‘Tantôt je me dis : “Le petit prince enferme sa fleur toutes les nuits sous son globe de verre, et il surveille bien son mouton…” Alors je suis heureux. Et toutes les étoiles rient doucement.’ 

some trans girl pidge gunderson/katie holt thoughts and headcanons (because there aren’t enough of them):

  • pidge realised her trans identity and started identifying as a trans girl at a young age.
  • not long after coming out, she started presenting the way she wanted to and socially transitioning with the full support of her family.
  • katie is a chosen name that her brother helped her come up with and her father agreed on when she began her social transition.
    • (other names her father suggested: amelia, bridget, harmony.)
  • she’s just as comfortable being called pidge, because:
    • it isn’t her birthname; rather, it’s one she chose autonomously for herself because it’s fairly gender neutral.
    • it means a lot to her, because it’s the name she chose when she started on
    • as much as she loves the name katie, it’s bittersweet for her now, ever since losing the person who helped her find it.
  • pidge is also nonbinary! she openly identifies as an nb trans girl because as important as her womanhood is to her, she finds this label is what suits her best.
    • she/her are her primary pronouns, but she doesn’t mind they/them too. (he/him are a total no, always.)
  • when it comes to presentation, the way she wants/choose to present flutuates, and not just out of necessity.
  • she really likes presenting casually feminine, but she also loves dressing more androgynously.
    • this is mainly for comfort reasons, because her soft, simple, thicker and more weighty clothes (like the ones she wears in the first episode) are like a sensory stim for her! 
    • they also remind her of home, of feeling soft and warm inside while spending time with her family.
  • when it comes to hair, she doesn’t really have a preference between long or short. the main thing is that it’s well kept and groomed. she loves having soft hair she can run her hands through!
  • she doesn’t really touch makeup, even when she feels like presenting more feminine. she likes the feeling of having a clean, bare face. she does like lipgloss, though - as long as it isn’t too sticky!
    • (she’s also still really young, so when she does wear makeup, it’s not much more than concealer, mascara, and chapstick or lipgloss!)
  • pidge being a trans girl also makes her choice to go undercover to find her family all the more significant.
  • despite the constant misgendering she knew she’d have to face, the discomfort, the dysphoria, the knowledge that she’d be living each day without being true to herself in the way she wanted to be: despite all that, she put the love she has for her family first. 
  • she put others above herself, and stayed true to herself in the most important way she knows: caring for and loving others, unconditionally, and at any cost.

this is all i can think of right now, but imo pidge is a beautiful, brave trans girl who deserves more recognition and appreciation in the fandom, and this is my contribution. feel free to add your own!

Production Draft of QAF 5x11 - The most precious thing in the world

“Is everyone going to be okay in VLD season 2?”

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I make a lot of jokes about all of this Benedict stuff, but I want you guys to know that it’s times like these I am happiest. When someone like Benedict can bring groups of people who otherwise would not have known each other together, it’s such a rare, beautiful thing. I’m thankful and I feel grateful each time he draws us back together again. And while I am eternally proud of him, I am also proud of us for being kind, inviting, and caring fans. I mean, look how much our fandom raised for his birthday. You are all inspiring to me, too. We may not always be blogging about the same things, but I consider you all my friends, and I absolutely love you.

Just got hit in the face with the realisation of how desperately lonely I am. I don’t have anyone outside of work and family.

I mean… I have internet friends that I love dearly, but it’s not the same thing. I can’t hang out with you guys. I can’t go to the cinema with you, or go for coffee or just… idk do friend stuff.

Ugh. I should not have checked Instagram before going to bed.

finally living with your long distance partner concepts: random cheek kisses. i love you’s yelled from across your apartment, as loud as you want, just because you can. i love you’s whispered so quietly they’re little more than a breath, right into each other’s ears, the way you’ve dreamed of for so long while you waited. falling asleep in each other’s arms and waking up to the sound of their breaths. cooking and eating meals together, hungry and messy and happy. sharing all the little moments other people take for granted. simply existing, together, always.

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“How long have you been bottling this up?” ~askeo's Eobard

Misc.  {Sentence Starters}  - accepting 


                  “—Not long.

Sounds better than I don’t know. Everything is better than hopelessness.

He avoids eye contact, biting his cheek. He tries to focus on the sting instead of the question- instead of the knowledge that he has just yelled. He rarely raises his voice but he just did, snapped at Eobard with ‘I can’t stand watching you two together’ and it’s not fair. He should be happy for them. He should shove his stupid emotions somewhere, anywhere, calm down.

But he has been feeling so angry lately. Sad. Scared. And emotions blind his logic completely. (although in this case the logic is that his best friend is dating his murderer about who Cisco cares so much. Not normal. Not normal at all.)

                  I don’t really- Think that. I just had a long day. I didn’t mean it.

Khadgar eyed the guardian uncertainly as he worked, while Moroes stood back a slight distance with his hands clasped behind his back. Medivh looked up from his task and grinned at the boy’s expression 

“They don’t teach this in Dalaran.”

“Teleportation?” Khadgar shook his head “No.” His gaze drifted back to the symbols

They’re right to fear it" Medivh continued. He stole another glance at Khadgar and his eyes twinkled. ‘He’s enjoying this.' Lothar thought. 
“It’s very dangerous.” He drew up the magic with delicate fingers, held his hand over his head, then brought his arm down with a swift, precise movement. The luminous strands he had gathered leaped up and joined, forming a dome of crackling illumination. From beneath it, his features thrown into sharp relief by the blue glow, Medivh gestured to the boy “Go on. Step in" 

Khadgar hesitated. "Come now.” Medivh scoffed cheerfully. “Where’s all that rebel spirit?” The boy’s cheeks turned pink through the wisps of facial hair and he obeyed, though not without obvious trepidation.

Lothar smothered a smile himself as he stepped into the circle behind Khadgar. Mage though he was- nay, future guardian, trained to be at least- it was almost too easy to rattle him.

—  The Official Movie Novelization: Warcraft
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  • jacob:it's four in the morning and i just spilled queso dip in my bunk
  • jacob:i promise u i'm not crying over this this time but i am upset
  • jacob:because what if it had some life plans what if it was going to make something of itself but i just destroyed that? i mean obviously i was going to destroy that by eating it anyway

listen. im totally a disney slut. id be all for a frozen au, okay, bc fuck the frozen haters, wanda would make a great elsa. and pietro would make a great anna. and you can all fight me

people who deserved emmy nominations this year

  • sophie turner
  • liam cunningham

people who did not deserve emmy nominations this year

  • peter dinklage
  • lena headey
  • kit harrington

people who were nominated for emmys this year

  • peter dinklage
  • lena headey
  • kit harrington
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Under the link is a very long, kind of emotional rant to you all. So if you can’t be bothered reading (which I completely understand, I wouldn’t want to listen to me blabber on either), know that you’re great and I really appreciate you all.

EDIT: I also realised I have no clue what to do for you people as a celebratory gift, so some suggestions would be very nice thank you ^-^

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crying because i finally put lyrics to those old chords i wrote and i’m singing them along and i pretty much have a short little goodbye thing and it feels okay and really emotional because it’s the first time i’m letting myself to write about my ex and convert it to actual music and wow i feel a crazy feeling but it feels right and everything’s ok and i’m special especially when i’m alone