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may i ask why you like phil so much??

ok let me just take a deep breath….. alright here we go

the first time i saw phil in 2011 my thoughts were something along the lines of “he has such a unique look, he’s so cool, i love his voice.”
you’d think i’d remember my first phil video, but alas, my memory fails me. all i can remember is a flash of dark hair, icy eyes, and a feeling of wonder.
i started as a casual fan like most of us do, but with each video i got more and more invested in his content and i wanted to keep up with whatever he was doing. i wasn’t even sure why i had such an intense infatuation with him, he just.. made me feel. good.
fast forward a couple of years, phil became my safe space. the warm atmosphere that surrounds him always helped to relax me. his kind nature was sweet and refreshing, his intelligence motivated me, his creativity inspired me, his sense of humor lifted my mood, his laugh made my heart soar, virtually everything about him made me feel lighter.
and now here i am. owner of a phan blog, completely invested in phil and his endeavors. he continues to put me at ease when i need a reason to calm down and i continue to love him with every fiber of my being. i am forever grateful for him.

legoverse opinions:

normally batjokes is kinda iffy for me bcs on one hand i rlly like the dynamic of joker and batman’s obsession with each other, mostly from jokers perspective with bruce staying 100 yards away minimum, but kind of dislike it in canon because of joker being like the #1 example of a queer coded villain, with his feelings for batman and his flamboyant behaviors being used to be a genuinely awful monster to all of gotham and also to harley, who he doesn’t love because of his infatuation with batman etc etc, and that kinda message is super damaging and bad stuff??? which is why any personal enjoyment of joker’s character surrounding batman isnt worth this awful example of queer coding villians.

but in the lego movie???? joker isnt awful. he tries to bomb the city a lot, yes,  and duh hes kind of a bad guy, but theres none of the tortury-murdery awfulness that there normally is? its all just kind of a big show for batman, and he and harley have a healthy dynamic that i genuinely kind of enjoy? (with the whole “youre too good for him” talk being harley @ joker about batman instead of everyone @ harley about joker???? and theyre equals??? and friends???) so it totally flips all my normal feelings abt joker on end????? so in the legoverse i luv harley and joker as gay bffs which is something id dislike in any other universe so im feeling mad conflicted

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So in Aang and Katara's relationship what does "letting go" actually mean? I still don't understand this, is it for him to just let her go as a crush and still be friends with her or something else?

In Aang’s case it would mean letting go of the expectations that he has for her to automatically be with him as a girlfriend. That is why I think The Fortuneteller was written around the same time the writers were playing with the idea of Zuko/Katara. The entire episode deals with Aang’s unrequited crush on Katara. It is setting this up as a future issue.

And the same with The Cave of Two Lovers. This episode explicitly deals with Aang’s romantic feelings for Katara, and it is setting things up for later. Aang’s “love” is infatuation, but being a truly loving person is a lot more difficult. The entire point of Aang’s character arc was to learn how to be a good Avatar, by truly loving others unconditionally. This is the lesson of the Crown Chakra.

Sokka: You see, Aang? A little positive thinking works wonders. We got the king on our side, we got Long Feng arrested, and when we get back, Suki’s waiting for me.

Aang: Yeah. Girls are waiting for us. Thanks, positive attitude.

Sokka: Everything is gonna work out perfectly. From now on and forever.

Suki and Sokka are romantically involved. Aang and Katara are not. Aang assumes that Katara will return his romantic feelings. He sees her as the prize at the end of his Avatar journey. This is the attachment. It is a selfish expectation that he has. He expects Katara as a reward in the end, but that is not real love. He needs to overcome this to love her unconditionally.

Aang letting go would simply be about accepting Katara’s choice to be true to her feelings, even if he is disappointed by her choice. He would need to accept that he isn’t entitled to her as a girlfriend and that letting go of his expectations is a more genuine way to show love, because he is respecting her feelings instead of only prioritizing his own. That’s why Katara and Zuko had their romantic encounter during this time. Zuko was the original love interest for Katara if the story had actually continued from where Book 2 was originally going. This would have sent a far better message to kids. Unfortunately, Aang’s development went in the exact opposite direction.

Joker X Reader Feeling.

“I have feelings… harbored inside of me… for you” Joker said. Y/N looked up from the paper she was reading and stared confused at him. “What are you saying J?” He brushed his mopey hair out of his face opening his mouth to repeat what he said but lost his nerve.

 He had killed millions of people and couldn’t even work up enough nerve to tell this girl.. this loopy, silly girl he… liked her? More than like, it was an ungodly.. infatuation. He dreamed of her and needed to touch some part of her body just to get through the day. He thought of the times of her walking out of the clubs with him. The city lights reflecting off her hair. She would smile listlessly at him, her white perfect teeth seeming to reflect his ugly sin. He wouldn’t feel worthy to be in such a pure beings presence but he was the most qualified out of the other scum that squirmed around her. His finger would itch to reach for the gun that rested on his side and blast the heads off of every person looking at her in some sort of gory symphony   “J what?” she said again. 

He stared at her fighting the urge to say “I love you” but he didn’t. Instead he walked out of the room laughing at his silly feelings. Y/N was left with her eyebrows knitted together questions running through her head. J was a strange man and she didn’t often bother asking  when he said her name and stared at her for prolonged increments of time. 

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Thanks for reading more to come. Same Bat-time Same Bat-channel!

Hate to bring this up but if I had a decent job and a flat and was independent and still was in love with a man (who may have been gay or not) who doesn’t even love me back and treats me like shit, I would consider myself utterly weak and all of my strength and independence would have been pointless. And I would wish that no one takes my life as an example.

Tbh , I would have done the best thing and would move on with my life long ago and erase any signs of infatuations towards that said man because that’s the healthy and logical thing to do. I would find myself a kind man/woman who loves me back and actually treats me well because I deserve nothing less.

There is a song in my language. It’s funny. The whole thing roughly translates as : A girl was head over heels in love with a boy but he didn’t even look at her and the girl eventually came to know that the boy loves someone else. So she did the healthy thing, moved on , married a cute guy. The twist of the song is funny. She says at last that the unrequited love towards that guy is now requited. And it at first sounds like that she must have an affair with that guy now. But turns out that she actually named her son after him just to keep the memory of her love alive. She moved on and she is happy with her family.

I think this is what life should be. And you perfectly know what or whom I am talking about.

Name Changes - Harrison Osterfield x reader

Pairing: Harrison Osterfield x reader

Summary: Harrison hadn’t expected to fall in love with how someone says his name, but it happened. 

Warnings: Slight smut (It’s honestly nothing but a heated make out session) and a little angst 


“My name’s Harrison, but people call me Haz.” He stuck his hand out towards you, “Haz.” You repeated as you shook his hand lightly. The way you said his name resonated in his mind. He had never thought that he could love the way someone would say his name, but every time his name tumbled out of your lips, he was infatuated. He thought it could be just the alcohol getting to him, but he was intoxicated just by the sight of you. You turned your attention back to the drunken Tom who had introduced you two. He watched as your fingers tucked a piece of hair behind your ears, you laughed at Tom’s foolish actions. His heart soared once again.

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Okay but Harry and pregnant Missus at the swimming pool and she's in her swimming suit. Omg skisksksksk:))

Oh, my god. Why have you put this thought into my head? I’m going to pass out.

He’d be so incredibly infatuated with her and how beautiful she looked during her pregnancy and how gorgeously her tanned skin looked against the swimming costume. He’d aways be caught taking photos of her on his phone and staring at her when she laid comfortably a blow-up bed that floated on the surface and he’d always join her and feel the baby kick against his hand and smile when it caused rippled along the water level.

And, knowing him as a typical photographer, he’d probably invest in one of those go-pro cameras, that are waterproof when they go under water, just so he could take gorgeous underwater shots of her and her belly to keep as reminders of their babymoon holiday. xx

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Any fics where one of them is in the SEALS or Navy? :) thanks in advance

sure thing!

Denial and Acceptance, Infatuation and Hell by HannibalsAngel 

Steve is the maintenance guy in a fucking submarine and Bucky is the totally-not-gay-super-straight-I-swear ship commander. After Steve gives, said straight, commander a blowjob, Bucky accuses him of being a sea witch out to seduce him to get him in trouble, and their relationship builds from there.

our golden age by augustbird (this one is army rangers which i think is kind of close to seals in terms of insensity)

Wherein Bucky is the crown prince and Steve still becomes a hero.

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Imagine you’re Bobby’s daughter and Gabriel is infatuated by you

“I don’t understand why I have to come with you to help Sam and Dean. You do know I’m a fully grown adult and I can take care of myself, right?” 
“Yeah,” Bobby sighed, “it’s not you I don’t trust. It’s-”
“Me?” called a voice from the back seat that had not been there before. You giggled at the exasperated look your father had on his face while Gabriel wiggled his eyebrows.
“How’s it going sugar? Did’ya miss me?” He asked.
“Get outta my car!” Bobby said.
“Alright, alright, if you insist!” He snapped his fingers and he was gone… along with you.
“Balls.” Bobby said, knowing that you would not be returned to him until much much later.

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its upsetting that an absolute goddess like azurite is never coming back, but at least one of you is infatuated enough with the nasty gecko that we'll be seeing her again. its also upsetting that i too am infatuated with the nasty gecko, and cant wait to see her again. why have you done this to me??

yeah I’m sad as well that we won’t see Azurite anymore but at the same time…. she is so much work to draw even once ;___; that panel took FOREVER

and nasty gecko is the best description of Anglesite I have ever heard

take some year old drawings

- mimu

                                                        @aurousheiress  :  she steps on him.

          the gesticulation is abrupt, but not unexpected. if anything, it is welcomed. he meets the hardness of the floor, thrown to it like a fist. he doesn’t get the chance to breathe before she digs the heel of her geta into his upper body. the enormity of his excitement disgusted him. his face was abloom, a garden of desire, fixation, &&. startling euphoria. it was a feeling of choking tenderness, haunting erotica. he was smothered in it. strangled by the firm hands of mania. infatuated with the thought, the idea, the concept of someone crushing his skull beneath their steel toe boots. it charmed him, it aroused him.

her weight compresses his diminutive body as it is mangled beneath her. his skin is pressed into the bone, her geta sandal sinking deeper  &&.  deeper into his chest until all of her body weight is pressed onto him. he was breathless, limp, and lukewarm. he was purple. between his guttural gurgles, he chokes out to her, an attempt to speak.

                                                                          ❝      …h…harder.    ❞    

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One of the things I just fucking LOVE about your killugon fanfics is that they meet halfway. It's always consensual for both parties and it's just so good and nice and I love you for that

My favorite thing in the world is to write infatuated Gon and Killua XD I love it when they’re both so heads over heels in love with each other that they don’t know what to do with themselves haha. Give me adoring looks and blushing and stupid smiles and everything that comes with being happy just because another person exists…that’s what I want for them and what I try to convey through most of my writing!

I’m so glad you love that about my fics!!! I’m really, really happy that you picked that up ^-^ thank you for the wonderful message <3

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so what do you say about REVERSE FAIRY TALES bc i'm so into it like,,,, little mermaid au where dean is ariel and benny is eric and when eric's ship sinks he's so infatuated with this beautiful tailed sea creature that he tries his damn hardest to get to know more about them and he somehow manages to close a deal so he can breathe underwater and grows a tail and he searches for dean in the deep dark ocean bc he wants nothing more than a second glance into those beautiful green eyes (finish this)

okie Reverse Fairy Tales is the greatest idea i’ve ever heard, and i’m serious

like even from a non-fanfic point of view……holy wow

so what if the deal Eric makes with Crowley leaves him dumb (bc reverse fairy tales) and when Ariel comes to know about it she’s devastated bc she loved benny’s voice but benny says he was willing to risk it so that they could be together

meanwhile ariel is having her own issues because she doesn’t want to a mermaid she wants to be a merman and at first she’s afraid eric won’t lover her anymore, but when benny sees ariel trying to use a binder made of shells (see what i did there), he just helps her get it right and ariel almost starts to cry bc she was so afraid to be accepted by anyone that she’d hidden within this body she didn’t want and now she’s found someone ready to love him for who he is

eric even uses male pronouns for ariel when they’re alone

bUT the people think of benny as a mutant and when words spreads that he made a deal everyone begins to suspect him. and crowley, the bastard he is, spreads more rumors and instigates the people to try to kick him out

john and mary try to help them but there’s no stopping the crowd

and then ariel accidentally comes out (the gay is no problem the transgender is) and oH BOY THERE IS FIRE IN THE OCEAN

so they run away with help from Sam and Cas(they could be a ship too?? idk up to you), and find a small cave that they make their home, at the outskirts of another kingdom, which is ruled by Gilda and Charlie and all kinds of cool

on the way they meet a “good” witch Rowena who, for a “small price” i.e. ariels long red hair and a small piece off her tail, transforms her into a man

and so with a small scar on his tail, brown hair and no breasts, they make their way to the queens and introduce themselves as Dean and Benny (he changes his name to his nickname at sea bc it was a reminder of his earlier days but also of what he’s found in the sea. also he’s a sentimental teddy.) 

and Charlie and Gilda totally get it and even send a secret letter to their family telling them that they’re safe and that john and mary and sam and cas and everyone else can visit anytime, no word will get out of the refugees

and…wait for it

they live happily ever after

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canya write another religious!tyler with j bein his god? 💕

tyler’s so infatuated with josh he forgets to take care of himself sometimes so josh does for him he brushes his teeth when he’s too tired to from staying up all night to worship he washes his hair an gets him dressed an tucks him into bed singing hymns an rocking him til he falls asleep