I have been feeling a little uninspired with my story lately. I have had plans for Venus’s trip for a while now, so I’ve been able to work on it alright, it’s just that after school ends and I get to play the sims it’s super easy and I’m really inspired and that dies down as the summer goes along.
But I’ve been trying to sleep for an hour now and couldn’t because I kept making up scenes in my head and finally I wrote them down. I feel really good about them too, and if I still do in the morning then I will get to putting the scenes together. It feels really nice to get another dose of inspiration.

anonymous asked:

Where do you hang out now? Or are you just not online as much??

I get online quite a bit still, I’m just not on SNS too much these days. I mostly watch youtube+tv shows and play CocoPPa Play when I am online ^^~.