“don’t look down, just keep your eyes ahead of you”

victuri howl’s moving castle au gives me life….man…..

The Christmas special will air Sunday, December 11th at 3:10am EST! I am a spoiler blog so I will (hopefully) be posting gifs of the episode when it comes out. As always I’ll be using the tag #ml spoilers and #miraculousgifs in those posts. Happy Holidays everyone!  


aaah okay so i just spent my day at the New York Public Library for a club field trip and it was so amazing!!! the architecture the literature the history of it all was so overwhelming so now i can’t stop picturing dex coming to new york to visit nursey and wanting to do some of the tourist-y things and dragging nursey along with him and as a thank you dex adds in some stops he thinks that nursey would like

and like, nursey only lived in nyc when he was younger and his young self never dreamed of going to a library, so it’s his first time there and dex had arranged for a real-factual tour around the building and nursey is just awed the entire time, like some of the stuff they have here is from egyptian times? and the ceilings are made of plaster and so intricate that not two ceilings are the same and there are such specific collections of books he wants to request time with all of them and the map room with a map that has california depicted as an island and the original bear that inspired the winnie the pooh books and just all that literary history

they end up spending the whole day there, so dex has to push the empire state building to the next day, but it’s worth it to see nursey so unchill


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[ 엘리리 💀
축 생일
앞으로 시간이 많이 흘러 혹 내가 현모양처가 된다고 해도
더 흘러 머리가 희끗희끗해지고 정말 어른이 되는 순간이 와도 언니 앞에서는 언제나 못말리는 개구쟁이 동생일듯
오래오래 날 놀려주길 ] - Hani’s message to LE on Instagram

Happy birthday @mclove !!
Yo, look! Guzma baked you a birthday cake, and graffitied happy birthday in the wall!

SITRON!! JESS! It’s your birthday!!! I HOPE YOU HAVE AN AMAZING BIRTHDAY! Gratata!
I’m so glad we became friends- you’re a really good friend! I know it’s been a bit rough for you. So I hope today!! Is a really good day for you!!

  • Haechan: Ugh
  • Taeyong: Haechan, what's wrong?
  • Haechan: I decided to try being nicer to Mark
  • Yuta: So?
  • Haechan: So, I tried to tell him that he's a nice person today..
  • Ten: And?
  • Haechan: I said I hate him and I hope he goes to hell
  • Taeyong: Oh..
  • Jaemin: ... Today I told Jeno that he's a great friend and I'm glad to have him in my life
  • Jaemin: Then we went out for ice cream