Glad we at least waited until the end of the day to start making this a Harry against Niall thing.

Not sure if I’m completely off base, but I’m pretty sure Niall was implying that the person interviewing HIM misquoted HARRY (saying, basically, Harry said a 1d reunion might not happen), NOT that Harry said some shit and was misquoted in his mag. Because Niall agreed with Harry.? He said yes he’s going down the right lane, we are all doing our own thing for the foreseeable future. AKA what Harry said in different words.

Harry went on to say that he’s not ruling out a reunion once everyone is on the same page. Niall said it’s definitely going to happen once everyone is on the same page. Niall added a Definitely happening because maybe he definitely wants it to happen?

Again, pretty sure Niall wasn’t shitting on Harry. He was telling the interviewer basically to read Harry’s words again.


And I’d promise you anything for another shot at life

Disloyal Order of Water Buffaloes // Fall Out Boy

alphawells  asked:

Hi, abby again! I loved the last prompt so much that i thought I would send another one. How about lethargy by bastille for andreil, but maybe with raven!neil as a twist? Only if you want to!

Aw! I’m glad you liked the last one so much, babe! (sorry this one isn’t as long as closer’s lol) 

Raven!Neil as requested 🙌🏽


Nathaniel blinked, what was going on? 

“Fucking listen, will you?” 

Nathaniel glared at Riko, he didn’t have the patience to deal with this asshole today. 

“Fuck off.” Nathaniel made to leave, but before he knew it, he was pinned to the wall with Moriyama’s fist twisted in the front of his shirt. 

“Talk to me like that again. I dare you.” 

Nathaniel made to open his mouth, but his lips wouldn’t work. His mouth stayed shut, he glared defiantly for a moment, and then looked away from Riko’s glare. His shoulders sagged, the fight leaving him. 

Riko sneered, he snorted condescendingly, “Coward.” He used his fist to pull and then push Nathaniel back, knocking his head against the wall behind him. 

He let Nathaniel go, turning, “I won’t be so forgiving next time.” 

Nathaniel stayed there, his chest aching but eyes dry. 

They’d been dry for years now. He’d learned early on that they didn’t make a difference. 

They never did. 

After Kevin ran away to the Foxes, he and Jean took the brunt of the abuse. 

Jean still cried, no matter how hard he tried to hide the fact. 

Nathaniel didn’t know whether or not the tears made him or Jean the stronger of the two. 

It wasn’t until Renee got them both out and Kevin got Jean to Jeremy and Nathaniel to Wymack that he met Andrew. 

He knew about Minyard, from the news. From the time Kevin and Riko had gone to recruit him and he’d turned them down. The first ever. 

It wasn’t until he was playing alongside him that Nathaniel realized how alike they were. 

It was unsettling. 

Kevin and he had grown up together but Nathaniel had more in common with Minyard than any of the Perfect Court did. 

They were on the roof. 

Each with a cigarette between their fingers and a bottle of vodka exchanging hands. 

It was silent. 

But a conversation was happening. 

Nathaniel took a swig, his head thrown back. You actually think this could…work?

Andrew took a drag. There is no this. 

Nathaniel nodded along to a silent beat. Sure. But, what if?

Andrew shook his head slightly, reaching for the bottle. Shut up, junkie. 

Nathaniel took a drag, blowing out slowly. I don’t believe you.

Andrew stood, taking the bottle with him. 

I hate you.” 

Want one?