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Okay here’s my part for the starbabies smashcut project~✰

Thank you @beccadrawsstuff for letting me be a part of this! I’m so sorry it took a while!! So this is my starbaby Lou. She likes to play pranks and mess with people but she usually doesn’t mean any harm by it. Not unless someone else messes with her. Then she does all she can to get them back. I’m.. not sure that really shows from this comic but there it is ;;

Next is @elitefourstevonnie ! °˖ ✧

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hey sig, i've been wanting to make a comic but Im not sure if its a good idea or not or if its going to be completely boring q-q and since you make damn AWESOME comics do you have any advice for a rookie?

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Hi! I read your hourlies on twitter and I love how you drew yourself! I'm trying to come up with a good way to draw myself for comics too but all my attempts look kind of plain to me. What was your thought process when you settled on your design and what advice could you give me? Thank you!

Thank you! I actually change the way I draw myself all the time! here are some selfies from 2013 to the present:

I think it’s important to keep a design simple– “plain” doesn’t necessarily have to mean “boring” imo. None of the above drawings have anything too wild going on.

As much as I’ve enjoyed drawing my own undercuts in the past, I lean towards minimalistic anthro designs for self portraiture because I don’t think my real physical appearance is important when it comes to talking about myself. I’m not a person who likes identity labels at all, but I am a person who likes hyenas. Not canine, not feline– and with bonecrushing jaws ;3

Grandpa Smith: “Son, Bonnie’s out there in the garage playing with them tools again, huh?”

Hubbs: “Dad, she had a toolbox before I met her.”

**Disclaimer** Good Company is is about a mother’s comical aspect of holding down the fort with three gentelmen at home. It’s about parenting, motherhood, companionship, family and a married couple’s wing-and-prayer approach to balancing it all. ♥**

How good are the g1 bionicle comic books compared to the chapter books?

I mean it looks like they had a good run. And the artwork is amazing. But is it worth reading all of them? Is their lore that im missing out on if i dont? I’ve only read two and they seem like just a visual adaptation of the books.

ALSO Just got back from seeing Deadpool

holy shit that was the possibly the most astonishingly good and true to the source material comic adaptation I’ve ever seen I am not kidding when I say my voice is fucked up from laughing so much just


It was the exact shades of hyperviolence and colorful horrible things and fucked up medical torture that I needed yep yep yep *_*

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OMG :O the comic is awesome. You did a really good job! I can't wait for the next chapter :O

You’ll be pleased to know that the next chapter is up! But, we won’t be posting Chapter 4 for 6 hours from the time we’ve posted Chapter 3 ((and there are several scrubs who definitely deserve their sleep haha)) 

We hope you enjoy the upcoming chapters! ((we are really glad that everyone is enjoying it so much))

Today at Comic con (My First Ever):

Me: Can I have a ticket please?

Cashier: How old are you?

Me: 18

Cashier: *surprised look* how old are you again?

Me: 18 *smile*

Cashier: *realisation face* ohhh *awkward laugh” wouldn’t tell 

Another Female Cashier: how old are you? 

Me: 18 *smile again*

First Cashier: you don’t look 18, more 15 *laughs* in a good way *smiles*

(this little thing made the start of the comic-con a lot better)

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From "The Lawyer All the Wickedness": (this whole section - grr character count) Foggy snaps his briefcase shut, a little too loud. It’s another day, another case; another loss to Murdock. [...] What was that?

Fic here!

Foggy snaps his briefcase shut, a little too loud. It’s another day, another case; another loss to Murdock. Another criminal back on the streets, this time an arsonist. Foggy wonders how many days it’ll be before another small business goes up in flames, clearing the way for Wilson Fisk’s ever-growing empire, and is mildly glad Kirsten’s got another case today. He’s in the mood for an afternoon alone with the bottle of good bourbon hidden in his desk drawer.

Comics Foggy’s a brown liquor dude for sure.

He turns - and nearly crashes into Murdock, standing quietly next to his chair. “What the f - !”

Murdock must hear how startled he is, but he doesn’t move, just lets Foggy windmill his arms and try not to fall into him. “Mr. Nelson. That was a very valiant effort.”

One of the things I find fascinating about Show Matt is how he responds to things like someone holding out their hand for a handshake.  He obviously knows they’re doing it, and even if he didn’t have his senses he could extrapolate - he saves Karen pretty quickly in the first episode when she nods without narrating it, for example - but he doesn’t.  He lets them sit in their awkwardness, and he always seems sort of amused by it.  (Foggy also usually seems amused, and I wonder how much he guesses, even before he knows about Matt’s senses, that Matt’s doing it on purpose to highlight thoughtless minor ableism.)

Anyway, Murderdock takes it one further by deliberately using those moments as a power play. Obviously Foggy nearly falling down isn’t ableist or a microaggression, but Matt knows perfectly well a) that he’s standing too close and b) that he’s making Foggy work to keep them from touching. He’s having a very fun time right now.

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Oh man, I'm getting ready to start my own comic just because I've run into too many roadblocks with trying to program my own game, too! That actually makes me feel really good to know you were in the same boat as me and we're trying to solve our problems in similar ways. Can't wait to read the next chapter of Unsounded!

Hey, that’s great! :D For me - and maybe for you too - I realised the primary reason I wanted to make the game was for the narrative and visuals. Well, why the heck was I torturing myself with programming and game mechanics when (while I did find them interesting and engaging) what I really wanted to do was lead a player through a story/world? And that’s what a comic lets you do too.

Good luck!