The Signs as Basic Art Styles
  • Impressionism:Visually-based colors, real-world scenes, feathery textures are common. Paint is sometimes applied thick. - Virgo, Scorpio
  • Expressionism:Emotionally driven colors and distortions of form are common. More concern is placed on conveying an emotion than making the subject look realistic. - Cancer, Taurus, Aries
  • Surrealism:Some real objects, some not. Usually arranged or depicted unnaturally. Irony, metaphors, realistic colors and hallucinations are common subject matter. - Aquarius, Sagittarius
  • Abstraction:Abstraction is identified by distorted, vague, or irregular representations of real objects. Simplified forms and shapes are common. Real and unrealistic colors. - Capricorn, Libra
  • Abstract:Abstract work involves lines, shapes, and colors that don't depict real objects. Work can be messy, clean, feathery, splattered, spilled, accidental. - Pisces, Gemini, Leo
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