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This gem was just released. And the artwork is just as sick!

Some Steven Universe fans. And the Amy Keating Rogers thing.

There are some Steven Universe fans. The toxic ones who feel the need to hate on things needlessly and the ones who were involved in the whole Keystone Hotel stunt who upset me…

And it’s because of the fans from the darker side of the Steven Universe that I fear the show may eventually get canceled. And that upsets me. I love Steven Universe and all the characters good and bad and all the episodes. 

I think it’s wonderful and amazing and cool. It’s just so epic in my opinion. Every ep has made me feel some level of happiness and joy.

Plus I’ve made friends with many great people in the fandom during my time of Tumblr. And I love alot of things that I have seen.

But there are some people who so rancidly hate things that upsets me. I’m not saying names.

I also feel immense sympathy for Amy Keating Rogers for how some people in the MLP fandom treated her. 

If you wanna do yourself a favor: watch FKA Twigs Video for her new EP. Those were some epic 16 minutes! The tracks and the video just touched me on another level. The video work has something lynchian.