If you missed the intro post w/ price range I made back in February, check it out here . Today is the grand opening day of mon Lily on DreamV! Source takes you to the teaser page where all the items are posted. Most of it is currently sold out though >.>;;  And I think this is just for the jp page, so use a shopping service to order if they truly haven’t posted this on the global rakuten site. Some items are on reservation/won’t be available till April so  double check on that! :) 

Trick or Treat Starters!

Intro Post |  FAQ  | Starters | Candy Kit
Commission Costumes | Spotlight

These starters will not only start the RP, but also double as a CODE so that the recipient knows what kind of response you are hoping for. Make sure you do not give out your candy as part of your published response (This should be sent separately as a submission) otherwise people will be able to simply take it off your page and not Trick or Treat to get it.  What they get is suppose to be a surprise! : 3

* Gimmie Candy! - Send this text with the picture of your muse in costume if you only want the candy from this profile and don’t actually want an RP. (If someone sends you this when they submit their costume that means they do not want to RP but would like you to send them a submission back with the candy you are handing out.) This is good to use when you already have a lot of RPs going on but still want to collect candy.

* Trick or Treat! - Use this starter if you would like a short RP (1-3 responses max) in addition to the person sending you a SUBMISSION in response with the candy they are handing out.

* “Ding Dong! Ding! Ding! Ding Dong!” Someone is very excited about getting Halloween Candy - Use this if starter if you would like a short RP (1-3 responses max). This is a good starter if your muse cannot speak for some reason.

* “This house always has the best candy!” - Use this starter if you would like a medium RP (3-6 responses max) and to also let the other mun know you’ve been watching them, you really like their muse, and you’ve waiting for an opportunity to RP with them (and hope to again in the future!)

* “Come on, hurry up, I’ve got a lot of houses to get to!” - Use this if you’d like to request their muse to respond to a slightly aggressive starter- and possibly respond with aggression in return! This should result in a short RP (1-3 responses max)

* ”Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat!” - Use this if you’d like to request their muse to respond to a slightly irritating starter- and possibly respond with aggression in return! This should result in a short RP (3-6 responses max)

* ”Your costume is pretty scary, but who is that guy I saw through your window walking around? He looked like (make up a scary description) - Use this if you’d like to request their muse respond to a slightly scary starter and a possible SOMETHING in their home they might not know about! (3-6 responses max)

* “P…p…please don’t scare me!” - Use this if you’d like to request their muse respond to your muse ringing their doorbell and acting terrified when they answer the door. Perhaps you had a bad fright at the last house you went to? Will they be nice and comfort you- or terrorize you more?! (3-6 responses max)

* You see a hand reach in through the slightly open door grab some candy out of your candy dish! - Use this if you’d like to request their muse respond to your muse stealing candy rather than Trick or Treating for it! (3-6 responses max)


* Typically RP responses should be candid and in character- if you aren’t sure what to say you could compliment them on their costume! However, if you are handing out candy and you do not want to RP (Most likely because you are getting a LOT of RP requests and can’t handle them all) simply respond to their submission with a private submission back (make sure to do an image submission giving them the candy your profile is handing out) and the message, “Oh my goodness what a wonderful costume! Thanks for stopping by and good luck at the other houses!” Please do not be upset with profiles if they send this back and are not able to RP with you- this event is getting REALLY BIG and this response is here for muns that are getting overwhelmed. 

A while back, Thomas said on Twitter that Fu being the ‘guardian of the orb’ was a scraped concept. Though while Fu still has an appearance planned for the origin double at the end of the season, him being the ‘guardian of the orb’ was scraped, possibly being replaced with him being the watcher of the miraculous and the box seen in the intro.

This piece of concept art that features Felix as a protagonist shows what may have been the ‘orb’:

It looks similar to a bird the more I look at it…the beak is faintly visible. Other orbs, pink in color, seem to be surrounding and entering the suspected Orb.

Tikki and Plagg also appear in this image while possibly looking at eachother next to their charges. Again, this is a concept from the 2D Anime as opposed to the current 3D CGI series.

tinytachyon  asked:

daft punk, skrillex, the xx

DAFT PUNK: Favorite instrumental (no vocals) song?

this is really tough bc i love instrumental music. i’m a really big fan of post-rock in particular but if it comes down to all-time favorite instrumental song, i’d have to say “mellon collie and the infinite sadness” by the smashing pumpkins, the intro track on the double album of the same name. they were a hugely important band for me and that record in particular meant a lot to me, this song’s the equivalent of wrapping yourself up in a big warm blanket on a rainy day.

SKRILLEX: What’s the strangest song you have on your Ipod right now?

i’ve got three bad lip reading songs that i paid money for on my phone right damn now in 2016 and i’m barely even ashamed

THE XX: A genre/band you’ve been getting into that you never thought you would enjoy?

i got into synthwave this year and that’s pretty much the first time a genre of electronic music has appealed to me. didn’t see that coming. (recs: 1, 2, 3)

music asks

Ink or Treat FAQ

Check back again later as this Faq will be updated frequently!

Intro Post |  FAQ  | Starters | Candy Kit
Commission Costumes Here | Trick or Treat Spotlight

Q. What is this event? How does it work?
A. Go here to read the main event post!

Q. Can we trick or treat with you?
A. Please do not trick or treat with this blog! You can get the candy Inky is giving out here, as it doubles as the example candy. I will make spotlight posts of blogs you can trick or treat with- but currently hosting the event is keeping me more than busy! [I have two side blogs participating so if you really want to trick or treat rp with the mun try to find those.]

Q. What should I do to get ready for the event?
A. You can draw a costume
for your character to wear while they trick or treat, make a candy for them to hand out, MAKE SURE YOUR SUBMISSIONS ARE OPEN otherwise we can’t give you your candy, and once you are ready put the frame from the main event post around your avatar. 

Q. How many different candies can I give out?
A. Please give out only 1 candy per blog.
The event is set up like a scavenger hunt, and if people are getting different candies from your blog they won’t know if they got them all and it will be impossible to collect all candies possible. Basically more than one candy per profile breaks the game- but if you’d like to make more you could give the candy art to another profile to hand out whose mun is lacking in the artistic skill department.

Q. Can I give out erotic candy?
A. OMG NO! Actual CHILDREN are participating in this event! If you would not give a child in real life an adult candy do not do it here either. And if you would I have to make a special list! Please don’t make it necessary to make a special list! (õ3õ)

Q. How do I find other blogs participating in the event?
A. This event is intended to work sort of like a scavenger hunt. Everyone with a green and purple border around their avatar like mine is involved in the the Trick or Treat festivities. The recommended way is to go to Undertale RP blogs you know and look for anyone they’ve interacted with that has that border around their avatar. If you’re having trouble finding other blogs you can try searching the #InkOrTreat tag for other participants who have posted in it. As it gets closer to Halloween, more blogs will be ready and interacting! Additionally, if you RP your trick or treat encounter other people will find you!

Q. When should I put the border on my Avatar?
A. Do not equip the border until you are ready for Trick or Treaters to visit your profile. You will need your custom candy ready as well as your character in costume. Please wait until the Event Starter post is made as it will have more detailed information relating to this and will have the transparent image you need to layer on top of your Avatar.

Q. I can’t draw my Avatar in a costume! What can I do?
A. You can use a photo of the costume you’d like people to imagine your muse wearing- or you can commission one of the fine artists of Tumblr to draw your muse.

Q. Inky I’m madly in love with you.
A. That’s not a question. But I know. I know. 

Q. I want to show everyone my costume! I also had a post about the shenanigans happening during the event. Is there a TAG we can use?
A. The tag for this event is #InkOrTreat

Q. Help! I’m a secondary account! How can I submit things, such as my costume pic or candy, to other blogs?
A. Quite a lot of RP blogs are secondary accounts friend! Simply use your primary account and put the blog you are submitting for at the end of your post in brackets. [InkyWellington]

Q. The blog I Trick or Treated at sent me a candy as a submission! Can post the candies I’m sent on my profile?
A. No! Please DON’T! If you post that it takes away the surprise of what other trick or treaters will get when they go to their profile. We are showing each other our costumes and candies via submit since that is the only private way to share images aside from external links.

Q. An emergency happened! Aliens kidnapped my dog, varmints stole my horse, and 99 horse sized ducks are trying to steal my girlfriend by romancing her through old western songs and I need to go take care of that- I can’t finish the event! What should I do?
A. If you signed up but cannot participate in the event for whatever reason you have two options. The first, simply remove the border from your avatar & restore it to normal and let me know so I don’t accidentally send Trick or Treaters your way. This is the equivalent to turning out your porch light so Trick or Treaters don’t try to stop by.

    The second option, if you’d still like to let Trick or Treater’s collect candy from your profile, make a post with the candy you would be handing out at the top of it and leave a message such as, “No one is home, but there is a bowl of candy on the doorstep. A small note on top says, ‘Please Take One.’ ” 
    That way people can still collect candy from your profile but won’t send you submission requests for candy. Please keep this post at the top of your profile- if you make other posts you can bump your candy bowl post to the top by selecting EDIT and in the upper right to change the post date to the current time.

Q. How long will this event go for?
A.  All RPs should be finished on Nov 1st at the latest unless both parties are both enjoying the RP and want to make it extend longer. If anything, this is kind of like speed RPing, and a chance for you to get a taste of RPing with a lot of different partners.

Q. I understand I shouldn’t post the candies I received directly on my blog before Oct  31st, or post the submission of candies I get- since that’s what the other players are sending for their candies. But I’m really proud of the candies I’ve collected so far! Is there any way I can show them off??? Show others how many I’ve collected?
A. Yes. You can make a post with a screen shot of the candies you’ve collected so far saved into a folder. That way your friends can see your haul, but the image is low resolution so it’s not the same as getting the candy directly. Please make sure you hide it under a “read more” as shown here just in case your followers don’t want the spoiler!

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