And I wish you knew that I’ll never forget you as long as I live.
And I wish you were right here, right now, it’s all good.

im so done with everything right now like fuck school fuck everything i only live once im not gonna be alive in like 80 years why am i doing things that make me so unhappy i just wanna be really really happy with my life and im just so mad that im wasting my time in fucking wisconsin when i could be traveling the world or literally anything im just so bored with my life i don’t give a shit about math or chemistry why am i wasting my time with it… i wanna have fun

trippytolerancetotequila asked:

When you get this ask list 5 things that make you happy? and then pass it on to the last ten people who reblogged from you :)

5 things that make me happy ?

1. Would be baksetball
2. Giving money away or spending money to get a gift to someone. Just caring for others basically.
3. Jesus makes me happy. Doesn’t count cause its the obvious ha.
3.5 haha, being lame and laughing at my own jokes.
4. being able to hug my dogs while there still alive.
5. Would have to be when a girl doesn’t think im boring for being too chill ha. This one doesnt count ha.
6. Im actually in a good mood right now. But, finally one last thing to add that makes me happy is knowledge or me trying to humble my self and be coming more meek. Also everyday knowing that the world is going to hate me but im still following christ. If this one doesnt count.

Just feeling cared for and actually feeling that someone actually wants to talk to me. I dont rely on money to make me happy like most people. Im more of an old school compared to the fucking and fighting that this generation is going through.

Did you know over 80% if marriages dont work out because if finances. You that scares me to think i could find the girl of my dreams or soul mate just to have her leave cause of money. Money that is worthless. United states currency is just a note. It tells you on the paper bill. Its not real money.


aha Well My name is Keelan Rome

Im 20 years young.. yeah it doesn’t look like it but its true lol

Im very DIFFERENT from most people mostly guys. Why? Bc Im a gentleman.. Im not like the average guy. Im honest, loyal, humble, and respectful. Im no man whore or whatever. I want love with one girl  and one girl only.. Im the type of guy to make a girl a queen. I believe in making a girl happy and not using her. I want a relationship with where I can grow and achieve things with her. Explore life and adventures with. Share secrets with. lol but thats just me

Im also DIFFERENT in other ways… Im a very creative person. How?

God comes first
I love to Write. Im writing a book right now
Poetry…Yes i love poetry very much bc its a art
Art.. I love all types of art. I do paint abstract when im bored
I love reading.. Books about Knowledge, Space, Life, and Wealth
As of my life now.. Well im just living trying to achieve my goals. Also looking for love but we’ll get back to that later..But yes my goals are to be wealthy and live free exploring going on adventures. I have high goals.. Like becoming a millionaire. That is my most biggest goal of all.. Im actually very closed to that goal..#blessed.. I own a website . I also have my own clothingLine.. Im a very open minded person who have a lot brilliant ideas. Im a business man

As of my personal life.. I love gaming and watching good movies and tv shows. I have a xboxone.. my gamertag is Loupie33. Shows i watch:

Vampire Diaries
Criminal Minds
Anime shows yes!!! I Love anime shows bc they fucking go hard. shows like:
Sword Art Online
Soul Eater
Full Metal Alchemist
Some other personal things are.. i like white girls (only). i want a daughter.. bc i wanna be a dad before i die.. …… seeing these girls have me wanting twins

Finally ..yes im single.. im waiting on that special girl to come to me. I’ve been single for 5 years now and i hate it. i need a girl by my side. one who will love me for me. One who will grown and build with me till the end. One i can go adventures with.. One that i can go on milkshake dates with. I wanna give a girl the best life ever.. But this me lol hmu