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He’d be nervous. He’s known you for so long that he thinks he should know by now whether you were attracted to him or no but whereas everyone swore that you were whipped just as much as he was, he kept coming to the conclusion that you were just a very affectionate person. It would also be a heat of the moment thing. Like the both of you were just hanging out with each other at your place like you usually did and you were laughing at one of his ridiculous jokes that his laughter died down just to admire your eyes shut tight and your lips stretched into the sweetest grin.

“(Y/N). I need to tell you something. I like you, and not in a way that a friend should. In a way that makes my heart race when I see you. Are you getting what I’m saying because your expressionless face right now is making me a little more than nervo-” His rant was shut off by you pulling him into a searing kiss.

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He didn’t ever actually confess to you. You didn’t even know it but the both of you just fell into the comfortable routine of having each others back and just started dating without even trying to. You guys never verbally established a relationship and the both of you were completely fine with it. It only dawned on him one morning as you were both in his washroom -brushing your teeth- that he never actually told you his feelings for you. Actions speak louder than words but he just wanted to be on the safe side. He stopped brushing for a second and looked at you in the mirror.

“(Y/N)… You know I like you right? That I think of you as my girlfriend.” You smiled wide and nodded your head as you pulled out your brush and gave him a very wet peck on his cheek. “Ew (Y/N), just say yes.” He whined, wiping at his cheek with the sleeve of his shirt as you laughed, but his heart swelled at the fact that this was how the two of you were. And he wouldn’t have it any other way.

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This sunshine was probably one of the few that actually planned everything down to a T. He took you out to the fair and promised that it would be the best night of your life so far (he hoped). Little did you know, he was right. After a while, the both of you had gone to every possible ride you could drag Hobi to which obviously had you clutching at your sides because he freaked out on all of them. Why would he even agree to doing this with you? It didn’t really matter because this really did turn out to be the best night of your life. He was laughing along with you and he decided that it was now or never. He was hoping to wait until the fireworks were scheduled but seeing you so happy like this made him want to spill. Right here, right now. He suddenly grabbed your hand and made you stop in your tracks and turn around to face him with a questioning look.

“I brought here today for a reason and even though I’m deviating from my plan just a little I still need to do this.” He swallowed his pride, stepped closer to you and smashed his lips against yours. Your hand left his and placed it on his cheek as you closed your eyes and kissed him back. Feeling your lips move with his made Hobi’s speed up even more if that was possible. He pulled back because he still had to finish this. “Will you do the honor of being my girlfriend?” and you had only nodded yes when the fireworks had started to light up the night sky.

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He would just be a rambling mess. He can be prideful sometimes and since it was hard for him to figure out if you were into him or not, it really boiled down to him bursting at the seams with confessing to you. He’d be gentle about it though, trying not to intimidate you because he realized he just started blabbering random things about his work. He wasn’t usually like this with you, he was always the one that was calm and collected and it made you feel concerned that he was the one that was a mess rather than the usual other way round. You promptly shushed him by speaking over him and telling him to calm down. Asking him what happened with worry written all over your face, he forced himself to breathe, take a moment and calm himself down. Once he did, he was finally able to form coherent sentences and try telling you what he wanted to.

“Ah I ramble so much. All I need to say is that I like you and it would be amazing if you went on a date with me but of course my brain is thinking faster than a Corvette.” Try… He’s just a rambling mess right now and you scoffed endearingly at how adorable he was right now. You calmly held both of his hand in yours and leaned in to give him a small peck. You looked at his face to see his reaction and he was shocked to say the least. You were about to pull back and confess yourself, when he pulled you onto him and kissed you. More passionately than your innocent peck. Guess he finally got his confidence back.

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He was already a very affectionate boy. People often mistook the both of you for being a couple to which the both of you would blush and deny. It wasn’t their fault they thought that way because who wouldn’t. The both of you were constantly touching one way or another and if one was paying attention to something, the other would just gaze longingly at them. Everyone around the two of you knew about your feeling toward one another. Everyone but the two of you of course. You were at a restaurant with Jimin during lunch and as per usual, you chatted over food with one of your hands interlaced with his. You were talking animatedly about your day and as much as Jimin tried to listen to what you were saying, he just couldn’t focus on anything but your lips. They suddenly looked so inviting that he doesn’t think he could really hold back anymore. He nonchalantly leaned in and gave you a light peck before sitting back in his chair. You obviously halted in your tracks not having expected that in a million years. He shook his head and smiled at you.

“I hope that was fine for me to do. Please, don’t stop talking, I don’t want to change our relationship. Maybe just the name we give to it.” He smiled as your face heated up.

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Since he was the only one that actually knew exactly what you felt for him because his read on people -especially ones he cared for- was amazingly accurate.  He wasn’t too worried about coming out and actually telling you how much he liked you because he knew you liked him back. He didn’t want to keep you waiting though, so as soon as he saw the perfect opportunity, he took it. He had joined you at your workplace where you were interning after you had told him you were going to stay overtime looking for your boss’ misplaced documents that he’d lost and since you were supposed to be hanging out with him, he insisted he came and kept you company. You weren’t too stressed and the both of you were actually having fun as he brought (stole) a bunch of snacks from the snack room and munched on them as he told you funny anecdotes about the other boys and you told some of yours about your work. It was quiet save for your voices and the room was only lit by a really old lamp in the middle of the storage room you were in. He realized this would be perfect. The both of you were in a great mood and it was away from prying eyes which was a rarity these days. You weren’t even focusing on him as he let it slip that he likes you.

“This probably seems like a weird thing to say at your workplace but I like you (Y/N).” He paused, waiting for your reaction. Your entire body froze as you slowly looked up to him, weakly asking him to repeat what he just said. “I like you. A lot. Like, I want to take you on dates and actually kiss you like I’ve wanted to since that day you spend the night with me to comfort me.” You gulped and let out a breathe. He was going to continue his little spiel but was interrupted by you throwing your arms around him and giving him a long kiss. 

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Contrary to what most would think, it was a very heartfelt confession. Probably one of the very rare times he’d ever let himself be as emotionally upfront as possible. He just really couldn’t make sense of his feelings and it was incredibly overwhelming for him. He really thought that you only thought of him as a friend but he didn’t want to go along pretending that he was fine with the two of you being just friends. You didn’t deserve not knowing. He had been off the entire day only because he had finally resigned to the idea of confessing to you and you rejecting him but you didn’t wanna push him about it but you were worried. He was never this quiet. You were lounging on your living room couch with you legs resting on Jungkook’s lap he wasn’t watching the TV at all and you could sense that. You tried to give him his space but it had finally become way to overbearing for you to handle. You kicked your legs off of his lap causing him to turn to look at you and  you sat up to demand what was bothering him. He gulped and decided that it was now or never. 

“(Y/N) I understand that this might affect the both of us but I need to put my mind to rest.” You nodded your head encouraging him to continue. “ I can’t stop thinking about you. And I know I shouldn’t think of you as more than a friend but I do. It’s taking a toll on me and I don’t want you to be around me if you feel uncomfortable being around someone who pines after you. You deserve better…” He finished. He was still holding your gaze but you emotionless features had him mistaking it for rejection. He smiled tightly and sighed. “I tried. It’s okay if you don’t like me back, I don’t mind. I’ve actually made my peace with i-” you shut him up by placing your hand over his lips and telling him to shut up before leaping into his arms. This boy really had no clue.

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Me, during literally the entire Diana/Ares fight scene: Okay but, au with cute sibling bonding and Diana going around being the peppy little buttercup she is, and everyone’s trying to be like “no honey, you can’t just pull a sword out on the streets of London” and Ares just looming up behind his baby sister, all terrifying, and intimidating the naysayers into silence and then the moment Diana turns around he’s all sunshine and daisies again and Diana’s just super excited to get to spend time with her big bro and is totally having the time of her life

It’s easy to be religious, until you meet an angel.

There is no God,” Arthur mourns sarcastically as his priest’s collar is removed from his neck.

“That’s funny, coming from you,” the angel retorts, kissing up his neck.

It’s been this way for a while now.

Arthur’s ashamed to admit that he’d spoken holy prayers the first time Alfred had revealed himself, a golden glow framing the angel in ethereal light. He’d actually knelt, too. It’s humiliating to think on that now, as Alfred’s fingers dance up his robes, ghosting over pale thighs.

The celibacy has made him vulnerable and inexperienced, Arthur thinks, considering that Alfred’s touch is hot on his skin and he finds himself melting for what looks and acts like a man. He’d never questioned his sexuality before the angel kissed him, years and years ago. To be fair, he also hasn’t questioned it since.

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