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“One of the best moments is right here, it’s right in the middle of the show and it’s my birthday, and I’m thousands of miles away from my family. When they surprised me with a full marching band and then they brought out a huge beautiful birthday cake… I realized I’ve got family all over the world everywhere I go, cause my fans really show me their love… and I love them just as much.”

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Change your avi. This one is kinda ugly. 😅 Maybe it's the lighting...

Well damn, I’m sorry that you think my avatar is ugly. I like it so… It stays😊

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do all your favorite 21p songs?

the pantaloon- have you ever been deeply affected by a death?
Nope. I’m not the kind of person that cries and shouts when someone dies, it’s kinda ugly but… no. I feel sorry, I feel empty sometimes, but not that deep.

march to the sea- do you conform or go against standards?
Uhh, pretty much go against. In my teenage phase I was… problematic, I guess, one of those stupid anarchist angry with society and with too much questions with no one responding or comforting them. Something of this still remain in me, I’m a polemic piece of shit.

johnny boy- who in your life is a sort of unsung hero?
Raiko. Raiko is my unsung hero, my brother, my moon, my guide and he’s a soft, frail ballad about time passing by.

oh ms believer- someone in your life whom you wish was more confident in themselves?
My girlfriend. I don’t want to violet her privacy, so I’ll only say that she keeps searching problem or errors in her — when they aren’t. She’s so beautiful and warm, so sweet and complete, she’s a quiet dawn at the beginning of a good day.

before you start your day- what song helps you feel confident?
Neon tiger & Spaceman by the killers, at the moment, and simple math by Manchester Orchestra.

isle of flightless birds- what holds you back from reaching your full potential?
I’m a lazy piece of shit basically and I’m afraid of responsibility yeah

guns for hands- how do you redirect negative thoughts?
Oh man, I don’t even know how. I let them consume me and they made me an angry beast full of regrets. I don’t know how to control anger, basically I lay down doing nothing for hours or i wish to break stuff but I know I can’t so, and I don’t know how to control depression or simple sadness, my power over my feelings doesn’t exist at all.

holding on to you- who do you go to when you need help?
No one. I hate it when I need help, so I act like I don’t have those needs at all.

ode to sleep- are you a night owl or an early riser?
Insomnia is my best friend since I was twelve

glowing eyes- what are your dreams like?
Usually they are dark, about murders or monster or losing someone. I watch too much horrors movies even if them impress me too much.

lovely- best compliment you’ve ever received?
“You’re worth it.” My girlfriend whispered this into my ear while we made love for the first time.

trees- someone you wish you could speak to?
A ghost from my past that hates me, I guess, I don’t know

ode to sleep- have you ever asked someone for forgiveness multiple times?
Yes, in my past relationship I was really a monster, maybe even abusive, I have no words to describe how much shame I feel when I think of her. I made her feels bad so many time and so many times she forgave me, until the point she was too tired and bumped me. I hope she’s doing well.

holding on to you- do you write in cursive or print?
Cursive, it’s faster.

migraine- favorite and least favorite days of the week? why?
I hate Sundays because I work so much on those days! I love Wednesdays coz its my off day. Pretty boring motivations.

semi-automatic- something you wish you could change about your personality?
I’d love have more control over myself.

the run and go- the last person’s house you stayed at? the last person who stayed at your house
Last summer I was at my girlfriend’s house, in a little town in the south of Italy. Totally hated it.
The last person in my house… still my girlfriend, she was here one week for Easter’s holidays.

fake you out- something you seem to care about more than other people?
I care so much about respect and the pride, some people seems to have totally lost them. My mom’s used to call my “little soldier” for this.

guns for hands- the last lie you told your parents?
“Yeah, I’ll tie up my room” whoops too hot too fucking hot for even moving.

fairly local- are you typically cold or hot?
Oh god I don’t get this- uh. My body is usually very hot, even in winter, I go around in t-shirts. My character is usually really cold, even if I don’t want to.

lane boy- have you ever stood up for what you believe in?
Yes but I was a fucking stupid anarchist and I stood for the worst reasons oh my goooood too much shame, too much shame.

the judge- which is scarier, fear or what causes fear?
What causes fear. I can get over fears, but I’ll always have shivers thinking about the causes.

polarize- where do you “hide” your problems?
In the past ( sometimes nowadays, ugh ) I did and do self-harm, so I guess I hide them in my scars. Not proud of this, not happy of this, I wish I have the strength to stop but I haven’t it, so I’ll just go ahead with this.

Hey, sorry for the late reply but I like so many songs of them- also sorry for shitty English, I’m Italian and I’m bad at write in different languages. Have a nice day, sugar.

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How is calling people ugly not rude??.. I'm sorry but.. That's kinda rude too. I didn't think it was rude the post I'm sorry it made you mad but calling people rude stuff isn't helping it's being a hypocrite

i call ppl ugly bcuz of their personalities bcuz they wont leave me olone not as in theyre literally ugly lmao do u think i care enough to go through hundreds of face tags