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It was now 1 year that Taron and you were dating. A secret couple that loved to keep their privacy. A perfect couple that didn’t really like PDA.

You’ll always remember that awkward moment when he asked you to be his.

You were working in the crew of his up coming movie. You were actually an assistant, or more ‘the coffee girl’. Yes you did like this nick name.

Taron used to always ask you coffee, just to know you a bit more. You were amused by his flirting with you

Awkward and sometimes really dorky (we love dorky Taron) he seems like the perfect one.

But one day, Mr Egerton finally decide to make THE move, he decided to sing you song. With his flawless and lovely welsh accent.

He was on set when the drama started. He had planed everything. Every move, every words, every little things to make this surprise magical.

It actually turned magically funny.

He asked you once again to bring him coffee.
What you did.

You actually loved being in contact with him. With words and physically. Taron was the touchy type.

He would always hit your shoulder or pinche your cheeks which you would hate if it was anyone else.

But well it was Taron. Taron and his puppy face. And his silly ones.
Taron and his laugh. And his freaking gorgeous accent.

You were in love, that’s all you could say.

You were on your way to the set with coffee in your hand.

When you arrived all the lights were turned off. You could say that you couldn’t see anything.

‘Heyo is there someone please ?!’

You searched for someone to help you but no one answer.
‘Fuck it’ you whispered.

Suddenly the lights turned on again loud music started. Bass to be clear.

You screamed your guts out. Throw your coffee in the air.

Bad luck. All the liquids felt on electric wire that were connected to the speaker. Those that were diffusing the music.

Everything stopped the music. The light. All black. All fucked up.

Thanks Egerton you thought to yourself.

Wheb the music started you briefly saw Taron standing with a big smile on his face. He was so proud.

And wow you couldn’t forget those 0.1 seconds of his fave when he saw the mess starting. Priceless !

Everyone was looking for everyone.
You were searching for Taron to have explanation.

‘Y/N ?!’

'Taron where are you ?’

'Over here !’

'No you are not !!’

'Over here on the other side !’

You felt an arm on your wrist.

'Taron ?’

'Y/N ! I found ya !’

'Taron what is happening in here ?’

You felt his arms on your shoulder

'I just wanted to sing you a song’

'Why that ? It’s not a musical it’s a western that we’re filming’

'I know… I just… You know ?!’

'No I really don’t. That’s why I asked: Taron what is happening in here. So Taron what is happening in here ?’

'I… Would you… Hm great I’m useles !’

'Taron say what you want to say’

You already knew but hearing those words through his voice was what you wanted.

You felt him came closer. You felt his lips on you ears. And hear him whispered softly.

'I love you my dear’

Then you felt his lips still touching your skin traveling to your ears, to your temple, to your cheeks. To your lips.

Damn you did love this dork too.

The Joker/Harley Quinn kiss is not “goals”, far from it!

To everyone tagging the Joker/Harley kiss gif with stuff like “goals”, “want”, “perfect couple”, “otp” and other similar things, please remember that their relationship is an abusive one.

The Joker constantly mistreats Harley. He beats her, he tortures her and he plays mind games with her because he knows she’s madly in love with him and she would do almost anything for him. Their relationship is sick and no woman deserves Harley’s situation (because even though she loves the Joker, she doesn’t enjoy the position he puts her in and only makes the harm he does to her even more painful, both physically and mentally). So please remember this and STOP romanticizing these two!

Their relationship is great from a reader/viewer point of view due to all the interesting factors it brings to the story and the character development of both Harley and the Joker. I personally applaud some of the story arcs that this relationship has brought to me as a reader and there is definitely nothing wrong with liking this pairing because it brings along some awesome moments between Harley and the Joker, a lot of interesting twists and really great writing from the big majority of the writers that have worked on it.

But please! Don’t ever wish to have a relationship like this, don’t ever dream of finding a man like the Joker and don’t ever feel jealous of Harley Quinn for having a man that only wants her for himself. Their relationship is fucked up and no one (male or female) should ever have to live anything remotely like it.

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seriously thou that tweet mj posted was third couple was rilaya and it show this episode and i cant believe we getting close to canon rilaya. like even the hint of a good relationship is conversation and thats all rilaya RILAYA, like they always go and talk to each other every episode in the show since pilot. they converse

They’re the perfect couple

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I like that Dallons biggest fan is literally his wife. They're so adorable together omg

Holy shit, I knoooow! Breezy and Dallon are like the couple that’s so disgustingly perfect you can barely stand it. Their little family is so cute and I am so happy that they share it with us <3

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I knew I liked girls for forever I just didn't know it was romantically or sexually. when I was 12 I discovered pansexuality and I identified with that until I realized that I'm not pansexual At ALL, so I identify as lesbian and I have a beautiful and perfect girlfriend and it wasn't till a couple months ago that I started wondering if I was bisexual with a female preference bc I didn't know you could prefer if u were bisexual u know? but for now I identify as lesbian and I'm happy w that :).

that’s so lovely :,)


Top 12 Calzona moments (as voted by my followers)
#7. “I find her miraculous, breathtakingly stunning. I just, I can’t stop looking at her.” (6x12: I Like You So Much Better When You’re Naked)