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I actually know the rules and it is highly unlikely that a corruption will start showing full text strings as most of the time their entities may have been replaced with garbage or graphic data. and even if they weren’t it’d be highly unlikely it just started to spit out all random strings out of sheer luck

Hence the    #construct    Which uses elements    From the glitched image(s)    Into a more collage-esque    Thingy    [] [] []

Sometimes you gotta    Break the rules    To make doing this    For 3 years (in 5 days)    Interesting    Worse to be boring    Then not following    The correct brush methods

Also    If you know the rules    Come    Join us    The glitch community I’ve seen    Is relatively nice    (I unfortunately tend to be the X factor)

And    It’s fucking lonely sometimes    Besides me, stallio, and dataerase    (That I know of)    Most blip outta glitching pixels    Within 3 weeks    Or worse    Glitching altogether

Ramblin’    Will stop now

dartheighter asked:

can you pretty pls make one of those collage thingies of jordie benn plss

Absolutely! I actually thought about doing one for his bday and I have all the pictures already on my computer. I’ll post it later or maybe tomorrow!

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hey, i made some moonacre aesthetic collage thingys a few days ago, and when i found this blog i thought you might be interested! elvencantation*tumblr*com/tagged/moonacre-aesthetic

Hello! If you found a certain ‘spirit-ella’ that liked all those posts, then that’s the admin of this blog ;) I was planning to reblog them all because they’re awesome!