This is probably the most exceptionally stupid thing you will see all day, but I had to say something. Snails are not just cute: they are precious. They are beautiful, and elegant, complex, and fascinating. And so, as it happens, are you.

I don’t know you personally; we’ve never met, and maybe we never will. But I don’t think you are small, or slow, or kind of gross at all. I think you are incredibly talented, intelligent and, quite frankly, very cute. I happen to love snails. And I happen to really like you, too.

I can’t make art like other people can. I sure as hell can’t paint. But I CAN tell you in whatever way I am able that I think you are the BEST snail, so that’s what I’ll do. If an inch tall is how you feel, then I will paint you a centimeter bow-tie so you can be the most dapper inch-tall snail there ever was or ever will be. And if ever there is anything else I can do, you need only ask.

I hope that you feel better in the morning, Modmad!

(noot noot <3)


MORE MOD SNAILS also aahsfashfjask noooo thank you omg help I can’t cry I’m working I’ll get the paper all wet

Celebrating National Orgasm Day

Yes, here in the States we have a day for everything. We celebrated National Cheesecake Day earlier this week, for example. But this is a very special day. Reasons

I wish you a beautiful day.

I wish you many happy returns.  

But we all know that as long as there is Arrow fanfiction, every day can be National Orgasm Day. 

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