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Program: Paint Tool SAI, Photoshop for color tweaks.
Tablet: Wacom Intuos 4 small
Canvas: 1950x1950 px at 300 dpi
Time taken: 2 hours to sketch and 4 hours to color.

Scandal - Olivia's Upset
  • Scandal - Olivia's Upset
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@hutchj reblogged:  From the clips, it doesn’t look like she’s handling the break up any differently besides wearing color.  Jake is still the human vibrator, and if he thinks Olivia cares about him, he’s dumber than he looks.  I still don’t get how she’s sitting and living it up with Papa Pope, when just last year she was pointing guns at him and putting him in prison.


Historically, Saitou Dousan was Nobunaga’s father-in-law. Since we’re going to ignore Nobu’s real-life wife and concubines in this game, never mind that!

Now about Mitsuhide’s involvement with Dousan. What he said was more or less true to history, if simplified. 

Apart from being a retainer, some sources say that he was Dousan’s nephew. Dousan’s wife was the sister of Mitsuhide’s father. And then after Dousan died, there were a heck lot of other things that happened, and Mitsuhide’s life is a bit vague at this point. The generally-accepted account is that he went to serve someone named Asakura Yoshikage, and afterwards became involved with the shogun. There were also popular traditions saying that he became a ronin (wandering masterless samurai) for some time too.

(by the by, pardon if I flip-flop between Mitsuhide and Akechi. I normally refer to him as “Akechi”, but since in-game he’s “Mitsuhide”… I try to go with that)

Scandal - Creating a Monster
  • Scandal - Creating a Monster
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@eaudrey35 said:  Shonda Rhimes wants to force what she wants on to fans and if fans r not buying it and want something else, she destroys that something else.  Fans want Olitz and Fitz – she destroyed Olitz and Fitz.  Fans loved Olivia – she destroyed her because she loves the character Mellie.  Shonda truly wants to dictate who and what her fans cheer for.  She truly thinks if she destroyed Olitz, Fitz and Olivia then fans have to now love Jake, Mellie and Olake.  Thoughts?


Hmm, why doesn’t “Castella” have a diary entry? Not everyone knows what a Castella is.

“Castella” is a sweet bread brought by the Portuguese to Japan. The name derives from “Pão de Castela” (bread from Castille). The basic ingredients are only flour, sugar, and eggs. It was a bread that was meant to last long for travel, but over the years the recipe has been adjusted to fit local tastes, and nowadays it’s common to include stuff like honey and milk in the cake.

I forgot to mention this in the profiles, but this situation is probably based on the fact that in real life Nobu has interest in European things, and he fancies the sweets they brought over. Namely Castella and konpeitou (from Portuguese “confeito”, sugar candy). Oh, and bananas and onions too, but that’s something else.

Yours truly attempted to bake a Castella once, using just the basic recipe to test it out:

It does last long. I kept one slice, and just let it sit in a box on my desk for a little over a month. It still tasted just as good as fresh. The top crust got a bit dry, but the inside is still soft.