* ˙ ˖✶ nicknames (mostly gender-neutral!)

under the cut you’ll find #62 cute nicknames in alphabetical order! i primarily made this for otps to call each other but it could work for friends, siblings, or for a parent to a child. whatever works for ya! some of them are a little silly but i’ve heard pretty much all of them used in media or in real life, so take your pick. please like/reblog if you are rph or found useful.

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what ur fav 80s band says about u
  • Mötley Crüe: drugs dont make u cool but sucking my dick does lolololllol
  • Poison: probably v gay. passion 4 fashion. #nohetero
  • Bon Jovi: nice. too nice. probably some fake ass hoe
  • Def Leppard: super sweet. probs downed a bottle of happiness once. friend material
  • Hanoi Rocks: all that hairspray wont help u fix ur problems
  • Guns N' Roses: *stares into the sun* *sun stares back* im gonna fight the sun
  • L.A Guns: ur trying way 2 hard. chill yo ass
  • Skid Row: beautiful n nice. a gift from god probably. äêsthétîc
  • W.A.S.P.: u probably wanna fuck ur dads sisters hamster or smth. gross d00d
  • Cinderella: sweet n nice. likes flowers n animals. pukes rainbows probably.
  • Metallica: only friends with u to hang out w ur dog. probably steals ur beer too
  • Megadeth: ur way bitter about smth........... chill out

The first year was absolutely unbearable. Every time I saw or heard your name, I fell apart. I couldn’t listen to music without my throat swelling up. The aching pain in my heart was constant. Everything reminded me of you. I thought drinking heavily with my anti-anxiety medication would help me cope. It didn’t. I don’t remember much. It was all a blur of careless laughter followed by intense moments of sobbing and self-harm.

The second year, it started getting slightly better. I taught myself how to play our favorite song even though I knew you’d never hear me play it. I quit using anti-anxiety meds and hard liquor. I still had days when I refused to believe I would never see or touch you again, but I was starting to grow accustomed to letting go. I had a lot of dreams about you. They began turning into nightmares as my brain finally allowed itself to process and accept how toxic we were for each other in the end.

The third year, I still have dreams about you. I forget most of them, but the ones I remember make me think and dream about you for a week straight. I’ll think of an inside joke sometimes and just laugh while shaking my head. I don’t feel like dying anymore when I hear your name, our songs, or when I see our favorite movies on TV. I still wish you a happy birthday even though you’ll never hear it or realize I even remembered or cared.
I’m finally accepting you’ll always be a part of me, so I’d better stop hurting myself over it and move on.

—  My healing process

The best day of filming was when we went to the children’s hospital. It just made me realise that I’ve been given this opportunity to play a superhero, so I should try and be one in real life and go see these kids and make a difference. […] And that kind of stuff I’m really passionate about, and it means a lot to me to try and help the kids and I think that was the best day I had.


A/N: Ahh. So here is the Renee Young fic I promised you all. I think I wrote the first 400 words over about 3 days, and the last 15000 words I’ve written since 8PM tonight. I hope I did your request justice, my lovely anon! 
Plot: Renee is dating WWE wrestler (Y/N), and the draft has been announced, leading them both to be worried about seperation. When the draft finally comes, (Y/N) is drafted to Raw, and they are seperated, but a few months later, (Y/N) comes up with a plan from the help of Daniel Bryan and Shane Mcmahon, to surprise her girlfriend by being Smackdown Live’s first trade from Monday Night Raw. 
Tag List: @margotobbie @wwetrashqueen @hardcorewwetrash @kurominonsense @asharcher

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Shoutout to @elletromil for being the most amazing writing partner. Not only does she come up with the most gorgeous scenes, but she deals with my constant barrage of questions and helps dig me out of the holes I stick myself in.

If any of you are so privileged as to get the opportunity to write with her, take it. This has been the best experience, and I’m so extremely proud of the fic we’re putting together.

14k+ words, darling, and we’ve finally gotten everyone in the same damn room!

New Poem

I’ve been writing a lot of poems over the past 6 or 7 months to exorcise some of the darkness and unanswered questions of my last relationship which, after 5 years, ended very suddenly and with more insane drama than I care to ever see again.

I guess writing these has been a way of closure and this new one especially has been helpful. After the worst/most vivid nightmare of my adult life (one that I still feel every day since it happened) I was able to get some closure. This is a draft of that piece. 

Circadian Closure

I knew this wasn’t real.

Even as I looked at you in the foyer
of my childhood home,
Several thousand miles away
we couldn’t be here.
This place with all its old world crafting
and hidden nooks.

A place that so often called my name,
drawing me back,
and now you were here too, both of us

After passion fused once more we lobbed
all those things at each other we would never
get to say. We spewed venom
without care, the way, maybe,
it should have gone in the end.
The wood panelling, carved with my name
and height, creaked and groaned in the
silences between our ire.

At the end of it we are outside, standing in front
of my grandfather’s toolshed, it’s roof
sagging from age and snowfall.
You shield yourself from the cold,
fresh flakes landing in your hair.

You said goodbye as you stood at the car we shared,
surrounded by snowbanks, but I didn’t answer you.
I turned barefoot, and began to walk
down the street that remained exactly
as I had remembered, to the stop light.

Across the road was the woodline. Silvered bark in
moonlight lay ahead, inviting me in.
The green went to red and I turned and watched you
get into the driver seat. 

As fresh powder crunched underfoot and I entered
the trees, I thought about the car covered in snow
and as I disappeared into the darkness,
I thought you wouldn’t be going anywhere soon. 

Do you see this ghoul man. He loved the pre-war radio show Silver Shroud so much that he asks you to go get the silver shroud costume so he can complete his crime fighting detective cosplay and go dispense justice like his favorite TV hero. Even though you end up wearing the costume and becoming Silver Shroud, Kent does so much to help He runs a channel on the radio and basically does #callout posts and you go doxx the villains in their own territory. Then he gets captured and tortured (why would you hurt him first of all) and if you save him he sounds so upset bc he got more than he bargained for and he just wants to go home. You can use your best silver shroud voice and convince him to keep up the good work and then he gives you this dopey ass happy really-believes-in-you-as-a-person smile and it kills me I’m already crying looking at this picture

Kent is the reason dear hearts and gentle people plays on the radio. Kent is the reason I am going to make the wasteland a better place