I know I spam this a lot, but I don’t think I’ll ever be over how beautiful and sensual this is. The languid easiness of her jumps, her hand gestures, her expressions. Such a nuanced interpretation of a tango combined with the technical abilities that have lauded her with the name Queen Yuna. Peerless


🍸Hot and Dirty🍸 

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Character + Headcanons: Yugi Mutou

My son, I can finally talk about him…

-I know a lot of people have this headcanon as well, but Yugi having his leather clothes before finishing the puzzle. He bought them, thinking he could try to pull off the style, but got too scared about it and decided it was just something to wear in his room alone. Yami Yugi found them while trying to find an intimidating outfit for meeting Ushio (he wasn’t gonna fight looking like he was about to go to bed). Didn’t bother changing out of the clothes, Yugi slept in them, woke up, and decided… hey, these actually look good, but I’m gonna wear my uniform shirt over the leather tank top.

-Post-dsod, I mentioned it earlier this week, but Yugi gets the same sort of computer program that Kaiba has in his head. He uses it while he works for Kaiba Corp. He also uses it to duel AI!Atemu, who is rather fun to duel

-Yugi is ambidextrous, but uses his right hand more cause of card games

-He’s chubby until a bit after Death-T, when he starts working out a bit, ends up with a body more like Atemu’s, but he’s still forever stuck with baby fat on him (especially on his face)

-He always spends one night a week with Ryou, doing whatever. Usually they play RPGs, and yes, they both do LARPing

-Yugi can do the splits, he’s also very flexible, he doesn’t show it off much cause… meh. Anzu likes to have him around when she does dance practice cause he’s a good partner

-When he gets ownership of the game shop, Jounouchi becomes his roommate and they run it together 

-He can solve Rubik’s cubes blindfolded. Even he doesn’t know how he does it

-He gets Atemu’s name tattooed on him, but he won’t say where

-When he’s an old man, he carries on Grandpa’s legacy by becoming a legendary gambler, suits and all. Also, yes, he does do archaeology later in life while being a gambler, but he also still works for Kaiba Corp as a game designer. 

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I know you've spoken before about Len and when he chooses to wear gloves/ hide his hands in his pockets as a sign of not being truthful about his plans. I found it therefore cool that during the planning stage at star labs we saw his bare hands a lot and I don't know if it's intentional as a way to know he's being truthful but I thought it was cool.

I love that you’re pointing this out omg it’s so true.

Originally posted by daisyjonhsons

Not wearing gloves, hands showing. Whereas he is for half of Rogue Air (1x22) - he’s got his hands in his pockets at STAR labs, and gloves on when he’s in the alley with Barry and Lisa, and gloves on for the rest of the episode after that I think.

I also commented on this when we got hallucination!Len (not real, wore gloves) vs. aberration!Len (real, wasn’t wearing gloves pretty much the entire episode even when punching Mick and holding the cold gun???). Pretty sure speedforce-apparition!Len also wore gloves. Flashback!Len (also real) didn’t in 3x04. The hologram did. Definitely a pattern…

Not that Len doesn’t wear gloves at all in The Flash 3x22, just that he does so on the job and after (including when he shakes hands with Barry, hm…) but not when he’s agreeing to help and making the plan with the team. He’s not trying to deceive them and it’s really him.


I fell asleep on my futon for one hour and it feels like my brain did a hard reset and that I’ve been asleep for days. Currently trying to wrap my head around the fact that it’s only Thursday at 9:30.

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@officialgrandpa and @mywaywardcupcake both wanted Mai, so here we go! (damnit tumblr, let me reply to replies!)

-Mai is the best female duelist in the world. Hands down. This is not up for debate.

-She visits Domino often, and loves to hang out with Yugi and Jounouchi, and sometimes she hangs out with Shizuka if she’s with her big brother when Mai comes to visit

-She has gone to New York City to visit Anzu and has seen her perform. She and Yugi are tied for Anzu’s biggest fan

-Though she doesn’t use them on her cards anymore, she is actually proud of her perfume collection. (if Atemu is alive in whatever au I’m doing, she lets him borrow some of them)

-She enters international duel tournaments around the world and usually wins, if her friends aren’t there. Since Yugi doesn’t enter tournaments often, usually she or Jounouchi come in first place. She doesn’t mind when it’s down to just him and her

-She speaks several languages, fluently 

-Mai got her dream shopping and travel trip that she had wanted back in Duelist Kingdom, and it was a delight (it was a birthday gift from Yugi)

-She’s beautiful and wonderful and I love her dearly

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do you think that the CW may be nodding towards the theory of Len is alive but scattered across time? first in LoT with Stein's assumption of Mick's receiver, then Savitar's plan w/ the Bazooka (scatter him across all time) which is very similar

Actually I do, yeah. I thought that as soon as it came up in LoT with Stein.

What I don’t know (and am mostly agnostic about) is whether they would ever consider bringing Len back in that manner. But I think with Stein there was a deliberate nod to that as a popular theory for how they might bring Len back. Maybe they wanted to close the door on the theory with the episode, or maybe it was just meant to acknowledge it, or maybe it was something they were planting in case they ever decided to use it later. Seems impossible to tell, but I found it fascinating they explicitly brought it up in canon. I really didn’t expect them to.

And I think the whole thing with Savitar wanting to exist at every moment in time fits well with it. I certainly thought of the Oculus when Savitar described his plan to be a god, in part because I couldn’t see what Savy would get out of being destroyed and turned into time itself, unless he also had the ability to exert some control over time (much like the Time Masters could with the Oculus, steering it). It doesn’t hurt that the Oculus stream always looked a little reminiscent of running in the speedforce and speedforce “breaches” too.

Given that it seems to be the case that WM is reprising his role as Captain Cold for the next season, we could see a lot more Snart Baiting (oh joy) or it’s possible they’re going to play with this concept a bit as a means of showing him to us again. That or it’s just another nod to his death and the theories surrounding it, which I’m also mostly okay with?

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joey! or ryou? whichever you would prefer! c:

I’m gonna do both!

-Jounouchi has an amazing singing voice (I have a few songs done by his Japanese voice actor, and the guy can sing haha)

-He is… not the best at English, but he tries. He has picked up other languages though, he’s not bad at French.

-He sleeps with socks on because he usually has his feet dangling off the bed, uncovered

-He use to smoke in middle school, but stopped in tenth grade cause he thought it was bad for him, and because he figured that Yugi wouldn’t approve

-Speaking of Yugi, he tries his best to keep up a good impression in front of Yugi, even though Yugi doesn’t mind when he gets rowdy and gets into fights with people, that’s just Jounouchi

-Ryou is a pastel goth of sorts, he really likes the fashion

-After high school, he studied history and museum studies in college so he could help run the Domino Museum of History with his father. He loves studying ancient history, and yes, he does actually enjoy Egyptian history. (*coughspushesowncollegemajor/minoronhimcough*)

-He loves building dioramas for the museum, even though it was sorta used for evil, he’s very proud of the diorama of Atemu’s kingdom. It’s displayed in the museum when they have Egypt exhibits

-He is great at cooking and baking, but he’s always bashful and thinks his dishes aren’t that great (they’re fantastic)

-Ryou carries dice in his pocket to play with when he’s nervous. He likes to roll them around in his hand

-Twice a month, he and Jounouchi build models together. They also play Monster World with Yugi (and sometimes their other friends)

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If Len does come back from the dead, could they just have a scene where he sees that Mick is doing well with the Legends and decides he's better off with them than running around with him? Captain Canary doesn't seem to be a problem with how they played it in the last three episodes by having Sara not even react emotionally to an evil version of him. She seems over whatever she may or may not have felt for him. Then maybe Len could join team Flash permanently.

I mean, they could, yeah. That’s what I think would be the most likely. Not like a scene, but probably an episode. It’s a matter of making it feel believable and like a payoff for the viewers, in some way. Or if not a payoff, then something that will resonate.

Which means making viewers accept that Mick and Len aren’t going to be partners if they’re both alive and on different shows, and I think they could do it well, but it would’ve been pretty damn difficult in S2 when Mick still felt like an outsider to the team and missed Len so badly, you know? But he’s said “goodbye” to Len twice now, in the past, and I think this second time might’ve helped him get more closure.

CC would likely not be a huge issue, like you said. Sara seems to have moved beyond it, and Len would hopefully not be one to dwell too hard on the past? I’ll admit, even as someone who doesn’t “ship” ship it, I was disappointed by her non-reaction to him in Legends S2 though. He was friend and a teammate and they did such a great job of her story with evil!Rip that the lack of any time given to her reacting to evil!Len felt cheap, from a storytelling angle. There really wasn’t any closure there, in any way.

All this being said “then maybe Len could join team Flash permanently” is close to the opposite of what I would want. I don’t want Len as a hero on team Flash ^^; At least, not in canon. It’s fun in fic, but I like to read about and write about things that aren’t canon; fic fills an alternate space for me. And in canon, I much prefer Len as a villain or anti-hero who only helps when there’s something in it for him, or the team is really desperate. A consulting criminal, maybe ;) 

And I get the impression WM doesn’t want to be a main character on any of these shows, so I hope that if they do bring him back “alive” on the Flash, it’s as leader of the Rogues for an appearance once every 6 episodes or so, and not another person to ladle on to the already overloaded team Flash.

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Going off the episode's own logic. Saviter no longer exits becsuse iris didnt die. So the speed force prison that team Flash created should no longer exist - should no longer require a prisoner. The ending made no sense to me past Barry needs to suffer for his mistake - like this entire season with Iris's death looming and it being his fault wasn't already a punishment. What were your thoughts on the final? Do you think Barry will be back?

For starters, Barry will definitely be back. Maybe after a few months as a seasonal time-break, but 100% yeah. He’s the protagonist and main character, he’ll be back.

I also don’t think it was the intent of the speedforce to punish Barry. The speedforce punished Hunter Zoloman by making him The Black Flash; it punished Wally and Jay for getting involved in Barry’s fight and let them revisit their own personal hells. It punished Savitar in what it showed him in his own speedforce prison too, over and over, likely for how he was messing with time and dimensions.

But it invited Barry with a loving figure and promised he wouldn’t be in hell. It’s different. The speedforce plays favorites, and its favorite is Barry. It tried to warn him, more than once, and gave him back his speed last season, and now it doesn’t want him to suffer, even though it’s taking him.

So purposefully punitive… not so much. But punitive on a more meta-textual level? Hmm. I don’t think it’s punishment, but it is… consequences. Outcomes? Barry made a mistake. A whole series of them. Despite being warned not to. And now he has a serious consequence to face because of it. 

So justice seems like a better word for it, to me? It’s a lesson to be learned, for him. Maybe a harsh one, but his own powers are harsh, and he has needed a reminder of that before, and of the way he can affect others when he doesn’t think through the consequences.

As for explaining the speedforce prison… I have some thoughts on that.

From what I understand, the creation of Flashpoint and then post-Flashpoint (Paradox) as timelines changed Barry’s life enough so that he created, encapsulated within Paradox, a time loop: Savitar. 

And I was wondering for a while: why? Why is Savitar a necessity of Flashpoint? If he’s a loop, why/how did he come to exist in the first place? What about the creation of Flashpoint and Paradox created him?

And the best answer I can come up with is… the speedforce. And more specifically, a hole in the speedforce. 

If you check out @trufflemoresfantastic explanation of the speedforce and what it is, she talks about it being a force that exists outside the multiverse, one that we can imagine is held back by an invisible sheet of glass, so to speak. Events like the particle accelerator explosion punch holes through that glass, and cause cracks, and that’s what allowed the speedforce to leak into the multiverse (into E1) and strike Barry as lightning.

But too many cracks and holes? And the glass shatters, and speedforce destroys the multiverse, as an infinite energy not being held back. 

And I suspect that Barry’s massive shifts to the timeline with Flashpoint, in which he didn’t gain powers (but still had them) and Wally got struck by lightning instead, followed by his shift back to Paradox, a universe where he did get struck by lightning (and then lost and regained his powers, remember)… I suspect that all that put a lot more strain on the glass than was there before (which was already a decent amount, considering Barry’s trips into the speedforce and what happened at the end of S1 with the singularity, etc). 

So there’s more cracks in it. More holes. Maybe the main crack/hole is getting too big. There’s a spot that’s not keeping the speedforce back and outside of the multiverse anymore.

And that’s a problem. A multiverse-ending one.

But the speedforce doesn’t want to destroy the universe, so it allows for a time loop in Paradox. A time loop that involves Barry, its prime speedster, and a stopgap for the biggest hole in the glass. That stopgap is Savitar’s prison. 

In the time loop, there is (and has always been and will always be, now, because the speedforce exists at all points in time) a cage inside the speedforce, created by the material world and existing with technology from the material world, but held inside the speedforce. And that cage sits in a hole in the glass and prevents the speedforce from entering the multiverse in a flood that could shatter the rest of the glass. It’s necessary, now. 

With Barry and his team dismantling the time loop (which, honestly, seems like the truly punitive part of all this: the speedforce tried to steal Iris from Barry and allowed him to create Savitar and suffer both as himself and a remnant) - anyway with them dismantling it, without a speedster to sit inside of it and keep it together and intact, the speedforce has no stopgap, and is leaking into E1 again through the cracks in the glass that the particle accelerator and now Barry’s time travels have made.

And at first it’ll be Central City, then E1, then the multiverse. Just like Zoom was aiming for. And of course, Barry, who has an intuitive connection the speedforce, understands that something to stop that is necessary. And that “something” is him. There’s no time to create something else, and no manmade technology is enough to fill the gap without a speedster – a living bridge between the speedforce and the material world – inside of it.