“I went to Japan to study abroad last summer, and I had no intention of liking anyone. But then I met someone and we clicked, and we talked about things from books to science, and if aliens existed, and just—everything! I had never dreamed of having such a nice conversation with a person from the opposite sex. I was infatuated with him. It was against the rules, but I would sneak into his room. We didn’t do anything, but I was so interested in forbidden love stories. Sneaking into people’s rooms? Oh my Lord! I had only seen that in the movies. I’ve always wanted to be in a movie. It was completely out of a fairy tale.”

ShayaLonnie @shayalonnie

Oh, boy. Talk about someone deserving Fanfiction Author Appreciation. The Queen who gave us Safe Word is Devil’s Snare, Tying the Nott, Storm of Yesterday, Misplaced Moony and, lest we forget (but how could we), the utterly marvelous, longer than the bible, Debt of Time.

You, who have solidified my infatuations with Sirimione and Remione, made me a believer for Jamione and Nevmione, given me an education in certain practices (those who know what I’m talking about, I’m winking at you), and given me a love for Dorea Potter and a healthy respect for all things snakey ;)

Your writing is complicated, convoluted and intricate, but never confusing. It always makes sense and it always has a purpose - generally to reduce me to tears. You write feels as well as you write fluff, angst as well as recovery, and you tear at my heartstrings with unfailing accuracy.

I cannot count how many times I have died because of you, how many times I have given my heart to you, how many times I have been reborn like the phoenix with the next chapter, and I regret none of it. Every second of every minute of every hour I have spent glued to my phone or laptop has been utterly and completely worth it.

On top of all that, you have been an open and honest friend and counselor. You have been the epitome of courage and support, promoting self-acceptance and self-love, and not hesitating to call someone out on their bullshit when their toxicity threatens the health (mental or otherwise) of literally anyone, whether you know them personally or not.

You have been our best encouragement and our fiercest defender. Nothing positive is ever unacceptable to you, and nothing negative ever justifiable. You are a beacon of light even when you may feel like you’re flickering…

And for that, I thank you.

THE STORY SO FAR: …oh gosh, do I really have to do this? OK, fine… Viola, disguised as Cesario, with whom the lady Olivia is infatuated, is challenged to a duel by Sir Andrew, who has been egged on to do so by Sir Toby, who is a jerk. However, the duel is never fought because Antonio, the rugged seaman who is besotted with Viola’s missing twin brother, Sebastian, mistakes Cesario for Sebastian and intervenes. He’s then arrested and Viola goes back to Orsino’s court. Unbeknownst to anyone, Sebastian is happily wandering around Elyria, totally ignorant of all these goings-on.

GOT IT? I hope so, because I’m not repeating it.

“Are all the people mad here?” is probably one of my favorite underrated comedic lines from this play. It pretty much sums up what a lot of the audience is thinking at this point as well.

I’m not sure how I feel about Sebastian. Surely a true gentleman would have said something like “I’ll go with you, but you may or may not be mistaking me for somebody else and I’ve never seen you before” before accepting a strange woman’s clearly romantic invitation.

But then, all the people are mad here.

Dramatis Personae | 1.1 | 1.2 | 1.3 | 1.4 | 1.5, part 1 | 1.5, part 2 | 1.5, part 3|2.1 | 2.2 | 2.3, part 1 | 2.3, part 2 | 2.4, part 1 | 2.4, part 2 | 2.5, part 1 | 2.5, part 2 | 3.1, part 1 | 3.1, part 2 | 3.2 | 3.3 | 3.4, part 1 | 3.4, part 2 | 3.4, part 3 | 3.4, part 4 | 3.4, part 5 | 4.1

Wow, seeing how much Ichihimes are harassing ichiruki blogs and fans reminds me of the pro-Sailor Moon Crystal douche-bag fans…

Yup, just because it’s written by the mangaka himself/herself means it’s the greatest treasure in the world… -_-

Guess what, Bleach has a butchered and weak-ass ending POINT!

Orihime got her dream boy? Guess what? In life, sometimes no matter how much you love someone, some relationships are not meant to be and if anything else Orihime’s infatuation with Ichigo only made her stagnate as a character and the ending is the greatest example of it… Orihime ending as a housewife with the cliche apron housewife scene..

If we take into consideration Bleach timeline started the same as it’s starting year (2001), that would make the current ending somewhere during 2013-15 at best.

And considering Ichigo and Orihime did not date at all (not mentioning Ichigo never showed any particular sexual or romantic interest in Orihime apart from when she showed her boobs), the fact that Orihime decided to become a housewife with someone who barely showed her interest is just insulting… there’s not ‘sacrifice’ or anything we’ve talking here, this is just bad writing…

We’re not in a traditionally set universe like Naruto where its ‘get married-have children-go to work’ rule, if Orihime, the MAIN female HUMAN protagonist failed to show how the roles of females are changing, then that’s bad writing POINT!

Basically it feels like, Ichigo got depressed with his life, Orihime seduced him (like any selfish female character you find in manga) and had sex with him, got pregnant, the two had to get married and Ichigo settled with her…


“Red is such an interesting color to correlate with emotion, because it’s on both ends of the spectrum. On one end you have happiness, falling in love, infatuation with someone, passion, all that. On the other end, you’ve got obsession, jealousy, danger, fear, anger and frustration.”

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hit me with another gay ass poem i liked that one

lmao thnx dude and here ya go:

sometimes i find myself watching raindrops,
fall on my window.
maybe they’re racing,
just like my heart.

maybe it’s their way of forgetting
just like how i forget about her,
when i watch them dance.

but the blood in my veins,
race through my body.
just as the raindrops race across
my window.

and the similarity reminds me,
that i once was a star,
an atom in space like everyone else.

and i realise,
that she still is; an enigmatic star,
floating across the skies.
she never got the chance to change,
and my infatuation with the universe,
now makes perfect sense.

Meleager and Atalanta (1620-1650) was one of the very important works from Jacob Jordaens, which he proceeded to paint in two separate stages. First, around 1620, Jordaens painted the group on the right, here part of this detail, whose characteristics coincide with his early period, when his paintings were dominated by powerful and monumental figures influenced by Peter-Paul Rubens, his teacher, but also a continued mentor, as Jordaens remained for a while his leading studio artist. The figures on the left were painted on a separate piece of canvas and correspond to the artist’s late style, probably around 1640-1650. This is visible in the softer and sweeter use of light. The overall effect, with figures close to the foreground in a horizontal format, recalls the sculptural representations on friezes from classical Antiquity. The Prado Collected mythological work is well adapted to the Baroque understanding of this subject, which interprets the story of Meleager and Atalanta symbolically, as the gods’ punishment for the double murder caused by the hero’s infatuation. This mythological scene is indeed drawn from Roman poet Ovidio Nason’s Metamorphoses; texts on ancient mythology that had the greatest intellectual impact on 17th-century Flemish artists.

Unpopular opinion

I ship NaruSaku, but I’m anti ObiRin. I think it’s because I find Obito’s obsession with Rin to be borderline creepy rather than sweet and romantic…plus I think deep down I still resent him for turning into a crazy mofo over a girl and killing Naruto’s parents (because MinaKushi is probably my OTP and I have so many feels when I think about their little family had they been alive). Oh, and I have a deep-rooted love for Kakashi so I naturally wanted him to end up with someone, namely Rin.

I don’t see KakaRin as being a parallel of SasuSaku (which I don’t support) because Kakashi was ultimately a good person who cared deeply about his comrades and the village, whereas Sasuke was an arrogant arsehole who tried to kill everyone who gave a crap about him. The one trait Sakura had which I disliked was her infatuation with Sasuke; Kishimoto let that define her, everything she did was out of love for a guy who didn’t give two shits about her after he defected. To me, SasuSaku is an abusive relationship and I think Sakura deserved so much more than what Kishimoto wrote for her. She could’ve been an amazing heroine but she wasn’t given enough development and so her defining feature is her undying devotion to a sociopath.

NaruSaku and KakaRin but not ObiRin or SasuSaku. Yes, they have similarities and yes, some characters have been likened to each other in certain aspects but guess what - they’re also different people from different generations with different DNA and different circumstances. Just saying :)


Shonen Jump has always been known for not letting Majority of their Main Characters end up together. Their popular shonen manga always has a side-character who is infatuated with the main hero. 

I think it’s the nature of the magazine. A rule.

One Piece (BOA’s obsessive crush towards luffy)

YuYu Hakusho (well….not really… but keiko loves yuusuke..)

Dragon Ball (of course chichi’s infatuation with goku..)

Naruto (Hinata’s infatuation with naruto)

Bleach (Orihime’s obsession with ichi)

Prince of Tennis (well…Sakuno is a minor character obsessed with Ryona)

Death Note (..uhmm.. idk if I should add

LMAO. SO if ever Jump has a new series… know what to expect.

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choice always plays a part in love. People who say I love u and can't help it, tend to just be obsessed. They usually mean attraction and infatuation. you love what you value. People make choices based on that. Without choice, autonomy, and respect among other things, where's the foundation ? You choose to get to know someone to fall in love. Mind, body, and soul should coincide. Stelena werent just attracted to each other but their values, understanding care and respect for the other did too.

I think that you can’t help who you have feelings for but you can help what you do with them, if you love someone who does nothing but destroy who you are and who does nothing but bring you pain and sadness, you can make it a point to sever ties with that person, you can make it a point to put up boundaries, you can make it a point to put yourself and your emotional and mental well-being over a masochistic form of love. But I don’t even think DE had that kind of love anyway, so.

You’ve never known what you did to me. My body and soul hold the scars of my chaotic, self-destructive passion for you. I’m surrounded by a ghost of myself. It loved you violently, and it went with the piece of my heart that slowly, agonizingly crumbled. The void left in my heart was filled with indifferent scar tissue. The ghost never left. It haunts me with whispers of ‘what ifs’ and passing chills of long lost memories. I carry the weight of scar tissue, a haunting, and remnants of love too heavy for me. You carry a clean conscience.
—  you’re a villain who hasn’t realized his role
You have made me adore parts of a human I never even looked at before. I’ve never been so infatuated with freckles, the size of a person’s teeth, or the shape of someones calves. You have walked beside me and when you got a little bit ahead, you waited until I could catch up. We both grew as much as we could without each other, and I think were waiting for someone to get to the top of the trees where we were. I saw you, and you saw me, and we then knew we had a lot farther to go.
I keep dreaming about you. My mind is either a sinister spinner of desire or boundless revealer of truth. Your presence is so ubiquitous in my head.
—  I’m not sure if I’m haunted by what my mind has created or what could have been

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This might be a silly thing to ask about, but I'm having a hard time telling if I love this guy or if I'm just infatuated. I've tried looking up the difference between love and infatuation, but that just left me more confused because I'm kind of feeling both. Do you know of any articles or anything that might help me?

Infatuation is kind of an addictive love where one is completely carried away by unreasoning passion, and might be thinking about the person constantly. Love is a strong feeling of affection and care for another person, though that can come in different forms as well. This article might help distinguish the two.