I’ve had like three hiding places over the course of owning Puddle then Pebble. They’re really hard to find because you have to get something priced well, large enough for a betta, not sharp for betta fins, and aquarium safe.

I knew I needed one because both fish flared at their reflections and hiding in a cave gives them a break


Until now

He was in it a few minutes earlier and this time I got a pic

a few detail about the whills meta 3.0:

  • part 2 will be about the whills’ resurgence in the new canon - i’m taking a breather writing-wise til the publication of Guardians of the Whills, but it’s already well started, if still very rough
  • i’m kind of sorry it doesn’t look as good as I hoped, but the footnotes were a major obstacle, and beyond learning more than how to link to something in html or spending money, two things i have no intentions of doing atm, it was Complicated
  • however! i fully intend, once part two is done, to do a pdf and maybe an epub version with illustrations and Pretty Formatting  
  • i’m also working on a piece about canonicity that may or may be posted separately not sure yet
  • i hope you guys like it - it was a joy to write and it’s a joy to share
  • i’m thanking @ashesforfoxes for her editing again because there are few things better in life than a good editor and she definitely is
  • also thanks to @seankayos for letting me rant nonsensically in his chat and everyone who’s supported me these last months and talked Force stuff with me

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yeh like phase 1 2D would've been like a very shy top but phase 4 2D is like such a dom and Murdoc loves it

phase 4 2D is SUCH a dom holy fuck he loves putting murdoc in his place after years of being walked all over and he is fucking brutal about it and murdoc doesn’t know if he’s terrified or horny as hell

the bandanas don’t lie dude

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you're the top artist i look up to a lot in the payday fandom and i check your blog daily for new art and i hope i can become as great as you eventually ;v; keep making rad art!

ahHhHHHHHH!!! AHHHH!hhHH!!! THANKL!!! YOU!!! im so glad that you like my art man!!!! :^DDD 

N just keep doin art man!! with time you cn get anywhere! n be sURE TO HAVE FUN W/ UR ART!!! thats v important man v important. draw what u love!!