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favorite opening sequence

uhh yeah so i kinda ordered itakiss 2 box set 2…i couldn’t resist. Personally  i feel like the second half of the drama is kinda better than the first 8 episodes, especially since it doesnt have the jealousy arc (arc my ass it’s only 2 episodes). I mean i love the jealousy eps bc honoka’s acting is amazing, but it’s also painful to watch naoki being a stupid ass.  It took me a few days to decide to order it or not bc like a lot of money and then when my bank statement comes ill be like ow lmao

like  tbh when i first started itakiss love in tokyo in September, I remember telling myself “Oh i like this drama, but i’d never buy it. The main girl is wayyy to clingy and living for the guy eww!” and now look at me, i run a blog dedicated to and shit. I also bought the Okinawa dvd, a $100 box set, and maybe one day i’ll get S1 box set. IM IN SO DEEP I DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT IM GONNA DO WHEN IT’S OVER??? MAYBE I’LL JUST RECAP THE EPISODES I NEVER DID SO I WONT HAVE POST DRAMA DEPRESSION AFTER. EVEN THINKING ABOUT THE END MAKES ME SAD OH MY OGD

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Hi there!

27: Which anime character are you most like?

tbh I don’t know if I’m like a character, but I identify myself a lot with Korra and Kuvira (bc they have strong and determinate personalities) and with Mikasa (bc she’s considered like a cold heart character or whatever, just like me).

30: How many anime episodes is ‘ideal’ for you?

Hmmm, I definetely don’t like short animes/series (like under 10-15 episodes) and I don’t dislike long animes/series (live over 100 episodes or even more, I mean I watch Naruto ok hahaha), so between these two I’d always choose the long one. But, an “ideal” estimate of episodes would be over 30 and under 80 episodes.

Thank you so much for asking lovely nonnie and sorry for the delay! C:

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  • my favorite female character

tbh i love them all but probably naotora??? i knew when i read her description i’d like her but she’s warmed up to me a lot she’s so cute

  • my favorite male character

i discovered the other day that i only care about sakon’s death bc of what it means for mitsunari so it’s mitsunari i guess

  • my favorite book/season/etc

my favourite season is judge end, my favourite game is sb4

  • my favorite episode (if its a tv show)

literally the entirety of judge end but probably the last ep ok it’s definitely the last ep

  • my favorite cast member

fun fact akira ishida used to be my favourite voice actor as a kid and we’ve been reunited by hanbei can you believe it

  • my favorite ship

it’s iemitsu…. i know this is really surprising….

  • a character I’d die defending

does anyone need defending that badly uh??????????? uh

  • a character I just can’t sympathize with

matsunaga what is his deal what does he want when will he fuck off

  • a character I grew to love

before i played i expected to not be too fond of maria bc of how she treats oichi but… i love her anyway… she’s so great…

  • my anti otp

idk sasuke/kasuga??? idk

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how come you have to remove it from your otp list? i mean they'll probably be fine in a few episodes and i'm sure jonny is gone now

well see, a lot of people can ship a couple when they cheat but i’m not one of these, tbh if spencer actually answered to the kiss is cheat to me, and to me a couple after a cheat can’t be together, maybe you think different, but this is my opinion

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DONT LET PEOPLE MAKE YOU FEEL BAD ABOUT HAVING DEPRESSION OR DEPRESSIVE EPISODES honestly it's your life and even though she is related to you it doesn't mean that she knows everything about you. It sucks to have depression and it sucks to be really indecisive about depression in general, but don't worry. I'm sorry and you are really strong for holding on!! You are important! Be kind to yourself because you deserve it! Don't worry! It WILL ME OKAY I PROMISE

thank youu so much !!! idk it means a lot to ne tbh even if i’m really bad at expressing my gratitude snkskakendnjs

i’ve been shitting on supernatural seasons 6+ since i’ll always prefer 1-5 when kripke was still in charge since i love the original story a lot more

but season 10 has had some killer episodes and i can’t just ignore that

benedictcumbering replied to your post “I’m still pissed with the last episode of downton (for those of you…”

I think they probably killed her because of the Islamic state tbh, didn’t want any negative connotations

hm. that could definitely be possible. I never thought of that reason. It makes me a lot more comfortable with the subplot, too.

(I mean I know why they named her Isis but people who don’t watch the show/know what Highclere and the Earl were known for probably wouldn’t).

I kind of hope Fellowes talks about it in the footnotes of the script book for the season. If he ever produces ones for the rest of the seasons, that is.

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It’s okay I ramble a lot too tbh. But my dad actually watched the show without me and I told myself I was never gonna watch it because my dad was being mean and all that jazz and then when I was sick like three weeks ago, I watched one episode andyea

Awwh it sucks that he watched it without you, especially since it’s not easy to catch up on when you’ve missed so much :/ But yeah a super easy show to get swept up in and addicted to :’)