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Why do I feel like Marco's cautiousness and Cressida's nervousness would make a great scene when she's learning to drive? Marco: Careful, careful, watch out for that pothole! Cressie: Oh my goodness! *slams on brakes* Star: *Laughing while watching because they're really just in an empty parking lot*

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🔥 for dragon ball

Eyyy! I’ve already gone over most of these in some way, but some things need saying a lot lol


  • Schemmel is a bad Goku, I’ll give him enough credit to say he improved over time but the voice is still Off and S-man does not actually Get Goku’s character. The part in the Xenoverse dub where they forget to switch out Nozawa’s laughter right at the end is hilarious. I prefer any other dubku as even the Big Green dude doesn’t incite the desire for me to yank my ears off
  • Similarly, not any of Adult Goku’s Dub VAs sound like a hick. They oughta get someone who can do the regional accent and dialect, it’s an endearing quirk to our hero
  • Toeitaroyama are doing bad with modern DB and they should feel bad

In Universe:

  • Vegeta is bisexual
  • That’s not a headcanon, he’s literally fixated on Goku and a lot of it goes over the line of just wanting to best him in combat. If I wanted to beat someone up I wouldn’t go take a nap with them! And I can pull out reciepts on this for much longer so to avoid derailing this too much I’ll say Yeah he’s clearly attracted to Bulma too and sticks with her, after that sweet, sweet, character development
  • However, people tend to forget about how needed Veg’s character progression was and gloss over how big of a jackass he was in the Jinzo saga as they know the ending. The journey’s important, too, people! Maybe even moreso!!
  • Vegeta is also a big loser and that’s a good thing
  • Seriously, every person who claims Vegeta is a better father than Goku is a cherry picking imbecile
  • I look at Piccolo as being Goku’s Green Son rather than as Gohan’s Green Dad. Only part of this is due to the Fatherhood Discourse but viewing Gohan and Pickles as Bros and Goku and Pickles as an aloof son is an interesting dynamic
  • Goten doesn’t bring anything new that Goku/Gohan/Trunks don’t already show, so sadly I can’t get as into him as would be nice. Later on, Pan does a much better job of being a unique, endearing kiddo! Sorry, Goten :<
  • Everyone who thinks Goku is a bad dad/husband/friend or whatever is a hollow, shrivelled up husk of a person who isn’t capable of seeing love expressed in any way that’s slightly outside an arbitary narrow boundry. I pity but still hate these BAD SEEDs, so I block ‘em as soon as I see ‘em

That’s it for now, I don’t just wanna harp on the last point but it’s for sure the Biggie. I feel lucky to have some really Rad Nakama in this fandom so I’m pleased to not go looking for fights in the deeper, darker pits of DBZ Hell lmao