Remember the girl I mentioned in my previous post that added me on fb to stalk me just because I liked ONE of her bf’s post who I happened to have met before they even started dating?

Well I just happened to be catching up with a friend and we ended up talking about our friend who introduced me to that guy with the creeping gf and I was like oh let’s see if he’s still on fb and it turns out he deleted and blocked me LOL. My friend was able to see his profile when she searched him up but I couldn’t even find him on my friends list anymore hahahha.

My guess is he was either forced to delete and block me or she did it herself without him knowing lol.

Really though, I am not capable of stealing no one’s bf so pls ladies stop painting me as some thirsty thot, I ain’t bout that life 😂 The probability of me getting dump before anything even start is higher than the chances of me stealing someone’s bf hahaha..