Shade of my heart is orange

This is for lifeloveanddance who was there for me when I needed her. Love you, Mel!

Thank you to loudman1 for looking through this for me at the last minute and for always being so awesome. You are easily one of my best buddies, already.

She doesn’t notice the piece of paper attached to the door until she’s only a few feet away and even then she’s convinced that it can’t be taped to her locker, since no one would ever be writing her notes. The hallway has already been cleared out and only the other members of the choir are left in the school for practice. Katniss walks cautiously the rest of the way until she’s standing in front of her locker staring at the folded notebook paper. She wants to reach for it and end all of the suspense, but she’s afraid to. It isn’t uncommon for some of the girls in her class to play cruel pranks on people and even though Katniss has never given them a reason to notice her she still fears the day when someone actually notices her.

She’s still staring at the paper when a few girls walk down the hall towards the choir room. They’re only halfway down the hall but Katniss can feel herself panic. What if they see the note? Worse what if they ask about it?! I don’t even know what it says, yet! She glances over at the group of girls who are involved in their own conversation to notice her but still the possibility of them questioning her about the piece of paper causes her to act. Katniss snatches the folded paper from her locker quickly just as they pass. She sneaks a peek at them from the corner of her eye, but they don’t seem to notice or care that she’s standing in the middle of the hallway, holding onto a crumpled piece of paper. She waits until they’ve rounded the corner before she brings the note away from her chest and opens it up.

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