@germankillua blocked me because I posted some random headcanon/wishverse that didn’t gel with comic canon (because you know, no one has ever done that with a silly post especially ranting about the show’s poor treatment of the characters and the good lord knows comic canon has never changed or been retconned beyond recognition. Nope. Not once not never). 


Fandom, do better.

anonymous asked:

i dont understand what the big deal is with uploading dances without permission. if someone asks you not to or asks you to take it down then fine, but what is the harm in uploading a dance because you enjoy it. Most parents would actually appreciate you uploading their child's dance and be excited that there child has been noticed. You shouldn't not post just b/c of the few silly parents that make a big deal and give out copyright strikes. do it for the ones who would appreciate it.

I just want to be respectful of their wishes because once something is online, it’s out there. And I don’t like getting in trouble.

I’d be happy to share some dances privately with some people in the fandom who I trust. :)