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Apart from the theory /u/universal_straw posted (definitely read that), most of this is just speculation and conjecture. I honestly don’t know if any of the following will happen.
Most of it stems from the fact if the Starks are to reclaim Winterfell (hinted by Ned’s quote: there must always be a Stark in Winterfell, and the previous title for the last book “A Time for Wolves”), either Sansa or Rickon will end up ruling the North at the end of the story. This means Sansa will end up in Winterfell . But if there’s no Rickon (which is definitely a possibility since his could very well be a Shaggydog story), Sansa will need to marry to have an heir. And then it comes down to, who would Sansa marry to keep the Starks in Winterfell?
So far Sansa has faced a bunch of suitors (Joffrey, Tyrion, Willas, Harry), but none of those have turned out very well. Here’s my theory on the topic. In fact, everyone trying to marry Sansa has done so with the intent of taking Winterfell away from her. There’s probably only one person who respects the North and doesn’t care about politics/power who would marry Sansa solely for the sake of protecting her and her claim to the North, and that’s Jon Snow.
If Jon is revealed to be a Targaryen, they would be cousins, and there would no longer be any incest to come in between them. Assuming that the Targaryens end up on the Iron Throne (Dany or Aegon), marrying a Targaryen (especially one who considers himself a Stark at heart) would be the best way to ensure the safety of the North. Who Sansa ends up marrying for good seems to be a pretty important part of A Song of Ice and Fire, and it’s doubtful that a random minor character will end up filling the role.
A lot of people are against this theory because of the pseudo-incest (being raised as brother-sister), and I just think that we’ve seen way worse from GRRM to think he wouldn’t do something like this. Some people think it’s too happy an ending, but that’s assuming they fall in love, but after what they’ve gone through (and will go through) I don’t know if Sansa and Jon are even capable of that anymore. If it happens, I see it very much as a parallel between Ned and Cat’s marriage, two broken people trying to build a future together from utter ruin; a marriage based on duty and pragmatism instead of love and romance. I do think if it happens, being raised as brother and sister will be a huge barrier for them to overcome.
But hey, Ned and Catelyn ended up building a pretty good future together, so there’s always hope. In ASOIAF, you’ll never get a happy ending; just like Sandor Clegane in the quiet isles, the best you’ll get is the hope of a happy ending (which fits with GRRM’s description of a bittersweet ending).
And since these are two of my favorite characters, if they can end up like this, I’ll be happy indeed.
—  reddit user bluefoot3 aka the creator of the tourney at ashford theory
Sansa and the quote

Sansa’s last line in the trailer is “When the snows fall, and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives“   and there is a lot of speculation about and what it could mean. A lot of people are taking it as confirmation that Sansa will indeed betray Jon. You can read my analyses here and here.

But there is another meaning to the line that has nothing to do with Jon Snow. Another blogpost mentioned that Ned first said this line to Arya when they were at King’s Landing and how the Starks love quoting each other (Winter is coming among others) Seen from that point of view, the meaning changes completely.

What the line actually means is that when the conditions get bad, the lone wolf, the one who fights alone, dies, while the pack, that stays together and fights together, survives. It has nothing to do with Jon and everything to do with staying together. How then can it count as proof that she will betray Jon.

Granted that being a Targaryen, Jon isn’t technically family but he’s never harmed or hurt her, and he offered her sanctuary when she found him at the Wall. And he did so with no strings attached. Even when they were visiting the other Lords of the North to rally support against Ramsay, it never struck him to use Sansa as a bargaining chip. He never once brought up the fact that he could give her away in marriage for said support. I’m not saying that it would have worked but that it never even came up as an idea.

Once Jon committed to protecting her, he stuck to it. Sansa is ambitious but she is also not stupid. She’s lived through trauma and terror for too long and she’s learned to play the long game, the kind LF and Varis are known for playing and everything suggests that this season will be all about family for her. That means that she’s going to eliminate threats to the Starks, not people who are fighting for them.

so a bit of a romantic wall for today, a very fitting quote from Shakespeare’s The Tempest ;)

and uh…

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as per request for @hiddlesnlondon and lets face it, I HAD to, cause the scene is gorgeous, two I Saw The Light walls

are they considered spoilers? naw

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Someone, I can’t remember who, mentioned that Loki all dressed in black had vampire vibes so I couldn’t help myself, I HAD to make a vampire Loki manip. Took me four hours to make.

I also made a pretty wall cause Loki dressed in black has become my Ultimate Tom <3

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hello all! I decided to try and do a typography, made two versions using different techniques, experimenting, as I’ve never done it before, I’m not entirely satisfied with it though, it was fucking frustrating! Since today marks the third anniversary of Loki in SDCC, I decided to post it today since I used a pic from that event lol I also made a pretty Tom wall with a new pic that came out.

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with new pretties today I felt like doing something cheesy with it lol

and fyi…is midnight feb. 19th here so….IT’S OFFICIALLY MY BIRTHDAY, BITCHES! I’M 31 AND I’M SO NOT READY

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game of thrones + power

a little known book quote:

“Winterfell belongs to my sister Sansa…. Unless a room full of northerners declares me King of the North in which case I’ll just take the whole entire North including Winterfell as Sansa smiles beside me”

say hello to my new PC desktop! Loki in TDW is what got me into Tom in the first place and it always holds a special place in my heart, he’s a great source of inspiration and I wanted to honour that and remind myself and others why we’re here. I can’t wait for what’s next for Loki.

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