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Brightly colored hair is just ugly in my opinion. It's also a trendy thing for Tumblr outcasts who don't have a life and scream 'down with cis' because boo hoo my oppression and triggers.

You see, I actually find it kind of hot on a woman (just browse my furry tag) and so it kind of frustrates me crazy SJWs have hijacked those sort of cute-punk hair-styles.

Personally though: I just have boring old natural brown hair and the only rebellious thing about it how long it was for a guy. 

The most I do to “style” is making sure the nasty fuzz that grows on the back of neck is shaved so it looks good pulled back.

A professor at Princeton University wrote about her arrest this weekend for what she said was a three-year-old parking ticket, sparking debate on social media between those who see it as an example of racist behavior by police and others who believe it was an overreaction to a minor incident.

Her account tapped into the national conversation over police treatment of black people that has led to protests, including demonstrations at Princeton and many other colleges.

Imani Perry, a professor of African American studies at Princeton who earned her doctorate and law degrees at Harvard, told this story online:

This story shows us that education, position, power, style, etc. are not protection from bad policing. This is sad but let’s accept the ugly truth - the color of cop’s victim determine the further actions the cop will take. 
I Stand With Perry because the idea that Black women academics are strong and the sum of books and degrees but have no feelings is wrong.


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