How to gif and color Anime

I have been asked how do i make my gifs a couple of times, so i decided to do a tutorial. Please keep in mind that English is not my native language so i apologize for any mistakes, i will try my best. (IMAGE HEAVY)

What you will need :

  • Some basic photoshop knowledge 
  • Any version of photoshop,i will use photoshop CC for this tutorial but i believe all versions share many similarities since i have also tried CS6 and CS5
  • Kmplayer or any other screen-capping program if you want to follow just the coloring tutorial, ill be using Kmplayer for the giffing tutorial
  • Gradients( any gradients, you can find many here, not necessary)
  • A High quality video (i use 720p)

What i will teach you :

  • How to make gifs
  • How to color them( meaning learn how to use adjustments for giffing purposes)
  • Many tips 

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Presenting the HD Teen Wolf Masterpages!

Here you’ll find all episodes in both 720p or 1080p AND logofree. For the first time, I believe ever, you can now find seasons one and two in 1080p! All episodes are uploaded to BillionUploads, Mega, and in split rar files on FireDrive (formerly PutLocker).

  1. Season 1.
  2. Season 2.
  3. Season 3A.
  4. Season 3B.
  5. All episodes.

Simply hover over the poster and it’ll reveal the hidden contents: a preview gif showcasing quality with and without coloring, episode synopsis, and links to the episodes in either 720p or 1080p on three different hosts.

The masterpages are now in a friendlier layout than the previous one. The sidebar houses popup windows with tutorials on how to navigate the host sites and what to do with rar files. There’s also links to tutorials on how I convert my episodes for Photoshop and an updates popup to let you know of any refreshed links or changes to the page.

If you have any problems/questions or the links have been taken down, please don’t hesitate to leave me a message.

See you all in six weeks for season 4!


I genuinely believe she loved Frank, but I think it was a love that she didn’t really question. […] It was a love, but it wasn’t the depths of how she feels for Jamie. Because I feel like Jamie is this timeless, metaphysical, kind of really…you know, it’s otherworldly that love.

July 20 at 5pm PST/8pm EST

Hi everyone,

Moon Animate Make-Up will debut July 20 at 5pm PST/8pm EST. 

The project is 99% done and will be available on YouTube and Vimeo. The 1% to be done includes fixing a few glitches in the final render, time to render separate files for each site, and double checking all the technical bits. (Vimeo Basic uploads are limited to 500 MB and getting a twenty-three minute 720p file to that size without losing a lot of quality has been a bit of a render gymnastics.) My Mac Mini has been huffing and puffing in this heatwave to render this each time and I need to let it sleep.

I am so sorry for the delay and I cannot thank you enough for your patience and understanding with this. Believe me when I say I’m not doing this to be a flake; I want this to look as good as it possibly can before releasing into the wide, wild world of the internet and it is literally only those few details to be done. These past nine months have been an incredible journey; from those initial hours of dread, to the overwhelming turn out of animators and fans, to these last days of checking every frame before the last render. To everyone who contributed to Moon Animate, I could not have asked for a more positive, encouraging, creative, and hardworking group of artists to work with and I cannot wait to show off your work. To everyone who has been watching and sharing this project, you have made this time such a joy with your enthusiasm and support.

Thank you for being there. I feel confident sharing this project once I take care of those few details, but man, am I nervous after all these months of work. Production is my passion and I’m so grateful for every animator and fan who trusted me to see this through to the end. We’re almost there.

See you next Sunday. :)



i believe her || swan queen
song: all of me/unconditionally/human mashup
watch in 720p!!


Barry + Iris | do you believe in destiny? [+2x18]
please watch in 720p HD


[720P] 150516 Star King Taehyung’s Dance Cut | DL (just in case it gets taken down)