I may be the greatest ice wizard in the country. 

I am the living legend, the conqueror. 

I stand on top of all people and no one can ever beats me. However without you, I will be nothing but a hollow shell. 

Please, stay close to me, do not go. 

There are places that can only be reached if we go together. Histories can only be made if we work together. 

Hold my hands tightly, and let’s start the journey to the endless world. ____________________________________________ 

The official AU of Shingeki no Bahamut (at least I call it) struck my heart so much that I can’t stop my imaginations. So here comes a little passage.

For Day 4 of @victuuri-week: Free for all.


A Canterlot Wedding: Part 2 - This Day Aria 


This Day Aria with the custom lyrics and sung by none other than Keikoandgilly!

[And for others who want to do a cover of the song, don’t let this stop you, I’d love to hear it]


This Day Aria - Caleb Hyles (from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)