So my parents were telling me about this old movie where this guy I guess volunteered / helped out at some mental health ward. But his actual job was marketing. I think specifically for cars.

Anywho he set the people up with materials and let them come up with ideas just because (I haven’t seen this movie so you’re getting it third hand sorry) and they guy takes them to work where they get mixed p and printed instead of the official advertisements.

Things like “volvo’s they’re boxy but good” and  Such. Actually. Hold up I’m gonna go find the pics.

So these advertisements of course were awesome and sales skyrocketed and we all lived in cinema happily ever after or something.

My question is why don’t businesses do that sort of thing??

They know its repeatable, they know people love the audacity of being honest or brutal or whatever. So why does the internet come up with AWESOME adds and yet we’re stuck looking at the most boring things? We don’t care about commercials or bus stickers or the advert pages in our magazines. But we do laugh and actively seek out the GOOD ones. the ones we find amusing for whatever reason.

Or controversial. Controversy is also a valid way to get people talking about your products, boycotting it, or buying it.

Why not run with this stuff? Why is it when they’re trying they come up with weird and stupid shit? Why not spend ten minuets looking at whats already out there and hire THESE people? 

Instead they do this and honestly I don’t understand … how this got past anyone. Who looked at this and said “yeah. this’ll make the kids at home want to buy our chips.”

If its so darn hard to get right why is the internet able to crank this stuff out for free?

me, taking a deep breath, normally okay with my identity but currently ready to scream.