I only share when I have no unmet needs that I’m trying to fill. Being vulnerable with an audience is only a good idea if the healing is tied to the sharing, not to the expectations I might have for the response I get.

Brene Brown

Yes. Vulnerability is an incredible thing. But on social media, we shouldn’t overshare pain in order to find healing from those who can’t heal us. Often times it will leave us feeling bankrupt and cheated, like we have written checks to others with no money in our bank to give. Vulnerability is powerful and must be given with care. Not something to toss around in an effort to be ‘real’ and ‘raw.’ 

‘As much as they are sponges, they are mirrors. Beautiful mirrors in fleshy skin suits with uncensored actions and uncensored words that they learned from watching and listening to us. The number of times I’ve gone to redirect my children to a better response or a better way of being and the truth stares me down like I’m a hunted thing – they learnt that from me – the good things and the not-so-good things. I didn’t tell them. I didn’t teach them. I just ‘did’. And it’s powerful.

Everyone matters, even if they don’t matter immediately to you.

It’s easy to be kind and generous to the people who have influence over our lives, but most of the world exists outside our tiny circle. Watching the way we relate to the waiter, the person who gives way to us in traffic, the person who doesn’t, will help them to realise the power of their own humanity, and that they are a part of something bigger, not above it and not separate to it. It starts with an attitude that they’ll pick up from us – that everyone matters, or not. This will filter through to the way they respond to the world, and whether it’s with kindness, generosity, empathy and compassion, or with arrogance and indifference. Eventually, the world tends to return serve accordingly.’ -hey sigmund

The staircase series

Hi everybody,

It’s time for us to feature a new series on ISU. The theme we have chosen this time is “Staircase”.

It will probably be more challenging than our usual series, because the theme is more specific, but we rely on you.

You know how it works now. We’re already looking for some good staircase shots on Tumblr, and we will be very happy if you join us! So don’t hesitate to contact us or submit your work that fits our theme. You can also send us links of the photos taken by other original photographers on tumblr.

And if you don’t have a good staircase shot on your blog, it’s still time to grab your camera and shoot one!

You can submit until Sunday (14th of February) and please don’t forget to add “staircase series” on your submission.

Have fun everybody!

Alexis & Nur

anonymous asked:

Hi, I love your blog! But I've got a situation, please help me out here. I'm an INFP and my little sister is an ENFP and we have to share a room, because my house is too tiny. There are four of us and I'm the only introvert, which is killing me. Can you give me some tips on how to deal with minimum privacy and alone time? Also because we are both P's our room is a total mess, but I like it better when it's clean. Tips on how to get an ENFP/INFP to clean their messes up? Thank you!!

Thanks that’s so nice!

Oh man, an Fi dom without alone time! Not good. I’d recommend finding a spot to claim as your own outside your home – a coffee shop, a park bench, a cozy spot in the library, etc – where you can go to process your thoughts and feelings away from other people.

As for E/INFPs and cleaning their rooms… good luck. Personally, as an ENFP, this hits home for me. I’ve actually done a bit of thinking about why as an ENFP I’m predisposed to not be great about cleaning my room. So I’m going to go on a little bit of a tangent first and explain WHY xNFPs aren’t usually great at cleaning, and then I’ll give you (and myself) some suggestions about how to get an xNFP motivated to do this.


It seems like the xNFP functions together amount to the perfect storm of being terrible about cleaning.

Dominant or Auxiliary Extroverted Intuition (Ne)

Ne would rather talk about and explore ideas than actually do shit (like clean).

Ne has a short attention span and loses interest quickly (why clean when I could do this other thing!?!).

Ne is oriented toward the conceptual world and tends to ignore its surroundings, so it doesn’t even care that much if its room is messy.

It honestly might not even notice. I’ve lived in my current apartment for 6 months now and I just noticed that our bathroom walls are pink.

Si and Se, as reality perception functions, are much more observant about the world them, and are more likely to notice and care what things look like. But Si is tertiary in INFPs and inferior in ENFPs, so Ne usually gets its way (especially for ENFPs). And these types don’t even use Se (clearly, considering how aggressively unobservant I am) so that’s not going to be a great room cleaning motivator.

Dominant or Auxiliary Introverted Feeling (Fi) 

Fi references the self for value judgments, so if the xNFP doesn’t care much if the room is messy, the room won’t get cleaned.

But if I don’t care about my room being clean, and I’m the only one using it, why should I have to clean it?! – classic convo back when I lived with my parents

Fi has a weak sense of obligation to normative claims (e.g. cleaning your room is good, being messy is bad).

Introverted judging functions like Fi aren’t easily influenced by “should” statements. 

For example “I should clean my room because it’s objectively bad to have a messy room”, won’t be a great motivator for a P type, because Fi and Ti apply more weight to what they personally think is right, rather than deferring to objective logic (like Te) or group morals (like Fe).

Also, Fi doesn’t want to do things unless they feel right. So if the user doesn’t FEEL like cleaning their room, they probably wont (unless other people are involved or demanding that it be cleaned).

Tertiary or Inferior Extraverted Thinking (Te)

Lower Te gets drained by organization attempts.

The xNFP might try and organize their life, make a schedule for themselves, etc for a while to try and get back in control, but this is ultimately exhausting for lower Te when it has to compete with Fi and Ne.

For this reason, xNFPs very much understand the effect of entropy on their rooms.

Once the room is clean, it’s just going to get dirty again, and cleaning is exhausting and I don’t want to keep doing it ugghhhhh fuck it

Tertiary or Inferior Introverted Sensing (Si)

Lower Si is not detail oriented. It ignores its physical surroundings. It’s forgetful.

The details and aesthetics of its room might end up being something that the xNFP literally forgets to notice. INFPs are better about this than ENFPs, but it tends to be a weakness for both.

How to get xNFPs to clean despite this:

Ok so clearly having a clean and organized room is not something this particular combination of functions is particularly great at.

So how do we appeal to an xNFP to get them to clean shit?? My best advice is to appeal to Fi. This is for a few reasons:

The xNFP has their own personal values, but these values likely include being considerate of others. If you mention to your sister that you like the room clean, continuing to keep the room messy will clash with her image of herself as considerate, kind sister and she’ll likely oblige.

You could also try appealing to Fi’s need for personal identity expression. This room is an expression of who I am, and I want the world to see me as clean and put together. This is more likely to work on an INFP (dominant Fi) than an ENFP (auxiliary Fi) but it’s worth a shot. 

You could also try appealing to Ne by helping your sister imagine all the possibilities of how awesome your room could be if it was clean. Probably won’t work, because it requires engaging Te to actually make this idea happen (and Ne is often content to let ideas stay ideas), but it might!

Try some of these approaches and hopefully she’ll get that room clean. No guarantees though … Ne is a distracting motherfucker. 

Black Bayou 15 HDR – Black Bayou Lake National Wildlife Management Refuge, Monroe, Louisiana, November 2, 2015

Consciousness carries with it the possibility of reflection and examination,

Of imagining potential scenarios and considering different responses–

Rehearsing an event before it happens in order to guide it

Toward an outcome that we rank as being better than others we foresee.

With consciousness comes the designations good, better, best,

And bad, worse, worst.

Which opens the door to ethics and morality, culture, laws and civilization.

With the arrival of consciousness,

We break with the natural world,

And begin to walk two paths at the same time.

There is the path of nature,

Where might makes right and the law of the jungle prevails,

And the path of civilized humanity,

Where the end does not justify the means,

And justice and kindness call us beyond brutality and ruthlessness.

The way of nature still courses through our veins,

But, knowing, we know the call of a different way, and guilt is born.

And forgiveness, and accountability, and the necessity of putting things right.

We live bearing the cross of two competing natures,

And must bear it consciously, with mindful compassionate awareness,

If the weight of our distant past

Is not to destroy the hope of our future,

And that of the world.

less talk about that

title: Less Talk about That
rating: explicit
word count: 13,270
summary: Rhett inadvertently hurts the one he loves, the one he was too stupid to admit he has loved since before college. It’s Valentine’s Day, though, so what better time to make it up to him?

inspired by gmm #26; our romantic exploits

(a valentine’s day fic for those of us who like the days leading up to holidays as much as the holidays itself, and can’t wait for valentine’s related fics)

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JOHN: what!!!
JOHN: that is an absolutely preposterous amount of time.
JADE: i know!
JOHN: are you sure you can’t make it go any faster?
JOHN: i mean, not to sound too demanding, but…
JOHN: didn’t you say you can teleport stuff?
JOHN: why not teleport us there?

That is a very good question.

JADE: i cant!
JADE: not here, at least
JOHN: oh. well that sucks.
JOHN: why not?
JADE: the way i understand it is…
JADE: becs powers draw from the green sun
JADE: and the green sun presides over our universe
JADE: many universes actually! and the sessions that created them, as well as the sessions created within them
JADE: including the trolls universe and their session
JADE: think of it like a giant solar system, but instead of planets revolving around the sun, there are many universes
JOHN: uh, ok.
JOHN: that sounds…
JOHN: big.
JADE: it is!

That’s an understatement. Also the Green Sun should have way more than a two-universe mass if that’s the case.  Then again I’m pretty sure that gravity doesn’t function quite the same in Sburb.

JADE: so, bec was able to teleport anywhere in the universe he wanted in an instant, much faster than light
JADE: jack was able to do this too, within our session, and then when i inherited those powers from jadesprite, so could i
JADE: but we could only teleport locally
JADE: which means, bec could jump to anywhere in our universe, but not to another universe, or into a session
JADE: and jack could jump to anywhere in our session, but not outside it
JADE: we cant even jump to the green sun itself, even though we sort of serve as a gateway to it, and all its energy
JADE: and once we leave the suns domain, our travel is limited by the speed of light, like everyone else!
JADE: for example, the furthest ring is not in the suns domain
JADE: it is more like the suns medium, allowing it to exist
JADE: so if i wanted to fly out of our session and travel to the green sun, i would have to make my way there through the furthest ring at the speed of light or less
JADE: and wherever we are now is not in the suns domain either
JADE: so the same rules apply
JOHN: i see.

Oh so now physics start kicking back in.  Also, where exactly is roboHussie’s house located? Because depending on where that is it might be within the sun’s domain.

JOHN: it didn’t really occur to me this was all so elaborate.
JOHN: like, if the green sun is at the center of a bunch of universes, like a huge solar system…
JOHN: doesn’t that mean it was sort of important?
JOHN: maybe trying to blow it up wasn’t such a great idea.
JADE: yes i think youre right
JADE: but to be fair, we were all the victims of a big prank!
JOHN: oh man, a prank??
JOHN: who pranked us?

I think calling it a prank is… underselling things just a bit.  I mean, the “prank” resulted all of you going through a lot of unnecessary and dangerous bullshit.

JADE: some really creepy omniscient guy
JADE: it doesnt matter much, hes supposedly dead now
JOHN: oh. well that was quite a ruse then. that son of a bitch!
JADE: yes, but its not all as bad as it seems
JADE: theres a silver lining in all of this
JADE: like you said, a sun presiding over many universes has to be pretty cosmically important
JADE: who knows what terrible consequences there would be if it was destroyed
JADE: or maybe worse, if it never existed at all
JADE: which is what made rose and daves true mission an unintended success!

Listen, I’m all for making lemonade when live gives you lemons, but this is really reaching.

JOHN: their true mission?
JOHN: what was that?
JADE: to deliver the bomb to the empty location the green sun was meant to exist for most of eternity
JADE: and then create the sun in the first place
JADE: that is what the tumor was for all along
JADE: like i said
JADE: we got played like a bunch of suckers!!!

You’re certainly right about that. Or rather, Rose got played like a sucker and everyone else just followed her lead because normally she’s on top of things.  As far as I remember none of the other kids actually interacted with the bastard.

So to sum it up, Chanyeol and Baekhyun are fucking dorks and we’re always interrupting the others lol. Dallas is Da-la-su from now on lol and sehun is a fucking flirt and very confident and damn. Xui fucking min’s arms were sheowcased and their fucking bodies moved in ways I can’t even explain. Chanyeol tried making sehun kiss DO I think, I forgot. Their English was very very good, but there was a translator too. Suho spoke the most English. Every time Chen sang his voice was so powerful it filled the whole place. Do too like omfg he was so cute! Also they teased us saying ‘if you get hot you can take off your sweaters, if we get hot we can take off our shirts" rude omfg! Lol but no shirts where taken off except that one stage where they change behind that paper and fucking hell. Suho had a hand brace and minseok said his leg was injured prior but thanks to us he felt much better. Sehun rambled about Chris Brown lol and then finished saying that that was off topic but he said by getting off topic he could stay with us longer lol! They also said that they are happy that their first concert in America is in Dallas. They were the sweetest and gave it their all. Jumping around on stage and doing crazy stuff lol.

thetourguidebarbie asked:

KC prompt: "I am being completely honest when I say that was not my fault" + tigers. Interpret as you will.

“It feels good to get away, just the two of us,” Caroline muses, nuzzling into her mate’s side, as they stroll through the zoo together.

“I enjoy spending time with you, sweetheart,” he tells her, earnestly, “I just hope nothing runs amok in our absence.”

“You mean, while you aren’t there to exert your dominance over the pack?” she asks, pulling away from him.

“I prefer the term ‘maintain,’ love.”

“You would,” Caroline sighs.

She walks over to the elephant enclosure, and catches sight of a baby behind its mother. “Oh! How cute!” she cries, excitedly, and watches the tiny animal interacting with its family. She giggles as it frolics around, running between the larger animal’s legs; its tiny tail swinging happily behind it. “Isn’t this ni-”

She stops mid-question, realizing Klaus is not behind her anymore. She turns her head to the side, and uses her advanced hearing to locate him.

Her ears perk up and she senses a disturbance among the animals. Several monkeys are screeching, agitated, and jumping around. She can hear the lion, pacing back and forth, occasionally swiping at the metal bars of it’s cage. Lastly, she becomes aware of a tiger roaring and snapping its jaws, followed by the unmistakable growl of her mate.

Caroline whirls around and stalks off towards the noise. She spots Klaus, rolling around on the ground, fighting a humongous orange and white cat.

“Are you freaking kidding me!?” she yells at him.

Klaus looks at Caroline, and the tiger manages to scratch his arm.

“Ah! It’s not my fault, love!” he yells back, before pinning the tiger to the ground.

“Of course it’s your fault! Why are you in the tiger cage?!”

“He was challenging me!” he exclaims, as though the answer absolves him of any wrongdoing.

“Oh my god!” she whispers, harshly, looking around to make sure no one else is around to witness Klaus’ ridiculous behaviour. “Why do you ALWAYS have to prove that you’re the alpha male?!”

“I don’t have to prove anything, love, I -” Klaus doesn’t manage to finish his sentence though, as the tiger lands a powerful blow to his jaw and they begin battling once more.

“Whatever,” Caroline tells him, resigned to watch the fight play out. “And just so you know, I’m rooting for the other guy.”

so, I just gotta say this because it’s bothering me:

Stop comparing writers. I think you can’t compare us with each other and here’s why:

we all have our own style of writing and we all have our own ideas. some are better in writing smut, some are better in writing sad and dramatic stories and some are better in writing fluffy and cute ones. YOU CAN’T COMPARE US.

we’re all talented in writing in one way or another and we support each other. 

People comparing us makes us feel like there’s competition but there shouldn’t be competition! We do this for fun, we do this because we feel good when we write. we don’t get paid for putting time and effort in writing a story and competition and pressure sooner or later will make us feel bad because we start to think we can never be good enough. And this will lower our motivation and the fun will disappear until we’re at the point we think about stop writing.

So please, don’t compare writers. It’s about the fun here.

And please, for god’s sake, if you feel like sending hate to someone, just shut your mouth and leave! no one needs such people in life. and whenever I’ll see any anon hate being sent to my friends, I’ll fight those coward gray faces. if you haven’t got something nice to say, don’t say anything at all!

No more silence!

I am a white guy, that in itself makes my life 1000% times easier. Why? I don’t get stopped in airports, I don’t get randomly stopped and searched by the police because I “look dodgy”. My white skin has on its own given me advantages over my brothers and sisters of other races.  

Now its all well and good saying “there is one race the human race” and “all lives matter” however we ignore our own privilege. We keep it quiet, we don’t talk about it, we allow ourselves this advantage because it is convenient for us to do so.  

We don’t like to talk about our privilege and we get very defensive over it, we feel anyone who criticises it is attacking us personally. This needs to stop! We must have a dialogue about it, we must say that yes all lives do matter however some lives are more in need of help. Right now Black kids are being shot for simply having melanin, a fucking pigment in the skin is enough to cause a man with little melanin to raise a fucking gun and shoot a kid. Right now, right at this moment we don’t need to say all lives matter. We need to say Black lives matter, and we need to stop being bitches take the criticism we deserve and not stop until every human on this beautiful earth is equal in every single sense of the word. Fuck White Privilege. 

Day 4: Actor Appreciation

I want to take some time today to recognize Marvel hard working team of stunt doubles, who work really hard to keep all of our favorite Marvel actors safe. 

(I believe all of these photos are taken from various social media accounts belonging to the actors, I got them off of google).

Their work is hardly ever recognized, we aren’t supposed to see them on screen. A lot of the time their hard work is often credited to the actors (though marvel seems pretty good about giving kudos to their stunt teams). Thank you, marvel ladies, for giving us incredible, wonderful, action sequences that keep us on their edge of our seats and excited for what comes next. 

I’d also to give a shoutout to Scarlett Johansson who somehow filmed Age of Ultron while simultaneously growing a human being. I have no clue how she managed to do it, go her. 

Day 9: Baking together

*Taylor’s Pov*

I’m five months pregnant with a little baby that soon is gonna make my whole world so much better. I always wanted to start a family, but no guy has ever been good for me. I had this time when I stopped thinking and dreaming about a family, but then I meet Adam. I knew right away that he was going to be the father of my children. I loved him from the first second Ellie introduced us and I’m so happy that I finally carrying his child, my child, our child. There is just one thing about being pregnant I really hate. I never had problems with morning sickness which I’m thankful for, but I’m hungry all the time. And not just that I want food, I need the worst kinds of food and pastry. This night was one of those when I needed brownies.

The clock was 2am and I just couldn’t sleep. I lay next to Adam in our bed when I just felt like I needed brownies. This have been a big problem lately, but I would probably not be able to go back to sleep so why not go down and make some I thought to myself. I tried to be as quiet as possible so I wouldn’t wake Adam up. That was not the easiest thing to do. ”Hey babe, what are you doing?” he asked. ”I need brownies, go back to sleep” I said. He smiled and stood up. He walked over to where I was standing and grabbed my hand and put the other one on my stomach. ”What are you doing?” I asked. ”If my wife and baby are baking I wanna bake to” he answered with a big smile on his face. He was so sweet. ”You don’t have to, it’s 2am” I said. ”But I want to. And you always sing about 2am in your songs, maybe you get a new song idea.” I started to giggle, it was so sweet that he knew that. But it felt like he knew everything about me, but I mean after the whole ”let me in on all your secrets” thing from ”How deep is your love” it was impossible not to.

When we got to pour in flour, I just couldn’t help but throw a little on him. ”Hey you” he said. I started to laugh, he was so cute. He then took some flour in his hands and walked closer to me ”That’s not fair. You have so much bigger hands then mine” I said as I continued to laugh. ”Not my fault that you started throwing at me. Pay back is only a bitch if you are” He said and threw it over me. He than hugged me from behind and kissed me on the cheek.

”Good work” he said as he took them out of the oven. ”You too” I said and kissed him. We sat down in the living room and put on one of my favorite movies, Titanic and at a lot. ”I love you” he said and looked at me. I kissed him and grabbed his hands. ”I guess that means I love you too” he asked. ”You know I do, and always will. Adam, you are the best thing that’s ever been mine” I said as I lay my head on his chest and fall asleep.

in my first class this morning we were just like chilling and group of us were talking about Hamilton and joking and having fun and then all of a sudden this one chick just goes “Hamilton is garbage okay. Hamilton is trash, I can’t believe it’s so popular. It’s not even good, it’s all just hype.” and I can’t explain my reaction to you other than to show you this picture

anonymous asked:

You created an audio speaker setup O,o that's pretty cool

Yep! I love to put together sound systems using speakers I find at yard sales and thrift shops. It’s way cheaper than buying them new, and you can find some pretty good ones if you know what to look for. Then, you just need a good receiver to pull them all together and the end result usually sounds great! Our main 5.1 system consists of less than $100 worth of speakers, but I get compliments all the time on how good it sounds. I’m also a bit of an audiophile since I write music, so I just enjoy buying new sound equipment :)

also I got a D.O and Lay poster and a light stick. My baes look so good in them. I will cherish these things and this day forever omg. They were also asking us if we thought they were sexy lmaooo. Also even though Kai and Lay weren’t at our concert in Dallas every time they showed up in the VCRs we cheered so hard for them it was so nice. Ahhhh I LOVED IT AND THEY SAID DUMB JOKES AND STARTED MAKING WEIRD NOISES (Baekhyun) BUT IT WAS SO FUN AND AHHHHHHHHH

midnightprime33 asked:

Hey Donnie! Loved the pickup line. How's it going with y'all? How's the Minecraft sever? How's the rp blog? (you guys have one right? I may be confusing things, and if I am sorry) How are you feeling? No ones messing with you again right? Just really a general how's things going ask.

Things are going well with us. The Minecraft server is growing! Our city is getting bigger and bigger. Along with the areas surrounding it. We’re very proud of what we’ve done. 

I just finished a post for the Rp. The blog is going great! We have people on there asking our admin questions. It is a good feeling. 

Nope, no one is messing with us right now. Mikey and Raph have taken a hiatus for a short time. Just need the time away for awhile. Everyone does once in awhile. 

Thank you for checking up on us!