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Have you read the fic 'Black and Blue' If so what's your opinion on it?

You mean Sneefee’s fancomic? If so hell yeah, man, who didn’t??

I absolutely love it, of course. I mean, a long, well-drawn comic about my otp?? With not only good characterization and plot and love and fluff but also a whole bunch of porn?? What more can a shipper want, dear anon? u_u

I honestly think that’s the ultimate fanwork, the absolute best in this fandom, nothing can top that. I also think that’s what got me to ship Raph and Leo at first?? I’m not sure, it was a long time ago xD

Still, a masterpiece, kudos to snee for having the balls to start such an intense project. I wish I’ll be able to draw something like that one day.

Part 1 Here!

“He’s really good to me.” You tell the girl in front of you, Claire. She’s leaning forward, her elbows pressed against the table, as she looks at you with wide eyes. After hearing your response to what your soulmate is like so far, her lips curl into a smile.

“That’s good, has he been taking you out on any dates?” She asks, and you shrug. 

“He makes me dinner at least once a weak, he has a place in the city.” You leave out the part where he lives in a relatively dangerous area in the city. Claire nods, her bright blond hair brushing against her shoulders. Her hand curling around her can of pink lemonade before taking a sip.

Honestly, you don’t really think anyone would have pictured the two of you being friends.  You can’t blame them, you don’t really have much in common. Well except for that of course. You take glance at her forearm, there are six zeros there, grouped by two’s and separated by two colons. 

Same as yours.

Claire’s in the grade above yours, she’s a good enough student, she qualified for an academic Letterman for the third time this semester. She’s fairly popular, and pretty outgoing. You saw her once or twice before your timer went off, mostly at parties. But your acquaintanceship from back then doesn’t really rival your friendship now. 

After all, she’s the only other person you know that see’s the same things you do.

“How are things with your guy?” You ask, the question catches her off guard. Her cheeks blossom with color, she tugs on her hair pushing it behind her ear, before clearing her throat.

“He’s okay, he’s in London right now, he said he would call tonight whenever his meeting ends.” You crack a smile at that, nudging her elbow with yours. Her blush only deepens when your lips crack open into a grin. “Shut up.” She mumbles, hiding her face in her arms. You just laugh, you never thought even someone like Claire could act so love struck.

A warm smile spreads across your lips, because you’re almost exactly the same.

He’s already there when you get out from school, an arm propped up onto the handlebars, fingers swiping along the sensitive screen on his phone. A leg popped out on the side for balance, jet black hair falling into his eyes.

He’s even more beautiful like this.

He’s wearing a smooth leather jacket, faded blue jeans covering his thick legs. Crystal clear blue eyes peaking out from behind a sea of black, a single white streak falling just over his right eye. A narrow, straight slope makes his nose. A light splatter of freckles just barley visible on his snow white skin. 

His head turns to where you’re rooted to the ground on top of a set of stairs, his red lips curling into a smile. 

You practically fly to him in the next minute, hesitating a moment before climbing onto the back of his motorcycle. He wordlessly hands you his helmet, which you silently take. Pulling it on before lightly placing you hands on either side of him.

“Hold on tight.” You hear him say, your hands rest on the sides of his torso, before they gently glide all around the curve of his body, finally resting on his hard chest. You can’t help the squeal that erupts from your mouth when he starts driving, wind whipping you hair back. He only laughs.

“This isn’t the first time I’ve given you a ride you know.” Despite the ice cold wind whipping against your face, you feel like you’re on fire. A deep warmth only beginning to bubble inside you.

“I know, it’s just-” You swallow the words in your throat, he probably won’t hear them anyway, you tell yourself. Instead your arms squeeze, just a bit, tighter around him.

You always make me so nervous.

Jason waits patiently to hear the rest of the words, but they never come. At first he thinks maybe they were carried away by the wind. But then your arms wrap just a bit tighter around him.

He get’s the message loud and clear.

Because he’s the same way. 

Perfectly intertwined, his bike rushes forward, until it becomes only a small dot along the horizon. 

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New member of your channel hehe. I don't know why i didn't give you an ask since i keep reading this comic. It's really good. Also i've been here for months now and my first encounter here is from part 27 cause this comic popped unto my dashboard so i clicked it and here i am now.

oh, well, welcome little one, i’m glad to count you on board ^^
You have no obligations to ask me anything, you know. Even if I always appreciate it, like anyone, don’t feel like you have to. It’s perfectly okay to just read what I do, it’s already making me smile that you do.
Well, glad you clicked ! I’m sorry, the next page take a little time to arrive, but it will be here soon :)
Thank you for letting me know what you think about what I do, love on you ! <3

I have a lot of unfinished comic pages in my folders and I can’t decide which one I want to work on so tell me what you wanna see first

- angsty billdip comic

-Au where bill became dippers good friend before possessing him comic

-fluffy mabill comic

-short twilight princess lyric comic

-douBILL trouble Au part 1 comic pages

-Mission save dipper part 3 comic pages

feel free to reply to this post yall

Frankly, a good old-fashioned story where the hero is a hero — that works just fine if it’s a good story and the other characters balance things out. The hero doesn’t have to be pulled down into the adult situations he’s been forced to confront for the last fifteen years in order to be interesting. It’s just maybe a little more time and care and heart has to go into constructing the stories.

Ok so Naruto and Billy Bat may be over, but here’s a list of all the good things I still have in my escapist, nerdy-ass, comic-filled life:

  1. Spider-Man/Deadpool is still ongoing and still very gay
  2. Korrasami comics are coming out this fall and will be even gayer
  3. I’m still working on sketching out my Dark Horse project
  4. ??????
  5. oh my god I’m dying someone recommend me some comics

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So. Shipping the wrong fictional people: Bad, wrong, gross, nasty, apologize and grovel for forgiveness. Stealing comics: A'OKAY. Good to know.


“normalizing pedophilia: fine

not being able to afford comics: EVIL”

- anon, 2016