the boys + first lines

I love this little [Carol and Daryl] reunion. […] When you get to write this little tiny bits for characters who have been around a long time and have a history, so much can be communicated in very little. I feel like we have that with Carol and Daryl, and with Glenn and Maggie, and we can have this really full moments with almost nothing said between them.
—  Angela Kang, writer of “The Same Boat” in TWD S6 commentary
Looking for richonne in season 6 extras

I’m watching the audio commentary for episode 601 looking for even a little bit of richonne info and Greg Nicotero just said the the protein bar scene originally ended with Michonne walking away and Morgan looking over at Rick and asking if he knew anything about it and Rick just looks at him and walks away!😂 I’m gonna just pretend this actually happened and maybe I can forgive Rick a little for being a snitch

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This week is all about Maya.