This Day Aria (my version)
  • This Day Aria (my version)
  • from MLP FiM
  • Original artist: Daniel Ingram

Here’s me singing my own version of This Day Aria where you got Soph and Al’s wedding and Mack’s disguised as Soph, locks her up somewhere, and attempts to marry Allister herself. Good shit XD


A Canterlot Wedding: Part 2 - This Day Aria 


This Day Aria with the custom lyrics and sung by none other than Keikoandgilly!

[And for others who want to do a cover of the song, don’t let this stop you, I’d love to hear it]


“Hey, Tiger.”

Free Comic Book Day is next weekend, as well as the release of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and a couple weeks ago I had an MJ shoot and realized the comic I used as a prop had the FCBD logo on it (I believe it’s a book from last year). I love happy coincidences!

Mary Jane “MJ” Watson: Chelphie Cosplay
Photographer: JR Flood

Mary's Second Child

So we know that Mary’s second child is the liars’ age. Could be Noel but then again in the preview Hanna said “Noel Kahn is A.D!” which leads me to believe he actually isn’t.

So here are my top 5 suspects for the child & why:

- she’s the right age
- Eddie Lamb recognized her at Radley
- she seems to have had a mental illness
- her file was missing
- she happened to not be with the liars
- she’s always been suspicious
- A.D could be Aria Drake

- he’s the right age
- we found out he was adopted
- the liars have thought it was him before
- the farm
- A.D could be Andrew Drake

- she’s the right age
- she has had mental illnesses
- she looks just like Mary
- she’s been with Mary a lot lately
- “never turn your back on a Hastings”

- he’s the right age
- it’s possible because of the preview
- he’s suddenly back
- his short temper in the hotel room
- he wrote “I see you” back in season 1

- he’s suspicious
- I just have hope that he’s relevant OK

Be free to leave a message or question or theory in my inbox! I will reply to all :) I would love to hear your inputs!