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OK SO I'm getting into Seventeen so hard core now that I've watched all of their MV's I need to know anything and everything about them!!!!!!! LIKE NOW!!! I BEG! ANYTHING! THAT CAN GET ME A HEADSTART! Like If they had a concert in the US next year I WILL GO SO FAST! What have u done to me? thank you though!!!


Lol! I got a similar message like this, so I’ll give you the run down!

Bias ruiner Mingyu (Hip Hop/rap team): Amazing rapper | Tallest | Smiles a lot | Great! cook | SEXY AF!

Don’t fuck with The8 (performance team) (Chinese): This little nigga can turn flips and shit | has piercings in his ear | Loves his members a lot | the cutest singing tone to his voice.

Wonwoo (Hip Hop/rap team) : Handsome as fuck! | Deep/Sexy voice | Rapper & damn good at it | Seem like he doesn’t talk much but has a lot of personality!

Jun (performance team) (Chinese) sexy and shady as hell | boy can D A N C E! | full of charisma 24/7.

He literally sat there and watched Vernon choke.

Vernon (Hip Hop/rap team): Mixed w/ Korean (dad) and White (mom) | funny af | voice is even more attractive when he raps | nice lit flow to his transition from Korean to English in his raps| handsome af! | hood | likes trap | dresses urban/Hip Hop style| has a woke mom that supports Black people.

S.Coups(Hip Hop/rap team) : The leader | The way he raps is sexy!! |  Dimples!! | wants to be with Nicki Minaj | So nice and caring! | “Dad” of the group.

Jeonghan (vocal team): Soft voice | Singer | Use to have long ass gorgeous hair | One minute he’s cute! the next he’s being sexy af | bites lips a lot| “Mom” of the group.

Naega Hosh aka 10:10 aka Hoshi (performance team) : Creates Seventeen dances | smart and creative | amazing dancer | so funny | getting sexy year by year wtf!! | Has ear piercings

Joshua Hong (vocal team) : from the USA (Los Angeles) | Church going man | so sweet | smooth/sexy speaking voice| big cat eyes | Said would date ANY race | King of bad rapping | King of  funny rhymes | plays guitar | also has ear piercings.

Woozi: (vocal team) Suga’s long lost brother | Producer | Hates doing aeygo | not a touchy person | Raps and sings | shortest member. | He’s cute af, but don’t say that to his face!

DK (vocal team) SIDE PROFILE ON FLEEK! | Sexy nose | boy can SANG! | Love his laugh | smiles and laughs a lot | loves compliments on his singing | funny!

Seungkwan(vocal team) : The personality of the group | so so very funny | this boy can S A N G| HE HITS THOSE HIGH NOTES! | Sassy diva | likes to spin like a ballerina | Cries every time Seventeen wins an award | Known for his cute chubby cheeks but he’s losing them slowly :(

DINO(performance team): Maknae | great dancer!!! | great at freestyle dancing! | boy can rap! | cutest brightest smile | laughs and smiles a lot |  it’s like he has a permanent smile and it’s so cute!! | “Jeonghan’s baby”

They kill album sales every time they have a comeback and their albums stay on the charts for months and months. They are known as “Monster Rookies” since they have so much success and only debuted  last year in 2015. It would take me awhile to list their accomplishments, but I’m proud and their so humble and love their fans.

Welcome to the fandom of ‘CARATS’ (💎we use the diamond emoji a lot)

Hunus is really testing my fucking patience, like why the hell haven’t Topp Dogg been on any music shows since The Show? Like?????? These boys are still struggling to get recognized after 3 fucking years of debuting, and now they have to get a fund page on Makestar?????

I want to cry because they keep making jokes like “We’re debuting again” and all that, but it’s not funny. I feel like this could be their last comeback, that this could really be what keeps this group going another year, hell another month! Hunus isn’t helping by not promoting them, and I’m honestly so sick of seeing these boys mistreated while they’ve been nothing but hardworking and so kind these three years. They want this! They want to keep going so fucking bad, they want to keep making music together and go for a long time or they wouldn’t have stuck together this long with the odds stacked against them.

I don’t want to wake up in a few months with an article saying that they’ve disbanded. I don’t want to see these three years be for nothing when Topp Dogg deserve so much more. So please ToppKlass, let’s keep watching and streaming and voting. And my followers, anyone, listen to these boys and give them a fucking chance. 3 goddamn minutes won’t kill you. You might find  another group to love because I promise you these boys are one of the sweetest, most genuine groups out there. They are so funny and talented, and they care for each other. They still talk to and hang out with the past members, not something you’d usually see from a group.

So give these boys a chance, don’t let them leave this comeback feeling like they failed.


Came over to GF house today for a normal day of hanging out. Hubby and myself was downstairs chilling watching the race and Internet surfing on phones. She texted us in group. It was so funny cause we ignored her for a bit. We go on as we were and hubby shows me his text “ Send me some black cock up!” He turns to me and says. “I guess you’re up.” I go upstairs and just as I thought, she is showered, naked, and waiting. I handle business and when finished she yells really loud…“NEXT!”

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remember when the 7th sense first came out and people who had not followed smrookies thought Ten was the bad boy of the group lmao it was so funny because it couldnt get further from the truth hahaha

ikr omg??? he’s so cute and is just an actual cinnamon roll who gets over-excited at chocolate and forgets to wash his hands asldkjfhasldjk and don’t even get us Started on his predebut pictures

“Don’t look at my wife!” - Bucky x Reader - Part 1

Heyo, my potatoes! ♥ Unfortunately I still have some issues with the hashtags, so some of my fanfictions just don’t show up. So if you want some more fanfiction goodness, just scroll through my blog and you might discover something nice ;D I hope you enjoy!

Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6

Summary - Tony makes a party that’s the best he can do and invites a lot of people. A mixture of famous, political people and friends. Bucky doesn’t like the idea of being around so many people and have to talk to them. But Steve convinces Bucky to stay at least for an hour. Luckily he held his promise.

Words - 1,010

Warnings - reader x husband (you’ll see), a long ass gaze oh my god, did I just made a funny pun? no. sorry, that’s it, if I forgot something tell me ♥

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Bucky’s POV

It was loud. So loud.

Everyone enjoyed themselves. They talked louder than the next group. The bass of the music almost made the cocktail and martini glasses vibrate. One group laughed about the oh so funny joke someone made. He already knew the pointé and even after it was explained, he didn’t like the joke. The lights were flickering around. Someone played pool with his friend to impress the girls.

Ugh, he just hated parties.

It was too much for him.

He enjoyed the silence. 

He enjoyed the darkness. 

He enjoyed to be alone.

Just 10 minutes and Steve would already let him go.

Bucky had enough already. More than enough. He just wanted to get to his suite that was luckily seperated by 10 floors. He probably had your silence in there.

Bucky closed his eyes and sat back in his chair, crossing his strong arms in front of his chest letting out a heavy sigh.

“Oh wow. I heared about that metal arm. Can I touch it? You look so strong with it.”

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how do we Get to be in your friend group? Everyone seems so nice and funny and cool, while i'm so Lame and awkward

i’m gonna assume you mean friend group on here but ah idk honestly i don’t even know if i have a friend group on tumblr i kinda just talk to people and hope that i don’t embarrass myself lmao. i’m literally so awkward but don’t worry green day fans are so nice so don’t be afraid to just chat up anyone, me included!! 💗

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Hi! Can I have a ship w/BTS,pls? I'm the eldest of 4,making me reliable & a good leader.Very caring,affectionate,kind,strong both physically & mentally,competitive & fearless.I'm a good listener so as a good adviser.I love sharing my love w/my fam & people I care.I LIKE flowers,animals & LOVE cuddling,skinship,theme park & advanturous things.Children make me super happy!😍I hate heat & worst w/directions.I'm always there for my sis.Smile's always on my face & I hope everyone can smile,too.Tysm❤️

I ship you with Rap Monster!

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I was undecided between Suga and Rap Monster, but I think you and Rap Monster would love listen each other and give good advises. And your personalities are so similar but in a way that you two will be those couples who are the “parents” of the group, that’s so funny and when you will have your own family tath will be too CUTE <3

I hope you liked!

People be like “you should totally stan this group because they are so dorky and stuff”, well can you really tell me one group who isn’t dorky nowadays? It is very rare to find a more quiet or polite group. Every group has their own good things and all of them are really nice, you don’t have to come all “yeah but have you heard of x group? They are all so funny”


‘Lol Omg can you do drunk texting the rest of the group as well, cuz it’s so funny omg’

text - you text them when you’re drunk - performance unit

vocal unit

hip hop unit

Forever (Lily & Remus)

Requested- can you do a cute bff imagine with lily and remus, or sirius and lily? <<3

A/n- I decided to go for Lily and Remus if that’s ok :)

- - - 

Currently, you weren’t sure what you were doing. You were lying on the floor in between Lily and Remus with their legs on top of yours, doing nothing at all but enjoying each other’s company. Blankets were scattered across the room as Lily suggested to “cuddle” a moment ago. The three of you were the best best friends from Hogwarts, and this summer you stayed over at Lily’s lake house while Remus came over at days. You watched countless of Muggle movies with them, from the Notebook (Lily used up a whole box of tissue) to White Chicks (you choked on every popcorn you ate while laughing) to the James Bond movies (Remus was having after-effects on practicing Bond’s moves).

“I’m bored,” Lily started, “let’s do something.”

Remus yawned, “I have a sin to confess, y/n.” You raised your eyebrows at him and shared a look with Lily. He continued, “it was me who stole your chocolate chip bar last Christmas.”

“Are you serious! Remus!” You semi-shouted and rolled your eyes, lightly hitting him on the shoulder. “I almost killed Sirius while thinking it was him for Merlin’s sake! You- I- You’re so dead, Re. Oh no, Sirius is going to kill me for good! Ugh!”

The boy grinned at you lazily while Lily was laughing so hard and clutching her stomach, “sorry y/n!”

“You are going to make up for this, Re.” You narrowed your eyes and glanced at him jokingly.

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