Over the weekend me and a couple of friends sat together to do a short Hackathon and produce a small game, and I did the art and animation for it!

PLUG OUT is a small, unconventional fighting game focused around cold war spies trying to wreck the other Nation’s Supercomputer by electrifying it. It will probably be available in a week or two when we finish detailing it and fixing some glitches. It was a very fun process even though I had less than 36 hours to create the entire game out of thin air. Maybe I’ll even add another fighting arena, I have a couple of more ideas I’m dying to try out.


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Akiyoshi is going to get mc’s ring fixed cuz it broke or didn’t fit right or whatever, and Minato goes with him. Somehow Aki ends up dropping the ring under a car and while he’s on the ground reaching for it the owner comes out and assumes that they’re planting a bomb or something and he’s all concerned and Akiyoshi says “I dropped my fiancée’s ring under your car!” But the dude doesn’t believe him and so Minato’s all “That’s right! He dropped my ring! Fricken clumsy man, why can’t you do anything right!?” And after a minute of shock Akiyoshi goes along with it but right after he gets the ring, MC comes running up and sees her ring so she asks what’s going on and if that’s why he wasn’t home when she got there so the dude asks who she is and she’s all “His fiancée…” So the dude is like, super confused and Minato’s all “Yeah, we’re all engaged!” The dude is in total shock and Akiyoshi brushes off his suit then says “Don’t judge.” All calmly and they stalk off

omg Idk if I saw this on tv or if I dreamed it but holy crap