What Levi thought while Eren did his monologue: D
sorry written confusing and everything else, almost never use the digital: ’( but I want to learn.

Quello che Levi pensava mentre Eren faceva il suo monologo :D
scusate le scritte confusionare e tutto il resto, non uso quasi mai il digitale :’( ma voglio imparare.

About Ciel in chapter 125(aka the Kuro chapter that actually feels like a Kuro chapter again!!)

I mean

he’s taking

no shit

he’s being

sassy af

and I would tell my son to chill



X-Files Fic: D’un Nouvel Oeil, Chapter Four

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“So your New Year’s Eve was pleasant, then?” Maggie Scully asks as she bastes a roast in its own juices in preparation for returning it to the oven.

“Very,” says Scully, chopping carrots at the kitchen counter and throwing them into the roasting pan by the handful.

“And that’s all I’m going to hear about it?  That it was ‘very pleasant?’”  Scully rolls her eyes and brings the knife down unnecessarily hard, scattering carrot tops all over the cutting board.

“What exactly did you want to hear, Maman?” she asks.  "That he made violent love to me on the counter next to the cash register?“

Dana!“  Maggie flips a dishtowel at her daughter, who yelps as it catches her across the shoulder.  "There’s no need to be vulgar!  All I wanted to know was whether or not you and Fox had a nice evening.”

“Yes, we did,” Scully sighs.  "He brought a bottle of champagne that his captain had given him.  We had a lovely dinner, we listened to the radio, we talked, we danced a bit, and that was it.“  Maggie raises her eyebrows, smiling.

"And is he a good dancer?”  Scully ducks her head, blushing slightly.

“Yes, he is,” she murmurs.  "Very good.“  Her mother gives a haughty, knowing smirk, and returns the pan of meat, now nestled in a bed of carrots, onions, and potatoes, to the oven.  Scully frowns slightly as the door is closed.  "This is an awful lot of food for just the three of us,” she remarks, checking the bowl of dough rising on the counter, waiting to become a loaf of bread to accompany their dinner.  "Were you trying to save me the trouble of roasting meat for the week’s sandwiches?“

"I’ve asked Albert and his family to join us,” Maggie says, and Scully turns and stares at her, aghast.

“Maman, you didn’t,” she moans, shaking her head.

“I did,” says Maggie.  "It’s a holiday.  They should enjoy a nice, relaxed meal with company.  There’s no reason for them to hide in the barn.“

"But Mulder will be here,” protests Scully.  "In his uniform, no less.  How, exactly, are the Marchands supposed to enjoy a nice, relaxed meal at the same table as a man in a Nazi uniform?“

I did at Christmas,“ says Maggie.

"Yes, you did, but the Nazis aren’t hunting you, Maman,” counters Scully.  "And even if Albert and Sophie can manage to ignore the uniform for the evening, I very much doubt that Helene and Christine will.  They’re going to be terrified.“

"It’ll be fine, I’m sure,” Maggie insists.

But it isn’t.

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Bloomtale - Chapter 12 - Kaitogirl - Undertale (Video Game) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapter 12 is up!!! And so, Snowdin starts… maybe? :D

For those who can’t access AO3 or just don’t want to do it, the chapter is pasted under this sexy cut!!!

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Yona, Hak, and Su-Won: Entangled Justices and the Weight of a King’s Crown

“What’s called ‘justice’ changes shape depending on where you stand.”
-Kuzan Aokiji (One Piece)

“Too kind a ruler would confuse the Kingdom; an oppressive ruler would disturb the peace of the Kingdom.”
-General Risai (Twelve Kingdoms)

These two quotes describe my thoughts best for Akatsuki no Yona’s chapter 136.

If we are to talk about justice, it will shift depending on whose side you are standing and whose shoes you are wearing. That fateful night when King Il was killed one could say that Su-Won fought for his own justice. Justice for a father who was killed by King Il, and on a more noble note justice for a country plunged into poverty and being trampled on by other countries, justice for the people who were impoverished and suffering because of the poor leadership. But that put Yona and Hak to the other side of justice. Justice for another father killed, justice for friends who were betrayed and almost led to their deaths. An endless cycle of despair, hatred and “justices” eating each other. And that is what Yona is trying to stop starting with herself. Suppressing her anger and grief and not taking vengeance on su-won.

But in chapter 136 what kind of justice are we talking about.

Along the way in this journey, Yona and Hak discovered that there are so many sufferings happening in their country which they had no knowledge of before. They discovered one justice that Su-won has been fighting for. The justice for their country and their people. This became a common ground. However, Yona also saw another side, that of the common people being the ones most affected by wars, thrown into poverty and chaos, slaughtered without reason. Their peace and lives hanging on a line pulled and tweaked by the leaders ruling the nations.  And of course right now Yona and Hak are standing on a justice where their beloved family is being held hostage in another country threatened to be executed at the first spark of war.

And this brings me to the second quote. Su-Won right now is a king. And too kind a ruler will only bring more confusion and chaos than more good into a country. The crown Su-Won is carrying is as heavy or even heavier at this point in time than being the reincarnation of King Hiryuu. That crown bears the weight of the whole country and its people. And aside from doing his thing as King he also needs to balance politics with all those generals and advisors. Those generals who helped him usurp the throne, those whose trusts he earned, and those whose loyalty are not his. Imagine him agreeing to Yona and taking Kouren’s wager, then all of Kouka’s still shaky internal foundation will crumble. Why in the first place the four dragons were defeated and taken hostage? Because a country’s fate is on the line if they ever make a bad move. 

War is never good and it will only shed blood and tears. Kouren’s side of the previous war was shared but probably Kouka also experienced the same. Just like Yona, Su-Won would also most likely prefer peaceful negotiations and means over war but there are times when you know you can’t just talk people out. If I am on Su-Won’s shoes I’d also probably not halt a war just because of some words a girl has to say, or because of some people held hostage which he has no direct connections with, or because of another country’s leader setting conditions while holding people hostage. Trusting that would be foolish for a leader. A country’s fate versus these… and Su-Won’s choice is very understandable. Yona and Hak will also continue on, pursuing the justice they are fighting for to save their family (and that calls for a separate post). One way or another Su-Won might play a part in saving the four dragons and have a war with minimal bloodshed. One thing is for certain, Kusanagi is creating a very realistic image of a leader in Su-Won. This author is writing a non-typical adventure shoujo, not focusing on romance and shallow rationale, writing and weaving a story showing reality in a non-childish way.