It’s funny how most of my anxieties are caused by my friends and family, those people who are supposed to care about me unconditionally.

It’s funny when two kids whine and try to out-talk each other. It’s downright annoying and embarrassing when it’s two grown people that are standing on a stage in front of the entire world and trying to convince the American public that they deserve to be President of THE United States.

What the heck is that?

Notes: Davekat week, day 3 - Pick!
I went with Kid!fic and didn’t choose from any of the other options ‘cause they didn’t inspire me in my short time and school. I actually didn’t know what to write about for quite some time; but then the Holy Spirit came down to me and said “When in doubt, draw some dicks!“ So this is it. Have kids drawing dicks.

A day care for both humans and trolls alike was a pretty good place. At least a five year old Dave Strider thought so. He was surrounded with his friends; John, Rose and Jade, and he could also play and mess with cool trolls. Like Terezi over there at the colourful building blocks was fun. Though he didn’t really like it when she licked his face. Gross.

Also messing with Karkat was funny. The nubby horned troll knew some swear words and Dave liked to learn those new phrases even if they were shouted at his direction. And then afterwards both of them had to sit in time-out for fifteen minutes.

But sometimes Dave liked to be alone for a while, like now. He drew his made up characters, Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff, and was now decorating the empty places with something he saw his Bro doodle sometimes.


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Forgiveness is a Funny Word When I'm Coming Home

by jbsullivan17

Clarke has a very good reason for being away from Arkadia for so long, she needed time to heal and forgive herself, but six years is a long time to be gone. Who will forgive her and who won’t?

WARNING: Possible triggers: Alcoholism, suicidal thoughts/depression

Words: 2104, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

Read it on AO3 at

omgomgomg CONGRATULATIONS ON 4K!!!! btw you are one of my favorite criminal minds blogs I love your writing SO MUCH! I read you were doing ships and was wondering if I could maybe have a criminal minds ship? anywayy, I don’t know if you’ve read/watched harry potter, but in a nutshell, my personality is like 100% slytherin (basically draco malfoy.) if not, I’m pretty confident, dominant, witty, intelligent, sly, mysterious, cold, and a bit mean sometimes oops. but once you know me, I’m funny. THX

(Oh my word, you are so very kind.  Bless you so much for your kind words.  I’m so honored to have a follower like you!)

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David Rossi

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Out of everyone on the team, he would be the one that would take to your wit the most.  He would love to watch the glint in your eye as you tried to side-step questions that were uncomfortable for you, drawing him in with your mystery coupled with his want to know all of the answers about your existence.  He would also be the only one that would be able to take your hard exterior and your occasional mean moments and swing them into a sly comment on his part that would remind you, once again, why you were so attracted to him.

The two of you would probably meet at a joint conference.  He would be speaking and you would be smirking up in the corner, taking notes of questions to ask him later as you plotted how you would make your way to the front to ask him for coffee.  He would quickly come to find that not only are you intelligent and quick to keep up, but that you had a sharp tongue to go along with those twinkling eyes.

He would never stand a chance, what with being drawn into a good mystery.


Hilarious & Snarky Engraved Pencils

The Carbon Crusader  was conceived from “ a lifelong enthusiasm, passion, and love of words and the thoughts they express.” From the beginning, Yvy, the store’s owner claims that she always had trouble verbalizing what she thought. She often avoided confrontation and jotted her ideas on paper.

With the notion of filling several notebooks with observations and imagined conversations, a pencil is the most trusted friend. You can vent to it and even inspire yourself.  The biggest aim is to provide a sense of quality, freedom and immense humor. The snarky remarks on each pencil are inspired by pop culture and film. Referencing Mean Girls, and pain of taking exams, the collection of the hilarious writing tools comes in an array of gorgeous colors. Find them in their Etsy shop.

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