The Point of Math

Another fic about Daisuke and his struggles with math (and Dark being helpful again hehe). This time it’s about graphs. It’s sort of a standalone companion piece, not really meant to be a sequel or anything.

This one has been in my drafts since the start of April… uwah, almost 4 months now?! Well, here you go at last~

(By the way, I’m about as horrible at math as Daisuke is. So… sorry if the concept isn’t as well executed as I wish it were!)

Summary: Daisuke doesn’t really get the point of math, so Dark tries to teach him.


“Okay, so… now that I have these equations, I can use them to figure out the points I need to plot, and…”

“Check your negatives.”

Daisuke frowned and made a sound of frustration, glaring at his mirror off at the side before going back to his homework to do as the voice in his head had suggested.

“You could’ve said something earlier,” he grumbled irately.

“You should make it your own habit to check your work,” Dark replied smugly.

Daisuke huffed. “That’s the last thing I expected to hear from a guy who’s always so confident he’ll get stuff right the first time,” he rolled his eyes.

I don’t need to check my work because I know what I’m doing. You, on the other hand, still got a long way to go before you reach my level of skill.” His head mate chuckled, “Seriously, Dai, we’ve been through this. I’ve literally taken this class like seventeen times.”

Daisuke grumbled again, pausing after he fixed his equations and waiting for Dark to make a comment. When he made none, he continued onto the next problem, which was figuring out where to plot the points on a graph.

He drew his axis across the page, mumbling, “What’s the point of taking it so many times? I don’t even get the point of taking it once. And this stuff is hard–seriously, when are we ever going to need this outside of a classroom?”

“You’re seriously asking that? I thought artists used graphs all the time.” Dark seemed a little incredulous, “Also, you got the X and Y coordinates mixed up there, that one’s in the negative quadrant.”

The redhead sighed and erased the dot he had made, trailing his pencil across the page to find the correct spot on the opposite side of the axis. “Okay, but even if I use graphs for art, what’s the point of all the equations and coordinates? I doubt I’ll ever be making lines like those in my work…”

“You never know.” Dark mentally shrugged, falling silent in thought.

Daisuke only got a few other pointers from Dark, and when he finished he threw his pencil down with a relieved cheer. “Yes! Done!”

“Great, now we can prepare for the heist tonight.” Dark grinned, “Hey, let me take over for a sec.”

Daisuke blinked, but conceded, and a few moments later, Dark was sitting at the desk, pulling out a blank piece of graph paper from Daisuke’s notebook. With a somewhat amused grin, he started drawing a map in the one quadrant of the page, and Daisuke immediately recognized it as the floor plan of the museum.

“Dark? What are you doing?” The boy asked in confusion, and Dark could see him tilting his head in the mirror.

“Preparing. You wanna do it instead?” Dark offered, leaning his head on his hand as he finished drawing the upside-down U-shaped building.

“What’s the point of drawing the floor plan?” Daisuke wondered.

“Here, you can finish it.” Dark said suddenly, and before Daisuke could register what was going on, he was back in control.

“Huh?” He blinked, still confused.

“Just listen to me, okay? I am the master phantom thief here.” Dark waved his hand dismissively, “So you know they just changed the displays because of the new exhibit, right? So the floor is going to be different from the last time we were there. Luckily, Emiko told me where everything is–but it would help to have a visual.”

“O… okay?” Daisuke’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion, but he somewhat understood the thief’s reasoning.

“Okay, just mark the places on the map. From the entrance, there’s the lobby and then three wings–west, north, and east, but you can’t get to the west from the lobby. I already drew that for you. Do you know the dimensions of the rooms?” Dark inquired curiously.

“The west and east wings are each sixteen feet squares, the north is a little wider than both combined but the same length.” Daisuke shrugged.

“Okay. In the east wing, there are two displays–one is about ten feet from the lobby entrance and three feet from the wall. The other one is about the same distance from the entrance but in the opposite corner.” Dark said, “Draw that on the map.”

“Whatever you say.” Daisuke marked the areas on the drawing after guessing where the approximate location would be based on the scale of the map. “But our target is in the west wing, Dark.”

“I know, which is why we’re entering from the east.” Dark nodded, “Knowing the cops, they’ll be all over that wing and the north wing, since that’s the only place you can get to the west wing from.”

“Got it,” Daisuke nodded, “so after we enter through the east, we’ll get into the lobby and then head to the north?”

“Yeah. There are five displays in the north wing–it’d be good to know them so we don’t trip over them or something in the escape.” Dark said, “The first one is directly in front of the entrance, about eight feet in.”

“They didn’t change this exhibit right?” Daisuke commented, marking the place on the map, “If I recall correctly, the displays are placed in symmetrical places around the room from the entrance point…”

“Okay, so if I told you one was about twelve feet into the room and six to the left, and the other was three feet into the room and nine to the right, you could figure out where the other two are?” Dark chuckled, though Daisuke didn’t understand what he found so amusing. Was he underestimating Daisuke?

“Of course,” he pouted, marking four new displays on the map, “what do you take me for?”

“A thief in training. Emphasis on in training.” Dark snickered, continuing before Daisuke had a chance to protest. “The west wing has only one display–that’s our target. Directly in front of the entrance, it’s about ten feet in.”

“Okay, so we know where everything is now,” Daisuke set the pencil down and looked down at the somewhat small map, “so, what’s the plan? Are we going to use this to map our escape route, or…”

“Nah, we’re not going to use this at all. I just wanted you to do it,” Dark grinned triumphantly at his host from the mirror, and Daisuke sputtered in confusion.

“Wh–what? Why?”

“You said you didn’t think you were going to apply that graph stuff you just learned outside of the classroom. But you just did.” Dark replied nonchalantly, his grin widening.

“What… I… huh?” Daisuke looked back at the map in confusion.

Dark laughed. “Give me your hands for a sec.”

Daisuke blinked as Dark took temporary control, drawing two long lines–one went straight through the north wing entrance, and the other went right along the wall separating the east wing and the north. Both lines intersected in the lobby.

Suddenly Daisuke realized that the marks for the displays were almost directly on top of the blue grid lines underneath the map.

“Grant it, I could’ve made it harder for you, but you get the point right?” Dark laughed, “Next time I ought to make you graph escape routes.”

Daisuke stared at the map, then at his other self, then back at the map, surprise coloring his cheeks. “I… oh. I guess I kind of see your point.”

“And you didn’t do too badly either, kid!” Dark smirked, “You didn’t even mess up this one. But then again, stuff comes easier when it’s applicable.”

“Wow,” Daisuke blinked, “I guess that is kind of cool…”

“Math is in a lot of places, Dai. Even if you can’t see it all the time,” Dark shrugged. “You might not see a point to it right away, but… like I just showed you. You never know when you’ll be using it.”

Daisuke shook his head and sighed, smiling in exasperation.

“Okay, okay, I get it. That still doesn’t change that math is my worst subject.”