some stream drawings/requests from yesterday plus a street fighter draw that i liked a little bit

i drew a samus on stream too but that one deserves its own post

I thought “May In DC” deserved its own post. Thanks, Ashley, for bringing it up. 

ETA: You can zoom in super close here

Easter eggs in the piece, as described by the artist: 

- Briefcase: as seen in ‘Fallen Angel’, although the colors are a bit tweaked to fit the overall palette.
- Insanely pretty brooch: as seen in 'Deep Throat’.
- Scully fashion: her jacket is akin to that in the Pilot, but she’s wearing a long skirt like inSpace (and look! there’s the briefcase again). Blouse: neatly buttoned, with a collar, like in'Squeeze’.
- Glasses: as seen in the Pilot et al.
- Hair: she’s had a haircut since the Pilot ;) but hasn’t changed the color yet.

- Mulder fashion: leather belt, somewhat loose pants, pocketless shirt and, last but not least, a horrible paisley tie akin to those seen in early eps such as 'Squeeze’.
- Glasses: as seen in the Pilot et al.
- Hair: he hasn’t had a haircut since the Pilot :)
- ETA 1: and oh but of course, an old school yellow pencil.

- It’s obvious, but I’ll write it anyway: SUNFLOWER SEEDS. (ETA 2: I decided it was safe to make Scully eat them too; we all know it’s Mulder’s fav treat, but few people remember they did share the seeds once on the show; maybe it’s because everyone hates 'Space’ and rarely rewatches it? :D I’m talking about this scene at the very beginning of the ep; Mulder’s having some, and it really looks like she’s munching on some too. At least that’s how it looks to me.)
- The photo on Scully’s file looks like the UFO on the IWTB poster.
- Mulder’s notes read “ad. X-3692”: March 6, 1992? :)
- They are, of course, on a bench. I’ve never been to D.C. so it’s a general impression of The National Mall. Treat it more like a concept than like a depiction. Or maybe it’s a completely different park? The lamps are from D.C. all right; reference from gettyimages. :D
- And, last but not least, the X in the sky. First I wanted to put a UFO in there but that was stupid, so I settled for an airplane. And then I remembered how airplane vapor trails sometimes cross each other in the sky and make me all excited (shut up), and - here it is. :D


Race photo cartoon persona…droopy dog.

This photo is so hysterically bad that I had to share it. The other photos are fine and I’ll post them later but this one deserves its own post.

Consider this a very weird hello to my new followers.