january 29th 2016 / YIKES i apologize for the terrible lighting but its nighttime where i’m at and my house is really dim so no natural lighting :’( but!!! i have a cool diy for you!! yess you heard that right! today i watched this youtube video and one of the diys was this cute little collage fitness journal thingy. so i was like, why not recreate it? mine’s a dance journal cover buuuuttt i thought it would work for bullet journals as well! 

the one i made has a clear plastic cover and the piece of paper inside has the collage on it. the beauty of this is that you can change covers whenever you want and still return to the old ones!! so if you wanted to change up the quotes or pictures you could do that!! 

what you will need:
- 1 unused notebook
- a clear plastic folder
- scissors, permanent marker, a ruler, tape/stickers, and lots of picture cutouts!

it’s actually super simple, all you have to do is trim the plastic folder so that it fits over the notebook cover perfectly, then tape that down. make sure it’s really firm because you don’t want it to fall off! i would suggest doing this part first, then putting the notebook upside down and working on the cutouts while the folder sticks on.

for the cutouts, i just went on pinterest and picked out some motivational quotes and pictures, and remember that this can be for anything so if you’re a soccer player, an artist, a great student, a hockey player, a future webcomic artist… yeah, pick out pictures that inspire you! (i just referenced a ton of RL friends just then. whoops) print out those pictures, cut them out, and arrange them on a piece of paper. make sure this piece of paper will fit perfectly inside the folder and try to make it a little smaller so that nothing’s poking out!

now just stick the paper with the collage inside the clear folder and voila! you have a cute, change-able notebook cover. 

bonus – idea for a bullet journal spread? i wrote down + drew some reasons to exercise since mine’s a dance journal, but you can write reasons to study and such! keep yourself motivated :) also please ignore my drawings and my handwriting *covers eyes*

alright, thanks for listening to me ramble and i hope you like this idea!!

tempted to make one of those heart-hipster-thingy collages of JUST na ruto u zumaki so i can put it as the background on the straightgaara tumblr page LOL