Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 7 - “Access Denied”
Coming July 26th!

Good news everyone! Here’s the trailer for episode 7 of Minecraft: Story Mode, “Access Denied!” Written by awesome dude Luke McMullen (and me), designed by Joe Ching, Molly Maloney, and Brian Freyermuth, and directed by Becky Gamin-Arcovitch and Jason Pyke, this is a pretty fantastic one you guys.

Also, it’s pretty cool seeing this one out in the world because this is my first episode where I’m officially credited as the Lead Writer for the series. So that feels kinda special.

Oh! And this episode introduces Yvette Nicole Brown’s character! She’s freaking amazing!

I’m excited! Watch the trailer! Hope you get excited too!

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I agree on the Jesse/Caitlin thing! I was a little disappointed their little scene together in 2x22 was used as another Harry/Jesse bonding scene! I was so hoping Jesse would have said something to Caitlin when she gave her that forced, painful smile. And I'm still annoyed they ignored the Iris/Caitlin Fiancé/husband sacrifice parallel, they missed a great opportunity of building these two women as close friends who talk about anything other than Barry freaking Allen.

Oh MAN I wrote this whole long diatribe and then Tumblr ate it and I AM SAD NOW because it was some good diatribin’.

Basically the gist of it was: YES. THIS.

Yeah, this is Barry’s show, not an ensemble. So it makes sense that the lion’s share of the focus is on Barry. But still, it’s amazing how it fails the Bechdel test every. Single. Episode. To recap, to pass the Bechdel test you must:

  1. have two or more women on-screen
  2. with names
  3. that talk to each other
  4. about something other than a man
  5. for more than thirty seconds.

That’s it! Low bar, huh? Yet in two full seasons, I don’t think this show has cleared it once. You can maybe make a case for Caitlin’s discussion with Killer Frost, but she’s basically talking to herself in that one, and I think they still started discussing her maybe-brother and definitely brought up Cisco. And it’s still the tail end of the second season.

The women in this show not only don’t have relationships with each other, they barely get to have relationships with other women outside the Star Labs/Flash bubble. Their major relationships are all with men. They’re like lonely lighthouses in a sea of men who never get a glimpse of each others’ light.

I’m going to be using @flashladiesmonth to explore some of these relationships, but if you’re active on fan twitter, let the writers know that we’d like to see more lady interactions that aren’t centered around boys they’re hugging, kissing, or related to.

  • me:people need to chill.
  • also me:ski lodge is gonna kill everybody the world is ending this fandom is gonna die i'm already dead what the fuck someone cancel this episode or maybe not it's such a good episode and it's so bad stop this triangle needs to die the ship is sinking for everybody i'm freaking out wtf wtf wtf i'm hyperventilating nobody moves this is a riot


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Fixing my schedule: Monday - “Orange” (I haven’t…

Haven’t seen handa kun but I’m watching the others :)

Handa-kun is REALLY funny. It’s about a popular guy who thinks everybody hates him hahah.  

It’s the prequel of Barakamon (another super cute series) that is focused on Handa’s life at his 20′s, where he is already a young professional calligrapher, dealing with a bunch of children on a small ville. It’s adorable. 

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I only heard recently the yellow eyed Shiro that we saw attacking Shiro in the last episode being called Kuro, and I'm just curious where that name came from...And also I may need to rewatch that episode again because I thought "Kuro" was Hagar using her powers to make herself look different and it wasn't a separate person. And I was high key freaking out over what was happening in the last 10 minutes or so of the episode so it could be totally possible I'm remembering things wrong.

kuro means black in japanese, like how shiro means white in japanese. yes, that was haggar using her powers, but i like a lot of other ppl like to think of them as different bc hey its fun. shiro is the ‘good’ of himself while kuro is the ‘evil’ of himself if that makes sense.


So I recently started watching Game of Thrones (binge-ing). I just completed season 6, episode 5, The Door…

And my soul is freaking shattered. I mean, goodness gracious, rip my bloody heart out, why don’t you!

It was my favorite episode ever up until the last 5 minutes. And don’t even get me started on the last 30 seconds.


You hold that door, Hodor. You hold that bloody door and stay strong. I’ll never forget you, my gentle giant. You had the kindest heart of them all.

Just saw Episode 3 of Sunshine!! and OH MY GOD I am SO happy that they didn’t pull a μ’s (empty auditorium/gym) This episode made me tear up a bit it was so good! Also freaking Mari and Dia..I LOVE THEM and the scene with Maru and Ruby in the bookstore…they’re both just like me when I go to Barnes and Noble: I immediately know what I want (except for me it’s manga since they don’t have Japanese fashion/music/anime magazines) and I’ll have a pile of them ready to take home with me like Maru ʬʬꉂ(˃̤▿˂̤ *)˖°

Too Short to Ride Feels

This episode was so cuteeee!!! X3

-Shorty Squad - love it! XD
-Peridot is adorkable
-Steven has gotten so good at shapeshifting omg!!
-Homeworld is making gems they would once consider imperfect, because they’re running low on resources. They’re at a disadvantage!! OoO
-PERI IS MAGNETO CONFIRMED! (And looks super freaking cute while using her powers too!)
-Mr. Smiley runs Funland by himself for the most part, and has rigged games
-Onion is a sociopath. Seriously.
-Peridot feels a bond with the alien stuffed animal and that is adorable (and a little sad)
-Amethyst got Peri to open up about her issues with shapeshifting instead of getting mad at her, and spent the whole day trying to make her happy and help her have fun (character development much?)
-Amethyst looking good with her “tall outfit”
-Peridot gets grumpy when her hair is messed with

Okay so I’ve thought about it more and I re-watched the episode and now I’m definitely having second thoughts (lol classic me being in denial last night) I mean it was a very brutal stabbing like she twisted that knife all up in there.. NOW that’s not to say you can’t survive a stabbing to the abdominal region, because you can, it’s possible! but! that blood loss.. freak got her pretty darn good. 

But then I think, could Wentworth really keep going without Bea? Would they do that? Would they turn it into the Kaz show? I just… it doesn’t seem right to me. 

Really what I’m trying to say is I have no fucking clue anymore and I’m annoyed that she just fell in love with a girl and she fucking dies (maybe..)


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Okay so one of my friends was like 'yeah I know someone who freaked out about an episode with Gaara naked at the hotsprings' and of course I was like 'IF THAT EPISODE EXISTED I WOULD KNOW THANK YOU'. But it keeps me up at night man.

D UDE;;;; 

I would’ve probably grabbed your friend and stare them in the eyes like 

( ʘ ⌄ʘ )


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tbh Aria is very obsessed with Ezra which I don't think is good. she's always like, "Ezra. Ezra. Ezra. Ezra." and it annoys me so freaking much that sometimes I literally count how many times she says Ezra in an episode. 😂 it seems like they just love to make out with each other and flirt to me tbh.

She reminds me of all the relationships I’ve lost because people have been too obsessed with their boyfriends/girlfriends and I can’t deal

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I saw people on you're ask raving about your gif set and I was like what's this about ... I saw the gif set and i know know why they were raving its so beautiful you are amazing!!!!! Also i see you've watched stranger things, I've just finished episode 6 and am ADDICTED (haha little accidental reference to the gifset there) IT'S SOOOO GOOD! <3 <3 <3

where did all these cute and sweet anon came from??? Thank you so much!!!! 😘😘💕💕💕 IKR!! I started and finished it yesterday lol, I love that kind of tv shows. Eleven is so freaking cute and Dustin is my spirit animal lol


The first episode of season 6 was…good. I mean, I liked it. I even laughed few times, even though I’m sad as hell haha. I especially loved the way they showed the love Harvey has for Mike. He was(is) fucking miserable. I still can’t believe that he literally said “I miss him.”. He loves him so much. Writers, please, they are perfect for each other. They need to be a couple ffs. And have so many cute moments(well, they had them before, but still, we need moreeeee)!  I just really love Harvey showing that he has feelings, especially for Mike. :)))))))) And of course I ended up making this all about Marvey hahah. Nothing new here. I really hope this season will be the best yet. I need something good in my life. Suitor forever <33