So I recently quit my job and I have my reasons of course I did it the proper way if anyone ever quits a job please do it the proper way unless you have reasons you have to be out that day due to some type of mistreatment or abuse or harassment…
Anyways I didn’t notice or realize how much better I’ve felt since then I’ve made more discoveries about myself I’ve also been realizing my job made me a better person because I’m not as scared to ask for help or just get things done the right way and I don’t neglect everything I do now I actually take pride in a lot of my projects for school this week everything has been done very well my grades have improved(yay!) I also admit that I’ll miss my job just the slightest it’s just because my coworkers were very kind. Anyways the way I’ve been thinking has changed dramatically as well I am happy to finally start feeling okay I know I’ll never be cured but at least I know right now I’m trying. I’ve also got a new journal it’s beautiful I got it mostly because my doctor says I need to write things out more so I do try to…. Usually I’m 100% disgusted by myself and life whenever I’m going through a cycle (girl stuff is rough) but I feel healthy right now and I couldn’t be more happy I’m going to keep trying to loose weight which is good because dang do I need to a lot of people will tell me I’m not fat but it’s not you or anyone I’m trying to impress I just want to be satisfied for how I see myself and little by little that is changing I like to think of myself as a tree because trees have to go through a lot to actually grow up and be fully grown and even then people still cut their branches and what not and I dunno I’m excited to learn and see what will happen because I know I’m trying really hard to stay somewhat stable