i haven’t been feeling.. great. about this blog, or in general. both physically and mentally. the anon hate i was getting on top of irl stuff really did a number on my depression and confidence in my portrayal, as a roleplayer/ writer. this was my safe space, and the same things are happening that drove me to leave my naminé blog.

i’m,, too stubborn to remake, and honestly with the amount of content i have on this one moving would be a nightmare, so i’m just going to revamp. probably not my theme, because that was only messed with recently, but i’m going to delete a lot of drafts, i might unfollow people who have been inactive, finally rewrite ren’s backstory to be more-ish canon compliant. i might change my url or psd but i highly doubt it. i’m going to limit the amount of ships i have, especially if we have more than one.

i’m still writing, everything is just going in the queue. i just need a little time to get my motivation back.


     Asher waved to Heaven until she was out of sight, then downed the last of his drink. He grabbed up Bay’s empty bottle, taking it out with him and throwing them both in the bin. He took a moment to look back at the house; it felt weird, like he was seeing it from a new perspective. For so long now, it had been a place to sneak in and out of, a place that didn’t really feel welcoming, like he was intruding. Now, he could walk through the front door without having an exit strategy, or a fabricated excuse for if he got caught. That would definitely take some getting used to.