New Teas Approaching!! - Nuka Quantum and Nuka Victory

Hello park goers!! Fallout4Reacts’ is here with an amazing Nuka special in celebration of Fallout 4′s last DLC, Nuka World!!

Come and try out the fantastic new glowing flavours of Nuka Cola Quantum and Nuka Cola Victory which you are sure to find all around the park!! 

Nuka Quantum - Take the Leap!
Hey there Wanderer, is the regular and flavoured Nuka Cola’s just not cutting it for your everyday wasteland needs? Looking for something with some extra kick? Well, your search is at it’s end as Nuka Quantum takes the stage! All the great taste of Nuka Cola packed with EXTRA flavour, EXTRA energy boost and EXTRA fun in the new super glowing rocket shaped bottle!! Take the leap and drink Nuka Quantum today! *Nuka Quantum may also contain EXTRA radiation, drink with caution.*

Nuka Victory - Take a Sip of Victory!
All aboard the Nuka Express as you zip over to the amazing and exciting Nuka World! Home to the fantastically citrusy version of everyone’s favourite Nuka Cola, Nuka Victory! Go on and explore the park survivor, while sipping a refreshing and explosive new Nuka flavour! Drinking Nuka Victory will give you a spark of citrus that will keep you going throughout the hot postapocalyptic day!

And of course, if you by both glowing beverages, you can receive 10% off!!

And don’t forget the classics, Nuka Cola and Nuka Cherry which are also available to enjoy together for 10% off!!

Buy all 10 of my Fallout 4 blends at once and receive 20% off!! That’s a whole 10 dollars off!! 

Thanks @adagioteas for letting nerds make tea <3

  • Sole Survivor:yeah sure I'll play peacemaker between the raider gangs here in Nuka World don't worry about it
  • Sole Survivor:*notices that there's an arcade*
  • Sole Survivor:*completely forgets about any of that while they spend the next three consecutive days playing nonstop whack-a-mole*

Getting ready to head to Nuka World!


More of the OT3!!! James, Bradley and Danse take a little breather, and they enjoy their favorite Nuka Cola Drink.

James loves the Quantum. The color and look always attracts him to the drink.

Danse love Nuka Cola Cherry. What can I say, he’s a fan of cherries.

Bradley, of course, goes with original Nuka Cola. He can never get enough of it.

Bradley is @mirelurk–cakes oc!


BOS Uniform Aesthetics

Nuka Gear 

Have a Beer- Animated Drinking

Long Journey Home - A Fallout 4 Visual Art Fanzine

This is the official announcement post! We received a lot of overwhelmingly positive support and have decided to move forward with the project. This will be a zine made to showcase unique sole survivors and their stories.

Signups are OPEN and will close October 1st at 12AM. To apply, please fill out the →Signup Form←


  • No canon characters allowed, and no references to love interests/etc in the pieces. (the exceptions to this rule are: nate/nora/spouse or shaun, if applicable, and dogmeat.)
  • All art must be your own work (i.e. you, the creator of the sole survivor character)

For details, check out the Zine Guidelines page. If you have questions, please check our FAQ page. If you’re unsure of anything or have a question not answered in the FAQ, feel free to send an ask to this blog, or pop into the Discord Server at any time to chat about the project, your sole survivor, fallout in general or just to meet other artists who will also be participating!