“You know; it didn’t hit me how big the fan base was. I know it’s kind of obvious but it didn’t hit me until it was all happening,” she says of the reaction when she was cast. Following her premiere episode, Jasmin received a lot of mixed reviews on her character Nina, from praising her for being confident to being upset at the threat she has become in relation to Camsten becoming official. Unfortunately, some reactions involved hate which Jasmin was a good sport about. Laughing about some tweets and retweeting others, she was able to brush off the negativity.

“I think it’s awesome,” she says of the entire situation. “It’s really cool that these people are so invested and love these characters so much. I take it as a compliment that I’m getting all these comments, basically threatening me, you know. They love these characters; they love these people. If you come into this world, you better bring something to it. But at the same time, I’ve got people who don’t even know me who are being really kind and they’re standing up for me. [They’re] like, ‘Don’t be mean to this girl! She didn’t do anything!’ It’s just been positively overwhelming. People seem to be really invested and love their characters.”

~Jasmin Brown’s Teenplicity Interview

This is just a friendly reminder that Jasmin is a real person, and it’s completely unacceptable to send her hurtful messages just because you may not like her character. She’s such a sweetheart and has dealt with all the hate so well, so please, please be nice and tweet positive things about her character instead of negative ones. She deserves all the love. 


tbh the way they defeated the monster was kinda weird but oh well this is a kid’s show. Plus yesterday’s episode has put me in a state of joy, so I’m a lot less critical of it then I ought to be. Ridiculous antics are entirely acceptable when it’s inside a ladynoir/chatbug sandwich.

Maybe it’s really just a case of an elephant in the room where everyone knows that Marinette and Adrien are obviously the Lucky Duo. I mean, they go missing just before the duo shows up, there’s no way for anyone to get in or out, they show up instantly when there’s trouble at the school, Marinette and Adrien’s stuff was nowhere near the monster goo, when Adrien called out his voice was clear instead of muffled like the others who were trapped in the goo, neither of them were there when Ladybug’s spell cleared up the goo. Not even counting the physical similarities.

The real miraculous is the miraculous way that everyone seems to ignore the obvious. 

Honestly the way Amethyst tries to be supportive of Peridot but is also really mean to her (even at the beginning of this episode and prior ones) makes me feel really uneasy 

Like her trying to destroy Peridot’s only thing while she was begging her not to, like that’s just pretty uncool 

I love Rin. I love Haru. I don’t like them as a couple, so this episode made me cringe a lot. Call me a bitter bitch but I fastfowarded through most of it tbh.

I really fucking hope that the Makoto and Haru fight gets addressed PROPERLY in the next episode and Haru doesn’t just come back and they act like nothing fucking happened. I mean shit even Rin and Haru got a hug at the end of the first season. Makoto AT LEAST deserves a fucking hug.

idk I’m just feeling sick because I have a feeling they’re not going to get proper closure.

Tbh one of the most underrated Padme Amidala things in Episode 2 is how she would handle Anakin’s advances when she didn’t want them

My personal favorite example is the scene where she’s packing to fly to Naboo, when she firmly states: “Don’t look at me like that. It’s making me uncomfortable.”

There’s absolutely no sugarcoating there to avoid hurting Anakin’s feelings or whatever (and we know Anakin has A LOT of feelings to hurt, he’s an emotional guy). She says EXACTLY what she means and demands respect.

Like whenever she felt her boundaries were being overstepped, she was explicitly vocal about it. Instead of being submissive in any way, she would take command of the situation and dissipate it to the best of her ability. I feel that says a lot about the spirit of her character and who she was.

Anyway Star Wars may not have done everything right but Padme was a Blessing and I’m glad she was one of my childhood role models

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May I just say that I love the episode where booth says to agent perotta "but she's your responsibility, nothing can happen to her, okay? If anything happens... to her... y'know that silky black hair, soft skin" and it's so underappreciated I mean HOW CUTE WAS THAT

I KNOW RIGHT!!! And that starry, dreamy look he has while he says that <333333 He’s soooooo gone for her. 

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Any thoughts on Spike the dragon?

spike? well he’s a wonderful dragon ain’t he?

isn’t it amazing that he’s come into his character in his own way?

i like spike so much that he gets me thinking on like good story writing because a lot of his episodes are my personal favourites on how they deal with morality 

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ninannarambling replied to your post “Tbh part of me wonders about the dynamics of the last YoI episode in…”

Been thinking about this too. Though having a general audience (and being produced by mainstream), I anyway did not expect a deeply deconstructed approach to gender. Hence I tend to analyse in mainstream view and in that I did appreciate the nonchalance with which these transgressions were presented. I mean anime is way better in these than mainstream American stuff anyway but in anime they still often carry a ‘punchline’ and rarely treated this 'normally’.

I think in a lot of ways I’m disconnected from the big picture or that I don’t have a good understanding of the context of sports anime up until now, or “legitimate” portrayal of gender norm expectations or fluidity in anime - though I also find it interesting that it occurs in an anime about figure skating, which has its own sort of pressures against gender norms as I understand it? But I agree with you that the nonchalance of the portrayal, and the how there’s so little “no homo” or in-production attention drawn to the sexual/romantic undertones is really important - in some ways I think that’s what draws what happens in YoI out of subtext and legitimizes it? And I think it also brings up a question of what constitutes as fanservice for different audiences of a show.

I also don’t entirely agree that YoI is a skating anime that just so happens to feature a gay couple because I feel like it’s been established that Yuri’s growth and understanding of himself and his desires impacts his skating, and therefore his relationships and interactions with others do in a way influence and guide the plot. In this sense I think YoI falls in between slice-of-life and sports anime. At the moment at least, I get a much stronger slice-of-life feel to it. So I feel like the portrayal of Yuri’s relationships and that nonchalance about queerness or the validity of that portrayal is really important, because it seems like it might be a large mechanism in the story.

This is also kind of nitpicky of the portrayal and I kind of feel like I’m raining on a parade here. However, I’m also really wary of western fandom running ahead and talking about how progressive something is without considering alternative viewpoints because I feel like a lot of fandom arguments also boil down to this. >.>;;;

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Tbh I didn’t like the titles of the new episodes very much I mean every time I see the title “The Six Thatchers” all I can picture is six actual Thatchers one next to the other (plus a Sherlock lying somewhere in the background) and I am afraid this doesn’t help me a lot with the dark atmosphere they want for S4.

( I have no muse for iz.uru at the moment (like actual muse for him not just shitpost stuff) but I started watching stray dogs today (after I said I was going to for like a week) and I actually like it honestly?? like I’m only three episodes in but it’s not that bad. I’m into fictional media that involves superna.tural content and it seems kinda unique tbh

imagine: me liking an anime that isn’t ro.npa )