Bryan Fuller: “Mads in a motorcycle jacket. Do you fancy Mads in a motorcycle jacket-”

Gillian Anderson: “Oh my God when… when I saw that scene with him driving up and then he takes his helmet … I mean come on. Come on!” 

Bryan Fuller: “So if you had to pick between the three-piece plaid suit  and the motorcycle jacket you would pick the motorcycle jacket?”

Gillian Anderson: “Oh yes, I’m sorry. Absolutely. I mean look at that (shows Hannibal in a leather jacket ).

Bryan Fuller: “The leather is much more of an olfactory experience. That's for sure.”

Gillian Anderson: “Um yes… amongst other things. Do you know the After Dark website… I wonder if they have done a drawing for Mads- I mean Hannibal. I was going to say Mads and Gillian instead of Hannibal and Bedelia.” 

Sometimes images just hit you...

I’ve always been in love with this shot of Clara’s reaction to just-regenerated 12. It looks like something you’d see drawn in a comic book panel.

I got no photography skills or drawing skills to speak of, there is just something really dynamic about this image. The Doctor is frozen in place, still trying to figure out how to move this brand new body. He’s facing away from us, but the light is glowing on his jaw, which points to Clara’s right hand as it’s also lit by the same glow. 

His arms are down, but bent. He’s kind of stuck in the slightly hunched posture he popped up into after that “sneeze” regeneration. The whole curve of his body makes us look over at Clara. Her arms are spread, as she’s jumping back in shock, but her right hand is still pointed towards him. 

They’re connected by the light shining on her hand and his jaw. The goldish-white glow gives a weird warmth to the starkness of the TARDIS background. They’re looking at each other. Clara is looking for the man she knew, and the Doctor is looking at the woman he is going to build his entire identity around.

Just…the composition of this shot kinda reminds me of a yin yang.

laconicfreak  asked:

I've been wondering, what are the limitations to Akashi's Absolute Order? Because there are some things that simply can't happen, right? For example, if Akashi Ordered a dying person not to die, what would happen? The first time Akashi made an Order that can't be followed, what did he feel? Sorry if this is too much of a bother to explain but i couldn't stop thinking about it.

That is an excellent question, friend! Thank you! I’m loosely discussing some of the nuances of Absolute Order in the Nijimura story I’m currently working on, but it’s not very clear or in depth, so your question has given me the perfect opportunity to explain some of that! Thanks!!!

I always figured that I wanted Akashi’s ability to be very powerful and with very few limitations because he is a Success. But he was most likely the first Red Zero who was deemed a true Success so consequently, other Red Zeroes (or children with Red Zero organs from the Second Teiko) would be much more limited with what they can do.

And because I wanted Akashi’s ability to be something that was truly terrifying to be around, I deliberately didn’t want it to be something that could be easily avoided. So, for Akashi, you don’t actually have to see or hear his Order for it to work. (I didn’t want people to have the easy out of closing eyes/plugging their ears to stop Akashi’s power). Again, other Red Zeroes probably wouldn’t be able to do that unless they were also Successes.

I’m working with the basic principle that all of the abilities have a psychic component to them, and thus they work most effectively when the Project is physically close to the person. And I think Akashi *could* probably Order someone over the phone, but it wouldn’t be *as* effective and might wear off quicker. (Like how Kise *can* Copy someone he’s only seen in movies/magazines, but he wouldn’t be able to Copy their mannerisms unless he’d met them in person).

Hypnotism lore often has it so that a hypnotist can’t make someone do something they don’t want to do—so you can’t make someone hurt or kill themselves—but that wouldn’t fit in my “Akashi is terrifying” frame either. So Akashi *can* make a person hurt (or kill themselves, obviously, since that’s in the stories) but yeah, he can’t necessarily make someone do something that is physically impossible for them to do.

I do think, to a certain extent, he can push a person to the limits of what is possible, though. So if a person doesn’t know how to juggle, he could Order them to juggle and they could. And while he can’t *stop* someone from dying, his Order might prolong life long enough for the person to receive medical attention (like, prolonging an individual person’s will to live.) In a similar way that he Ordered Kuroko to stop feeling so that he wouldn’t be shocked to death after Orange died.

I think Akashi is someone who understands his own limitations very well. So I think he would know better than to try and Order someone to do something that would work. (Like, telling someone to fly, or something like that.) All things considered, the first time he ever gave an Order that didn’t work is probably with Furihata. And we all know how that turned out =)

And that’s it! I think. I think I said everything, I might be forgetting something. But thank you again for the wonderful question! I was really glad to have the chance to explain Absolute Order since I know a couple people were wondering.


Bryan Fuller: “So what did you think about entering a sort of sexual dynamic between Hannibal and Bedelia?”

Gillian Anderson: “It’s such an appealing idea with these two because they are so mysterious and their relationship is so peculiar and disturbing and the fact that there is a sexual tension between them is evident from the beginning, but the idea that there is something else going on and we never quite know… I mean the fact that there is a kiss shared at some point and there are these scenes where he is taking off her clothes and seeing her take off her clothes… do they have two separate bedrooms? Do they sleep in the same bedroom? Do they ever have sex? Or is it just toying with each other, the idea of it? The fact that there are those many questions is what is appealing to me. I’m glad that’s not answered. I’m glad we don’t see them in bed together or see… but just that there is a hint of deliciousness I find incredibly becoming.”

random midnight musings

I was remembering…

Twelve years old and living in worlds made of words, living so much half in and out of fantasy.  At school in year 7, final year of primary school with a great teacher, Mr Lock.

Mr Lock had a booming voice, you could always tell when he was on yard duty because you could hear him over an oval away.  He was an older gentleman who enjoyed blasting music from the 60′s and 70′s in the morning before class.

He was also super passionate about Australian history.  So one day we all sat down and we watched Gallipoli, the movie.

Twelve year old me was not ready for that.  I have never once watched it again.  At the end, they charge given orders by the brass and they are charging up and over the trenches.

Machine guns blaze and his squad mates fall, and he runs bayonet shaking. And then he falls.  (you can find that clip on YT if you want to)

I was crying and had to leave the room and go to the bathroom to try and compose myself.  I felt sick.  Because while that actor got back up, Gallipoli is a very true story.

When I came back into the class three of the popular boys started laughing at me for getting so emotional.

Mr Lock told them to stop and gave them lunch time detention.  He told me that it was no shame to have a heart big enough to cry over strangers.

I still remember that moment.  I don’t know why but I was thinking of it tonight.

Eurus character not only is not credible because she is super intelligent, but also because people around her would have to be super dumb to fall for things.
It doesn’t matter how intelligent you are, you can’t just manipulate people into doing anything. They don’t have to be super smart to resist manipulation, average smart is enough to see through the most deceptive techniques possible.
The only thing that would work to make people do what you want is violent threats, which is not how Eurus character is presented at the start of TFP.
In fact the only kind of powers Moftiss managed to display in front of the viewers IS her making violent threats.
I guess there was that glass scene that required Sherlock to be incredibly dumb too.

fluffymoe  asked:

Gimmie some ryou bakura headcanons!

The world loves Ryou and this is a good thing

-I think I mentioned this with Jounouchi before, but I think Ryou talks in his sleep, and it’s the most bizarre thing. I wouldn’t be surprised if he chants spells and curses while he happily sleeps away

-His apartment is very clean and orderly, but his room is a disaster. He will clean it, but an hour later, he’s made a mess

-He’s got scars from the ring and from what happened during Monster World and Battle City. He wears them as proof that he survived against his other half

-Ryou is the sort of guy who will ask you the most bizarre and unsettling questions out of nowhere. Nothing will provoke him to do so, it just happens. Yugi fights back and asks him an even weirder question in return.

-I think he would unsettle Kaiba. He could just stand near by, smiling, and Kaiba would try his best to get out of the area without running.

-Ryou once owned a pet rat, I don’t know why, but I think he would like them

-He likes metal music, but is very, VERY select on it. It has to have a certain sound that is both pleasant, but loud. He doesn’t care much for the stuff with cookie monster vocals 


Republicans Exploit Fears In Voters To Stifle Action On Climate Change

The Koch brothers also benefits from the fear mongering against environmental regulations. Money talks when Republicans are more than to say anything to just keep the sugar daddy happy (even when it’s not true).

“What is it, Jon?” their lord father asked.

“Can’t you hear it?”

Does Jon hear Ghost because of his skinchanging abilities?

There’s also this bit at the very end of Bran’s chapter:

Bran thought it curious that this pup alone would have opened his eyes while the others were still blind.

This could all be an indication of Jon and Ghost’s close bond. 

“If you think Metagross is absolutely intimidating, just wait until you meet my new friend. Trainers who want to mess with me will think twice when they see you, big guy.” 

A Shadow overlaps Steven’s own as a giant serpentine figure looms over him. Two red eyes gaze around, leering as their jaws part slightly to show their unique diamond-strong teeth.

“As tough as diamond yet as sleek as the smoothest of metals. I wouldn’t upset him in any way if I were you, because his jaws are powerful enough to take a bite out of a steel beamed tower. What do you think, Gallium?”