tonight's episode of Under The Dome was the best

that moment in the tunnel with Barbie and Julia, her scream, her crying  just ripped my heart 

then the tunnel is a portal, there’s a way out of the dome BUT using it affect people. Lyle is going bananas, Sam has a weird shaking and I don’t even want to think what might happen to Barbie.

when the Dome is gonna kill Big Jim? like really he was so happy that Barbie “died” UGH like can wait when barbie gets back and be like 


Rebecca’s days are counted…now that she is finally on the right team

James you silly goose whatever Jarbie says BELIEVE IT

Baby Joe is gonna save them all with his cuteness 

James’s mom has all the answer but she isn’t helping much for now, because Sam no, he sucks and he killed Angie 

that finale with Daddy Barbie helping his son to back get back to the Dome for Julia. he better helps though because no one mess with Jarbie

Cant wait for next week episode