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I’ll take this time to update ya’ll on the comic and life atm. So, there’s a good chance Sabers may not update in early March. Mostly because I’ve recently landed a job, so my time is gonna be fucked for a while. I’m currently inking ch. 5, and that’s taking me quite a while due to more panels and a variety of backgrounds since there’s more than just the rooms in this chapter (IT’S ONLY 28 PGS TOO). It’s been a full week since ch. 4 ended and I feel like I’m super behind!! 

But even so, I’ll do my best to get as much done before I start working and we’ll see what happens from there QvQ There might be a small hiatus till I get the chapter all finished, and even when it updates, I may have to slow the updates to once a week. So, there’s a lot that may change and I heavily apologize for that! But still your support, whether on here, Twitter or Tapastic, all counts and I am insanely thankful for all of you! 

Thanks everyone for reading Sabers / w \ 

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Hi Alice! I love Heartstoppers so much! Do you have any other comics you could recommend?

thanks so much!!!

oh BOY yes i do. here are my recs:

  • Long Exposure - I wake up thinking of this comic and i fall asleep thinking of this comic. this is the best comic i have ever read. it’s just. incredible. the characters are so so complex and real. the dialogue is snappy. the chemistry between the leads is incredible. and the art is fucking stunning. the character design is outstanding. this is just… the best comic i have ever read. deserves to be published by a major publisher.
  • Autophobia - this comic is INSANELY good. the writing is outstanding and the character design is so unique. the updates are rather slow, so you’ll have to be patient (but fair enough - webcomic artists make them for free so understandably they have other more important things to do!!) but it’s well worth it. i just hope that the creator sticks with it and finishes it because it’s an outstanding piece of storytelling and character development.
  • Sharp Zero - if you want something a little more fantasy/sci-fi, Sharp Zero is so great. the main reason i love this comic (besides the incredible diversity - most (perhaps even all?) of the cast are lgbt+ and/or poc!) is just how damn funny it is. i always look forward to updates! and the art is gorgeous too.
  • Countdown to Countdown - like Autophobia, this updates rather slowly, but if you don’t mind that, this comic is just stunning. I truly have no idea how this artist creates such beautiful backgrounds and colours. Each panel must take them hours. I would never ever have the patience to create something as intricately detailed as this. Plus the story is fascinating! I really hope the artist sees it through to the end because it’s really really interesting to read.
  • George and Johnny - again, a slow updater, but it doesn’t matter so much with this one as each update acts as an episode on its own. I LOVE the cartoon-y style of this comic. The characters are so lovable and it’s just such a cute story. There are lgbt+ male AND female characters (it’s not just a m/m comic!).
  • Les Normaux - I LOVE THIS COMIC!! The art is gorgeous, the cast is incredibly diverse, and it doesn’t matter that it doesn’t update very often because each update is an episode on its own.
  • SIGNS - okay… this one does not update very often at all. But when it does… man. The art. THE ART. I could scream about the art all day. This artist is a master of expression. Plus the story is right up my alley - very sci-fi and Digimon-esque. I really do hope the artist sticks with it (I seem to be saying that a lot haha.. I have lived through too many webcomic artists having to stop writing/drawing their stories halfway through. Webcomics are hard and take ages to make!!!)

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Have you read Omgcheckplease! It's on a Tumblr account and honestly so freaking adorable!!! It's a bit weird trying to find the first chapter but once you oh my gosh it's just so good!

YESSS I loved that comic! I loved jack!

Remember towards the end of Amazons Attack! when Diana for no reason just got super lazy and started praying to Athena to do everything for her? Like, “O goddess Athena, please teleport me to Themyscira”, “O great Pallas, please zap me back to DC”, “O wise Athena, please stop these missiles from hitting Themyscira… any time now would be great, o mighty one… aaaany time…”, “what the shit Athena, do your goddamn job already and stop the fucking missiles for me”.

Because by this point Athena (who was really Granny Goodness in disguise because lol why not nothing else here makes any sense) was getting fed up with Diana’s constant nagging and was just like, “DO IT YOURSELF, BITCH”, and Diana was so goddamn affronted. “What, I’m expected to stop all the violence and destruction and senseless death? Myself? WHAT KIND OF A COMIC IS THIS?!”

Good times, hey?

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Hi! it's nice to see a thoroughly though out horror AU in which the monsters won! i've followed you and i'll patiently await an update for your already good looking comic. P.S. i really like your art style.

I think everything out pretty thoroughly, although, sometimes maybe a bit too much! And thank you, very much. I’m sorry I haven’t been able to update lately.