s-the-dragon  asked:

So, what's your current writing project? :)

Ahahahaha do I wish I just had one project. There’s the Superheroes Universe and Two Sides and Space Criminals and Hot Sauce and Freedom…

When I don’t have deadlines I’m a bit of a crazy multi-tasker. But for the sake of this lovely ask I’ll pick Two Sides.

So right now I’m trying my hand at becoming a planner instead of a pantser! I get v frustrated with my messy, winding, nonsensical first drafts, so I’m trying pre-planning the plot of Two Sides in chapter-by-chapter detail to see if it helps me out. And so far I’m having so much fun with it! You can’t understand the joy of just stating what’s going to happen in a scene instead of trying to write it all out until you’ve tried it. I’ve never been more inspired for a story!

Also I published a long awaited update to my big fic last night, which really made me feel good about my writing.

Thanks for asking @s-the-dragon!