It was always meant to be

The show wouldn’t be giving us all these Westallen scenes for no reason if it didn’t mean something. Why waste the time, money or effort doing so then? Every episode has had a Westallen scene, even if it was a small one.


And 15 & 20 were so Westallen centered it’s not even funny. Everything points to them. They’re the focal point and their scenes stole the episode. Epic.

It’s showing us that the universe wants them to be together. The writers want them to be together. The directors. The comic book lovers. And the fans.

For Barry the only one he sees is Iris. We’ve seen it all season. And we’re starting to see for Iris, it’s always been Barry as well. She’s identifying her feelings, feelings that have always been there like Joe said.

Westallen was always destined to happen. It’s been written in the stars even before this show started. And it’ll continue for the long haul.

They’re meant to be together.
True love truly is timeless.
And that’s exactly what Westallen is, true love and timeless.

They’re iconic and always will be.

The Flash 1x19 Review

Warning: This review is 2780 words and filled with me gushing about all the ships that I like particularly my otps, snowbarry and westhawne and it might not be very coherent, so read at your own risk. There is also thallen, snowest, wa and blackvibe mentioned as well as joe-quentin interactions.

I had to calm down first before posting this (actually I’m still not calm) because last night’s The Flash episode (1x19) was epic. Not only there were so many scenes of both snowbarry (and no, I’m not talking about the kiss or the whole batesbarry and Caitlin scene because I don’t really consider them snowbarry) and westhawne, my two otps  that I was just squealing throughout the episode, there were scenes of every cast of the flash interacting. And I loved it! I did not in a million years think I would ever get as much snowbarry and westhawne scenes as tonight and in one episode to boot, especially westhawne because it is severely lacking in almost every episode of the Flash (why do you do this to me writers?) but I just love so so much last nights episode went (well, actually I still have some reservations and conflicting emotions about the kiss but it was still hot as hell). What made the episode even better was all the thallen scenes and the snowest scenes and the Joe-Quentin scenes and them working together (the Laurel-Cisco scene was cute as well). Anyway, if the writers are trying to stop us shipping snowbarry this episode was really not the way to do it, because there was so many scenes that are so friendshipy-with-a-hint-of-something-more scenes (and once again I am not counting the kiss or any fakeBarry with Caitlin scenes).

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Kuroko No Basket ep 67

- In this episodes it finally start the final match: Seirin vs Rakuzan

- Although I’ve already know how it’ll be end(since I read the manga) I’m still so excited (more than the players honestly) for Seirin vs Rakuzan match like it was the first time.

- Aww all the family(and as regards Tsuchida girlfriend) pre-final match Seirin moments are so adorable.  Also RikoxHyuuga scene was so: why are you sneezed in a moment like That, Riko?

- THAT HIMURO ENGRISH: idk why but I chunckled a bit (but at the same time i found it cool) hearing Himuro saying to Kagami that english phrases which concluded with an epic“bro”. However I’m glad now they definetely make peace. 

- I couldn’t help but I felt a bit melanchonic, watching those seirin past moments while Kuroko said he loves playing basketball because i realized this anime will finish in some episode *cries*

- Wow The pre match tension is so high: all those pre match Rakuzan and Seirin moments made me feel even more excited.

- Also the other teams came to see the final match: I found funny when Murasakibara, Hanamiya and Sakurai do  annoying glances at their rivals while Seirin players are introduced 

- Aww It was also adorable  the moment when the other 1st year players(I never remember their names, beside Furihata one) give Kuroko a wristband.

- Although they’re at the 4th place (which is  not a bad place at all), it made me feel sad, seeing (my precious) Kaijo losing again(this time against Shutoku). ç__ç *tries not to think about it anymore*

- OMG there is Mayuzumi!! *^* *cough**cough* well..that mysterious Rakuzan player  has finally made his first actual appearance in the anime (without the half face obscured ).

- And the match started off great with Kagami already entered in the Zone.

upslapmeal asked:

I can't believe Dodo left offscreen without a proper goodbye, we'd barely got to know her! Though aww One's reaction to her sending her love :) I enjoyed this one, it felt different to the ones before. It had some wonderful Doctory moments (now I know where that gif of One being badass as everyone else runs away is from) and I love its large scale, not studio-bound at all! I'd been worried I wouldn't like Polly and Ben but they're wonderful which will make the change in Doctor slightly easier :(

Ugh yes, everyone is forever bitter and annoyed by Dodo’s exit. We certainly wished she’d stayed around longer to get to know her even better. Glad you liked the story though, its great fun and that Doctor scene is epic!  Polly and Ben are so cute and its always nice to have companions to cross over to a new Doctor with. 

Ah you’re so close to the end of One. We’ll miss your thoughts on the Hartnell episodes, they always make us smile. You’re onto the Smugglers now which we have so little memory of, we need to re-watch it ourselves because otherwise it’ll be the only story we don’t mention on hartnell history week. Have fun with it :)

Please someone help (Arrow related😂)

So I live in Europe and because of the time difference when Arrow’s episodes originally come up here is around 4am (thursday) and every thursday I get up before school around 5am (around an hour and a half earlier than I usually do!!) to be able to watch the new episode. And so I really dont know what to do this next week when 3x20 comes up. To get up again in the morning or to wait and watch it after I get home after school?
So we all know that 3x20 is gonna be EPIC(gimme some OLICITY finally) and probably emotional and I’m not sure if I watch the ep this early in the morning i’ll be as mentally prepared or awake or in the right mood for the HUGE SCENES that we all know are coming (and I won’t be able to scream cause everyone will be asleep😒) Also probably half of the time (expecially towards the end) I’ll be worried about what time it is, how much time i have left and to not be late. And then at school I’ll spend every period going through tumblr and reading opinions or speculations(nothing new) BUT I'ILL BE AT SCHOOL AND I WONT BE ABLE TO FREAK OUT AS I’LL WANT TO😔😔.
But if I do wait and watch it after I get home, the time in school would be even bigger hell than it normally is and during school I won’t be able to go on any social media cause I WON’T WANT TO READ ANY SPOILERS. But then when I do watch it I’ll have pleeenty of time (mainly to rewatch half the scenes) and I won’t be worried about anything and I just feel that I’ll enjoy it more.
SO here’s my dilemma and it might seem strange and crazy for some of you BUT THE STRUGGLE IS REAL😂 and also I would truly appreciate it if you give me some advice on what to do.
I know I still have like 5 days to think about it but I want to find a solution as soon as possible😂 and also stop being so weird worrying about such a thing😂😂
Sorry for the long writing.

anonymous asked:

What a great idea! Thanks! One aspect I enjoy is how their growing relationship is highlighted in the first episodes of each season since season 2. S2- Daryl looks at Carol and Sophia. S3 Carol gets her flirt on with Daryl. S4 Carol jokes around with Daryl. S5 Epic Hug.

Ah! This is such an excellent point, Nonny! Thank you for sharing!!
I am so happy that the writers have made a point to include pieces of the (as you mentioned, growing) Carol and Daryl relationship in these episodes, and it’s even better that we can compare these scenes to see how far the two have come both individually and together! In the season premieres, TWD tries to establish where they are, where they have been, and where they will be going next. So, I completely believe that the Caryl bond will only continue to progress as the series goes on!

missdefans asked:

I always hoped Defan would die the way/where they initially did by their own choice and together, but they sort of did half that storyline with the whole traveller's spell so.. But yeah, I'd see them dying in the end regardless, as well!

I don’t know, I think there is still a big chance for the dying storyline. I mean the travelers storyline got each one of them dead and the other alive, both of them dying together would be so different. also, TVD isn’t the kind of show that end in a happy way. I can see the last episode of the show being epic and ripping my heart out of my chest. 

it’ll be one of those finales that prevent you from sleeping for two weeks.

and I just think that Defan should have this epic mind blowing end. ending with a happy scene with them sitting under the stars would be so unpredictable from TVD.

I also think that many characters would die in the end. Defan and Caroline/ Bonnie. If Caroline dies, Bonnie lives and be the one in the last scene, if Bonnie dies it’s Caroline in the last scene. tho I see Bonnie surviving more likely, you know after dying over hundred times!

I honestly want Defan to die in the end, blame my sick-sucking-for-epic-heartbreaking-endings heart. 

thou I would be fine with them under the stars actually.