Please enjoy these shitty doodles I threw together when thinking about how much my Couier 6 would absolutely ADORE Victor. She is not ashamed of her robo-lust.

I’ve decided that she wears the merc charmer outfit, but with the Sheriff’s duster over it. I’ll do a full body reference sheet for her soon.


Chantilly Lace: There is an entire lab down there! 

Merlot: What?!

Chantilly Lace: Test tubes and all kinds of equipment! Merlot, I think her father was some sort of evil scientist.

Merlot: I’ve spent half my childhood in that house, how have I never seen anything like that?

Chantilly Lace: I have the answer to that too. When I couldn’t get inside, I went back upstairs, hoping Victoria wouldn’t find me. I closed the closet door. As soon as it closed, I could hear a faint clicking sound and suddenly the humming faded away.

Merlot: Weird.

Chantilly Lace: I told you! So to ease my curiosity, I opened the closet again and the stairs were gone. It was just a closet! What do you suppose she does down there?

Merlot: I honestly have no idea.


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beautiful cinematography: game of thrones, battle of the bastards (2016)

thousands of men don’t need to die. let’s end this the old way. you against me.