i-am-huff-le-puff  asked:

1) Well done on 6k! 2) Do you have any editing tips as yours are amazing💛

Aww thank you so much cute ! And about the editing: it really depends on the edit tbh but I’ll try to give some general tips and I really hope they will be a bit helpful ❤️❤️

  1. Finding the right (+ good quality) pictures. Especially when you make a photoset (=more than one picture) it’s very important to find matching pictures (regarding the colours etc) I think. Finding the right pictures can take some time but it’s definitely worth it (I gave some tips about finding pictures here).
  2. Using the right sharpening settings (/action). Recently I see a loooot edits that are very over sharpend which means they look super grainy and like ‘low quality’. I would suggest to figure out a sharpening action that just isn’t too sharp or just look for a sharpening action (there are tons of nice sharpening actions on tumblr e.g. here).
  3. Using the right colouring. To make a edit look ‘nice’ using the right colouring is the most important thing I think tbh. You can either make your own colouring or you use a psd (which is easier I think, I’m not very good with colouring so I usally use psds)(again you can find tons of psds on tumblr e.g. here).

And tbh I think those are the three most important points ! I made a tutorial about poster edits where I gave a lot general tips regarding editing which you can see here. I hope that all helps at least a bit cuutie ❤️