I’m really loving the theme lately with big budget film and TV projects in the ‘nerds and nostalgia’ genre having White Male Entitlement as the villain


Mad Max asked who killed the world

their answer was 'toxic masculinity’

Jessica Jones answered with 'rape culture’

and Star Wars threw in 'entitled, privileged white dudes with nostalgiaboners for eras of extreme oppression for everyone else’

could we ask for a more accurate unholy trinity, or a better group to be putting this shit on blast??


Swan Queen Appreciation Week: Day Seven

↳ favourite fanfiction(s)


So this is my friend Jess ( suncameupiwaslookingatyou ) and she will be seeing you tomorrow night! She is part of Leah’s Little Shits (that rad squad you followed a while ago) and we know each other because of you! Thank you so much for bringing such a wonderful person into my life!

She will be at BLOCK 103, ROW S, SEAT 28!
It would be awesome if you went and said hi!
Love you always.

Special mention to the rest of the squad:
wesingit-proudly 5sosandtswift sweepswift who will be seeing you at Hyde Park on Saturday!
Also lostsyourmind and swiftmissive who will be seeing you via FaceTime alongside me. x

I don’t want homophobes to tell me that they still love me and expect me to be grateful for not murdering me.

I want homophobes to apologize for hurting me and recognize that their bigotry has consequences.

I don’t homophobes reassuring me that me coming out to them doesn’t change our relationship.

I want homophobes to recognize that they’ve hurt me and my community, and I want them to apologize and ask what they can do to earn my trust back.

I’m tired of coming out and having people who have hurt me tell me that it doesn’t matter. It does matter. Not because I made it matter, but because they did. I want them to recognize what they did and be held accountable for the damage they’ve done.

I would just like to say, the time running up to this album release has been wild. the day hallelujah dropped, I was in a shitty college on a shitty course that wasn’t right for me feeling pretty miserable about it. summer came round, and I saw panic perform that song at leeds. somehow it marked a new chapter for me. the day death of a bachelor was played on the radio for the first time was the day before my first day at my new college. and now, nearly 5 months into it I’m starting to sort my shit out. I got my first university interview today. idk, it just feels like these songs have been there at the exact points I needed them, and I’ve loved the journey so far. the album is great. for me, its implanted the impression of change in my life and working towards being happier, so it’s very special to me already. I know I’m gonna listen to it for the rest of my life and think of this year and how I tried to change my life for the better. I think I’ll be okay.

Naruto Gaiden Rant

SO I’ve been quiet the last few months because I just had nothing to say about the disaster that is the New Era project. Until the new chapter came out. 

I’ll be honest, some of the shit in the newest chapter was pretty cool, most? Not so much. 

First of all, let’s start with Orochimaru and Kabuto’s love child 

Isn’t he precious? Moving on…(I know who I’m shipping now..)

In the next panel, Sarada is wondering what the hell does it mean to be a ninja now, I don’t blame her. Peace will do that to military power and it seems this generation is more concerned with besting their shitty parents than having actual goals. Um, scratch that. My bitterness is showing. 

This is just adorable, look at them, besties already. 

Sarada desperately wants a relationship with her father, it shows when she tries to tell Chou-chou to spend more time with her own father and it’s actually pretty heartbreaking. No matter how much I hate SasuSaku and feel it doesn’t make sense, I still feel like the poor fans were cheated out of proper development. And then Kishimoto throws this bomb of a chapter and it’s just…it tanks. 

Anyway, we then see Boruto and Naruto training and this actually melts my iced heart a little. Because Boruto doesn’t seem as upset as he was in chapter 700. He seems to acknowledge the fact that his dad is busy but Naruto is at least making an effort by training him, even if it is a kage-bunshin. I don’t condone child abandonment or neglect but it seems Kishimoto is righting SOME wrongs in this chapter. This was one of them, so I’m glad. Especially since Naruto clearly knows where his son is hiding (For God’s sake he can’t STILL be that dumb, he did this professionally when he was his son’s age…plus, Boruto’s feet were kinda showing from under the gap in the sign), but it seemed he was prolonging the inevitable just to spend more time with his son. 

That panel is from Naruto’s POV. 

Side note, was also happy to see Shikamaru being basically annoyed with himself for being that lazy. Loved the father/son interaction. 

Let’s get to the bomb Kishimoto dropped shall we? 

Okay, so many things wrong with this picture. Let’s first attack the obvious…no wedding picture. Hell, they don’t even have a normal picture TOGETHER. Then, poor Sarada states she never actually MET Sasuke and my heart just shatters. Kishimoto realizes how much SS DON’T work he can’t even write a proper storyline for them that would fit their characters. So instead, he writes the only thing that would make sense, Sasuke having a child (possibly with some other woman) and abandons her and his ‘wife’, whom we are also unsure if she is actually married to him. 

This is bad guys, I mean, it makes more sense for Sasuke, but it also makes NO sense for Sasuke. Sasuke wouldn’t just abandon his child, not after everything, not after vowing to break the curse of hatred. Either she isn’t his child, or Kishimoto is fucking up my baby even more. Now, I don’t know what to believe at this point. I don’t know if she is Karin’s child (I don’t really think she is though). I don’t know if Sasuke is in his right mind, I don’t even know if Karin is alive at this point. IF she is Sarada’s mother…then what? She died and Sakura out of the goodness of her heart is taking care of her lovechild? If so, why would she keep Karin’s pic? I feel so horrible for the SS fandom because the ship they love so much just isn’t sailing. This is terrible development, Sakura honestly seems heartbroken and Sasuke hasn’t even visited for the last 12 years. That. breaks. my. heart. This isn’t what I wanted for my babies. I am not pro-SS, but I am pro-Sakura. I don’t hate her, I hate what Kishimoto made her. I am 100% sure that Sasuke has a good reason for not being around for the last 12 years, or at least I hope Kishimoto can WRITE a good reason for child abandonment/neglect, but I know that nothing he writes will justify this. This is going beyond abuse. Sakura is clearly unhappy, her child is unhappy, her husband isn’t even around (are they even married????? I sure hope so cuz Sakura is wearing the Uchiha symbol on her back) 

Sarada basically states what the entire fandom (outside of SS) think about SS: 

To me, the relationship feels 100% obligatory. There is no shared love, Kishimoto can’t even lie about it the same way he did with NH because SS just do. not. fit. You can’t spend 15 years writing a story where two characters have developed independently of each other and then expect the fandom to accept when they’re just thrown together for some cheap ass ending. Sakura and Sasuke just don’t work. They will never work and I will never condone this abusive and harmful relationship. I don’t care how Kishimoto is going to justify it (as I expect he will attempt in the coming chapters) I can never accept it. The relationship BUTCHERS both Sasuke’s character AND Sakura’s. 

Sigh, moving on. I’ll admit, I laughed pretty hard at Sakura destroying her own house…but can someone please explain this to me????

Kishimoto knows he’s writing Sakura right…? Not Hinata…? I can’t seem to remember Sakura ever passing out except that one time during the bell exam. Even when she was beaten up pretty badly…she was still pretty damn awake during the Chuunin exam…Is Kishimoto drunk or something? Was he high while he wrote this? 

Man…so many continuity errors and horrible mistakes and twisted plotlines that don’t even make sense anymore. 

I can’t wait to see how he justifies this disaster of a project. LOL. 

Honestly, I just don’t give a flying fuck about what happens from now on. As far as I’m concerned, Naruto ended at 699.

P.S. Maybe Sasuke is outside the village having a super secret sex meeting with the love of his life…the 7th hokage. Maybe that’s where the real Naruto is…stuck in his office my ass.  


BattlePlaction Rockman.EXE Axess Models - Searchman.EXE

I’ll have to admit I’m mighty proud of myself. This is the first time I’ve put together a model like this, and he came out looking pretty handsome!

I love how poseable Searchman is and the fact that he comes with two hands. Two! He doesn’t have to tote that huge gun around all the time.  He also shoots a little projectile from his scope gun, and it actually hurts if you accidentally hit yourself. ;;

I’m gonna have to buy the other models from this series when I get the chance. Rockman and Blues are definitely on my wishlist. Gotta have the NetSavior Trio!

  • Do you know what I really hate? When people say "It's just a show, it's not real." I'm sitting here heartbroken over Tamsin's death and everyone keeps telling me this. To me Lost Girl was a show I could relate to. Although it was pretty shitty with some of the writing I enjoyed every second of it. I fell in love with Tamsin the moment she came on the show and Rachel Skarsten deserves so much respect for creating such a well rounded character. I could feel every emotion she portrayed. This last storyline they gave her was beyond horrible and yes I bawled my eyes out when she died last night. And I've been an emotional wreck all day today. I'm not embarrassed about the way I feel because Tamsin never was. She made everyone stronger on the show and I'm betting a lot of us in the fandom felt like she made us stronger too. No its not just a tv show, she was not just some character to me.

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List of Mods Used

» Long Ponytail Hair by hot-fish

» No Side-Burn by Bees-Bees-Fear

» Realistic Hair Re-Texture by Skara888

» Improved Lashes (V4 Longerest Fuller) by xstephyg

» Eyebrows 4 Women (Dark Shaved) by mrjack900

» Female Skin Texture by endless-laziness

» Katherine Face Texture by mrjack900

» Skyhold Bodice for Human Female by lainfiquette

» ELE’s Female Human Jammy Retexture by ellementalist

» Halamshiral Black Silk Attire by Veylia

» Prologue Armor in White by xstephyg

» Custom Body Models (Default/Thicker Thighs/Smaller Chest) by Aravasia

» True Natural SweetFX Preset by Vlidus

Today was shitty bc
1 - An employee at a supermarket came up to me and said “hey I just wanted to say you’re super pretty” and I felt sick to my stomach (still do hahaha)
2 - my ear is infected as fuck and I don’t know how to fix it so I’m just gonna clean it and pray
3 - I friend requested a cute guy randomly on fb

Today was good bc
1 - I went to a coffee shop with @lipstickhell and it was lovely
2 - hung out with friends for like the first time in a month and it was lovely