Chapter Fifty-Five Part Two

A/N: It’s a little smaller than I was hoping, but here you go. Part Two :) xxxx

Emmy’s morning sickness came and went over the next three days. Two of her engagements had to be cancelled for she felt too nauseous to leave the hotel room, and as Harry prepared for the Invictus Games she felt more and more guilty for not going with him. But by the 8th, her sudden bout of vomiting seemed to have calmed enough for her to attend the Opening Ceremony. Stood in front of the mirror, she tipped her head to the side. She was wearing a sparkly grey and yellow dress which clung to her slender figure – well, her usually slender figure.

“Harry,” she called.

“Yeah?” His voice floated in from their living room.

“Can you come here?”

Harry appeared in the doorway, his forehead creased with worry. “Are you okay?” he asked automatically, moving to reach for her. She moved away from his arms, turning back to her reflection. Her hand dropped to her abdomen, cupping it.

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