[Kim Jongin voice] Do Kyungsoo??? nah what a nerd what a— [trips] [hundreds of thousands of photos of kyungsoo spill out of jacket] w-what a fuckign asshole i— these arent mine im just [gathering them up frantically sweating] listen i just listen fuck [thousands of pictures of kyungsoo scatter across the floor] shit fcuk im holding them for a friend jus t listen

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An ISFJ and an INFP in a relationship?

Okay. I’m going to try to get back into this. *Crack knuckles* *Cracks back* *Cracks neck* *Cracks ear bones and shit*

Let’s do it.

INFP stretches and takes off her headphones with a satisfied smile, gets up from her computer and quietly enters the hallway from his workspace. Walking toward the centre of the house, she passes ISFJ who is walking in the opposite direction carrying a basket of laundry to another room.


ISFJ: ^o^

INFP: *Double takes*

INFP: Wait, what??

ISFJ: *Stops in tracks*

ISFJ: What… er, what is it?

INFP: I didn’t…

INFP: How long have you been here?


ISFJ: Are you…


ISFJ: INFP, I spent the night.

ISFJ: We spent the night together.

ISFJ: You… it was your idea.

INFP: *Gazes off in the distance, trying to remember*


INFP: Are you sure?

ISFJ: ?? ???? ?? W  hat? 

ISFJ: Yes! I’m very sure!

INFP: Hmm…

INFP: I don’t know, I feel like that was a few days ago.


INFP: Oh, hey, laundry!

ISFJ: Oh, goodness.

INFP: Whose is that?

ISFJ: Mine. I did yours a little earlier.

INFP: Oh awesome!

INFP: *Gives ISFJ an excited kiss*

INFP: You’re the best, thank you!


ISFJ: Heh, wow, yeah, of course!

ISFJ: It’s no problem, really!

ISFJ: I’m– glad you appreciate all of that, and I’m not just doing it for, nothing, I guess.

INFP: No, yeah, totally. I have such a hard time doing things like that because I get so easily preoccupied with other things. I don’t know how you do it.

ISFJ: Haha, yes, I know, INFP. But I like helping you!

INFP: Hey, you know what, since you’re here today,

ISFJ: (I swear to you I always was. OTL)

INFP: Do you want to go somewhere and do something today?

ISFJ: Um. Well, I hadn’t really planned on it but, okay.

ISFJ: Where do you want to go? c:

INFP: *Shrugs*

INFP: I don’t know yet!

INFP: We’ll figure it out, though. If you think of anything let me know!

ISFJ: Oh, goodness. Okay, yes, I’ll help you figure something out, haha.

INFP: *Spontaneously remembers what he drew for ISFJ on his computer*

INFP: I’m going to find something to eat, but hey, I did something cool to my computer! It’s on right now, you should check it out.

ISFJ: For sure. :)

ISFJ continues down the hall, leaving INFP and sets the basket down in the bedroom. Afterwards, ISFJ shifts to the next room over to look at INFP’s computer. On the screen is a cartoon-esque, autumn landscape with a small piece of writing at the bottom that read “You’re always bright just like the sun, and yet, somehow, even that holds no candle to you.”

Fun fact: I head-cannon INFPs as dorky (possible even cheesy), hopeless romantics.

A Touchy Subject

AN: Originally it was supposed to be a blurb about a curvier girl (because that’s what I can relate to) but it’s been sitting around in my drafts so long that I changed it so it wasn’t so specific about the insecurities. Anyway while I was doing this I realized that I don’t write nearly enough about Luke so if anyone has any ideas, hit me up.

Calum opened his eyes feeling you wiggle against his chest. Nope, false alarm, you were still asleep. Calum was a little curious as to why he had never seen you naked despite all the other ways the two of you had gotten intimate.

When the two of you were having sex you always requested that the lights be turned off and the blinds be closed. And when you asked that in the heat of the moment it wasn’t exactly easy for Calum to say no. You could probably ask him if he wanted to buy a timeshare in Hawaii or convert religions while the two of you had your hands all over each other and he’d agree just to move things along. Ever since you had been staying over at Calum’s you had woken up before him and gotten dressed in your clothes from the night before while Calum was still dreaming. Well tonight, he was determined to change that. He had pulled an all-nighter to finally be able to catch a glimpse of your body in all its glory. Calum felt you yawn and your body lengthen as you stretched.

“Good morning, darling” Calum mumbled into your ear.

“Morning, Cal” you were a little disappointed that you weren’t able to wake up earlier to get ready. “Um, can you get me some water.” You were hoping that he would go into the kitchen which would leave you just enough time to grab your clothes and toiletry bag and run into the bathroom to get dressed and apply some makeup. Often times it occurred to you how strange it was that you were so insecure about your body when Calum was so comfortable with his.

“Here you go” Calum said handing you a mug of water from the bedside table. He was starting to get impatient. All he really wanted to do was to throw the duvet on the floor and take his time exploring your body.

“Thanks,” you reply before taking a long sip of water.

You realized that you were probably squishing him so you tried to discreetly peel your body off of his. “Where are you going?” Calum inquired.

“Back to the other side of the bed; I don’t want to squish you.”

Calum made grabby hands trying to get you back to his side of the bed. “I like having you squish me.”

You were trying to make a makeshift dress out of the duvet. In the movies the girls always looked so cutely disheveled when they did it. After catching your reflection in the mirror beside the bed, you realized your ‘dress’ made you look like Lumpy Space Princess from Adventure Time. You could only wish to be as confident as she was.

“[Y/N], I don’t want you to feel bad about your body. I think it is wonderful.” Calum said earnestly. “Well at least what I’ve seen of it. Besides, what’s the worst that could happen if I see you naked?”

“Well you could be so disgusted that you renounce your participation from civil society and instead decide to live off the land in the middle of nowhere which would mean 5 Seconds of Summer would need a new bassist and it will be all my fault.” You doubted that the replacement the boys found would be anywhere near as cute as Calum.

Calum struggled to keep a straight face. “Yeah…I don’t think that’s going to happen.” Calum traced lazy patterns around your shoulders. “You know I pulled an all-nighter just so I could catch you before you woke up.”

“You really wanted to see me naked that badly?” With the way Calum was looking at you, you couldn’t remember why you were ever insecure in the first place.

Calum nodded and you crawled out from under the blanket and all the things you had been worried about didn’t seem like such a problem anymore.

Calum was speechless, opting to use his hands instead. He couldn’t get over how radiant your skin looked, like it was almost glowing in the early morning sunlight. it kind of turned him on that you were letting him see you in a new way. He grabbed your body and placed you back on top of him, the position the two of you were originally in when the morning first started.

You spoke up, interrupting Calum’s play session with your boobs. “I have an idea.”

“What is it darling?” Calum asked as you rolled over so you were face to face.

You leaned up so you could whisper in his ear. “Well… I’m naked, you’re naked…’

Calum grabbed your hips and moved them closer to his so you could feel how hard he was. “I like where this is going.”

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how about chef derek and baker stiles that hate each other but were hired to work at a 3 month cruise and only realized they had to work together (in the cramped kitchen) after the ship sailed?

this very quickly got out of control and ended up way too long. I had to stop myself from making it any longer tbh

also on AO3!

The kitchen was small, cramped, and Derek already missed his own kitchen back in town. His kitchen was at least big enough to fit a whole crew of people - they were four, it counted as a crew - while this kitchen was barely big enough for himself, let alone a whole other person.

As he bend down to open up the cardboard box of pots and pans he had brought along - because there was no way he was going to use someone else’s - he kind of hated Erica a little bit.

Hated her for convincing him to agree to do this dumb job on a dumb cruise. He didn’t even like the ocean, why was he there? Oh right, “because it’s great promotion for your restaurant and you need to get out more, Derek,” as Erica had said while she emptied his closet into a suitcase.

She didn’t have to make breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, and various other small meals for a whole cruise full of hungry people for three months straight. She just had to bring it out to them, that was easy. Derek had to make all of it, all the while sharing his kitchen space with some baker the cruise had hired.

Derek was putting a pan into one of the cabinets in the far end of the kitchen, when the door behind him got pushed open, and someone walked inside.

“Oh wow!” whoever had entered exclaimed, and… Derek knew that voice.

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My PERSONAL problems with IchiRuki Fanfiction.

This has been in my drafts for a long while and I’ve finally decided to post it. It sure cracked me up.
I was such an avid IchiRuki fanfiction reader, heh.

I’ve probably read enough IchiRuki fanfiction to swamp the titanic. As such, I’ve come across the usual horribly written, grammar deprived, plotless, and cliched fanfiction. Oh, don’t get me wrong, there are a few well-written golden fics, lots of fluffy oneshots that make your insides squeal with glee, and the occasional sad fic that will make you hate and love the author for making you cry.

But there are some things most authors lack or forget, and hence, I’m addressing them. Let the nitpicking begin.

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i need your help!

hey guys! 

i posted a review on my blog, and i know that most of my followers are Sherlock bloggers, but i would really appreciate it if you spread the word? i know I’ve handled this sarcastically in the past, but this blog is the break i need to get me into the world of publishing, which has been my dream for an incredibly long period of time. 

i have people who do look at my blog regularly, but its not enough to get me noticed by a publishing company, and theres not enough people spreading the word. 

since i was little, I’ve always wanted to be a writer, and I’ve always wanted to be an editor (the person who reads drafts and sends the author lists of things to change), and one of the big ways of getting into this career is through a successful blog. i could intern at a publishing house, but i live too far away from all of them and i don’t have the funds needed to stay in a big city for a long time while i intern, so instead of asking you all for money, all i want you to do is spread the word. 

even if you’re not a fan of reading or books, if you could just reblog this post or mention to someone that i have a blog and I’m trying to reach my dreams. i would be forever in your debt! it isn’t costing you anything, and it will only take you two seconds to reblog this post with a link to my blog, and hopefully it will reach plenty of people who are able to help me achieve my dreams. 

so, my blog is at teaandbookreviews on wordpress, and it is my pride and joy. i review books that have already been released and sometimes ARCS (advanced reader copies) that i receive from netgalley and very occasionally publishers, and i also do tags. 

thank you so much in advance, and if i ever do reach my dreams, ill be sure to thank each and every one of you in the acknowledgements of my first book.