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I don't understand something. Why do you seem to make Anxiety out to be not-terrible? I just don't get it. If he's supposed to be a metaphor for actual anxiety, how could the other sides of you treat him like a friend? How could he be shipped with your fanciful side? Actual anxiety is nothing but pain, and for me, the other facets of my brain would want nothing to do with her. I'm not hating on the way you portray things, I'm just confused on how it all plays out in the metaphor.

That’s actually a REALLY good question! A question I’ll be definitely making a future video about! I can’t very well explain the shipping portion of it all haha, but to put it basically here, anxiety is a natural evolutionary trait that is innately in us to keep us alert! It’s just, in some of us, it’s more heightened and can inhibit us from time to time. In my first video where I introduced Anxiety, I brought up tools for how to shut him down, but I think it’s important to understand that stuff like that is a natural part of ourselves and we shouldn’t ignore that it’s there.

Like he said in today’s video, he’s not always the bad guy, and our anxiety is actually not trying to be bad at all. Now, moreover, my character, Anxiety, is slowly starting to represent more than just anxiety (one of the reasons names will come into play for all of them). He could be stress/negative thoughts/etc., that we deal with. It should be good that we can acknowledge they’re a part of us, and know how to deal with them, but not try to suppress them! Hope this helps ya a bit!

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What are some ways that help when coming up with new backstories for characters?

     this is actually a really good question to ask. i can only give so much advice though, because what may work for me may not work for you and that’s okay. but i can definitely give you some pointers that have helped me in the past. 

  • work backwards – it may sound weird, but it’s a good tip. start with your character’s personality, their desires, their behaviour and traits before you get to the backstory. why? because having what they have now out in front of you will help you decide what in their past contributed to the person they are now. it’s really important to make the connections with them now with things that happened in their past. 
  • tvs, movies and books are your friends – one of the best ways of figuring out your character’s backstory is well.. getting inspiration from other characters. again, have the person they are now figured out before hand, then delve into the possibilities given to you by other writers. just be careful not to subject your character’s personality etc. to any change just to fit a different backstory. if you like an idea and it doesn’t work, the best thing to do is compromise. 
  • analyse other characters – often i choose a character my muse’s face-claim has already played and i analyse them and their backstory. but whatever and whoever you choose, learning how to analyse and understand the influence that a backstory has on someone is the best way to choose yours carefully, and it will also give you the skills you need to make something more unique. 
  • focus on relationships – again going back to the whole ‘past them influences present them’, come up with certain relationships your muse could have had previously. basic things like did they have two parents or a single parent? two gay dads? how many friends did they have in school? from there you can ask yourself what the dynamics of their relationship with these people were like and how it affected them. (eg. toxic single parent + toxic relationship = your character’s reason for being self destructive in the present) 
  • clich-yay or clich-no? – one of the hardest decisions to make when coming up with backstories for me personally is deciding how predictable i want to be with my character. if you want their story to be different and ground breaking, steer away from obvious tropes that are laced into some backstories. 
  • your major events – these should be the most important as well as the most thought out part of your character’s backstory. i suggest there being a major event that shakes their personality, their career and their relationships. just because they are major events doesn’t mean they need to be angsty or dramatic, they could be quite happy. but these events would definitely be something that shaped your character’s life more than anything. 
  • structuring the backstory – when writing my character’s backstory i would often start at their birth and sometimes i would go a little further to before they were even conceived to what their parent’s relationship was like beforehand. (eg. a character with parents who were childhood sweethearts could be a firm believer in love, ultimately this shapes their outlook on relationships and should be included for the cause for the effect.) then i would move onto the family dynamic if applicable, then who they were and what happened in school, then high school etc. until you reach present day. 

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one of the things i don't like in revelations is that hoshido and nohr characters have one buddy support and two romantic ones, if they had a second buddy support, what matchup would it be? (for both generations)

Actually, really good question. Some of these I just did over what would be cute or interesting, maybe less over what would actually happen. With the royals, of course the obvious answer is the other royal(eg. Ryoma can support Xander but not Leo), but I strove away from that.

I hope you don’t mind, but I didn’t do the child units or the Corrin only supports.

Ryoma and Odin - “You are a lot like my uncle”

Hinoka and Selena - Selena could project her mother on Hinoka and in turn learn more that she does not need to be perfect

Takumi and Arthur - “Bow practices for justice and-wait, don’t hold it that way-ARTHUR YOU JUST SHOT YOURSELF/MYSELF”

Sakura and Beruka - Quiet tea ceremony

Saizo and Xander - See how similar your liege is compared to your enemy

Kagero and Camilla - So are Hoshidans all so stuck up or is it just you and your liege?

Azama and Benny - Azama can try to find Nirvana in the middle of the forest. With bears.

Setsuna and Nyx - Can Nyx please cast some luck spell on Setsuna?

Hinata and Keaton - “GO FETCH” “I’m not an idiot, you didn’t throw the sword-” “GO FETCH NOW” “STICK—-” come on guys this could be hilarious

Oboro and Charlotte - Let these two shadow face warriors fight and eventually find friendship

Hana and Peri - “You know what would be a good activity to do with your liege?” “What?” “GOING ON A MURDER HUNT-” “bye”

Subaki and Laslow - “So since when were men allowed to be pegasus knights?” “What the hell is a pegasus knight? I’m a sky knight.”

Hayato and Leo - Teaching each other Hoshidan and Nohrian magic

Kaden and Niles - Would Niles be sneaky enough to keep stealing Kaden’s potentially shed fur and sell it?

Orochi and Elise - “Princess, let me tell you about your future- YOU MUST NOT TRUST YOUR BROTHER IN ANOTHER WORLD”

Rinkah and Effie - Surprised friends over their strength Yes, I am a girl like you

And just for fun, here are two extra s-supports for the royals that are not the other royals.

Ryoma - Charlotte, Beruka
Hinoka - Niles, Laslow
Takumi - Nyx, Selena
Sakura - Arthur, Odin

Xander - Kagero, Hana
Camilla - Kaden, Subaki
Leo - Oboro, Setsuna
Elise - Hayato, Hinata

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I just had a funny coming out story that I'd like to share. We were talking about famous celebrities and I kind of mentioned that I should have known I was ace when I didn't find any of them hot, and my friends took it in stride, but a couple of days later one of my friends got me alone, and the question he asked me was "what was puberty like for you then?" Which I found, and still find, an absolutely hilarious question, as well as a thoughtful one.

That’s actually a really good question. Ace puberty is a discussion on its own.

- Fae

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do you think the others know kaneki and touka are together or do you think they kept it a secret? 😂😂

Okay this is actually a really good and interesting question??

I mean, Kaneki is the one eyed king, so to say, someone that furuta wants to take down (?) only to satisfy his selfish needs for “fun” purposes. But right now, Touka can basically be represented as Kaneki’s queen, right? And if we think about this as a chess game, Touka, the queen in Kaneki’s game, is the most powerful piece, right? So, if something happens to the queen, the king gets vulnerable, given the fact that she is a protective piece. And now you ask me, what does it have to do with the question?

Well, maybe they did keep it in secret. It would be safer this way, if no one knows knows about it besides them. Because if, someday, someone - that shouldn’t know - finds out about their relationship and try to do something with her .. oh boi.. that would be a great movement to fuck up with the king’s game, am i right? 

Anyway, this was supposed to be a light-hearted ask, wasn’t it? YUTRDFAGSHDKJAHSGD

i’m sorry.. me and my tragic ass are always thinking about tragic issues

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hii ;w; i love this blog alot !! would you write anything about Eijiro Kirishima's teeth? maybe headcanons about how he eats or how he does stuff in bed !! thank u ( i hope ur having a good week!!)

I hope you’re having a good week too!! This is actually a really good question, I spent quite a while contemplating this.

- It’s kinda hard for him to floss. He’s trying his best.

- Sometimes he accidentally bites his tongue while he’s eating. It hurts so badly.

- One time he actually had to be sent to the ER because he bit into his tongue too hard.

- He used to bite his nails as a little kid, but he eventually stopped because he’d accidentally draw blood.

- At times he gets nervous while kissing because he’s worried he’ll hurt his S/O.

- Kirishima likes to nip at his partner’s neck on occasion, but he has to be careful. Otherwise, he could end up seriously injuring them!

- His bite pattern is very distinct, so if he leaves a hickey, everyone can tell it was from him.

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Sorry if this question is a little too general a question, but here goes. I'm writing a story set during and after a nuclear-ish apocalypse and the main characters are cadets in a military academy. A lot of the conflict revolves around leadership through a harsh and stressful environment. My question is this: what are some behaviors you've noticed in CO/NCO's that indicated their in/competence? What actions motivated you? Give me some ways for a leader to fail their men or earn their trust.

This is actually a really good question! Thank you for reaching out to me!

 Well, I think everyone wants a different type of leader, so this is just my opinion. But what matters to me, in order, is the following:

NCOs and officers are in their position for a reason. They’re in charge of soldiers while at the same time performing the task the army employed them for. It’s not easy work, and very often a leader will falter either in performing their job or caring for their troops, or God forbid both. If an NCO is incompetent at maintaining his soldiers or an officer is incompetent at performing his job, that’s a very heavy hit on our morale. One person who can’t perform their duties hurts all of us. Furthermore, I’m more than willing to forgive someone for any of the following attributes as long as they’re competent. 
And this competence spans all things. Soldier care, equipment maintenance, and job knowledge/instruction ability. If I’m an E-2 and the E-5 directly in charge of me is my MOS, I should be able to ask them any standard question about my job and they should either know the answer or know where to find the answer. If my NCO doesn’t know shit about what I do, why should I trust them to oversee what I’m doing?

Soldiers depend on their leadership for a lot of things. Instruction, well being, paperwork, and especially morale. If my NCO is a completely asshat and no one in the platoon likes them, our morale will be low, and we won’t care that much about the mission.
 Now, I’m not saying the leadership has to be soft, because that’s a whole ‘nother problem, and I’m not saying they can’t push us, because that’s what they’re there for. But it’s essential for leadership to build a genuine rapport with their soldiers, or else we’ll just wind up resenting them.
Personally, the chill factor for me is very important in a leader. Someone who’s got a stick up their ass just frustrates me; someone who thinks the only way to run a unit is to yell and punish frustrates me even more. Positive motivation is always superior to negative.

Is your leadership doing their job? Are they maintaining their paperwork? Are they aware of the current mission? Do they know what we need to be doing? Do we have to stay late because they forgot to tell us to do a task? Do we have to redo a task because they instructed us wrong the first time? Are our promotions and awards delayed indefinitely because they keep forgetting something? Our leaders need to have their shit in order or else everyone below them is going to be out of order. We understand when it’s not someone fault, when our superior’s superior is the one making a bad call, but there’s almost nothing more infuriating to a soldier than leadership that, through their own actions, has no idea what’s going on.

This encompasses both work ethic and personality. If my NCO is too forgiving, too lenient, too easy, too lazy, I don’t want them. There’s a big difference between being chill and being soft. NCOs and officers NEED to be able to push us and step up to the plate. They need to know when Enough is Enough and when to put their boots down. Having a leader with no backbone is worse than having no leader at all. Laziness is a disease in leadership as well; they do have to delegate, but they absolutely need to pull their own weight as well, and we can tell the difference between a leader who’s skimping on the work by passing it off and who’s adequately utilizing their resources by delegating. 

I think these four things are probably the thing I look for most. Softness is the least bothersome trait to me because, due to the nature of Soft leaders, it’s easy for someone who does know what they’re doing to sorta replace them/nudge them aside and become a de facto leader.

How a leader can fail their troops:
-not being there during the hard times, and I mean not only combat but during unpleasant conditions like cold, heat, low food and low water. NCOs who hole up in a warm tent while their soldiers are out shivering will earn some resentment.

-not ensuring their troops well being. NCOs ensure their troops are fed, watered, and rested the best they can manage. A good NCO will recognize when it’s time to give their squad a break, even if it’s only for an hour or two. It’s true that some dire situations require drastic measures, but great NCOs will replace their soldiers in those circumstances so that they can get an hour or two of sleep or enough time to swallow a cup of coffee. I’ve known NCOs who were practically ready to fist fight someone to get food for their troops, and you bet we had their backs from then on.

-blaming their troops for things that are their fault and taking credit for things their troops have done. NCOs are responsible for everything their troops do, good or bad. If the NCO messed up, that NCO needs to be upfront about how their fuck up resulted in their troops fucking up.

-overreacting to failure and under reacting to accomplishment, not to mention uneven treatment. Sometimes all we need is a pat on the back or a handshake and to be told we did good and they’re appreciative of our efforts. Sure, other rewards are even nicer, but often I was happy just to know my leadership thought I did a good job. Sometimes the only thing that kept me going was my leadership telling me I was the best at my job and they depended on me. Whether it was true, I don’t know; I hope so. But the point is that if our achievements aren’t acknowledged, we stop wanting to achieve.
Similarly, it’s important to punish us if we fuck up, but the punishment has to match the fuck up. We often know the difference between fair punishment and unfair punishment, and trust me, we DEFINITELY know when we’re being targeted with harsher punishment than someone else who made the same mistake. Consistency is important.

-we hold grudges because the army is literally high school. We remember when someone has wronged us and hadn’t made good on it. It takes a lot to regain the trust of soldiers who’ve already lost their respect for you. Demanding respect because of a rank when it hasn’t been earned can turn a number of soldiers against you. But if you fix yourself and start being a good leader again, we can forgive and move on. 

It sounds like NCOs and officers basically give everything to their troops, and that’s exactly how it should be. Your troops will reward you with full strength effort, motivation, and tolerance for the inevitable bullshit. Especially of NCOs, they need to distract their soldiers from the pure bullshit that is the army, because it is pure bullshit, and we’re very fucking aware of that. Furthermore, PNN, the private news network, is far reaching. Lower enlisted are not shy about talking shit about a bad leader, and it’ll get around. Just the same, a good leader will see PNN return favorable reviews, and often if those favorable reviews get high enough there will be positive rewards from up high.

Of course, this is all assuming a perfect world. Very frequently bad NCOs are sneaky and bad officers are asskissers, and they somehow avoid the karma of being a bad leader while good leaders fall wayside. Sometimes good leaders get into trouble and lose their rank, sometimes good leaders are overweight and are treated like shitbags, sometimes good leaders are disabled in some way and people look down on them. In reality, that’s s the way the cookie crumbles sometimes.

Equivalently, some lower enlisted are pure ass and don’t appreciate or respect even a good leader. A lot of us had very low tolerance for leaders who weren’t completely perfect, and were quick to turn on them. I’d really like to say that those people probably had some real shit leaders in the past, and they’ll come around if they get to meet a genuinely good leader. Some people are just fucking brats though; fuck them tbh. Ungrateful lower enlisted just breeds aloof and demoralized leaders. It’s a two way street.

Personally, I have a lot of respect for anyone who can perform their duties as an NCO or officer even 75% of the time. I cannot stress enough that being in a leadership position is not sunshine and roses.

-Spc. Kingsley

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Anon here who asked about Shiro's memory loss. When he got back to earth he had zero memory of his time in captivity except being captured which was shown onscreen. Do you think when Ulaz found him he had already lost some of his memory? I'm really fascinated with the timeline of his memory loss. Like when did he start lossing his memory?

That’s actually a really good question and I don’t know if we have a solid answer at this juncture. Since it seems most of what was affected was his year in captivity- before and after he seems to recall with perfect acuity, but in between he describes as “a blur” suggesting it’s not even completely inaccessible as much as… incoherent?

Like, he’s not able to pick out and identify details without other stimuli present to remind him. Seeing Myzax as a robeast and recognizing that distinctive weapon triggers his memory of fighting Myzax- which enables him to remember what happened before it with Matt. Possibly the prisoners talking to him and prodding at that memory beforehand also influenced part of it.

Honestly I lean towards the idea something was done to Shiro around his missing year. 

I mean- I don’t think that the druids can reliably wipe memories in order to control people. If that were the case, we would have seen it happen, and I think we’d see different memories targeted. Things that he couldn’t easily steal back just by re-familiarizing himself with his surroundings- his memories of Earth. If all he could remember was the empire, he’d have a lot less fight in him.

But I have to wonder if there’s something about scrambling the mind, or obfuscating certain incidents. In which case I have to wonder who exactly might’ve blurred Shiro’s memory, and for what purposes. After all, the experience with Ulaz shows us that even very significant events can be totally missing or experienced oddly.

Was it Haggar? Was she trying to do something with Shiro’s mind that hadn’t been done before? After all we know Haggar was interested in Shiro and her whole attitude would suggest she put a lot more work into him than just the prosthetic, which Sendak is fairly dismissive of- considering that response, I can’t imagine Haggar would see that arm as her finest. And she seems to be frequently experimenting and trying new things.

Maybe whatever’s up with Shiro’s memory was a new experiment- or Haggar gave him something powerful enough that she wanted to make sure he wouldn’t remember it was there unless she felt like he was totally under her control. 

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How do you come up with inspiration? Any help for new story writers?

Hey nonny! This is actually a really good question so I’ll try my best to explain and possibly help new story writers in the process! It’ll be under a ‘read more’ as I tend to ramble, oops :^)

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Sorry if this has been asked, but what are your top 5 pre-Zyuranger sentai?

It actually hasn’t and is a really good question!  As anyone who follows my blog can tell, I have something of a fascination with the older Super Sentai series from the 1980s.  Truth be told, I just have a soft spot for the 1980s in general.  It’s the decade I grew up in, having been born in 1975 and the decade that has stuck with me the longest.  I still listen to 1980s music and love the movies of the era.  To me, divorced from the politics and world events I wasn’t really aware of as a kid, it was a great decade.

It was also a great time for the Super Sentai series as they found the willing formula to make it last the test of time and be Toei’s only franchise to air continuously with no interruptions since 1979.  Others have come on gone, been put on hiatus for years and some plain forgotten but Super Sentai has lasted and a lot of that is thanks to how it dominated the tokusatsu scene of the 1980s.  So, my top 5 Pre-Zyuranger series lean pretty heavily on that glorious decade… save for one but that’s for higher on the list.

5. Choushinsei Flashman

When I first learned about the existence of Flashman, I fell in love with their costumes, their story and their twin dilemmas.  You see, these five youths were abducted from Earth as infants but rescued by benevolent aliens and raised on five different planets in the same solar system around a distant star.  They have no knowledge of their true parents and return to Earth to protect their birth home from the evil Reconstructive Empire Mess.  They seek their origins but later discover that their alien upbringing had made Earth lethal to them and if they don’t leave it in 1 year, they will die.  It gives them an interesting time limit and the angst of knowing they can never live on their true homeworld.

4. Choujuu Sentai Liveman

I was first made aware of how cool Liveman was thanks to Red Falcon’s appearance in 2001′s Anniversary movie Hyakujyuu Sentai Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai.  I saw him visiting some graves and was blown away by the idea that his team might have died.  I spent years tracking down the series and discovered that though his team lived, it was a pair of deaths and a hideous betrayal that lead to the creation of this heroic squad.  That hooked me and I eagerly watched this series.  The twists and turns it took, the heartaches and losses suffered by our heroes only made their eventual victory all the more sweet.  This is a great series by any measure.

3. Taiyo Sentai Sun Vulcan

The only strictly three man (and zero women) team in the history of Super Sentai takes the middle spot on this list because it’s just a good show.  The heroes are great, the villains truly evil and the fight scenes dynamic and well choreographed.  Plus, it has Machiko Soga reprising her role from the previous series as Queen Hedrian and she is just one of the best villain actresses in tokusatsu history. Despite the horrendous gender imbalance of the show, it ranks high for being fun and always entertaining.

2. Himitsu Sentai Goranger

This one likely comes as no surprise given the name of my blog but I adore the very first Sentai series.  A creation of the genius Shotaro Ishinomori it stands up there with Kamen Rider as one of his best ideas brought to life as a tokusatsu series.  It set the standard in action, team dynamic, creative villains and the color sequence still used to this day.  I wouldn’t even be doing this blog were it not for this team so it stands almost head and shoulders above the rest.  Save for…

1. Kagaku Sentai Dynaman

This one should also comes as less than a shock for anyone who follows me.  I’ve been doing a sort of liveblog as I’ve been making my way through this series and it combines everything I love about the genre into one show.  It has fun villains, serious moments, incredibly silly villain plots, some goofy monsters and great action.  It was also the series i consider to have solidified the image of what we think of as Super Sentai heroes thanks to the introduction of spandex for the uniforms.  There are also two other major reasons I love it that I can never ignore.

1) Sayoko Hagiwara as Rei Tachibana/Dyna Pink

She has become one of my favorite tokusatsu actresses of all time and this is her at her prime, kicking butt and getting more focus episodes than any of the other heroes.  

2) Princess Chimera

Need I say more?

Anyway, thanks for the question!  It’s always a joy to go back to the times before Zyuranger and talk about the shows I wish I had gotten to see as a kid!

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How do you think the batfamily would handle the situation if the press found out that Jason Peter Todd, legally dead son of Bruce Wayne, is actually still alive?

This is actually a really good question? Because like, I guess realistically, it would have to happen eventually… as he reconciles with the batfam and starts hanging out with them in public again. And ofc the press are relentless and have a few veteran “Wayne Family hawks” who were around when Jason was alive, freak out because IT’S JASON TODD. HE’S NOT DEAD???!

And they literally stampede Wayne Manor and demand to know THE WHOLE STORY and Jason has to lay low for a while until Bruce finally comes out with an official statement: 

“It was a case of mistaken identity. The body was too damaged to know for certain that it was Jason Todd, but there were no other known missing persons at the time, and so the medical examiner concluded it was likely his. We now know that Jason was not the only one captured, and was later discovered by locals who handed him over to local authorities. Unfortunately, he was suffering from amnesia at the time, caused by trauma and his injuries, and thus had no idea who he was or where he had come from.

“He remained in Ethiopia for several years, before his amnesia began to heal and his memories returned to him slowly in bits and pieces. He remembered his childhood first and thus knew he was from Gotham, so he made his way back here. When he returned to Gotham and more familiar sights and sounds and people, it exelerated the return of his cognitive functions and memory, and he sought me out.

“As you can imagine it came as quite a shock to learn that Jason was alive. Thus we chose, as a family, to keep this from the public knowledge for as long as we could so as to give everyone time to adjust without being forced into the spotlight. But we still request your discretion and sensitivity regarding this. We all feel very blessed that Jason was returned to us safely after so long, none as much as I.”

While I think most of the public and press may have believed this story, rest assured there were many who didn’t. Many journalists and tabloid writers and reporters who came up with their own conspiracy theories, such as: “the family faked his death for the publicity” or “Jason Todd began to grow wayward and rebellious so they lied about his death so as not to ridicule or bring scorn to the Wayne family name.” 

And honestly, these accusations/claims are so ridiculous and insensitive and an attack on both Jason and the Bruce’s character, that Jason doesn’t even find them funny. Because he DID actually die and, according to their “cover story”, he DID still get severely injured and spent years not knowing who he was. Either way, these stories completely disregard the trauma he went through, and nobody in the batfam has the time or patience to humour them. Naturally, Jason has broken more than one camera, and warned many a reporter that he will “personally shove that mic up their ass” if they ask him to comment on another conspiracy theory.

Also you can bet the government/social services/whoever is in charge of keeping track of citizens and who’s alive or dead had a FIELD DAY. They interrogated all the members of the family for days to make sure their stories matched up and that there was no foul play, and Bruce was forced to find fake witnesses in Ethiopia who testified that Jason had been there all those years. But for Bruce and the batfam, this was all in a day’s work.

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Please don't take offense to this but I just want to make sure what you're comfortable with.... When people make fan art of you, do you prefer it to acknowledge that you deal with acne? Or prefer clear skin? Lately your skin has been clearing up, which is great! But some people feel its what makes them, them. Some wish it weren't there. Sorry if this question makes you uncomfortable, I would just like to know your preference!

Not offense taken!
This is actually a really good question! Obviously I do not want to try and control what artists draw or anything like that. There has been some insane art of me out there! You guys are extremely talented!
Now my preference? I do prefer when people draw me with clear skin just because I don’t like my acne. It’s something that I struggle with and I’m trying to get rid of haha. But again, I do not want to put limitations on people and the way they make their art. For those of you making art, thank you so much :)

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Are you familiar with ways that several of the origin of life theories might pertain to what we know about evolution. Like did the origin of life theories derive from different aspects of evolution? Because it seems as of we don't have any definitive evidence for any of the theories of the origin of life. So how did we come up with them unless we observed similar instances evolutionarily. I hope that makes sense. Thanks!

This is actually a really good question! I would like to preface this with the disclaimer that I am not an expert, just a nerd, so take my explanation with a healthy bit of skepticism. We can never know for sure how life on Earth began, but we do know that before there was biology there was chemistry. We have observed that organic compounds can occur naturally and undergo “chemical evolution,” in which organic–but non-living–molecules and compounds will interact with each other and their environment to form new, more complex compounds. Likewise inorganic compounds can, through natural processes, become more complex organic compounds. It is believed that it was this process of chemical evolution that led inorganic compounds to become organic ones, and eventually life. This is a process known as abiogenesis and its our best guess at how life came to be. There was a fascinating experiment done in the 1950′s called the Miller-Urey experiment which was, essentially, an attempt to create life “from scratch” using nothing but inorganic compounds and simulated environmental factors such as heat and electricity. It didn’t create any life but it did transform the inorganic compounds into organic ones, including proteins, which shows that the idea of abiogenesis is probably in the right theoretical neighborhood.

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When you're Jess, are you still you, or is she an entire persona all her own?

This is actually a really good question.

Jess is part of who I am. She may act slightly different but she’s simply an extension of the person that I like being.

Some people don’t notice a difference because I can be more like myself when I’m around them. Others have said that I’m similar but parts of my personality feel exaggerated when I’m Jess.

Overall we’re the same person. I might act a bit differently when Jess is out, but she’s still a big part of who I am.

- Jessica Blaise x x

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2, 7, 21!

2) If you could meet anyone on this earth, who would it be?

That’s actually a really good question… naturally there’s a lot of people I would love to meet. Rp friends, novelists I like, animators, etc. But if I had to choose any one of them? I’m not sure… Lol I can’t decide… so I’ll say I want to meet everyone!

7) What’s your strangest talent?

Alright so it’s not entirely strange I suppose, and it’s gotten me a lot of free drinks >.> But I can tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue in under six seconds. It started as a dare when I was a teenager to see if I could do it and I’ve gotten better at it over the years.

21) Who is your celebrity crush?

Oh goodness… do I have to pick just one? Lol, Gal Gadot for certain, and Diego Luna. Luke Evans comes in at a close third (I’m a sucker for the scruffy guys)

@huntsman-hawthorne Ty for the ask!

anonymous asked:

do people on the voltron team study space at all? because i've noticed how they incorporate aspects learned in physics and i find it very interesting

that is… actually a really good question. another one to write down to ask the crew about. 

anonymous asked:

If you could, ya know, bring someone back to life and have a conversation in which they cannot lie, who would you bring back to life? Like, I'd totally drag Caracalla's ass from wherever and ask why his petty self felt threatened enough to have his brother, Geta, murdered and then condemned to having his named erased in history. (Or tried to st least.)

That’s actually a really good question. I was going to say some historical figure, but if I’m answering honestly, my mom.