, they used to hate each other.

So it made Stiles question but he could easily brush it off at first because he’s still a teenager and he doesn’t have it all figured out yet, the whole “this is just a phase” thing.

But then he actually starts liking Derek, in a “we’re sort of an odd duo, but we do make a pretty good pair” (of friends!!!!). Like they actually got passed the “you need me to survive that’s why you’re helping” stage. He really just genuinely started liking Derek, just calm friendly like at first, but that like into more of a crush like than a friend like without him even noticing.

And he feels it there but he just avoids it but then that night at the glow in the dark party? Kaitlyn asks the golden question, “do you?”

And he just sits there for a while. His mind immediately flashes to Derek and he thinks like “wait a minute, I actually fucking might,” like guys, that is.

Stiles sort of realizes it’s become more than “you’re hot and I wanna experiment,” and more than, “I actually don’t mind hanging out with you anymore, it’s kind of cool because you’re not as much of a shitty person as I thought you were.” It’s more of a “I really think I’m falling for you but I’ve liked girls my whole life and we used to hate each other. What’s going on?”

So he doesn’t get the chance to ever answer because he really isn’t sure at first. But the thoughts after that question are stuck with him. And overtime, he starts noticing little things about Derek, like really taking note. Like Derek’s actually smart and actually selfless and his bunny teeth and how he’s actually funny when he tries (it’s a bland and dry humor, snarky remarks when they bicker and Stiles gets sarcastic but Stiles appreciates and enjoys it regardless). Stiles starts realizing all these things that could factor into why he might actually like Derek (if he does because he isn’t 100% on that yet).

He starts realizing that Derek really isn’t the guy he met back in the woods, that Derek is more, that Derek is actually a great person under that hard exterior. He starts realizing how he used to get and still gets whenever something goes wrong with Derek, how he starts worrying and all. He starts looking at Derek in a new way, looks when Derek is oblivious, sort of the whole “admire from afar” thing, and can hardly help it, can hardly deny that he starts getting a little happier whenever Derek comes around, but he’s still, in a way, denial.

The night Derek almost dies changed that because for a brief moment he felt like he stopped breathing as he watched Derek bleed out on the ground.

He felt numb and he wanted to stay but knew he couldn’t. All he could do was hope that Derek would still be well and alive in the morning, that they would all be, and then he’d be able to tell Derek because he knew completely. Knew what it felt like to almost lose someone you care about so much.

Stiles wasn’t sure what he was going to say, how Derek would take it or how it would effect them, but it didn’t really matter in the end because he never got to say it.

Derek left and Stiles couldn’t even be mad because he knew Derek needed it, deserved it.

So, life went on and he tried to shove his feelings aside because it didn’t really matter anymore.

Except it did, which he realizes on the night at the school, seeing Derek’s initials.

I’d like to think that the reason for Stiles’ smile was because he had fully come to term with the fact that he did indeed have feelings for Derek. He wasn’t able to tell Derek, but he could finally admit it to himself.

No more questioning, no more “this is just a phase.” None of that.

Stiles just accepted it, and he was okay with it.

  • Bulma: I think we should break up.
  • Yamcha: Ah, okay.
  • Bulma: Okay?
  • Yamcha: Yeah, I mean if it's what you want.
  • Bulma: Yeah, that's what I want.
  • Yamcha: No worries.
  • Bulma: Great. Okay. Well, goodbye.
  • Yamcha: Bye.
  • Bulma: Okay, sorry, Quick question: you're taking this really well. Why is that?
  • Yamcha: I mean, it's not working.
  • Bulma: Well it wasn't working for me, but it was working for you right?
  • Yamcha: Sure, whatever.
  • Bulma: Cool. Goodbye, again!
  • Yamcha: See ya.
  • Bulma: Look, I'm breaking your heart here, the polite response would be to show a little bit of emotion!
  • Yamcha: Excuse me?
  • Bulma: You should be devastated! Why aren't you devastated!?
  • Yamcha: Bulma, people are staring.
  • Bulma: Oh I see, so I'm embarassing you! Well you are supposed to be embarrassing me, fella!
  • Yamcha: ... okay, well I'm gonna leave, so...
  • Bulma: This break up is not over! I'm calling you later!