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no notes and this didnt happen okay? okay.

// So I made this aesthetic/starter call/collage thingy based on all the verses (so far) of Kate.

From left to right: Protector (has yet to be played, but I’d be willing to play bodyguard for someone, after all she did protect the president), Artist (an AU I’ve played with mcmoneypenny where Kate becomes a sketch artist after the Yankee White episode rather than joining NCIS.) Tate as brother/sister (nowhere yet, would love a Tony for this!) Rosefern (another yet to be played verse. This one is set prior to Kate meeting Ducky, Tony and Gibbs), McKate (an AU romance between Kate and Tim with the wonderful mcmoneypenny. Open to all Tims), Team (set during the episodes as “between” missions), Kibbs (Can be either a relationship or anything really between Kate and Gibbs), Before His Eyes (based on the ep in which Shannon and Kelly live and Tony and Kate are married with a daughter named Kelly. Currently working up to this with x-ratedpeterpan. Open to all Tonys), Assistant/Apprentice (Primarily an AU with flxbber where Kate is his assistant), Kate and Abby (”sisters” reuniting after Kate returns to DC), Kate/Ducky (Only for doctorxducky), Agent (AU where Kate didn’t die in Twilight, but left after SWAK )

All verses (unless labeled otherwise) are open to anyone. Another character can even refer to something in the other verses as part of their own.

In the near future, I will be putting this all on the blog. Feel free to send an ask to be in one of the verses and receive a starter. Don’t be afraid, I’m more afraid of you than you are of me most likely.

anonymous asked:

you're still doing the selfie collage thingy right?💕

Yes! Yesterday was that last day but I got caught up and busy, so today is the last day to send in selfies for the sidemen selfie collage! Collage SHOULD be posted tomorrow, not sure how I going to make the collage lol


My tumblr just flipped its shit .-. Anyhow! I’LL GLADLY TAKE REQUESTS FOR SHIP VIDEOS OR STRANGE COLLAGE THINGIES I MAKEBECUZ WHY NOT. :DDD I reely like food c: and dennor and hongice and spamano ouo and im accepting of many different ship ss well, wait wut was thing point of this again?

anonymous asked:

hey! how did you make the collage thingy for your dcbb post? thanks!

I’m not quite sure how much detail you want me to go into here and what you’re exactly asking (whether you’re asking about what programme I used; how I found the pictures etc). Basically, I used photoshop (CS6); found a few pictures on the internet I wanted to use, used a few psd’s to make them kind of go together (ie. colouring of each pic works together); and then moved them around a blank canvas until I liked the way they were organised/how they looked together.

If you want more detail on how I did it, let me know. I have the psd file saved of the picspam so I could show you how I did it c: