I don't think

I can ever actually give Ryan Reynolds the gratitude he deserves because I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve forgotten he’s under that suit.

Look this doesn’t happen often, but he is perfect for this role. He has respect for the character. He obviously worked so unbelievably hard on it and it shows.

So thanks to everyone who made the movie what it is. Thanks to all my fellow fans especially the ones who got vocal about having this movie made.

It’s amazing and hey maybe we’ll get more movies of this caliber.


Am very tired

Am very affected by manipulative comments even though I can recognize them and I’ve had to deal with them a lot lately and it’s not fun and each new one just reminds me of all the previous ones

They make me question my reality and my perception and make me feel bad for things that I can’t make better

But I know that I try my best and know myself and try to make things better for other people and try to make a difference in all the ways that I can and that I’m also only human and can’t make everything perfect for everyone and they’re just gonna have to accept that and deal with it maturely and the next time it happens I’m not going to stand for it because it needs to be pointed out so it doesn’t happen again because I deserve respect in return for treating others as respectfully as I can

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You're certainly not the fastest but your colouring is always the best. Thank you for not compromising.

Ok this gonna be long.

Seeing this after the hard day both me and admin CC had today, with all that stress and blues everyone experience, sometimes more sometimes less often… It makes us really, really happy. I know I haven’t been here for the longest time but seriously, this blog already has learned me so much about giffing and please, give admin CC all the world’s love, she deserves it and it’s not like something bad happened in her life I’m just blabbing as usual. I hope you will keep supporting AOA so we can make gifsets that will appeal to you (is it even English I wonder). Now let me scream bc photoshop crashed in the middle of Yuna’s gifset and ugh she’s my queen please stream aoa cream, watch aoa cream, become aoa cream.

TL;DR: Thank you so much

- Admin De


hello everyone!! long time no see… so I’m typing this post because there has been news that gunhee will audition in smtm5. I was expecting this to happen and I’m going to support him through his journey! He deserves the recognition and I’m hoping he does well. We all know how shitty smtm is with it’s drama and editing, but some exposure is better than nothing. Anyways i’ll be updating this blog a lot more! Hope everyone is doing well <3 

“Don’t cry when it’s over, smile because it happened” - Dr. Seuss

I once read one blog mentioning how silly this quote is. She argued that it was ok to cry, to feel pain. Indeed, she is absolutely right, but I think she might be fed up with how much this quote is repeated all over media and social networks, and she missed the point of the doctor. Surely, everyone has different interpretation and points of view. Personally, I think he talked about the aftermath.

Is it all about experiencing, learning, and having a good time? Even though shit happened, I am pretty sure, at least once, you felt good, then it deserves a smile. 

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"Jeez, me... What happened to you?"

What happened to me?
     Something that should have happened to us a long time ago. Buddy, I get it now. Acting passively won’t get us anywhere; the only way to make sure you don’t suffer any longer is to see to it that everyone hurts the same. Forget about what anyone might think about you- your so-called loved ones do nothing but cause you pain. If they really cared, they would listen to you and. Stop. Dying.

No one can be trusted- no one is free of sin. They all deserve to suffer, and the sooner you realize that, the better off you’ll be. Hurt them before they can hurt you and you’ll never have to feel pain again.

I feel for you. I really do. You should do yourself a favor and try subscribing to my way of thinking.

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12. What are your 5 favorite songs right now?

-You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid - The Offspring
-Neverland - U-KISS
-Undisclosed Desires - Muse
-Married to the Music - SHINee /Gotta love some of our own stuff still to this day~/
-If You - Big Bang

14. Do you believe in luck and miracles?

Most definitely. Belief in luck and miracles keeps me going. Because miracles happen all the time and I find I’m a lucky guy- Everyone deserves the best of luck and miracles

17. Do you think there is life on other planets?

Absolutely! In this vast universe, there is no possible way that we can be the only kind of life that exists. Surely there is other forms of life out there and someday we may discover all of it!

75. Favourite animal?

Everyone seems to have dogs… But my favourite animal is the cat- The majestic four legged felines~

78. Favourite ice cream flavour?

Hands down- Cookies and cream- You cannot go wrong with cookies and cream ice cream~

Thank you for sending me these~ I love answering questions~ <3 Feel free to stop by any time though~ Even just to say hello!

This will forever be my favorite All-Star Game ever. All of the fun moments that happened and all of the great bonding we got to witness between players who are normally battling it out against each other during the season. I love that despite all the crap he had to go through to make it here, John Scott truly became everyone’s favorite. At first he didn’t feel that he deserved to be there, but once he was voted captain he was quick to change his tune. He was able to look past the crappy way the NHL was handling things and see the bright side of this situation: the fans truly wanted him there. What started out as a league-wide joke, became an incredible story of triumph over a screwed up league and a fan base made up of supporters of 30 different teams coming together to show their support for such a classy man. This whole event just goes to show just how much John Scott not only deserves to be in the NHL, but that he truly deserves to be an NHL All-Star.

Okay guys, I`m back here on tumblr. As I previously announced, I had taken a couple of weeks to distance myself from tumblr. But now I cleared my mind. 

I have something important to tell you. I will change my blog. Not completely the section but from now on, it will be more positiv and motivating because I want to make you precious things feel better and give you hope and make you happy. Because, every single one of you is perfect. I`m not just saying this. I do not know what you look like in person, but that doesn`t matter. No matter what you look like, you are perfect. And everyone who doesn`t see this, isn`t worth your time or presence. I love all of you beautiful people, no matter what you think about yourself. Don`t hesitate to message me if you are feeling sad or just generally not good in any way. I want to help because I know you deserve better. No matter what had happened in your life, you don`t deserve to die, and shouldn`t die. Because life can get better, you just have to want it. And I can try to help you make it. So please, I`m always here, talk to me if you want to :)  

You're welcome

What if my problems don’t all stem from my father? What if I just think that because that’s what I’ve been told happens to girls? What if I don’t have father issues but I just have people issues?
I’ve had problems with people my whole life. Not everyone deserves my attention, kindness, or time but I try to give it to them. I’ve been taught since I was young that I have to love and accept everyone around me. That everyone deserves your kindness because you never know what is going on in their life. I try my damn hardest to give that to everyone I meet.

That is no longer what I am going to do.
If I give you my kindness you’ve earned it.
If I think about you, you deserve it.
If I send you a message or give you attention, appreciate it, because I have chosen you to give it to.

I will not be unappreciated anymore!

Not really a fluid or planned message but an important tidbit of information either way!

I passed the bar exam. Firstly, holy shit.

Secondly, it wasn’t on my first try. And I’m sayin that because it was such a moment of despair when I couldn’t do it the first time, because there will be people around you that will succeed, maybe your friends, maybe all of them. Does it matter? Absolutely not.

When it happened to me, I felt less worthy of my diploma but the thing is: there are so many people who struggle with different things. I’ve never struggled with my finals but got completely owned by the bar and some people were the order way around. So do not give up. Everyone learns at a different pace and struggles with different things, you do not deserve any less than anybody for that.

If you don’t succeed this time, try it again and again if that’s what you really want for you. It will come to you.

The thing is, nobody shares that much of the failures, there are no posts on fb of photos saying you didn’t pass but those things actually happen. Surround yourself of people who support you and tell yourself you can really do it because you can.

I just wanted to share this to maybe inspire people who need it, like I needed when I was losing confidence in myself, so just go and chase your goals, make them happen!

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i see a lot of people talking about antis being as bad as larries in terms of bullying.. thoughts?

yes…. there is definitely a degree of bullying that happens. i think there is a line, and a lot of antis(including myself, sometimes) cross it 

there are people who are :// on both sides and tbh we all(again, including myself) need to learn our boundaries and learn to call EVERYONE out, even people on our own “”sides”” when it goes too far…

i think a lot of antis think that larries don’t deserve respect, period, because of their words and actions being so extreme a lot of the time, and i do see that and understand that, but also i see and understand that too far is too far 

makes me sick to my stomach thinking about how many years I let slip away like sand through a sieve spending time with people who only cared about me on their loneliest days
a history of good memories does not justify presently staying in a one sided friendship
especially when you’ve found comfort in a new group of people much different than me, calling them your best friends
maybe I’m the one who has pushed everyone else away but nothing happens without a reason
and when there’s no longer a reason to stay, I’m leaving
cutting all of the loose shitty strings with everyone who purposely doesn’t make an effort
there is no excuse for not talking for weeks, months on end
time passes, situations become different, people change
I deserve friends who want to be a part of my present and future, not my past

New chapter to come.

And it feels so great!

To be in this spot, to have God answer our prayers and to know karma does really happen to people who treat everyone like crap.

Conner deserves the fucking world and to know I will get to get to be his life full time and we can get him back on track will be worth it all!

Why I Give Homeless People Money and ALWAYS Use My Blinker

I believe in karma. I didn’t used to, I thought that all things were just in utter chaos set in motion by a God who didn’t allow for even one mistake before he made us suffer for it for all eternity. But now that I see that it doesn’t matter who you are or what you believe in. Shitty things happen to everyone.

I was pretty much tormented by a self-proclaimed “Christian” family for a time, and to this day I am still trying to get over it and accept what happened. My mother, who is probably one of the kindest people on the planet, kept me from lashing out and telling them what I thought. I wanted to give them what I thought they deserved. But I didn’t, and I finally made them shut up by ignoring them (and in the case of one of them, telling him that he needed to stop harassing me or I would take him to the police).

. It’s been more than a year now, and they are having hardship after hardship. I feel like this is what they get for all the things they said to me and did to me. I didn’t have to be the one to slap them around, the universe did that for me. Now I live my life as if I could be next. Someday I might be homeless on the street, and I would definitely want people to give me spare change. I slow down at stop lights and use my blinker so that people driving around me don’t get frustrated. I do all I can to have good karma, because I am literally watching bad karma unfold on the people who did me wrong.