The TMNT Fandom and Ships

Well, the fandom’s now split in half. It’s either “I love this ship!” or “I SWEAR TO GOD STOP THE SHIPS”.
I’m in the middle right now.

Mikey x Renet was cute but yeah, kinda pointless. I think the show’s trying to make her less annoying to fans since not many people liked her in the 2003 series. She’s got a “grockin’ cold” personality/design, after all. I don’t think it’ll be too bad though; probably just a puppy-love crush thing with Mikey and Renet. Plus, unlike April, Renet will most likely not hang around the turtles 24/7 so we won’t see the crush a lot. And as for Mona and Raph, I don’t think she was going to return until fans made such a big deal about having her back. And if she’s back, it’s guaranteed she’d be paired with Raphael. I don’t think Mona’s gonna be hanging around Raph and the turtles 24/7 either though. I think for me personally, I might like Raph x Mona more than Mikey x Renet. Don’t get me wrong; Mikey x Renet is absolutely adorable but it reminds me of early Apriltello which is why I’m a little less enthusiastic about it. Then again, Raph x Mona has yet to happen so who knows. *shrugs*

So I personally don’t see much reason to complain… But you can if you want to. It’s your opinion. But some of the stuff you people say - like COME ON YOU GUYS.

Some complainers are literally saying “strong female characters don’t deserve love and love interests don’t deserve to be strong”.

YES TMNT doesn’t write April right all the time, but for the most part she’s a strong female character. And Karai is a freaking powerful female character. Sure she’s been subjected to so much pain and needs saving, but do you guys realize the amount of character development this has given her and Leo? She’s no damsel-in-distress. Hell, Donnie’s crush on April has led to development too and he’s less hung up on her than before. Even Casey’s less hung up about it. Mona Lisa looks she’ll be a strong, unsexualized character, which Renet was as well. THIS IS IMPORTANT. Even if you don’t want to ship them, don’t hate the characters because TMNT is pretty good already with portraying women. Sure it’s no Steven Universe but TMNT is technically run by guys. Cut them some slack, please. I didn’t see anyone complaining about Teen Titans, whose characters like Jinx, Starfire, Terra, and even Raven (implications mostly) were all strong and shipped with other male characters.

And as for TMNT ships existing, uhh…I don’t mind it. They’re teenagers and are portrayed even more so in this series. It’s not a surprise the turtles may get crushes.
I see the problem with Renet x Mikey, but most people thought she was annoying in TMNT 2003. The writers look like they’re trying to do something new with the character in hopes that fans won’t get annoyed. Plus, I don’t think Renet will break Mikey’s heart. It looks like it’ll be a cute, innocent puppy love.
Also Mona x Raph wasn’t gonna happen, most likely. Blame the fans. Hell, in the original concept of the show Raph was gonna have a crush on April and she was gonna be a blond. Anyway, Mona IS a strong female character. From what we can see so far, she doesn’t have a very sexualized design, so that’s pretty awesome. I mean, if she ever appeared in the show it’s practically guaranteed she’d be Raph’s love interest because 1) TMNT 1980’s pretty much made it canon for one episode, and 2) THE FANS.
April and Donnie happened because the writers wanted to add a new spin to the show. And considering how many people ship it, I think they succeeded. Leo x Karai has been implied in the TMNT series for forever. Comics, cartoons, movies… So they played on that a lot more in TMNT 2012.
And I can see what you mean by saying Donnie is “distracted” by April, but look at his development. His little crush can make you cringe at times, sure; but overall it’s led to some really neat character development. It’s really gotten to the point where he’s not as obsessed as before, and someone pointed out here on Tumblr with lots of proof that Donnie still holds his brothers above April. And I personally really love the storyline between Leo and Karai so I’m a little biased there. They’re just freaking adorable and it’s heartbreaking and look at all the amazing storylines they’ve done with this ship and less fans ship it which just makes me ship it harder and—
And uhh… *Ah-hem* Well, I can see why you’re complaining but I’d recommend you take it in stride. I doubt it’ll be that bad. I trust the writers, and you can try to too. Then again, this is entirely your opinion but I thought I’d share my own opinion. And it’s not like the turtles haven’t had relationships before in the series. I don’t see what’s all that bad about the turtles experiencing a little love. So anyway…idk. *shrugs*

Plus I don’t see the romance making them worse ninjas?? If anything, it gives them drive to be better. Eg Donnie and Leo wanting to protect April and Karai.
A lot of fans have complained about this already though, which is mainly why I’m writing this because I was getting really frustrated.

I get it, you guys are strong, independent feminists or super fans who crave plot/action only or something. I don’t mind at all. I fall into those categories myself. I also fall into the category of shipper though, so maybe I am biased but I get the best of all three worlds so I’m trying to explain this from the point of view of someone who’s just tired of it all?
Yes you’re tired of ships. But I’m also tired of some of the people complaining about ships thinking they’re being very original. Okay, fine. This is Tumblr. But guys, I don’t want the TMNT fandom to start acting like the bronies (also yes I am a brony too) who complain a lot. Even the show’s staff seems aware that they can’t satisfy every fan.
In the end, ships adds a feminine touch to the show (not that it can’t be masculine; I’m just saying in general) and can open the show up to more younger female fans. And it makes little boys realize that “oh hey love isn’t so icky”.


Most of you guys make very valid points.

It’s just some of the complainers think they’re being cool, standing up for females when their arguments aren’t as strong as they think (again, TMNT does not mis-portray their female characters - usually, anyway) or when the complaints flood the TMNT tag and I’m like “I GET IT OKAY”. Look, shippers have the same problem. But if you guys are annoyed by ships and shippers, I have to remind you that too many complaints are just as annoying. I want to look at turtle tags, not the same complaint over and over again. YES IT’S YOUR OPINION. And you can have that opinion. I just want some of the people against ships to be a little more open-minded.
As I said, even I find the ships somewhat unnecessary, but right now I want to trust the show’s writers and wait. Love and tolerate, eh? I will defend the shows I like but that doesn’t mean I don’t see its faults. I’m just tired of this “battle”.

Anyway, I feel better now that I’ve ranted and raved a bit. Have a nice weekend, by the way. ^u^

y’know? it’s actually a pretty good and important question to ask ourselves: why male hawke has become the default and why he’s more popular, while female hawke gets the short end of the stck and oftentimes ignored completely as though shes not even an option, or why hawke in general is treated like two different characters instead of a single entity with two gender options?

y’know what’s not good? acting like people who prefer male hawke are at fault.

y’know what else is not good? acting like people asking these important questions are accusing you of being Bad or even being at fault necessarily.

i swear to fucking god, i follow some wonderful blogs, but too many of you act like this is black and white, and criticize people for justifiably posing these questions in a fandom that does favor the male version of our hero. by the same vein, people who are questioning these things and favor a female hero need to stop jumping down the throats of male hawke fans. instead of running your mouth in the tags (which i’ve done once or twice without realizing this was a fandom-wide issue), may be just?? make more female hawke positive posts of your very own?? yeah. this whole bizarre us versus them thing in this fandom is out of control. it’s literally Boys vs. Girls like it was in fucking elementary school. it’s pathetic, to be perfectly honest.

i’m gonna start unfollowing people for this shit very fucking soon and it’s gonna be a shame because i really like the blogs i follow. i just, unfortunately, have no tolerance for black and white thinking and hate stemming from literally nothing - especially when one side is attacking people just trying to speak about the general erasure of female heroes in media as a whole. i can’t handle it anymore, and i’m sorry.

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I keep hearing bethylers saying Carol is not right for Daryl because she's old/saggy/wrinkly/grey and that he needs someone "hot" like Beth. Seeing mmb in jeans and a t-shirt at sdcc she seems pretty slim and trim to me! And no sagginess to speak of!

The immature and irresponsible ageism that runs rampant through certain people within “The Walking Dead” fandom is so ridiculous it’s actually painful to even contemplate for more than a few minutes at a time. My brain tries to shut itself down to save itself whenever I think about that level of bullshit for too long.

I’m not a Caryl shipper- but a Melissa McBride enthusiast and fan. She’s stunning. She is a beautiful and breathtaking woman who is aging gracefully (and I use “aging” loosely because she isn’t what I would consider to be old to begin with. She’s not some 80 year old, and even if she were- she’d probably still be gorgeous.) 

She may not be a blonde, skinny teenager, which is apparently the “ideal” beauty standard many B*thylers/Beth-stans have set for all womankind across the board, but you’re blind or being purposefully delusional and stubborn if you can’t admit or agree that Melissa McBride is truly lovely and that her portrayal of Carol shines a spotlight on more mature women everywhere who are strong and brave- and sadly not represented much in movies and television.

That being said- I don’t understand why the character of Daryl is automatically deserving of or entitled to someone “hot’ as potential romantic interest- as if an attractive partner is a prize he should be able to claim. What are these people thinking? Do they realize how sexist that is- or do they just not care? By that logic- why isn’t Carol entitled to a “hot” romantic partner? Hasn’t she done enough for the group?

OW- see? My brain is starting to hurt.

Do they not also realize or care that Daryl, like Carol, is at a more mature age? They can criticize Carol’s grey hair but overlook the greys in Daryl’s beard. They can pick apart Carol’s wardrobe and how it fits her body but not say a damned thing about the fact that Daryl hasn’t washed his clothes in four seasons.

The internalized misogyny is killing me inside.

Finn Collins: Murders a village of grounders (the enemy at the time) all of which were mostly innocent, out of fearful and dire, PTSD rage, due to delusional thinking that these enemies had a large group of his friends and was either torturing them or have already killed them. Commits these crimes and murders out of full belief that it was the best option at the time. Shows remorse and self hatred and post traumatic stress disorder every episode afterwards leading up to his death. Cannot help that he grew up in a world where murder was the result of minor misdemeanors and the true punishment. Cannot help that he was not mentally stable or prepared to be thrust into this war stricken world. Willingly gives himself up, knowing he would die, to pay for his crimes in order to help and save the rest of his people. 

Fandom: useless piece of disgusting trash burn him at the stake nasty fucking character is the most evil of all evils and deserves to die i’m going to celebrate so hard when he dies. Finn had so many other options, he didn’t have to do anything he just wanted to kill people. I fucking hate him so much. 

Clarke Griffin and Bellamy Blake: Shoots a man in cold blood to work a deal. Commits mass murder of the mountain people (the enemy at the time), most of which are innocent, in a situation that comes close to genocide in cold blood while watching it happen in order to save their friends because of fear and knowing that their lives were in danger. Commits mass murder out of fearful, dire rage. Commits mass murder because they believed it was the best option at the time. Cannot help that they grew up in a world where murder was the result of minor crimes and used as the true punishment. Cannot help that they were thrust into this war stricken world. Cannot help that they, like their peers (Finn), have the mental capacity to make rash and probably wrong decisions. Clarke shows remorse immediately after the events happen, like Finn. Clarke willingly leaves to be on her own so she can bare the pain and trauma so that her people don’t have to. 

Fandom: boss as bitch couple that’s my otp, look at them being all powerful and badass. Clarke is queen and Bellamy is king. They did everything they had to do, that was absolutely the best decision, wow i am so happy they did that together look at these badass, powerful and strong willed characters. They are so good. Poor babies have to deal with their choices now when they shouldn’t even care, because it was right. I love them so much. There is no comparison between Finn and what they did. Finn was blood thirsty, they were powerful. 

Lexa: Commits multiple mass murders, the largest of all being against her own people that she commands, betrays a whole tribe of people, including Clarke, her ally and walks away unscathed. 

Fandom: YASS QUEEN. 

Hypocritical double standard much? 

You know what? I'm throwing down the gauntlet.



This is not news.  This is not ANYTHING we don’t already know.  Emma Swan is a badass and she is AMAZING and FLAWLESS all on her own.  She doesn’t NEED anybody.  In the grand scheme of things no person really, truly NEEDS another.

So now that THAT’S out of the way …

It absolutely PISSES ME OFF that people think that in order to remain a badass, Emma needs to be alone, to somehow “prove” what a fierce, independent woman she is.  Everyone wants companionship, someone they can share things with.

It’s such an utter load of crap that her finding love with someone somehow diminishes her in some people’s eyes.

I want to see her really mesh with someone, someone who understands her, and can accept ALL sides of her, not just the shiny, pretty parts.

Everyone wants that.  Everyone DESERVES that.  It’s crap, complete crap, that in order to remain ~awesome~ to some people, that means Emma needs to be ALONE.

I don’t buy it for a second.  She deserves her happily ever after just as much, if not moreso, than anyone else.

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It's obvious your against Beth and the Bethyl ship because your getting old and aren't as pretty as Beth. You have to hate all over people that are hopeful she'll come back because you don't have any hope for yourself.

You got me, anon. That’s exactly my reasoning for not liking the character of Beth or the “Bethyl” pairing on a fictional television show despite publicly explaining my distaste for it more than once on here (Cliff Note version: I was a teenager and got involved with a man in his 30s/40s. Spoiler alert- it didn’t end well and had long-lasting and damaging effects on my then young and impressionable psyche.)

But it sounds like you’ve got me figured out pretty well. I’m 29 now (clearly a fossil. I’ll be checking myself into the nearest nursing home after I finish replying to you,) and because I don’t look the same way I did at 18/19 (personally I thought I look better now, but I’m old and senile so who knows,) I am void of all hope and have nothing to look forward to: not a great and supportive circle of friends, not an enriching and lucrative career in law that I worked my ass off to get, not a caring, compassionate, funny, and attractive guy I get to spend time with (and he’s not twice my age, which I’m sure means it can’t be “true wuv,” right?) or a beautiful place I get to call home with my fabulous best friend and my pets.

None of that gives me hope because I’m getting older and have been forever emotionally crippled by the non-existent romance between two fictional characters that was implied and spun out of control by a bunch of angry teenagers who have only watched three episodes of a show now in it’s fifth season.

You got me.

Please visit me in the nursing home when you eventually turn 29 like me. We can sit together and talk about how things were so much simpler back in the day.

the one where charles and erik are shrimp

(All blame credit goes to pangeasplits who prompted Erik as a mantis shrimp and Charles as the baby shrimp he won’t eat.) 

“I should eat you where you stand.”

The fry hid behind a coral, although it was no match for Erik’s superior sexnocular gaze. Also, Erik could see its tail poking out.

“Please don’t! I just wanted to watch. The way you fight, it’s brilliant!”

Erik preened. He prized himself on his spears and his colorful carapace, a majestic mixture of magenta and red. The little shrimp crept closer, his own shell blue speckled with yellow. “I can’t believe you took Cain’s arm.”

“Cain?” Erik waved his raptorial appendage grandly. “Did you know that fiend?”

“My clutchbrother,” the fry said, “I never liked him.”

“I don’t like anyfish. Or anyshrimp for that matter,” Erik flatly stated. “You’re no exception. Leave before I eat you.”

“I’m far from home and I’ve been chased out of places I’ve wanted to burrow. Do you have room for a mate?”

“No. Go away, little fry.” Erik raised his spears menacingly at the silly thing, trying to scare him away. It had little effect. In fact it even seemed impressed. Great pearl, Erik thought, am I losing my touch?

“I’ll be very quiet. You won’t even know I’m there.”

“You’re not making an argument annoying me now.” Erik turned away, tired and grumpy.

“Well, I’m—I’m useful. See?” The fry gathered its clubs and bloody smashed at the rock by their legs. It exploded into smithereens. Erik saw the the brief flash of light produced by the punch with his own six eyes. He rubbed at an eyestalk, slightly shaken.

“I’m very strong,” the fry insisted. “And when I snap my club back, the force is enough to generate cavitation bubbles that collapse and form a shock wave. Oh please let me stay, sir, there’s an octopus by the name of Shaw trying to eat me.”

“Fine,” Erik said. “But only if you can make enough room for yourself in the coral.”

“Done,” the fry cheekily said, already poised to make renovations to Erik’s home. “I’m Charles, by the way.”

“Erik. I’ll still probably end up eating you sooner or later,” he warned, although they both knew by now it was an empty threat.

Holding a candlelit vigil/prayer circle for Norman Reedus’ iPhone and Twitter notifications tonight. I have never felt more bad for that guy than I do right now because all of the lunatics are officially out of the woodwork with this rumor- and not even a credible source, his reps, or he- himself- can convince them otherwise.

Turn that phone off, dude. Just power down for the next week and a half ‘til this blows over.

I've just gone through #VoteLittleMixUK hashtag on twitter and I literally had a cardiac arrest! Almost everyone puts stuff AFTER the hashtags which doesn't count as a vote and a lot of them is making A FUCKING TYPO IN *TWO* HASHTAGS WHICH ALSO DOESN'T FUCKING COUNT

tweet something #KCA #VoteLittleMixUK 

is that so damn hard

no pictures, no stuff after the hashtags, no typos, no small letters where there shouldn’t be small letters (#kCa) 

The thing about people saying that Arya is a misogynist for saying ONE line from the tv show that D&D fabricated (and as an 11-12 year old kid, no less) is that Sansa, Cat, etc aren’t pro-ALL WOMEN either. Yet it’s fascinating and pretty sad that it’s only Arya that gets the ‘misogynist’ label. 

Now you could make the argument that for traditionally feminine women, it’s just the culture that they were raised in to feel as though they are superior than women who don’t fit into patriarchal ideals or that these women should be changed in order to fit that mold. But why make excuses for them, but not for girls who’ve been constantly put down by terrible, hurtful comments and told that they aren’t desirable to society. I find that when girls make negative comments about femininity it’s because they’ve also been shaped and influenced by their culture and often use it as a defense mechanism for themselves. 

It’s not just about that one line. It’s about who we, as an audience, decide to condemn and exonerate for perpetuating the exact same attitudes (just against different spectrums of womanhood)

Edit: Just to make it clear, book/canon!Arya has certain issues with being female in Westeros and the bs that comes with it but she does not hate on women ever.


I spent the hiatus between season four and season five of “The Walking Dead” purposefully avoiding most social media sites and articles because of people like Chandra and her cronies who were relentless in their harassment and bullying and who had made it almost unbearable to scroll through tags or news stories- be they factual or purely speculation. I went to San Diego Comic-Con and dreaded sharing any and all my TWD-related experiences there for fear of the type of people it would attract.

When I did finally call Chandra out, I was just as persistent as she had been. I still am whenever I see her bullshit pop up where it’s not welcome- and I vowed not to spend another break between seasons like that- because I do love the show, the franchise, and other fans. I should be able to enjoy all facets of communication about it.

So imagine my frustration when I come back online, not only after days of working overtime, going through one of the most important verdicts in Boston’s history, and having a wonderful time at a comic-convention that left me on cloud nine- only to find my inbox has been ambushed by anons who have made every and any effort to drag me into an argument between fans that I was never involved with in the first place.

After being told the gist of what was happening, I made one comment- that I agreed sleaze extraordinaire and hack photographer Terry Richardson was and is a terrible person- and that celebrities who continue to work with him despite multiple allegations of sexual misconduct coming to light were risking sending a bad message to their fans (i.e. condoning his sickening behavior.)

Suddenly, I had multiple messages accusing me of slamming a certain actor’s personal life, stating what a terrible person I was- a few threats that I would be unfollowed and/or blocked, etc. So again, I’m making a text post to say this:

I stand by every single thing I’ve said on this Tumblr 100%. I try not to mince words and I try to be as open-minded and as rational as possible when answering questions or when writing responses. If anyone reading this and who follows me has a problem with that- or thinks it’s in any way acceptable to continually attempt to drag me into ridiculous drama that I was never a part of to begin with- kindly unfollow me now. You will not be missed.

I’d like to think the people who have willingly followed my Tumblr are a great bunch of witty, intelligent, and caring individuals- but sometimes it’s possible to get a few bad eggs in there. Here is your chance to weed yourself out if you happen to be one of those aforementioned bad eggs. If you don’t like me or my posts- unfollow me. Don’t send me threats that you’ll do it. Don’t reply to my posts with shade. Just simply unfollow me and move on.

Other than that, if you’ve opted to stay- thank you. I sincerely mean that.

I’m not going through another hiatus like this. I refuse.

This quote about onions proves that Melisandre doesn’t understand nuances of human nature~! Unlike the wonderful Stannis who proves his wisdom by liking Davos!!!
—  If Melisandre really had such an uncompromising view of morality, then why does she still think of Davos as a good-but-misguided man after he 1) tried to kill her 2) screwed up her plans for Edric Storm? You know, seeing as a character’s good opinion of Davos is such a barometer of worth and all.