• when ross teaches barry an art thing:that's some good shit right there 😊😊 ✨✨✨so pure™✨✨✨ high quality friendship 👌🏻👌🏻 i'm here for that shit💯💯 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self😭💦 friends helping friends mMMMMᎷМ 👀👀 👀 👌👌Good shit

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aren't you a fan of teen wolf? why would you want it to end? ..

I am a huge fan, I have a fanfic about it, and it’s one of my favourite shows but as I said in this post, sometimes enough is enough. It’s best to stop something while it’s still good and has a lot of quality rather than carrying it on for the sake of it (ie. Supernatural). The actors are all growing up and want to go do bigger and better things like they should be doing. They can’t play high school teenagers when a few of them are nearing 30! There is a time for things to end and Teen Wolf’s is now and that’s okay because it’s still a great show and if it carried on, it would lose quality etc. 

We are allowed to have different opinions. You are allowed to want the show go on forever and ever, I however, believe that it’s best to end it before it loses the thing that made so many love it in the first place.


@mariuspontbambi (I’ll bet you all thought I was done making call out posts. HOW WRONG YOU WERE!!!!)

• Gave me a heart attack with the url change but that’s okay I forgive her
• The nicest human bean you will ever meet. I didn’t even know they made people this nice!
• So good. So pure. A delight
• Posts such quality stuff, from fan fiction to historical things to social justice things and I’m just constantly in awe
• Part of my posse
• Part of my heart!!!!!

i need more voltron on my dash

do i already only follow blogs that post voltron? yes. but it is Not Enough. reblog if you post:

  • anything voltron obviously
  • i can never get enough klance
  • pidge and also hunk because there is not nearly enough content for those two i s2g
  • voltron original content. like, i cannot stress this enough if you make your own voltron fanart, edits, fics, shitposts even, etc please reblog this idk if you think your original content is “bad” or “low quality” like idc if you’re just starting out or are a pro i will reblog it i wanna support the people supporting this fandom okay leggo

Just a bunch of Drawpile scribbles (after GHOST’s 7K stream I think?)! Mine are all the ones in green and Kennith (the character in the 3rd image) belongs to @ghost-and-pals !!

timing 👀🎧

'in many realities, rick and morty are in a passionate, healthy romantic relationship'

Okay but hear me out for a second.
I’ve seen a lot of stuff about Morty confessing how he feels about Rick, either via short and childish outburst or through [random sexual situation];
But consider this:
Rick realizing that maybe the quality of his life isn’t determined by the achievements he makes or if he’s remembered in history or not, but rather how happy he is.
He realizes this one day while taking a trip with Morty somewhere, and on the way back as they walk back to the ship, smiling and giggling with whatever prize they had salvaged from their trip, Rick kinda just starts…
Talking to Morty.
Talking to Morty about how he feels, talking about how happy he is around Morty.
And Morty is just blown away and starts smiling and feeling oddly happy as they climb into the ship, smiling and talking about their feelings, and they kinda just occasionally brush their hands together and smile at each other. Rick starts getting more and more obviously protective of Morty, keeping a closer eye on him while on adventures; and since Rick is getting less worried, he gets less drunk and can function a bit better and think straight for once and things are just a lot better emotionally for him, as well as his relationship with the people he cares for.

A truly passionate, healthy romantic relationship.

I found out that Pokemon Go was released in the UK. No, not from online news believe it or not, I’ve never played nor watched Pokemon so didn’t bother looking into it. No, apparently my restaurant is a goddamn Pokestop, whatever the fuck that is, and the church across the road is the local gym. My sister downloaded the game and found out that my house is full of fucking birds for some reason. And just in time for the schools to break up for summer

Other problem is is that I can’t think of a way to capitalise on this because as far as I’m concerned any attempt to do so would be tantamount to exploiting children

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i want the play of the GAME, i like BAAAAAASTION because wheniplayhim i get play of the GAAAAAAAAME

okay, okay. i hear you. 

i get it. 

but lemme just show you something.

T͎̬̮̣ ̨̻͚̘̣̺ ̷̤̣͔̙͎̻̯H̰̜̩̳ ̩̺̱̬͚͖ ̻̪E͍͇̯̬ ͇̥̟͍͙ ͇̠̘̺̜̖͝W͎͇͇͍ ̖̯̮͚̪͘ ̱̞̭H̥͖͖̘͞ ̹̘̯͟ ̯͚̗̰Ę͉͓͇̟ ͔ ̨͍̼̳E͎͓̝̘̱̗̳ ͚̤̕ L

—— ( okay, i was sincerely planning on making the banner a well-designed, serious thing, ‘cause honestly this event means a lot to me and i want to give each and every one of you the quality and love you deserve. but i found this in my files and eh, what can ya do. as a wise scout once said, “ deal with it! “ )

well, look where we are now! such a short time ago, i took a risk and made this blog. it was such a new fandom and such a new concept. and with such a popular muse, what chance did i have, yeah? well, apparently this doubt fell on deaf ears, because i was welcomed and assisted by so many sweet and talented people. writers i admire and respect. people who are willing to interact with me despite my lack of experience with scout. and that, truly, means everything to me. 

i don’t wish to bore you by stating obvious facts. of course you’re all brilliant. and of course i’m forever grateful that you gave me a shot. i do promise that i will try to make it up to you, however i can. scout’s clearly not going anywhere any time soon. 

thank you all, from the bottom of my heart. 

now, onto the list! this list follows no particular order, as my admiration is certainly not reserved for a certain group of people. you’re all my bbys and ily all, m’kay? m’kay. )

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An INFP and INTP walk into a bookstore...

And they never come out, they set camp and will live there until they die. They only travel by shopping cart to go from one bookstore to another when they don’t have the book they want. Also, they pay occasional visits to ISFP at the DIY store and INFJ at the next-door bookstore, ISFJ checks on them and brings cookies.

surprise surprise im late for my first botm but it’s okay we don’t have to mention it shhh

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☆ good luck friends!!! ☆

Are the animation and subtitles in Mekakucity Actors DVD any good? - A quick look over

Okay, since not sure on what to do, I might as well do this.

So yep, bought Mekakucity Actors DVD today. Since I did promise to buy it and check it out if this post got over 100 notes. And it did. Might as well since who knows if anyone wants to buy the original release or not one day (no, not this release one). I’m mainly doing this for those who still like Mekakucity Actors (I know a few), and for those who wants to check on the animation and the subtitle quality in the DVDs. Is it as bad when CrunchyRoll released it? Let’s find out.


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