Corey Graves: What you just said, Byron, ‘Sami Zayn finished with Kevin Owens and now he needed a new target’? This sounds like an ex girlfriend that dates your best friend because she’s not over you. She says she is, but she’s not. Sami Zayn is obsessed with Kevin Owens and he’s taking it out on Chris Jericho right now.
Me: …I’m sorry what

Turns out I accidentally reposted Sleep Cycle, so instead of that, here’s Crazy Fake plan written by @mrbabycline and @madelinequeripel! In this episode, Alex comes to realize he’s never seen an episode of Normal Show, we find out people’s favorite road trip snack, and what did people want for Eileen and Rigby in the beginning? Find out in this new episode of this commentary track not-podcast thing!