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This has probs been said already

Ok so i am so down with the idea that Glossayrk knows (I guess knew because he’s dead now) everything that will be and what will happen.

I haven’t seen people point this out, and if they have it’s to joke about it.
But at the point after the meeting where everyone tells Moon she has to make a choice about the war she goes back to her room and talks to Glossayrk.
Glossayrk of course is in the book wallowing and crying over the late Queen. He just cries to the point that Moon realizes that she’s not gonna get any help from him. With that he flips the pages around and they land on Eclipsa’s chapter.
Now I’m not saying Glossayrk didn’t care for the Queen, but this whole scene was a set up. A set up for Moon to go see Eclipsa and make the deal.
This leading to everything that would transpire later on.

Let’s go onto another scene, the scene where Ludo burns the book. During this whole scene Glossayrk was trying to burn or roast that pudding on a stick.
It takes him a while but in his last attempt, he’s talking to Toffee.
“Ya know even though I knew this was gonna happen, it’s still a surprise.”
something along the lines of that and then immediately his little pudding creations comes out the way he wanted.

Later in the scene with Star and the soup. He’s telling her to eat the soup. She starts yelling at him about how he betrayed her.
And then he says something that stuck me
“I’m sorry you saw it that way.”

I’m sorry you saw it that way.
Glossayrk this entire time was making sure to do everything he could to make sure what cosmic plan there was to unfold. No matter how he came off as lazy or uncaring it was all apart of his plan.

If he came off as more caring and sensitive to everyone there would be conflict with Stars emotions in that scene and she would have probably eaten the soup.
But because he came off uncaring, and insensitive it gave Star the fire and spite to disregard Glossayrk and dip into the soup and retrieve the new unicorn for the wand.

I’m pretty sure that’s a thing that you’ve gotta do on your own without having someone guide you.
Everything Glossayrk did was to ensure that Star make the decision herself to Dip Down into the soup thus bringing about her Butterfly form and destroying Toffee.

I dunno these are just my thoughts.

New Story Idea

Ordinary (working title): Sierra isn’t a superhero, but she plays one on TV. Unfortunately, the alien ship that picks up the channel while searching for a new place to live is full of refugees from a race that doesn’t have a concept of fiction. They decide that Sierra’s super-powered alter ego is exactly the hero they’ve been looking for, and abduct her to take her back to their world and defeat the corrupt government that forced them out.