Green Tea Banana Muffins w/ carob choc top & cashews😇😇 Using @kenkotea powder which makes them taste fab! ALSO filmed a tutorial recipe video which I’m currently editing📹 Keep ya eyes peeled. #vegan #kenkotea

Workin’ on makeup design shit for the ghost girl in this short film. Since the actress we have playing the ghost is already super pale and we’re gonna do some fancy editing to fade her out a bit, I’m not too worried about making her look washed out. BUT she gets to this point in the story where she’s super sinister and stuff and I’m having fuuuuuun with the eye makeup for that.

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name: Charlie 

birthday: august 13th 

sign: leo

height: 5″3

time right now: 20:48 gmt

avg hrs of sleep: 6

lucky number: 42

last thing I googled: if evaporated milk is evaporated then how come it is a liquid substance rather than a gas?

happy place: bed

number of blankets I sleep under: 1

fav fictional character: all of them, they’re my babies!

fav colour: very dark purple, almost black

famous person: Stevie motherfrickin’ Nicks

celebrity crush: think of any charming silver fox or classic rock musician, they’re probably on my list

fav book: apple of my eye by patrick redmond comes to mind, or anything stephen king

fav band: hmm I wonder, Fleetwood Mac

last movie I saw: practical magic was on the other night, fab film. last time I went to the cinema was for Kingsmen though.

dream trip: all round italy to visit the distant relatives and then on to barcelona for a gander at the architecture

dream job: I’m studying to become a forensic pathologist, always work with dead people they’re nice and quiet!

what I’m wearing right now: not very glamourous but a hospital gown whilst I’m stuck here, with my fleetwood cat jumper on over the top because it’s chilly.

tagging: okay so I don’t really have tumblr friends because talking to people is very daunting for me so will tag some faves and hopefully nobody will be too annoyed, if you don’t recognize the url it’s because my primary account is death-by-faneurysm not this one.

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Gravity Falls?

ahh yes thanks!

favourite female character: mm i can’t choose between mabel and wendy!
favourite male character: myself, of course! stanford!
least favourite female character: i don’t hate her, but candy.
least favourite male character: again, don’t hate him, but deputy durland
favourite ship: mabifica and billdip!
least favourite ship: pinecest.
film/tv show rating: 10/10 tenouddaten is fab!

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When you get this, reply with 5 things that make you happy, then send it to the last ten people you have notes from in your activity. Ps: You're fab and hella adorable

Films, music, interesting people, dancing, traveling.

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Name: Kate
Time: 7:52 pm
Last Thing I googled: My email account bc I’m waiting for an email so I check it every 2 minutes lmao
Gender: female ish most of the time
Sexuality: Straight???
Height: 5″5 ish I think
Favorite Color: purple
One thing that makes me happy: I have way too many but apart from the obvious like my friends and my family and my boyfriend, clouds. Clouds are just fab.
Movie: Anything Marvel especially Cap films and I fucking love Les Miserables
Last Book: Been reading Les MIserables for 4 fucking months
Most used phrase: idk 
Beverage:Coke or chocolate milk
Food: Cinnamon swirls (though I’m really craving cake atm)
Dream wedding: Idk something small and in an old ish building with a long sleeved lacy dress and converse fuck yeah
Dream job: Something in the film industry where every day is fun as shit

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Yoko Ono unveils John Lennon Green Card tribute

Yoko Ono unveiled a tribute to John Lennon in New York City on Wednesday (29.07.15) to mark the 40th anniversary of him becoming an American resident.

The 82-year-old artist, the widow of the Beatles legend, unveiled the tapestry that depicts a yellow submarine - inspired by The Fab Four song and film of the same name - and it will remain on display in Ellis Island to recognise John’s fight to get a Green Card to work and live in America.

The day, July 29, was also declared John Lennon Day

At the event, Yoko said: “This is a very happy moment for the family. Let’s claim him. In fact, let’s claim all the Beatles not as immigrants but as Irish.”

Yoko - who was married to John for 11 years before he was shot dead outside their New York apartment in 1980 - also recalled the moment John was granted his Green Card in 1971.

She said: “I heard his heart beating fast, I remember how proud he was.”

The art work was commissioned by Amnesty International to thank Yoko for donating the rights to record cover versions of John’s songs, from which they have raised $5 million since 2004.

U2 stars Bono, 55, and The Edge, 53, were both present for the event and the singer praised John’s philanthropic nature.

He told assembled media: “People who serve justice and equality, we kiss their ass. People who stand in its way, we kick (their ass).

"That’s why it is fitting to do this here, because John Lennon was an immigrant. He didn’t sail across the Atlantic in an ocean liner or a yellow submarine. He didn’t come in on a third-class ticket looking for a job in Hell’s Kitchen. He didn’t climb up out of steerage with all his potatoes in a single suitcase. But John Lennon was an immigrant all the same.”