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tbh fridays episode didnt bother me so much, it was just that it felt like it was written to follow much stronger+well-written episodes. honestly I can accept a lot…. BUT! and this is my main gripe: show dont tell! if they have a serious fight it NEEDS. TO. FEEL. SERIOUS to us… enough to warrant(mean that loosely tho!) the fallout…. here it felt like when rob cheated and on friday he was talking about a totally different fight from what we saw, that was much worse!

idk if I make sense (the writing limit is a pain) but basically I didn’t buy the reason for Robert feeling like they were over, so everything that followed felt like a ridiculous, gross and truly absurd overreaction. I mean ONE tiny fight where Aaron is (barely) callous and he’s throwing himself at Rebecca??? 😑😑😑

I still understand it like ED wants us to accept that Aaron’s words were harsher and that even he realized he really hurt and jeopardized their relationship with his actions and words……… (at least judging by subsequent writing) but the initial writing didn’t give us that…. and so we’re left with this piss poor SL….

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fille you just get me, you know that? bless you for being you <3

honestly though, you make perfect sense and i whole-heartedly agree. the worst part about emmerdale (and tbf they are pretty good on the whole but when they get it wrong…. jfc) is that they deem it totally appropriate to tell rather than show on a lot of really important points, knowing full well that if it relates to robron (or anything really) that we will fill in the gaps and come up with meta to explain it all so they don’t have to

it’s not good storytelling???? in fact it’s lazy af and shit to boot and frankly we as audience members deserve better and so do the characters. i mean i’m not naive, i fully understand that they have about 22 minutes give or take to tell at least three or four separate storylines so obviously they can’t show everything, but that means that the scenes they do show have to count. they have to have emotional weight behind them, they have to matter to us as viewers, even if it’s just light-hearted comedy, it still has to be relevant within the context of that episode

the scenes on friday were so confusing, i almost thought i’d missed something on thursday which explained everything in a much clearer way but… apparently not. i do wonder if part of it is down to different writers interpreting things differently, but then it’s a soap… you have a different writer for each episode and it has to feel at least somewhat consistent otherwise what is the fucking point????

but yeah… thursday gave us nothing substantial, no real justification for any of it, and then friday swooped in to try and explain it all away with words alone as if that would be enough. and it wasn’t. how could it be? we’d just been punched in the gut the day before, blindsided completely (don’t even get me started on the blatant baiting by emmerdale’s social media team) and then suddenly on friday it was like we were all supposed to have read between the lines. 

it wasn’t good enough. none of it was up to the standard that we know emmerdale can achieve, and while i don’t expect every writer to be of the same calibre as the real heavy-weights on that team, i do expect them to know the fucking characters and be able to put together an episode that doesn’t feel like i’ve entered the fucking twilight zone

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TFA really bothers me, and it's mainly the fact of how they handled Han's character. He had such amazing character development throughout the OT and I feel like TFA totally overwrote that and destroyed it. I'm not really looking forward to upcoming episodes tbh.

I think there’s a lot we don’t know, so I’m excited to learn more. I think whatever happens next will give us a clearer picture but I see what you mean; the Han we knew wouldn’t leave Leia, but then again things are so messed up, it’s really hard to understand everything without the missing pieces.

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Tbh I’ve always liked this episode a lot and felt it was underrated. Because of that gloomy and oppressive atmosphere, Buffy’s portrayal in it, and the haunting shot of her and Spike doing it behind the building. That vacant look on her face has stayed with me since I first watched the episode so many years ago. Really powerful scene that says so much without a word. Oh, and, “but what about the apple pie???”

Like I said, it’s really not that bad. I mean, it’s obviously not a masterpiece, and it’s easy to make fun of this episode because of the cheesy monster-of-the-week which makes you wonder just wtf the writers were thinking when they came up with it. But there’s some deep stuff (like the Spuffy shot you mentioned, which so clearly shows even having sex with Spike has lost its thrill and it’s yet another thing she’s going through the motions…) and some truly funny moments.

And btw, I still laugh at the old lady’s “what about the apple pie?” It’s the perfect way to close that scene in which Buffy seems to go bananas. 

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I know people want to forgive and still route for them but these two episodes have ruined it for me :( just don't feel the same about robron anymore or Robert for that matter

I know anon, they’ve been a horrible mess. People will continue to ship it im sure though. 

I mean right now im team should of ended after the affair did tbh.. who knows. Soaps have lots of stories and changes but im a disappointed to say the least with this pile of wank. 


tbh the way they defeated the monster was kinda weird but oh well this is a kid’s show. Plus yesterday’s episode has put me in a state of joy, so I’m a lot less critical of it then I ought to be. Ridiculous antics are entirely acceptable when it’s inside a ladynoir/chatbug sandwich.

Maybe it’s really just a case of an elephant in the room where everyone knows that Marinette and Adrien are obviously the Lucky Duo. I mean, they go missing just before the duo shows up, there’s no way for anyone to get in or out, they show up instantly when there’s trouble at the school, Marinette and Adrien’s stuff was nowhere near the monster goo, when Adrien called out his voice was clear instead of muffled like the others who were trapped in the goo, neither of them were there when Ladybug’s spell cleared up the goo. Not even counting the physical similarities.

The real miraculous is the miraculous way that everyone seems to ignore the obvious. 

Honestly the way Amethyst tries to be supportive of Peridot but is also really mean to her (even at the beginning of this episode and prior ones) makes me feel really uneasy 

Like her trying to destroy Peridot’s only thing while she was begging her not to, like that’s just pretty uncool