Adam Driver Honored at Maui Film Festival with Shining Star Award (2015)

Five fab minutes of pure Adam. I love that….

  • he grimaces as if he’s uncomfortable with the whole process
  • he strokes his  gorgeous hair repeatedly
  • he loves to use his hands when he talks
  • he brought his mom to Maui
  • he’s a real, honest human antidote to her perkiness
  • she hugs him at the end and he awkwardly reciprocates 

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this is one of my weirder dreams

i had a dream about going on a high school film studies trip. in my dream my study group of about 20+ people had to agree on a movie to watch. a recent film that had come out was a gay historical movie (possibly nonfiction?) called “A Fab.”

in my dream @finalfantasyspiritswithin and @joyceanfartboner were on this trip as well, and i guess we were all classmates as well. anyway there was this after-hours skype chatgroup where our study group had to discuss what film we wanted to watch and, jfb suggested that we watch the film “A Fab” and i agreed. a lot of our study group members just made a bunch of jokes in the chat about the fact that it was a gay movie, and the fact that it looks like the word “afab”. immature high schooler stuff.

i remember this one part where i was sitting on a grassy hill with a laptop, scrolling past like 700 messages. someone asks me, “why arent you reading them?” i say: “i just dont care.”

i also remember part of the dream was the fact that i was the subject to a lot of nasty rumors based on the fact that i was Not Straight and i expected it to get a lot worse if i came out as trans. i remember a lot of totally unsympathetic teachers.

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Lecture 8: While it’s not required viewing, I strongly suggest – if you have about an hour and a half to spare – that you watch Richard Lester’s deliriously irreverent cinéma vérité classic A Hard Day’s Night (1964), starring John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and George Harrison. It’s loads of fun from start to finish, in addition to being a beautifully crafted film. Released in July of 1964, it was the first film to feature the Fab Four in action, playing – why, themselves! (of course!). The film hit theaters at a pivotal moment in the British Invasion, and proved a hit on both sides of the Atlantic, helping to raise Beatlemania to new heights of hysteria. 

Thunderbird 6
  • Thunderbird 6
  • Spoiler Filled

SFFCH - Thunderbird 6

Is it a mythical bird? Is it a flashy stunt plane? Is it a cheap fortified wine for hobos…? No! It’s 1968 British marionette science-fiction adventure film ‘Thunderbird 6’ which has been plucked from modern day obscurity by Ant for the 'pleasure’ of Rich and Abi (and yourself dear, precious listener). We cannot dispute the fact the film is a technical masterpiece, but we can question everything else such as: 'what better qualification for being international heros than being super mega rich?’, 'with all that money couldn’t they have afforded a better uniform?’ and 'just what is this film saying about class divisions?’. So prepare yourself for the ridiculously lavish exploits of the '1%’ which involves some 'wooden’ acting, some dark deaths and body disposal and a cold, COLD Alan Tracy.

[Ep. 108 Rec 2015]

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Charlize Theron in yellow Dior at Cannes ‘Mad Max’ premiere: fab or fug?

Charlize Theron launched her boyfriend to the Cannes Film Pageant premiere of Mad Max: Fury Road. On account of they’re now that couple. Part of me thinks it’s actually just a bit bit sweet: Sean Penn is 54 years earlier and he’s lastly found a girlfriend who makes him must journey halfway acr .. Read More

Snowfall - Trailer from Conor Whelan on Vimeo.

Written/directed/animated by Conor Whelan
Sound design by Fab Martini (

WINNER, Best Animation, Kerry Film Festival 2015
Annecy International Animated Film Festival 2015
Encounters Short Film & Animation Festival 2015
London International Animation Festival 2015
Klik! Amsterdam Animation Festival 2015
Galway Film Fleadh 2015
La Guarimba International Film Festival 2015
Cinefiesta 2015
Helsinki International Film Festival 2015
Iris Prize Festival 2015 (Country Focus)
Calgary International Film Festival 2015
AnimaSyros International Animation Festival 2015
Fingal Film Festival 2015
17th Animation Show of Shows
New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival 2015
Kinsale Shark Awards 2015
Denver Film Festival 2015
Leeds International Film Festival 2015
Manchester Animation Festival 2015
Dublin Animation Film Festival 2015
Irish Film Festival London 2015
Milano Film Festival 2015

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