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Look into my face, Cardinal. The face of the woman you tried to kill. Hail Holy Queen, Mother of mercy. What I did, I did solely for the interest of France! It is only because I believe you are sincere in your devotion to the country that I have decided to spare your life. France needs you and the King loves you. Your treachery would break his heart. If you ever fail your duty again, I will not be so lenient. My influence with the King is stronger than you can possibly imagine.

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Jungkook as husband please? :)

t/n: don’t take offense in anything said in this post. it’s purely my opinion and is mostly fictional because it’s all from my brain.

Jungkook would be the kind of husband that honestly, has both good and bad points.

For the good part, he’d be the type of husband who’d give you a lot of attention, even though it may not seem that way. He’d always ask for your attention, especially at times when you’re really focused on your own work, and daily living with Jungkook can get a little bit difficult to adapt to because of this. If you’re someone who gets annoyed easily when you’re being disturbed/distracted while you’re focused on your work, then Jungkook would definitely work his own way to your bad side really quick. This doesn’t mean that he’s irritating; he simply longs for your attention so he’s always popping up at the most random times. He’d still possess his childish traits, so don’t be too surprised if he suddenly stuffs his head between the gap of your arm and rib while you’re on your phone, just for the sake of grabbing your attention.

However, as much as he’d expect you to give him your attention, even when you’re busy, he’d expect you not to expect the same from him. When he’s busy, maybe working on his music or something, and you suddenly pop up asking for his attention, he can get really annoyed, depending on his mood prior to your appearance. I also don’t think that Jungkook is someone who has a very high tolerance level, so in all honesty, he can get pissed off really easily. Especially because in bangtan, he’s the youngest member, and as the youngest member, it can get really hard to try to express yourself and your emotions, so his only other avenue to release all these negative, bottled up feelings, would be on you. This doesn’t mean that he’d randomly just start barking at you for something that you did not do, but it just simply means that I believe that he wouldn’t be able to tolerate things that you do as much as he’d be able to tolerate the same act being done by say, Jimin, you know what I mean?

Arguing with Jungkook would also be a day-to-day routine at the beginning of the marriage. It can be pretty hard for him to adapt to suddenly having to live with you for a long time. In a relationship, it feels really nice and thrilling when you spend a night cuddling together ‘till the next day, but in a marriage, it can feel different. It’d be so common that even kisses become mundane, so Jungkook’s emotions can be an on and off thing too. Sometimes, he’s showering you with so much love, but at others, he’s just really moody and snappy. So in this case, he can get quite irritable and end up getting annoyed at even the most minor things. If you’re someone who isn’t flexible, and you aren’t able to pull through this phase, then honestly, it’s going to be pretty hard on you.

In terms of being a father, he’s the type of guy who’d definitely play with the kids and stuff, but very occasionally, would he contribute to changing the child’s diapers or bathing the child. It isn’t that he isn’t responsible, but rather, it’s just that he’s more reliant on his wife to do these things. He’d work hard at earning money to support the family, so he’d expect his wife to work hard at her job of being a wife, so he wouldn’t really want to involve himself in these things. Also, I personally feel he’d be a bit too lazy to do them, so yes.

To marry Jungkook, honestly, can be a very rocky road at the start. Yes, he’s a manly man and he’d love you very much, but it can sometimes still feel like you have to be responsible for him. Unlike the other members, he seems like the type who’d go out for barbecue and alcohol with his friends, leaving you alone at home at night, and if you’re not able to trust in him or be apart from him to let him have his fun times with his friends, then you’re probably not suited for him. As much as he’s adorable and lovable in the public’s eye, I think that Jungkook would actually be really different as a boyfriend and husband as compared to how we see him as our bias/idol.

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i hate that i feel so invalid around my friends

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You're really going to stop watching girl meets world because your ship isn't happening?? This is one of the best shows on diseny right now, It teaches life lessons, family lesson & it may be cancelled. Can you please just get pass the ships

Its not just “my ship isn’t happening” for why I’m not watch girl meets world after True Maya…that is a reason but its not the only read. I’m not watching GmW after TM because:

Riley, a character that i honestly loved, has been awful to the point where i don’t even like her anymore.

Maya, a big reason i stuck with the show for as long as i did, is getting bullshit storylines ( this entire identity crisis story they gave Maya is a cop out of lucaya, sends a bad message & ruins amazing character development for maya)

Other characters, mainly Riley, using Maya’s life as a punchline for a joke

The way they tore down shawn & Angela for shawn & katy…which i did like but honestly can’t root for anymore cause i hate what they did to shawn & angela

I can’t sit through rucas (boring) & joshaya (age thing = creepy)…i can’t do it & you can’t make me

I know the show is about riley’s & maya’s friendship but considering i don’t really like like riley right now it’s hard for me to care about their friendship

Every lesson this show tries to teach ….Is like me watching sesame street i already know my abc’s & 123’s…i know peer pressure is bad. I know art is important. I know being yourself is more important than what other people think…I’ve been through these growing pains already.

I didn’t start watching girl meets world till that episode where Maya was mad at Lucas for calling her a short stack of pancakes & riley for not defending her & even then that was cause my younger cousins were watching it. The show didn’t have my undivided attention until yearbook…. If you notice those were two very maya & lucaya heavy episodes

I can’t say i was one of those mighty people who started gmw for the family lessons & the girls friendship…cause i’m not…i started for the spunky blonde girl & cause i liked the spunky blonde girl with the handsome blonde boy.

Now i don’t want the show to get cancelled & i honestly hope that doesn’t happen but I’m not going to sit through something i’m not enjoying anymore…

Here’s a lesson i learned that i’m applying now “No reason to stay, is a pretty good reason to go” so after Girl meets true Maya…I’m going

idk how often, if at all, this will come up, but !! keep the trivializing/mocking of scott’s phobia to a minimum, please !! mocking/exploiting phobias is heavily rooted in ableism, and as someone with two intense phobias myself, it makes me uncomfortable !!

i haven’t said anything about this on mickey, but that’s for good reason–mickey is portrayed as a good character, albeit a pathetic one, and people rarely say anything about his phobias. however, because scott was an antagonist, i know people (both in the show and in the fandom) tend to make his phobia into a joke.

i understand that for a lot of your muses, mocking his phobia is completely ic, and i’m fine with them doing so, as long as you recognize that they’re being ableist !! his bad actions don’t excuse the issue behind others making fun of his legitimate fear.

swiftrecords replied to your post “And if Calvin has written the song it would be of course broken as…”

Honestly at this point I find it hard to believe he has any more info to share and shock us with that he hasn’t already (passive aggressively) said through comments on social media; so idk if i even care

oh yeah i totally agree, that’s why it’s so funny to me that he’s continuing to drag it out. for someone who hated the media attention during their 15 month relationship he sure seems to be loving it now!

lmao at the non vegan who tried to call me out for driving a car using ‘fossil fuels’ and buying a book that 'hundreds’ of trees 'died’ for like really? Your gonna sit there calling me out on my 'bullshit’ when your doing nothing at all?? About anything?? I could go on but honestly I think my point has been made

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Also some guy in Cali already made a new Cali bullet button thing that circumvents the recent law changes there. The mad genius.


But honestly that state has reached the point where massive non-compliance in protest is needed

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Do you know why Bob is so pissed about the others? Because they kicked him out or do you know more details?

According to Bob himself (on Twitter - I don’t personally know him; I’m just a fangirl from Ireland) he was “kicked out” which may have something to do with it. I don’t know any more details than what is on
I know I’m running this page but I think that the person who wrote that has a point though. I honestly think most of those tweets were simply for attention because - I know he left/got kicked out/whatever but - even when he was part of the band he was forgotten an awful lot and I kinda feel sorry for him.
Bob joined MCR later than the rest so he was kind of an outsider, they were all used to being My Chemical Romance and then he came in. Once he’d had a taste of fame I don’t think he wanted to lose it, even if it meant being mean to try and get noticed. Also what someone posts on social media isn’t always an accurate reflection of who they are as a person. Watching interviews and stuff - not that Bob really said much - he came across as a fairly nice guy. I get that he’s probably bitter about MCR and the members, anyone would, but that doesn’t mean he should be obnoxious.
It also doesn’t mean that people should photoshop him out of pictures, okay so maybe he’s not part of the band any more and kind of a jerk, but that doesn’t mean you should chop him out of pictures of the band. He WAS part of the band and they chose him for a reason (well they got rid of him for a reason too, but that’s irrelevant), so I think they should just leave him in the picture or choose one where he’s not in it anyway.

The fact still stands that no one really knows exactly why Bob left except those involved. Bob said he was going to tell but then legal things interjected and he wasn’t allowed to. I know what Bob did and I’m still here. Bob is an integral member of the MCR I fell in love with and no matter what he does - or any of them do - I will always be here for them.

Sorry for not being much use ~ Seth

theres that neozine going around but honestly if it has 2 b sfw whats the point. i want a zine called “neopets made me a furry” about formative sexual experiences located & mediated thru neopets

honestly i got introduced to everything sexual that i was into as a teen thru neopets and it was a rly safe and pretty positive thing. my current like, maladaptive alters ive had since i was 16ish in dif incarnations and they were both originally based on neopets. writing gay smut w other trans boys-to-be, that happened cus of neopets… from ages 12-17 my characters became like, increasingly anthro, then kenonomimis, then eventually fully human lol… now theyre all furries again yay!