Skye scoffs, but her newly formed inhuman team shuffles anxiously behind her. “Are you seriously comparing finding me in my van to all of this?” Ward shrugs graciously, “You’re right. I should have driven up in a corvette. For continuity.” 

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svu is a serious show about serious things [1/?] → 10x06, “Babes”

percaval  asked:

Random question but how do you think the pack sees Allison's cause of death now that Stiles doesn't exist to them? What do they think happened during the course of 3b?

I have absolutely no idea!!!! Like… did all that still happen, but someone else was possessed by the nogitsune? Because, I mean, if they go down the route of absolutely everything being retroactively undone because Stiles is erased, then Scott wouldn’t be a werewolf, because it was Stiles who dragged him into the woods that night, and Malia probably wouldn’t have hung around (fuck I’m so excited to see how she reacts in this ep like can we just have some epic Lydia and Malia scenes please) and Stiles is the catalyst for a whole lot of stuff in Teen Wolf, so I’m really, really intrigued to see how they write this and how Doctor Who they get with the alternate timelines