The election is over

I feel terrible. Disgusted, horrified, genuinely afraid. Terrible for those who have it worse off than I do. But it is still over, and the results are out.

After it was called, and Hillary gave her concession speech, I did my best last night to get back to drawing. It was hard, and I honestly didn’t get much done. I felt awful on the inside and it showed. It’s hard to try to draw cute or funny things for fandom when my mind is on protecting those I care about or fleeing the country. It feels silly and a bit stupid to draw fictional people now.

I’ve seen many posts talking about how right now, it is more important than ever not to give up and put an end to creativity. That now is the time to put even more effort into creating beauty and fun and love. And I think they have a point.

This has always primarily been a fandom blog, an art blog, with a bit of personal. These past few days I’ve been spamming reblogs at a rate I never have before. But now the election is over, and it’s time to move on.

I’m not saying to turn our eyes from reality, to hide in fiction and delude ourselves. We all need to continue to do what we can to help each other, and there are still things we can do. And one thing that I personally can do, that I feel I should continue to do, is to provide art content.

Yes, it will be dumb and silly and fictional. No, it won’t make as big a political difference as phoning your candidates or volunteering. But if I can make one of you smile or giggle or think about something other than fear or anger for even a moment, I think it’s worth it.

So starting tomorrow, I’ll go back to answering fandom asks. I have a lot piled up and I’m sorry for making you wait ^ ^; I’m going to try even harder to provide content for you. It will not mean I have forgotten this election and its consequences. I’ve been very vocal about my beliefs, and the outcome of the election doesn’t change that. And remember that I’m still here for you.

I’m new to tumblr, so it’s nice to meet you! My blog will revolve around fanart based on silly ideas I come up with for the fandoms I’m currently interested in. 

Currently, Mob Psycho 100 has captured my heart, being a big fan of ONE. I just love the chemistry between Mob and Reigen! 

(I’ve always been a sucker for the classic student & teacher or “he’s not my kid but I totally do more for him than his actual parents” type of relationship.)

So yeah, that’s the gist of it. I hope you all can take some time to look at my silly doodles. I enjoy sharing my love for these fandoms and seeing other people’s share of love too! 

Man, I just gotta say it’s so weird that this blog has taken off so well. My main blog has been around since like 2010 maybe earlier and has got god knows how many posts on it and only about 400 followers. I have had a couple friends come and go through the fandoms, but overall I never got anon love or random asks. It’s like I was a silent, blank blog that just kinda put stuff out there. Then this blog. A silly little sideblog so I wouldn’t annoy my main blog followers with TONNES of Lazytown crap, has been around for like 3 ½ months and has nearly 500 followers! I get so much anon love and asks and I’m just so happy. I thank ALL of you who have been following me and talking to me and just supporting this goofy little sideblog for its short time. I love you all. And I don’t show any signs of slowing down any time soon.

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I know it’s silly but I get so offended when I see those “the Star Trek fandom lives again” posts whenever new AOS news/movies come out. Like they think we die when there’s no new content? We’ve barely even slept through decades of no new content! The Star Trek fandom has been alive and kicking since our foremothers fought the studios to keep it on air in the 70s and we haven’t stopped since. Just because a small subsection of the fandom quiets down when there’s no new content doesn’t mean the Star Trek fandom is just waiting to ~rise again~.

             OK BUT GASTERTALE

[ art/WIP by @skeledxd and thats right welcome to the best AU this fandom has produced. One where Gaster fragments are everyone.

It spawned from some skype bullshit between @judgehund @skeledxd and myself and we’ve talked about stuff like @gasteritis‘ Salty being Flowey, as illustrated here and here. Some other muses have been assigned or suggested too but I figured this post could function as a roll call of sorts for the other Gs who want in on the shenanigans? This is entirely for fun and I encourage anyone who wants in on it to suggest a character, and even draw their muse in the role :)


Kindness/Dings as Toriel aka Heartache!Gaster (pictured above)
Salty as Flowey
Wings as Alphys
Void as Undyne (this and the one above as confirmed by Ziz)
Reset as…. Burgerpants (I’m not sorry)

unofficial (aka not confirmed by the mun) suggestions so far are asterxles as Asgore and bewarethehands as Temmie (thanks blue) any maybe some others but I forget.

Any G’s who want in on this should do the thing!
edit: Also, hmu to be added to the list!

I just love how collectively as a fandom we’ve decided that if Hannibal and Will were to spend Christmas together, Hannibal would gift Will a dog

Happy Anniversary, SasuSaku Fandom!

A year has passed since we were officially canonized on panel.

Through all the sweat and tears and through all of the fights and battles we’ve had to face from rivaling ships and those people who just called us plain old fools (who picked on us, called us names, and made fun of us over the years) — we remained steadfast and strong in our belief that our ship will cross the finish line.

And even if it has been a year since that day, this silly shipper still can’t help but smile whenever she thinks about her precious SSS babies.

So congratulations to all of my fellow shippers who stuck with me and remained loyal to our amazing ship. This day marks our first anniversary!

MC Appreciation Week: F.A.Q.

Okay there has been a few asks sent my way, and a few tags indicating that there’s a bit of confusion on what I meant in my original post, so I’m going to clarify a few things related to the MC Appreciation Week.

The MC:
One of the biggest things is that people seem to be confused as to what I mean by the MC. Which can sound a bit silly, but I don’t fault them for being confused. This week is basically meant to celebrate the main character of whichever Voltage game you want. This can be the MC Voltage gives us, or one that you created.
Example - I have five MCs posted on my OC page. Some follow what Voltage has given us, while some have different backgrounds and personality traits. I could choose to talk about one of them on any given day, or I could talk about the general MC we see in game.

The Days:
I’ve gotten several questions about what certain days mean. I was planning on making a post about it next week (which would also serve as a reminder of the events coming up) but I can do it here and now.

Dates: June 21-27

Day 1- Introducing Your MC
Tell us about your MC. What’s their name? Where are they from? What do they look like? What brought them to the events that start off the game they’re in? Anything you want to tell us about them, do it.

Day 2- After the Super Happy Ending
There’s only so much Voltage can show us after our MC gets together with their guy of choice. Some games we never get to see what happens beyond the first season. So, this is your chance to tell us what happens after the credits roll. Does the MC get married to her guy? Do they have kids? What does life bring for our heroine?

Day 3- Favorite Quote
This one speaks for itself. What is your favorite quote given by the MC?

Day 4- MC and Friends
This is your chance to tell us about the relationship the MC has with other characters. Does your KBtBB MC get along with Eisuke? Does your PiL MC love Alan’s attempts to woo her? Does the MFW MC think Saeki is a complete weirdo? You can talk about her love interest here as well.

Day 5- Favorite Scene
Just like Day 3, tell us what your favorite scene involving the MC is.

Day 6- What if?
On this day, we’re going into AU territory. What would happen if your MC replaced the MC a different game? How would the BMP MC handle being sold at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party? Would she pick the same type of guy that she went for in her game?

Day 7- Anything You Want
Did I not cover something you want to talk about? Do it here. Perhaps you want to make a post about fancasting your MC and her love interest. Or you want to share a song that you relate to the MC. As long as it is showing the MC love, you can do it :D

As I said before, you can tackle the topic of the day however you wish. Fic, graphic, fanart, fanvids, or even your own music.  It does not matter. You don’t have to stay with the same MC the entire time either. You can talk about the MFW MC during Day 1 and then go to the SitS MC on Day 2. 

If there are any other questions, or if I need to clarify something, do not hesitate in sending me an ask. I promise I won’t bite (unless you like that sort of thing). And thank you to everyone who has shown interest in this. I greatly appreciate it <3