From listening to the WNTV intros for so many years, I had formed a very clear picture of Joseph Fink in my head. When I finally saw a picture of him, my brain went through the 5 stages of grief at in double time and I had whiplash for weeks.

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it irks me when ppl set up kin nets then don't ever update after the intro post is made. like at least regularly queue that post so i know the net's not inactive/no longer accepting /and/ it'll go in tags so more ppl can see it. also keep the members page updated in case a double's already there and is uncomfy with another, plus some shy folk want to wait for others to join first-- just. pls take proper maintenance of net blogs, it's not just a few pages+a theme and never bother with it again.

new intro

Hi everyone! I just thought that it was time to make a new little intro post for me and my studyblr. 

My name is Aerelle (used to be aerellestudies). I’m currently in the second half of my first year at university, aspiring to be a social worker with a double major of english and social justice and peace studies. Bullet journaling is the main thing I really post on here since my school notes are usually on my laptop or iPad, but I also post about the writing that I do.

I can’t wait for what the future holds, let’s go through it together. Fighting!

music ask, or what

I was tagged by @exhibition-of-vanishing-time​, oh my, this is gonna hurt :D=

The Rules: Open up your music library (whether it be on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, doesn’t matter!) and hit Shuffle. Then, post a list of the first ten songs that play and let us judge you for your erratic tastes in music!

  1. Unknow Artist (Celtic Folk Music) - Suite gavotte
  2. Trabant - Esti séta
  3. Machinae Supremacy - Flagcarrier
  4. Iron Maiden - Intro
  5. Trabant - Fáraó népe
  6. Iron Maiden - Aces High
  7. Iron Savior - Cybernetic Queen
  8. Type O Negative - Haunted
  9. In Flames - Dead Eternity
  10. Disturbed - Save Our Last Goodbye

the urge is strong to replace the double Iron Maiden and Trabant entries (especially since I never listen to Trabant, I don’t even know why it is in my library, I was just holding it for a friend, officer, I swear), but the rules are rules

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wheeeee hello there! i’m new to the group, and it’s been awhile since i’ve roleplayed on tumblr; my name is sil, it’s nice to meet you guys! i don’t really use my main blog but i can be contacted via my twitter (@stillelanze) f you would like to communicate there. i finished setting up ain’s syllabus for those who have him for enchantments class—i hope it’s alright for the most part… anyways! i’m going to double this post as a small mun intro and a starter call. i might write a short post about ain and his assistance for the ongoing event when i return from class later.

please like this post for a starter! i’ll be capping at three.


so I’ve done a studyblr intro post, but I haven’t done one as a langblr yet and I thought it could double as day 1 of the langblr challenge! I’m Amy, 22 (a Real Adult), undergrad in German and Russian, and I study Japanese as a hobby. I love German and Russian literature, and Japanese culture like J-fashion and certain manga, plus I adore kanji. I’d really like to graduate with decent marks, get my N5 (or even N4) in Japanese, and maybe move there to teach my native English for a while. I also have an A Level in French, which I’d like to pick up again casually.

If you study any of the same languages as me, let me know so I can check out your blog! I don’t mind if you post other languages - I have a few on my list for after uni…

Also I really like cats and minimalism and I’m a vegetarian.

My favourite langblrs are 

and I’ve recently found some others through this tag, who I’m looking forward to getting to know! I actually don’t follow many pure langblrs (and/or I’m forgetting lots), and I definitely don’t post enough langblr stuff myself yet. Let’s change that!

よろしく!Mach’s gut!

intro post

hey everyone! i’ve essentially doubled my follower count in the past week thanks to the star wars renaissance so this means there’s a lot of new ppl around! figured I’d tell u a little bit about myself:

  • i’m blythe & a lesbian and I’m currently studying cultural studies/comp lit & film in minneapolis!
  • I don’t like to be called queer
  • I prioritize wlw above all else
  • star wars is my life but i also play a bunch of video games like borderlands, dragon age, etc. I tag everything in case u don’t want to see something
  • the tag “star wars blogging” is my tag for my original SW posts

feel free to shoot me an ask or IM introducing yourself, especially since replies are gone!!!

A while back, Thomas said on Twitter that Fu being the ‘guardian of the orb’ was a scraped concept. Though while Fu still has an appearance planned for the origin double at the end of the season, him being the ‘guardian of the orb’ was scraped, possibly being replaced with him being the watcher of the miraculous and the box seen in the intro.

This piece of concept art that features Felix as a protagonist shows what may have been the ‘orb’:

It looks similar to a bird the more I look at it…the beak is faintly visible. Other orbs, pink in color, seem to be surrounding and entering the suspected Orb.

Tikki and Plagg also appear in this image while possibly looking at eachother next to their charges. Again, this is a concept from the 2D Anime as opposed to the current 3D CGI series.