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Any headcanons about Regulus

  • He was so close to being sorted into Gryffindor
  • He watched Sirius’s eyes quickly light up with hope when his name was called, in that moment he wanted nothing but to be with his brother but it didn’t happen.
  • He always loved his brother, but at times he thought differently.
  • Maybe it was because of his parents constantly talking down on Sirius
  • Maybe it was because Sirius left him all alone
  • After awhile he wanted nothing but to hate Sirius for what he had done but couldn’t find it in himself to hate Sirius
  • He grew his hair out for a bit, until his parents ordered him to chop it all off
  • You look to much like that good for nothing brother of yours”
  • The day Sirius left, he wanted to beg Sirius to stay, he wanted to beg Sirius to not leave him alone again, forever this time
  • But he couldn’t because he was afraid
  • Afraid of not only what would happen to him but what would have happened to Sirius as well 
  • He knew that if he spoke up he would be tortured like Sirius had 
  • He knew that if he spoke up Sirius would have jumped in between their mother and him, only causing more pain onto Sirius and guilt to take over himself for what he caused
  • So he could only stand there and pretend like he didn’t care, that the one person keeping him going would be gone
  • The one person he still loved would forever think he hated him
  • From that day he spent every night sleeping in one of Sirius’s shirts he left behind
  • School was difficult for him, he wanted to ask and make sure Sirius was fine but he knew he couldn’t
  • When he was forced to get the dark mark he couldn’t stop hating himself for what he had become
  • He spent many hours of the day staring at his arm
  • He knew then that he had to do something instead of sitting back and being what his parents wanted to be
  • So when he found out about the locket through kreacher, he knew what he had to do
  • He knew when he tried to destroy it he wouldn’t make it out alive
  • But he needed to try
  • He died alone in that cave
  • The last thoughts that went through his mind were Sirius, everything Sirius
  • He hoped Sirius would find out one day and would forgive him
Grandparents of Eric Harris

Richard Pool was born in 1922 and passed away in 2015 at the age of 93.

Elaine Pool was born in 1924.

On the day of Columbine, at around 6:00 p.m., Pool neighbor Steve Ferguson noticed cars belonging to Pool’s relatives when he got home from work, but he didn’t go over to the Pool’s home that day. He called them two days after. 

He said: ,,Elaine, so what’s going on? I noticed the cars over there the night of Columbine. Did something tragic happen to a grandson or granddaughter?’’

Elaine, Eric’s grandmother, said: ,,Yes, I had a grandson that was killed, that was killed in the Columbine shootings.’’

He expressed his condolences and extended his sympathy. Then he asked: ,,Which one was he?’’

Elaine broke down and said: ,,My gosh, he was the killer.’’

He then asked the name of the grandson.

,,Harris’’, his grandmother said.

,,His name is Harris.’

The weekend after Columbine, Ferguson was doing chores outside his house. Richard Pool, Eric’s grandfather, came over with tears streaming down his cheeks. He was emotionally shot, he tried to explain a little bit what was going on.

Ferguson said: ,,You don’t have to explain.’’ Again, he extented his condolences and his feelings. ,,This has got to be tearing you apart.’’

Mr. Pool acknowledged that, and he just said it’s tough. He said it’s eatin him alive. He said he can’t sleep.

Mr. Pool said: ,,It will never be the same for us, ever.’’ 

Ferguson does not believe the Pools mentioned their grandson ever again.


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