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seriously i cannot recommend kubo enough

i remember people thought boxtrolls was a bit of a disappointment after paranorman (im sure not everyone thought this but that was the general feeling i got) but personally i think this blows all of laika’s previous films out of the water. objectively, this is the biggest and greatest animation they’ve done to date. as for the story, im so happy that laika is a studio that isn’t afraid to touch on really deep and potentially depressing themes for what is marketed as a kids movie. if you can, go see it tomorrow and give it a strong opening weekend, if you cant do that please just see it in theaters soon. laika deserves more attention and money for taking chances and deviating far from what is considered the surefire way to make money in the animation industry and making great high quality work

DAY 3064

Jalsa, Mumbai                   Aug 20/21,  2016                   Sat/Sun  1:29 am

Birthday - EF - Yogesh Pakash Pachange

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Yogesh .. happy birthday .. love and happiness from the Ef .. its filled with warmth and regard ..

Loaded with the most incredulous make up and get up .. one begins to wonder why it has happened though, it is sufficient to say that it was part of my job .. my job … my job .. we can hide behind it for some time but shall never be able to capture its reality in the present sense .. !!

Shooting films for the add. at Mehboob one cannot but reminisce, those days of yore when the greatest films and stories emanated from these portals .. it is still a pride of place and structure .. and each visit is like the million times that I may have passed, a group of girls and not appreciated to give them what they want .. they actually want nothing .. just some care and love .. !!

So many festivals coincide with each other on this side of the planet, it is quite uncanny .. but what of  ..

If Barkha Dutt and Arnab Goswamy( 2 senior TV personalities on the news hour) can go hammer and tongs at each other ;  that share the greatest of bonds, that the choice of one may not superside, is of some concern ..perhaps it was done to prolong the matter of due justice owed to the Govt of India

Journalists are the true do goodders of the Nation …they are our conscience, our analysts, our informers, our point of view … they are supreme ..

But when supreme antagonises supreme .. they damage our conscience too faith and belief shall be, good or bad, indifferent if at all I get such … but when I do  feel corruption of information, I automatically think that the punishment for unfair play results in another corner back to the ropes gets erased and junked, waise some pertinent points ..bring out the character that they corner and from …

My conscience is in the recognised anchors and trainers .. they are ‘vella’, those that ruled our country, have tried this trick many times over ..

My mind wavers .. it thinks something and writes another .. or vice versa ..

But right now it is beginning to implore that the ship was right and that sabotage cannot be ruled out .. more of which later ..

My love 

Amitabh Bachchan

misterrockett  asked:

What about a black male lead in Noir? The fact that Noir typically being period pieces are used to keep us in the background but I did read a book with a black New Orleans Detective when I was younger.

One of the greatest Film Noir ever directed is the Sidney Poitier masterpiece ‘No Way Out’ (1950) co-starring Richard Widmark (of ‘Night and the City’ and ‘Kiss of Death’ fame). It’s not, strictly speaking, a ‘detective’ noir, but the idea that all noir features private dicks hunting down crooked cops and murderers is a misconception, to begin with. 

And, if you expand your definition to include stylish crime films, Ridley Scott’s ‘American Gangster’, starring Denzel Washington, fits the mold nicely as an example of Neo-Noir. 



megawatchathon 2k16 day one: Livin’ for Niven 

feat: Happy Go Lovely (1951), The Love Lottery (1954), Appointment With Venus (1951) and A Matter of Life And Death (1946). Few things are more enjoyable than 1950s-light-comedy-Niv in small british films (would rec all three for a fun watch), one of the things that is, of course, is one of the greatest films ever made. A perfect day. 


NOIR CITY supporter getTV presents a doom laden film noir double bill tonight—shot by two of Hollywood’s greatest cinematographers, Burnett Guffey and Lucien Ballard. First up, Nicholas Ray’s tragic IN A LONELY PLACE starring Humphrey Bogart and Gloria Grahame, followed by the suspenseful B-noir CITY OF FEAR. Check out the full month’s schedule at

Thursday, Aug 18 5:00pm PDT & 9:10pm PDT

IN A LONELY PLACE (1950): This heartbreaking noir revolves around an alcoholic screenwriter (Humphrey Bogart) and the woman who loves him but also fears that he may be a murder (Gloria Grahame). This film is both a bitter commentary on Hollywood and on the impossibility of romance. Very loosely based on Dorothy B. Hughes’s novel—an intense thriller with a chilling examination of post-WWII misogyny. Shot by the esteemed cinematographer, Burnett Guffey. Dir. Nicholas Ray

Thursday, Aug 18 7:15pm PDT

CITY OF FEAR (1959): Vince Ryker (Vince Edwards) breaks out the big house taking along what appears to be a container of heroin. Must be his lucky day. Except it’s not heroin; it’s Colbat 60 which is radioactive and his exposure to it will eventually kill him. As he tries to find a buyer for his ‘heroin’, two detectives (John Archer and Lyle Talbot) try to find him before he dies and/or cause a civil disaster. Lensed by the renowned cinematographer Lucien Ballard.  Dir. Irving Lerner


One of the two greatest films featuring National Monuments is North by Northwest. I went to Mt. Rushmore solely because of this film. Nerd, I know! I love everything about NxNW though. The music, the set design, the color, the camerawork, the story, James Mason. Wish I could’ve gotten that close to the faces though. I also wish the set visitor center was the real one.