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so what are some of your fave literati scenes???? gotta know for science homeskillet

ahhhhh they’re so smol and precious. i have so many. tbh a lot of them are ones where i love a ton of their scenes in the same episode so we’re just gonna list those and then my favorite scene within them.

fun scenes that don’t make me want to digest my internal organs:

  • 2.05 nick & nory/sid & nancy; “goodnight dodger” (like… the ultimate tbh)
  • 2.10 the bracebridge dinner; “does he know björk” (…..dumbass)
  • 2.13 a-tisket, a-tasket; “ernest only has lovely things to say about you” (a classic, of course; obviously i love this episode since i wrote that whole post about it the other day)
  • 2.17 dead uncles and vegetables; “as long as it’s a liquor store in town neighbor” also “that little punk” (lame, they’re so fucking lame)
  • 2.19 teach me tonight; “you could do more” (jfc)
  • 2.21 lorelai’s graduation day; “this was fate” “i think it was” (this episode is everything to me i gtg wth)
  • 3.05 eight o’clock at the oasis; “you still doing the harvard thing?” (listen… the eye fucking in this episode)
  • 3.08 let the games begin; “i’m glad you didn’t smoke it” (this is what kaity calls the “smush smush scene” and honestly i feel that about sums it up)
  • 3.14 swan song; “you’re a book tease” (this episode as a whole is a little iffy but i wasn’t about to exclude the book tease scene so here we find ourselves)
  • 3.18 happy birthday, baby; “you looked it up” (another classic lmao, also the “sweet old agoraphobic couple” scene)
  • 6.08 let me hear your balalaikas ring out; “i couldn’t have done it without you” (this episode is ranked so far above any of the other episodes that it’s not even on the same playing field. this was a masterpiece of an episode and i could talk about it forever and i love and it adore it, it’s so beautiful and almost makes up for how bad they screwed us all the rest of the time.)

these would be favorites if they didn’t give me the urge to rip my beating heart from my chest

  • 3.20 say goodnight, gracie; “yeah, i’ll call you” (one last promise before it ends. he couldn’t be who she deserved; he couldn’t be someone who would make her proud. he failed. all scooped out and hollow he sits on the bus, finally leaving the town he hates oh so much, except he doesn’t have anywhere to go or anything to do and when he thinks of a home the closet thing he can find is her face. he’s not saying goodbye, mainly because he doesn’t know if he could bring himself to leave if she asked him not to and he has to leave. she’ll be better off this way. she doesn’t need anything dragging her down, stopping her from reaching her full potential; if there’s one thing he refuses to be it’s a hinderance to her. she’s on the bus anyways though, because the universe doesn’t believe in letting him off easy, so he sits next to her with his stomach in his throat and his heart at his feet. one last promise, one that he’ll keep, even if all he can offer on the other line is his breathing because there’s not much more to say. he’ll keep this one though. he owes her that much.)
  • 3.22 those are strings pinocchio; “i think i may have loved you but i just need to let it go” (by the time she says it it’s already too late. i love you. isn’t that supposed to be the answer, the purest feeling, the thing that conquers all? it doesn’t feel like salvation though, because the ship has already sunk. she’s standing in the wreckage, drowning in the leftovers, the repercussions, the useless emotion after the opportunity isn’t even a speck on the horizon. i love you. she might as well tell him. it doesn’t mean anything at all.)
  • 4.13 nag hammadi is where they found the gnostic gospels; “i love you” (they’ve both known it the whole time. leave it unsaid. unheard. echoing around in the realm of doubt. let it bubble up, unexpected and unwelcome; let it explode out, fill the silence, fill the gaps in time; let it linger, nothing more to say; let it go, leave it behind, carry it with you, it’s everywhere and yet it’s as powerless as it’s ever been. he might as well tell her. it won’t make any difference. loving. loving. leaving. already long gone.)
  • 6.18 the real paul anka; “it is what it is, you, me.” (a statement. a profession of truth as unadulterated and pure as a truth could ever be. always stuck. the right people, the wrong time; never truly together but never able to fully pull apart. stuck and racing along the same continuum, reaching the same milestones, the same destinations, but never in unison. bound and severed. it is what it is. it is what it will always be.)
  • Brother:(who is a good decade older than my 22 year old self) What are you watching?
  • Me:Oh! Uh, it's kinda like a cartoon, and it's about this guy who fights monsters with a stupidly big sword -
  • Brother:Oh, you mean an anime? Yeah I think I saw that one back in the 90s, sure was a lot of work streaming a single episode over dial-up internet -
  • Me:What.
  • Brother:Of course most of the time we just rented them on dvd -
  • Me:what
  • Brother:I remember this one series that never got switched over from VHS -
  • Me:W H A T

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Do you have any anger management techniques sorry this is random I'm desperate and google's just saying to count to ten which isn't helpful

uh i actually have a lot of pent up anger and when ever it becomes Too Much i:

watch my fav show (which is haikyuu!! btw) and make sure it’s one of the happier episodes

eat something sweet (idk i have a sweet tooth and sugar makes me calm)

or i have something rly cold. bc when i get angry i actually get like really heated. like i mean by body temperature just rises and im a fuming mess so i need something to cool me down

sometimes i just hit something. i don’t know if this is really recommended but tbh it helps (for me at least)

other times i just try to steady my breathing, and distance myself from other people. i honestly just go to my room, lay in bed and count my breathing