pretttyvacunt asked:

I could be wrong, but I think I may have seen you walk by a few hours ago? Don't mean to sound like a creeper, lol

Really where? No lie i was looking for u im still here

“The Little Things”

She has this fire in her irises when she looks at me. I can’t see it but, I can damn sure feel the way they bore into me from across the room. How does she move so silently, like the wind blowing softly along the floor, only making its presence known when something knocks or falls. Dressed in all black, I could see the night in her every movement. I could feed myself stars from her very being in that moment. But maybe I’m a little too invested in the mysterious girl with the black pullover sweatshirt and matching jeans. Maybe her shiny earrings shouldn’t call out to me one by one to stare at the way they gleam, adding beauty where there was already plenty. She’s gorgeous. And maybe I’m just a little weird for noticing so many little things, but never learning her name. 

Yeaahh I’m a weirdo 😝

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Sooo.. I’m driving home tonight and this tatted up guy in the car beside me starts looking over and nodding his head. Got his ghetto beats blasting in his car.. Quite obnoxious. Like k.. I’m trying to listen to my Destiny’s Child in peace. So then I notice he’s keeping up with me for a decently long time, keeps looking over and tried to wave or whatever he thinks is an acceptable form of waving. Probably didn’t know that he looked like a moron. Buddy.. I literally don’t have time for your shit. So I change the song to Big Sean’s IDFWU and get over to the far lane. What a perfect song to get rid of a creeper to lol 🙌