Takeshi Shudo’s Pokemon anime novelisations

A while ago, there was a post going around about the two novelisations Takeshi Shudo wrote about the anime, with some notes on what they were about. I did some digging the other day and I found a website discussing the books with some difference content. Better still- it contained a link to an English translation of both novelisations! I’ve not had time to go through all of them, but there’s some very odd stuff there.

There’s the general cuteness we’re used to seeing in the anime. Apparently Ash practised his “Getto Daze!” victory pose for ten days before he got it right!

Ash also had nicknames planned for his first starter, Charmander, Bulbasaur or Squirtle. When he ended up with Pikachu, he tried to nickname him too, but he wouldn’t let him.

And then, of course, there’s the disturbing stuff the novelisations are notorious for…

Trainers go on journeys to seemingly fill the hole their lack of parents leaves in their life… one of the books apparently says “Children who do not have a model of a father grow up thanks to a trip”. Brock falls in love with any woman he sees because he is desperate for love, but he can’t ever be with any of them unless he ‘changes the way he sees love’. 

Of course, the canonity of these novels is up for debate since Takeshi Shudo is long gone from the anime, but it’s still something to consider.

Sharon Carter is Valid

There’s a lot of debate within the Marvel/MCU fandom recently about the validity of one Sharon Carter. Which, honestly, seems strange to me that fans have to justify a female characters place within an overall narrative series that excludes women greatly. 

Now hear me out, I love the women of MCU, but a majority of them work under the Marvel/Disney narrative standards. Meaning they follow a very strict line of narrative tropes and purposes. A majority of them are all good at that special “one thing” that makes them useful to the male leading hero of the film, and few have stories that exist outside of their male heroes. Pepper and Jane are probably the biggest victims of this, while Peggy Carter has been able - due to her overwhelming popularity - has been able to break out of the mold. Natasha was never presented this way, which is why so many fans have latched on to her despite her overall pieced together characterization. 

Now, I’ve seen some arguments that come off more as pearl clutching than actual concern for other female characters. The argument that Sharon is somehow less worthy of being included in the Civil War promotional posters, over another female character - Wanda Maximoff - is a shallow attempt at disguising the dislike for one female character by pointing out you like another in her place. 

Given that Civil War is an overwhelmingly white, male story there’s hardly any need to pit one female character against another in an attempt to deem which is more “worthy” of a place within the promos or the film itself. If fans were truly concerned, they should point out that Ant-Man - given that his ties with Steve are currently non-existent and his contribution to the MCU is still shallow at best - hardly “deserves” a promotional poster over Wanda. Who has worked with Steve previously, was a member of the New Avengers before Ant-Man, and is connected to the previous fight against Ultron which Civil War is - possibly given contradicting reports -  based around. 

Sharon Carter, unlike Scott Lang, has a connection to not only Steve as a character, but to the former institution of SHIELD, and the overall Cap mythos of comics. To ignore the importance of her existence to the Captain America story - not just as Steve’s long time comic book love interest but her relationships with Natasha, Sam Wilson, Nick Fury, and Bucky along with other Avengers - is a huge injustice that feels drenched in misogyny. 

I’d like it to be known that I’m not a Sharon Carter fan, either in the movies or in the comic books, but I understand her importance in both. 

Sharon didn’t “take Wanda’s place” Marvel and Disney decided Wanda had no place in the promotional material because one female character on either side was “enough”. This isn’t about the characters themselves, but a company that cares little for their female fans and the desire to further promote female characters and characters of color - forget all together queer or non-able bodied characters. 

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GAZETTE DOGMA Commentary Translation- RAGE

*As always I translate this stuff to the best of my ability and try to present it in a way that makes the most sense in English. I still have a lot of room for improvement but please enjoy ^^

               Ruki: Rage. The song is strongly filled with angry emotions. Dogma is an album that’s abundant with contrasting human emotions. Happiness and joy are but a speck yet there’s no life with only anger and sadness. GazettE in the present came from a deep reflection of our feelings from 2014-2015. Feelings of “this is how the GazettE should be” are crammed in. That is, this song is also a thing of dogma.

               Uruha: Overall this song stands out on the album as a violent one, more so than the others. It’s in a suitable position. With the intro in mind, there’s a sensation like, “this one is definitely going to be decided for the live set list.” That’s what I thought when putting the song in place. The key became to speed off with explosive power. The meaning of the song is very candid so its placement (as the second song) is necessary to the framework of the album.

               Aoi: This title represents anger. It’s finished with a single word but I’m probably thinking about it too simply. The song feels like there’s not enough calories (? I think I’m missing some context here…). In recent years, the quality of our demos has improved, so there were a lot of things about the composition itself at that point that I didn’t want to change. The image of the song is one we made from the start.

     Reita: This is a song that needs to be placed second. Our wish for the second song was to have something like an explosion, something with a reckless energy.  Even Ruki’s lyrics are passionate and full of anger but also sympathetic from the bottom of his heart.

     Kai: Before the heavy open door, there’s a violent explosion from a special attack at the entrance. (Kamehameha) The ground here seems to stay in place, where the nature of the song is that the door has opened all the way. Equally, the opening of our live explodes with this song and this way, it all begins with an enjoyable flow.

My latest Twitter Feed- RE: the #5candal #Olitz promo of WIN and those who refuse to accept the inevitable...

1.  Some are trying to say that it’s Joke in that bed but I says no. STEP OFF HATERS! That’s FTGIII all the way and #Olitz is alive in #5candal!

2.  I mean, c'mon! There’s no moobs, there’s the nose and brow shot that is distinctly our FTGIII AND Liv was on her 8th orgasm! #Olitz

3.  FOH with that non-sense! That’s Liv and Fitz in that bed, breathing heavy and looking happy! #Olitz #5candal #ByeJake STEP OFF, HATERS!

4.  Y'all mofos had the lion’s share of Season 4 and most of the seasons before it. #5candal is the Year of #Olitz! GET OVER IT AND SIT DOWN!

5.  I mean, let’s be real here. The Creator caught hell and high water for what she did to #MerDer. She’s got to leave #Olitz alone for a while.

6.  And knowing her as I’ve come to, she’ll find some way to bust #Olitz up by the Season Finale so I’m going to enjoy what we get now! #5candal

7.  Your chumpian is still in #5candal. He’s just not on Liv. Shouldn’t you be happy that he won’t be playing second fiddle anymore? C'mon…

8.  The Creator isn’t going to get rid of Ballard easily. I’ve accepted that. Leave #Olitz alone and give him a new person to rut with. #5candal

9.  Look, it’s Fitz in the bed with Liv. It’s Fitz in the relationship with Liv. It’s #Olitz in #5candal. Stay in your lane and let us have it.


Poldark: The Man  

So I was thinking about making a review on the Redwall TV series during my time here at college, like just writing a review per episode about all the awesome pros and cons. I’m thinking of hopefully one episode either a day or just an episode a week, depending on my work load. Would anybody be willing to read them? They’d probably be filled with fluff, commentaries on art/design, headcannons, and my general freaking out about their voice actors, and of course, the characters themselves. Yes, noes, maybe so? Would people want to read them?

Don’t ask me how, but procrastination led me to reading through KFC’s “Job Interview Tips” and I was getting really annoyed when I was reading this bit  because a lot of these ‘no-no’s’ are directed towards women and I feel like it’s really unfair for an employer (who knows that they’ll be getting a lot of young girls applying for jobs) to restrict girls to the extent that they can’t even wear “big earrings.” 

#079 Old Spice Presents: Sponsored Content Cops

PREMISE: Fighting crime doesn’t come easy; it takes sweat, blood, and teamwork–the same kind of dedication that goes into bringing you a great meal at your local TGI Friday’s Casual Dining Restaurant & Bar. When a small town faces deep budget cuts, they turn to sponsors to keep their police department running. The plan is a runaway success and their sponsored content policing leads them to be the most effective police force in the country. The show was the brainchild of two ad executives from the Merkel and Mahoney Creative Agency who refused to let their dream of working in an actual creative field die. It was primarily a vehicle for product placement.

CHARACTERS: Police Chief Nike Basketball is initially resistant to the sponsored content plan, especially when the Miranda rights become twice as long with the addition of a lengthy ad for Toyota Tacomas (S01.E14 – “Right To Remain Luxurious and Safe in Your Driving Experience”). But he quickly comes around when his daughter, Crystal Pepsi, reminds him of his love for forward-thinking, narrative-based, experiential storytelling in social media marketing. It’s a consuming passion that has gotten him into trouble more than once.
        Behr Semi-Gloss Paint is a tough-as-nails beat cop, the best that the West Orange Old Spice PD has. She’s restless and haunted, spending long nights driving her Fruit Roll-Ups Flavor Cruiser around town, searching for a Coke bottle with the name of her father’s murderer on it.

NOTABLE EPISODE: Semi-Gloss and Basketball must recover the key to a Chase bank safe deposit box that contains an eccentric billionaire’s collection of rare Swarovski UX designs. Along the way they explain what UX design is (S01.E04 – “Rolls Royce Presents: Point and Click and Die”).

CATCHPHRASE: "Which prison experience do you prefer?”

TRIVIA: For the first two seasons, the show’s writers were able to convince themselves that the show was a commentary on privatization. The show was cancelled when they realized they were total fucking sellouts, and they all quit en masse.