5 Things That Make Me Happy

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1. Family/Friends - are really important to me and make me happy… except when they get on my nerves.. I’m sure someone can relate to this.

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2. Olicity - These two bring me a lot of happiness, even though right now things are a bit rough I believe in them to make it through.

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3. Reading - I never used to like to read when I was younger, but now that I’m older I have found a great appreciation for the art of the written word.

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4. Movies/Netflix - I love going to the movies with friends or sitting at home chilling with netflix. 

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5. FOOOOD - I’m a big foodie. I can’t pick just one food in particular, there are many favourites. 

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yay drabbles :D 9 with top please :D

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Thank you for requesting, I hope you enjoy it a lot!

Choi Seunghyun+ “You’re my waiter and I’m on a really crappy date with an asshole

Being an adult was tough; at first, people would think that earning that well deserved name of ‘adult’ would only consist of doing what you love with responsibility, the capability of drinking or so on, however, she noticed that being an adult also depended on expectation. She had worked harder than anyone to get what she wanted, to reach her dreams and fulfill them, but still it wasn’t enough. Her family and friends didn’t seem to stop bothering that yes, she was successful but she couldn’t have all her success to herself, she had to find love.

And she found it unnecessary, knowing that she was a full person all alone, but the worry of her family and friends caused her to listen to what they said, because, maybe –and just maybe- she could have some fun. That’s how she ended up accepting a blind date with some guy her friends knew and well, to say she was nervous would be an understatement. She hadn’t dated in quite a while and knowing how her friends were…they probably picked someone too out of her style, full of beauty but empty on the inside.

Yet, she tried her best; she wore an uncomfortable dress because her date had texted her telling her that they were going to go to an expensive restaurant, it turned out that she had to walk inside that place with the biggest high heels she had worn and to say she was nervous would be quite obvious. Her hands were shaking, sweat was starting to form and a lump started to grow on her throat when she noticed that her date wasn’t there when she arrived.

However, she waited, thinking that maybe he had to stay a few minutes after work since he was a very well known businessman. That’s when she catches a glimpse of the waiter, that immediately offers her a glass of wine as a starter. She looks up and a surprised look makes her eyes widen; his tan skin made him glow under the elegant golden lights, his eyes were sharp that contrasted with the childish smile on his face. She shakes her head as a no, deciding to wait for her date as she looks over the name that was on his shirt.

“Thanks, Seunghyun.” She bows slightly and Seunghyun chuckles lightly, playing with the pen that he held for scribbling down people’s orders.

“Don’t wait too much,” He says as he bites his bottom lip, making her blush slightly. “Whoever it is, he doesn’t deserve your time.” She nods her head as he’s called over by one of the customers, leaving her eyes trailing over his back as she bites her lip.

To say her waiter was handsome would be an understatement.

Finally, her date arrived and he was attractive, his suit fitted to his body and his hair combed back perfectly –it was quite hard to believe that he hadn’t taken his time to get ready-, but once he sat on that seat, he started to talk about his day. Normally, she loved to hear people talk about their days and it was ideal on a date, but the way he bragged specially about his high social standard made her want to slap that grin off his face.

The waiter arrives only minutes later, bowing as he side-eyes her date. Seunghyun listens carefully to what her date has to say, ordering one of the most expensive plates as he continues bragging about his life to her. She looks over the menu as she stutters out her order, looking over all the names that she truly didn’t even recognize and accepting her defeat to her date would be one of the least things she wanted in life.

“Are you ordering that?” Her date scoffs as she speaks and both the waiter Seunghyun and her look at him, raising her eyebrows as she speaks. He rolls his eyes as he chuckles. “That isn’t healthy at all, and quite cheap to be honest.” She clicks her tongue before looking towards the waiter, a smile on her face.

“I’ll stick to my order, thank you.”

A part of her wanted to stand up and run away from that place, but she knows she had to stay for the sake of being a nice person. Her date was now looking down at his phone and ignoring her completely, which made her blood boil. She tightened her fists over her dress and she was about to speak up, when she hears a couple of footsteps reaching them, looking down at the plate that was placed in front of her.

However, when she looks up to Seunghyun who was carrying her date’s meal, he trips over his feet and lets the meal fall over her date’s shirt, or preferably how he would call it… “His Gucci white button up”. Her hands reach for her mouth as she covers it, giggles escaping her lips as Seunghyun doesn’t even apologize, cleaning the sauce that had fallen over his hands on his apron. Immediately, her date stands up as he scoffs, running to god knows where as he swears to the air to never go on a date with her.

That’s the best that had happened that night.

“He truly didn’t deserve going on a date with you,” Seunghyun announces as he sits down in front of her, a smile on his face. “What about going on a date with me? I’ll lose my job anyways.”

And that’s how she met him.


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I’m telling things fandom related:

1. This man! (I love you too, honey!)

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2. This show! (Althought can be very painful too!)

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3. This ship! (Solve crimes, have dinner!)

4. This movie! (my gooooooooood!)

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5. Every time I recieved love from this fandom IN ANY WAY, like… when @mouseymodesty chats with me despite she’s at work, or share her thoughts, or praise my edits, or praise me! when @thescienceofsherlolly made me the best compliments and comments, when @mizjoely shoos people to follow, when @sweet-sweet-escape is so adorable with me, when @mental-leaps has an edit of mine as phone background for ages!, when @mel-loves-all or  @therealbucky05  tagged me in a dessert or cake post, when people tagged in this games, when I see some of my followers reblogging everything i reblogged that day like catching up, when mutuals and followers like or reblog the things I post… it makes me immensely happy.

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