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Sasuke resisted the insane urge to glance nervously down at his watch, not wanting to attract the attention of pitying faces looking his way. He hated the fact that he had arrived extra early, too stupidly excited to think about the consequences - he had gone and jinxed himself.

Now, for at more than half an hour, Sasuke had been sitting at the table that he had reserved especially next to the window at the front of the restaurant, and looking like an idiot.

Sasuke pretended not to notice the approaching waitress, bringing his glass of water to his lips, pretending not to have a care in the world. She had come over at least six times during the course of the evening, and each time Sasuke had turned her away saying that he was waiting for someone.

“Are you ready to order now, sir? If you aren’t intending on eating we can give your table to other people waiting to be seated.” She said in a practiced, patient voice, and Sasuke smothered a wince at the embarrassment he felt blooming inside him.

“I’m sorry, would I be able to have some more time? My date is probably running very late, I don’t want to leave him stranded.” Sasuke asked, hoping the desperation he felt wasn’t present in his voice.

She sighed softly, and gave a cut nod. “Okay, but the most I can give you is fifteen minutes.”

“Thank you very much.” Sasuke replied, trying to supply her with a smile but found he couldn’t even do that, instead watching as she walked briskly away. He really was pathetic.

Seven of those fifteen minutes had fallen away quickly, like water slipping through his hands. Sasuke knew Suigetsu wasn’t going to show up, he wasn’t an idiot. But he couldn’t leave, for some reason his body just wouldn’t let him. Some part of his brain held onto the foolish notion that he wasn’t being stood up, that Suigetsu was on his way right now, that he would show up at the very last minute and surprise Sasuke.

Oh God, now people were starting to look at him. They wore apologetic expressions upon their faces, their eyes shining with pity and sympathy and Sasuke just wished the floor would open up and swallow him whole. Anything to escape this humiliation.

Swallowing painfully past the huge lump lodged in his throat, Sasuke folded up his napkin and placed it on the table. Who was he kidding? Suigetsu wasn’t coming, not unless there was a chance that he could fuck Sasuke. Of course, nobody was attracted to Sasuke’s personality. That was just a fact.

Just as he pushed his chair back away from the table, a guy he had never laid eyes on before in his life sat down opposite him, and started explaining, loud enough for practically everyone in the room to hear, "Sorry I’m so late, babe, traffic is crazy right now.”

Stunned speechless, Sasuke could only stare at the blonde-haired stranger as he leaned across the table, close enough to be mistaken as a kiss to Sasuke’s cheek, and quietly whispered, “I’m Naruto. Just go with it, yeah? Whoever didn’t bother to show up is a dick.”

Still in his state of shock, Sasuke managed to nod jerkily, and the man named Naruto gave him a reassuring smile as he moved away and sat down in his chair.

In a fluid motion, Naruto gestured to the waitress, who didn’t hide her own surprise at the arrival of Sasuke’s "date”. Nonetheless, she made her way over to them, pen and pad in hand.

“Excuse me, miss, we’re ready to order now. I’ve kept my boyfriend waiting long enough I’m surprised he hasn’t starved yet.” Naruto chuckled, a disarming smile on his face that left Sasuke and the waitress incoherent for a few seconds.

Then, as if on cue, Sasuke’s stomach grumbled loudly, and a rosy flush filled out his cheeks as he reached for his napkin again. Naruto laughed, and Sasuke thought the sound was like pleasant music to his ears.

“See what I mean? Babe, you could’ve at least eaten some bread while you waited for me, you’re making me feel bad.” Naruto then reached his hand across the table and covered it over Sasuke’s that was still fussing with the napkin.

When Naruto gave his hand a comforting squeeze, Sasuke forcibly held back another blush, and looked at Naruto shyly, trying his best to play along and pretend the two were actually a couple.

“I didn’t want to start without you.” Sasuke mumbled, turning his hand over in Naruto’s and intertwining their fingers together.

He had no idea why this Naruto was doing this, but he decided to go with it. This stranger was being so sweet, and saving him from public humiliation - and he was so gorgeous as well, completely out of Sasuke’s league. At least in his opinion.

“O-Of course, sir. What would you like to order?” The waitress poised her pen at the ready, and Naruto shot him a warm smile.

“Order whatever you want babe, it’s on me. Being this late, I’m not gonna let you pay a thing for this meal.”

Sasuke’s heartbeat increased, beating loud and clear in his ears. Naruto and the waitress watched him, and he realised they were waiting for his order. Blinking rapidly, he ordered without even glancing at the menu. He had been there long enough to know all the dinner specials off by heart. After that, Naruto ordered as well, and thus began the start of a very unexpected evening.

He found out that Naruto had come to the restaurant for a meal, and upon waiting in line, he overheard about a man who was being stood up, and had sat waiting for over thirty minutes.

“I just couldn’t stand the thought of thinking of you sitting here all alone, waiting for someone that would never come. So I said I had reservations with that very man and barged on through and well, here we are.” Naruto said, grinning at him in such an attractive manner it took Sasuke’s breath away.

Naruto was…he was everything Sasuke had never known he wanted. He was silly, in a sort of a childish way, but it was so…adorable. And the one time Naruto had managed to make Sasuke laugh, his face had lit up like a thousand Christmas trees.

He was frustratingly good-looking; he drew all the eyes to him and Sasuke caught more than a few women sneaking glances at the effervescent blonde man seated at the silent brunette man’s table. Yet, the entire evening Naruto didn’t take his eyes off of Sasuke, listening to every word that came out of Sasuke’s mouth.

He’s a real gentleman, Sasuke thought wistfully, musing on the fact that such a thing was rare in men these days.

It was the sort of date Sasuke had always dreamt of having, but never actually came to fruition. The food tasted delicious, he made pleasant conversation with Naruto, and he didn’t feel awkward or stuck with nothing to say. Not even once.

He would have to thank Naruto for indulging in his fantasy, this man really was too kind for his own good.

The blonde kept his word and paid for both his and Sasuke’s meals at the end of the date, despite Sasuke’s protests. A part of him bubbled in joy at being the one who was paid for, instead of paying for once.

Once that was sorted, the two of them left the restaurant and started walking down the streets. Sasuke’s apartment wasn’t far from here, and Naruto had insisted on walking him home, saying he could just catch a cab home afterwards.

“I had fun tonight. I didn’t think I’d end up spending it with a complete stranger, but it was nice." Naruto said cheerfully, humming as he walked down the street.

A sharp bitterness buried deep within suddenly rushed through Sasuke, the realisation of being stood up again hit him hard, and this guy probably just thought it was a one-off thing. He had no idea how many nights Sasuke had spent alone, of how continually humiliated Sasuke felt for the past few years that he couldn’t hold onto anyone.

"I’m glad you’re happy you fulfilled your charity service for the day.” Sasuke hissed venomously, eyes narrowing in anger.

Naruto’s bright blue eyes widened, blinking in obvious shock at Sasuke’s harsh words. It wasn’t until after he saw Naruto’s face that Sasuke realised how harsh they were, and how Naruto of all people didn’t deserve to be spoken to like that, especially after what he had just done for Sasuke willingly.

“Sorry, selfish bastard.” Sasuke said in reference to himself, looking Naruto directly in the eyes as he apologised and hoped the blonde could see his sincerity. Even to Naruto, I’m still just the same jerk I’ve always been. What’s wrong with me?

“It’s okay.” Naruto said lowly, his lips quirking in a cute smile that had Sasuke’s heart clenching in his chest.

He fisted his hands at his sides, “No, it’s not. I’ve ruined your evening, and wasted your time.”

“Hey, listen. I went up to you because I saw you all alone and I know what it’s like to have people making judgements on you.” Sasuke looked at him intently, and thought he saw a light blush dust across Naruto’s whiskered cheeks.

“And I stayed because I really enjoyed being with you. I think spending the night with you was a much better substitute than eating at a restaurant by myself.” The blonde added, crossing his arms up over his head and showing Sasuke a caring smile. One thing among many that Sasuke had learnt about Naruto this evening was that he liked to smile. A lot.

And Sasuke…well, he may have liked seeing him smile as well. It was infectious, and made Sasuke’s heart swell with a happiness he didn’t know was possible.

“I…Thank you, Naruto.” For saving me, for saving my night, for making me feel better. Sasuke didn’t say all those things, but he hoped Naruto knew.

“It’s not a problem at all, Sasuke.” The way Naruto smiled happily at Sasuke told him Naruto got the message loud and clear.

“So who were you waiting for back there?”

Sasuke paused for a moment, a queasy feeling festering in his stomach. Then, he pushed through the embarrassment and muttered, “My boyfriend.”

If Naruto was surprised Sasuke was gay he didn’t show it, and for that a part of Sasuke melted for the boy walking beside him. He hated it when people made a big deal out of his sexuality, and to see Naruto giving him a normal response was refreshing. It made Sasuke curious of the blonde’s personal sexual orientation, but he wasn’t about to just go and ask him. Besides, labels were never important to Sasuke, he knew how fake they could be.

He continued, a hint of sigh coming through his words, “We’ve been together nearly a month, and things haven’t exactly gone…smoothly, between us.”

Sasuke shoved his hands into his pockets, ebony eyes dulling as he thought on his relationship with his supposed boyfriend. “He told me he would show. I should’ve known better by now.”

“Well, I don’t think you should.”

Sasuke nearly stopped still on the spot, eyes swivelling around to catch Naruto’s to find the blonde was already looking at him, a sort of sad frustration etched into his features.

“You don’t deserve that kind of guy. You deserve flowers, and chocolates, and going out to the best damn restaurants in town! You should feel so special every day.” Naruto stated, and his bluntness was enough that it rivalled Sasuke’s.

Casting his gaze to the side so he was no longer trapped in those cerulean pools, Sasuke shook his head and murmured softly, “I don’t think I need all that.”

“You must have dated a bunch of dick guys like that one to get such a dumb idea in your head.”

“Did you just call me stupid?”

“Not you specifically, just your brain. It’s gotta be a pretty dumb brain if it makes you think you’re not worth a nice night out with a guy who will actually appreciate you.” Naruto clarified, and Sasuke’s eyes widened of their own accord. He chose not to respond, and they walked in silence for a little while.

“You know, if I were your boyfriend, I’d make sure you knew how amazing you are every damn day. Because you are pretty amazing.” Naruto remarked, making Sasuke’s stomach flutter and twist in a painful and pleasurable way all at once.

“Why do you say things like that?”

“What? That you’re amazing? But I do think that. Don’t you?" Naruto’s eyebrows shot up into his hairline, as if the idea of Sasuke being amazing was a well-known fact. It unsettled Sasuke how uncharacteristically warm those words made him feel. 

"We only met two hours ago. I could be a wanted criminal for all you know.” Sasuke said, attempting to maintain his usual aloof front. It was an unexpectedly difficult task to do in front of Naruto.

“I’ll say! ‘Cuz babe, you are killing me with cuteness right now.” Naruto winked at him as he said so, and Sasuke full-on blushed, completely caught off-guard by such openness and his aloof act crumbling to pieces.

No one had ever spoken to him this way before, and Sasuke was 99% certain that nobody had ever winked at him in such a suggestive manner before.

“Y-You’re such a total dork.” Sasuke stuttered, looking down so his bangs would cover his burning cheeks.

Naruto bent at the wait to try and catch his gaze, as he asked in that teasing voice, “Do you have a thing for dorks?”

“Excuse me?”

“It’s just that I’m trying to work up the courage to ask you out right now, and if me breaking into some sort of interpretative dance will convince you to say yes, I’m willing to take that chance.”

Sasuke blanched, and felt his lips twitch in amusement, “That would be completely humiliating.”

Naruto chuckled embarrassedly, sticking his hands in his jean pockets and looking up at the sky. “I know, but I’d still do it. If you asked me to.”

“You really want to take someone like me out on a date?”

Naruto frowned. “You say it like it’s a bad thing.”

“Maybe it is. I don’t seem to have much luck in keeping a guy’s interest for longer than a few weeks.” Sasuke said, averting eye contact and finding great interest in the dirty pavement illuminated by the streetlight above his head.

A nice guy like Naruto wasn’t common to come by. A nice guy like Naruto wasn’t common to someone like Sasuke ever. He thought of all the guys he had dated, both past and present, and all that came to mind was one asshole after another. Which was fine with him, because Sasuke knew he wasn’t the best person in the world. Who was he to complain? It was a wonder people even bothered dating him, with all the trouble he brought with him.

He couldn’t imagine such an optimistic and bright person like Naruto wanting to be with him for a very long time. Sasuke had a pretty face, but that was it. Once Naruto got sick of looking at him, he would leave. It was best if he didn’t even give him a chance.

When they arrived at Sasuke’s apartment complex, he stopped and looked at Naruto, who stopped as well. No words were exchanged between them for a few moments, the cool wind ruffling through their hair and clothes as they looked at each other contemplatively.

“Then, I guess it’ll be my mission to prove you wrong about that, Sasuke.” Naruto declared finally, giving a casual shrug of his broad shoulders and staring at Sasuke with conviction.

Sasuke, for his part, was shocked. Of all the responses he had imagined Naruto would give him, that was certainly not one of them. He was quiet for a long moment, trying to get his togue and mouth to cooperate with the words he wanted to say.

“Why?” It was all he could manage, and Sasuke looked at Naruto with a purposefully guarded expression.

Naruto’s demeanour turned shy, his hand reaching up to scratch the back of his head in an almost nervous manner. Sasuke’s breath stuttered in his chest, his eyes glued to the figure of the man who had been just another nameless stranger only a couple of hours ago. He had never seen someone so ready and so unashamed to lay their feelings out on the line to another person.

Peeking up through his blonde fringe, a charming smile graced Naruto’s lips as he said, “Because…I think you’re captivating, and I haven’t been able to take my eyes off you all night.”

Well shit, that threw Saske for a loop. Did Naruto really find him so interesting? Sasuke had countless people telling him he was a bore, that he needed to lighten up and smile, and have more fun.

Naruto…liked him the way he was? It was a dizzying concept, and Sasuke was lost in his thoughts for a while before he came back down to Earth.

Clearing his throat, Sasuke asked, “What about my boyfriend?”

Even though he himself already knew the answer to that question, he just wanted to hear what Naruto would say.

“That dick doesn’t deserve a second chance from you if he can’t even show up on a date. I assume you’ll be dumping his pathetic ass first thing in the morning.” Naruto had his arms crossed over his chest, looking puffed-up and completely assured in his words.

Sasuke smirked playfully, tilting his head to the side as he considered him, “That’s a big assumption, Naruto.”

“I don’t think it’s a wrong one though, am I right? Why do I even need to ask, I’m always right!” Naruto exclaimed, and Sasuke rolled his eyes.

Naruto was of course correct in his assumption, except that Sasuke would be dumping Suigetsu’s pathetic ass tonight, not tomorrow morning. But he’d let Naruto know that later.

“So, will you let me take you out on a date, Sasuke? A real date, this time.” Naruto’s eyes were shining in unhidden hope, it was almost blinding.

And something in Sasuke snapped, the last of his distrust evaporating with the honest look in those azure orbs.

“Okay.” Sasuke answered, the word making him feel startlingly light.

“Great! I’ll pick you up at 7pm on Saturday!” The corners of Naruto’s eyes crinkling with the force of his smile. Sasuke thought it was mesmerising.

And then Naruto leaned in much too close and Sasuke’s eyes shut tight, only to flutter open when he felt the press of lips against his cheek. When Naruto pulled back he had a soft smile on his face, and Sasuke couldn’t stop the warming of his cheeks even if he tried, as he glanced off to the side.

“See ya later, babe.” Naruto was smiling at him again as he walked away, a cheeky and mischievous smile that made Sasuke want to smile back.

When he disappeared from view, Sasuke turned and walked down his street. He wasn’t about to get his hopes up, but he felt a rush of excitement at the thought he would see Naruto again. So caught up in his thoughts was he that Sasuke didn’t even notice the faint smile he wore upon his lips.


Me and my Uni pals are starting a Dungeons and Dragons campaign next week and long story short my character is basically just me if I was in any way cool. Super excited for our first session! :D

 (Human / Rogue)



I tried and therefore no one should criticize me; had another go at photoshop painting with a bunch of new brushes while I was out, this is a bit rough but… one Mr. In-Rescue-Mode, Slightly Worn Down, Thunderbird-Five-I-swear-the-explosions-weren’t-my-fault Scott Tracy? <33

LL Gangsta AU! - How Eli lost her Left Eye in Nico’s hands

“I still can remember why I lost my dear eye,” Eli told Nozomi. “It’s something stupid that MIDGET done.”
Nozomi need to call Umi for help after this

P.S. Eli’s stuffs are in Russian, so Nico picked stuff randomly and hand it to Eli without knowing a thing XDD

Okay so y’all know I work at a Laser Tag place right okay so there’s this dude today and he’s going full throttle with his team, trying to zap a bunch of their opponents, as you do. But for some reason instead of saying “zap them” as you might expect, they’re frantically shouting “HARVEST THEM” and—- this one dude. This one fuckin dude, he turns round and he’s like 5 inches from my face in this dark-ass laser tag arena, I’m against a wall here, dude’s all ominously lit from the light of his tag vest, and he just turns and looks me dead in the eye and goes “HARRRVESSST” in one of the most satanic voices I have heard in a fair while, before proceeding to immediately realize that I wasn’t one of his teammates as he first thought but in fact a rather befuddled employee and istg I have never seen a grown-ass man physically crumple from “satanic adrenaline fueled laser-tagger” to “weakly apologetic puddle of regret’’  in my life. Like it was all fine and he was so sorry but he couldn’t even fully say it cause we were both laughing too hard at this fuckin’ bizzare incident.

I love my job.

Inspired by this text post provided to me by the awesome imagine-narusasu ;///3///; Love you my precious pea!!!

It was roughly 20 minutes to walk from the train station to his work, and Sasuke wasn’t lazy enough to catch a cab to somewhere he could easily get to in a walking distance. Besides, Sasuke never shrugged off the chance for physical exercise, what with being a desk jockey and all, he didn’t get a lot of time to walk around just for the fun of it.

A couple of months ago, however, Sasuke’s morning train rides had become slightly different. And it was all because of that blonde idiot. 

It had been a perfectly normal morning that day, with Sasuke looking at his watch and satisfied the train was running on time as usual. Then, when the doors opened and the train stopped, just as Sasuke made his move to exit, some guy with the most vibrant blonde hair - it was almost yellow! - dodged out in front of him and walked straight off the train, the first one off. 

Sasuke was perplexed. He was always the first person on the train, and he was always the first person off. Each and every time, he was ahead of the crowd and off on his way to work. No fuss. Simple.

But this guy, he had just mucked up Sasuke’s routine!

Having come out of nowhere, Sasuke was boggled from the unexpectedness long enough to become caught up in the crowd as they shuffled out of the train. Sasuke was positively glaring. How dare that moron do something like that! Didn’t he understand the protocol, damn the fact that it wasn’t written down! People just knew, and they didn’t mess with it. Until now

Narrowing his eyes determinedly, Sasuke moved swiftly through the clumped bodies, stepping out onto the platform and moving ahead of the crowd with ease. His ebony orbs were already darting around, searching for that person.

And off in the far distance, Sasuke saw him. Walking with a swagger in his step, there was the head of blonde hair that belonged to the guy who ruined Sasuke’s morning routine. Found you.

Just as Sasuke had locked onto him, the aforementioned man looked over his shoulder and his eyes clicked with Sasuke’s. They stared each other for the briefest of seconds, yet somehow Sasuke felt like it was more. Then, a rather mischievous smile formed on that face in the distance, as he turned around and started walking with even more vigor. 

What the fuck? Sasuke thought, quickening his pace as well. He was only about three steps behind the idiot, but he wouldn’t give in or let Sasuke overtake him. He stayed in front the entire way and even beat Sasuke to the street corner, leaving the Uchiha stranded at the lights. 

Things had been that way for the past two months. Sasuke hadn’t ever exchanged words with the curious blonde man - didn’t even know his name, and yet it didn’t bother Sasuke as much as he thought it would. Usually he had low tolerance for idiots like this, but something about the way blondie was resolute to throw a wrench in Sasuke’s routine, it made the Uchiha all fired up. 

And today he would beat that moron for sure. He had it all planned out. Sasuke had situated himself near the closest possible position to the exit, and was standing for once, rather than taking his usual seat. His uncharacteristic behaviour prompted strange glances and looks from the regular passengers, but Sasuke wasn’t interested in them. 

Whilst the idiot always made himself clearly visible to Sasuke when they stepped off the train, Sasuke could never seem to find him on the train. He had gathered that blondie got on the train before he did, but that was it. 

Today was no exception, and Sasuke sighed in frustration. Well, no matter, he would still win today. Sasuke was certain of that much at least.

Sure enough, when the moment of truth came, Sasuke was out and onto the platform for the first time in two months, and couldn’t hold back a tiny, triumphant smirk. 

Then, all of a sudden Sasuke felt a whoosh of wind pass him, and his eyes widened in their sockets as he watched the blonde moron run past him, no! Is he sprinting!? 

Sasuke was so shocked he had stopped for a full three seconds, staring at the idiot in awe. 

“I’ve been winning for 2 months now, can’t stop now!” Blondie yelled excitedly as he turned around, and Sasuke could only blink in amazement. Was this guy for real?  

“Have a good day, see you tomorrow!” The guy said, crossing the street just as the light turned green, waving over his shoulder and flashing Sasuke a fleeting, bright smile as he left. 

Dammit! Sasuke scowled as he watched the guy running ahead of him, his blonde head still visible through the brown and black mops of hair throughout the drab crowd. Sasuke had thought for sure he was going to make it through first today! He had it all planned out and everything!  

He begrudgingly began walking again, and looked down to notice his polished, black shoes clacking against the pavement heavily. A sly smirk curled his lips, his hands slipping into his pockets as Sasuke looked up at a very blue sky. 

Tomorrow I swear I’m going to wear running shoes to work.

It’s like you have an angel on your shoulder and a devil on your other shoulder but both of them are the same person and that person is you
—  My sleep-deprived words of wisdom for a coworker arguing with himself over whether to ask our supervisor for help with the coffee machine